The Ancient Parish of Glossop in a 20th Century Trade Directory

Surnames & Business Names beginning with S, T and U

Name/Business Trade/description Town Location Set
Sanders, C. Grocer/Tea dealer Hadfield 111 Station Road G26
Sayer, John Cabinetmaker, upholsterer & house furnisher New Mills 41 Market Street N26
Scattergood, J.T. & Sons Builder/Contractor Beard N26
Schofield & Grant Printer Glossop Market Square G26
Schofield, F. Tinplate worker, ironmonger, plumber, wireless sets etc & house furnisher Hayfield Church Street N26
Scholes, B. Confectioner Whaley Bridge 13 Market Street N26
Scholes, G. Butcher Glossop 119 High St West G26
Scott, J.A. Ironmonger Whaley Bridge 6 Market Street N26
Sellars, P Builder/Contractor New Mills Union Road (back) N26
Sellors, J & Son Tailor New Mills 46 Market Street N26
Senior, James Hairdresser Glossop 70 High Street West G26
Seville, John & Sons Undertaker Hollingworth 1 Cannon Street G26
Seville, John & Sons Wheelwright, motor body builder & undertaker Hollingworth 1 Cannon Street G26
Shady Oak Inn/Public House Whaley Bridge N26
Sharples, Wm. Chemist/Pharmacist New Mills 36 Market Street N26
Shaw, A Draper Hayfield Market Street N26
Shaw, E Fruiterer/greengrocer New Mills 55 High Street N26
Shaw, F. Newsagent New Mills 30 Market Street N26
Shaw, Fred Stationer New Mills Market Street N26
Shaw, J. Fruiterer/greengrocer Hollingworth 10 Market Street G26
Shaw, Mrs Confectioner Whaley Bridge Macclesfield Road N26
Shaw's Tea Rooms Refreshment Rooms Hayfield Market Street N26
Shepherd's Arms Inn/Public House Whaley Bridge Old Road N26
Sherry's Dairy Grocer New Mills 51 Market Street N26
Sherry's Dairy Co Ltd Dairykeeper Glossop 35 High Street West G26
Sherwood, W & Co Chemical manufacturer Hadfield 28 Bross croft G26
Shingler, A.E. Grocer & confectioner New Mills 37 Church Road N26
Shorrock's Confectioner Glossop 142 High St West G26
Sidebottom, A Musical instrument dealer 22 High Street West G26
Sidebottom, D. Builder & joiner Whitfield Victoria Street G26
Sidebottom, F. Grocer/Tea dealer Hollingworth 1 Market Street G26
Sidebottom, N. Confectioner Whitfield 38 Pikes Lane G26
Sidebottom, W.P. Baker Hadfield 152 Station Road G26
Sidebottom's General dealer Dinting 79 Dinting Vale G26
Sinclair, J. Hotel proprietor Furness Vale Station Hotel, Station Road N26
Singer Sewing Machine Co Ltd New Mills 56 Market Street N26
Singer's Sewing Machine Co Ltd Sewing machine dealer Glossop High Street West G26
Slack, J Ltd Papermaker Hayfield Bank Vale Mills N26
Slack, J. Mineral water manufacturer Hayfield N26
Slater, J & P Fried fish shop New Mills 78 High Street N26
Slater, W.W. Solicitor Whaley Bridge Wharf Road N26
Slattery, Mrs Grocer/Tea dealer Whitfield 82 Gladstone Street G26
Smith Bros Motor engineer Newtown Albion Road N26
Smith, A. Stationer Whaley Bridge Horwich End N26
Smith, Miss Tobacconist New Mills 22 High Street N26
Smith, Richard Inn proprietor Birch Vale Sycamore Inn, Sycamore Road N26
Smith, V.W. Draper Whaley Bridge Buxton House, 7 Market Street N26
Smith, W General dealer Birch Vale Hayfield Road N26
Soldier Dick Inn/Public House Furness Vale Buxton Road N26
Spencer & Co Ltd Glove manufacturer Glossop George Street G26
Spread Eagle Hotel Woolley Bridge G26
Spring Inn Hollingworth Woolley Bridge G26
Spurr, J.E. Grocer Newtown 100 Albion Road N26
Stafford & Pilkington Cotton spinner Little Hayfield N26
Stafford, F.A. Draper New Mills 6 Chapel Street N26
Stafford, S Fried fish shop Low Leighton N26
Stagg & Son Wine & spirit merchant Glossop Henry Street G26
Stansfield, Misses Newsagent & high class confectioner Glossop 123 High St West G26
Station Hotel Glossop Norfolk Street G26
Station Hotel Hotel; private & motoring parties specially catered for Furness Vale Station Road N26
Stead, H. High class confectioner Glossop 58 High Street West G26
Stockdale, Walter Printer Glossop Brookfield Mills G26
Stocks, Mrs Draper Spring Bank N26
Storer, G Plumber New Mills 28 High Street N26
Street, J.E. Boot & shoe maker New Mills 78 Market Street N26
Strines Printing Co Calico Printer Strines N26
Stringer, G. Grocer/Tea dealer Hollingworth 42 Market Street G26
Sumner, Fras & Co Ltd Cotton spinner/ manufacturer Glossop Wren Nest Mills G26
Supply Stores Grocer Whaley Bridge Horwich End N26
Surrey Arms Inn Whitfield Victoria Street G26
Sutcliffe, A. Grocer New Mills 44 Market Street N26
Sutcliffe, Mrs E. General dealer Hadfield 17 Station Road G26
Swan Hotel Hotel Newtown Buxton Road N26
Swann, G. Watchmaker Glossop 238 High St West G26
Swann, Mrs Grocer Birch Vale 132 Hayfield Road N26
Swindell's Herbal Stores Herbalist Hayfield Market Street N26
Swindells, H. Boot & shoe maker Hayfield Market Street N26
Swindells, J.D. Builder/Contractor, joiner, monumental mason & plumber New Mills Hyde Bank, Phone No 55, New Mills N26
Swindells, John W. Builder/Contractor New Mills Reden Saw Mills, Phone No 8 N26
Swindles, H Blacksmith Newtown 25 Albion Road N26
Swire, H. Bootmaker Hadfield 125 Station Road G26
Swire, J. & Sons Bootmaker Glossop 6 High Street West G26
Swires Boot Stores Bootmaker Hollingworth 96 Market Street G26
Swires, J. Bootmaker Dinting Vale G26
Swires, J.O. Butcher Glossop 83 High Street East G26
Sycamore Inn Inn; teas etc; parties catered for Birch Vale Sycamore Road N26
Sykes Shaving Saloon Hairdresser Hadfield 25 Station Road G26
Sykes, Miss M Baker Hollingworth 12 Market Street G26
Sykes, R.W. & Son Auctioneer & valuer Glossop 65 High Street West G26
Taylor, E.R. Dental Surgeon Glossop 2 Norfolk Street G26
Taylor, F. Fruiterer/greengrocer Hollingworth 33 Market Street G26
Taylor, H.B. & Sons Carrier Charlestown G26
Taylor, R. Confectioner Furness Vale Bank End Hut, Buxton Road N26
Taylor, S. Refreshment rooms Glossop 57 High Street West G26
Taylor, Wm Butcher Whitfield 74 Victoria Street G26
Tero, G.T. Confectioner & baker Glossop 57 High Street East G26
The Shepley Mill Cotton Manufacturing Co Ltd Cotton spinner/ manufacturer Glossop Shepley Mills G26
Theatre Royal Amusement Whitfield Victoria Street G26
Thom, J. & Son Coal dealer/merchant Glossop 33 Norfolk Street G26
Thomas, A.V. Musical instrument dealer Hadfield 91 Station Road G26
Thomas. A. Wireless Hadfield Station Road G26
Thompson's Draper Glossop High Street East G26
Thornley, F. Printer & stationer New Mills 47 Union Road N26
Thorp, W. & Son Coal dealer/merchant Glossop Henry Street G26
Thorpe & Hadfield Confectioner Glossop 12 High Street East G26
Thorpe's Refreshment rooms Glossop 12 High Street East G26
Tillson & Son Printer New Mills 23 Church Road N26
Toll Bar Inn/Public House Hayfield Spring Bank N26
Torkington, J. Pork butcher Hayfield Church Street N26
Torkington, W. Fish & poultry dealer Glossop 68 High Street West G26
Trueman, A. Refreshment rooms Hadfield 129 Station Road G26
Turner & Co Wholesale stationer New Mills Market Street N26
Turner W & E Ltd Boot & shoe maker New Mills 9 Union Road N26
Turner, E Fruiterer/greengrocer Hayfield Market Street N26
Turner, M. & Sons Fruiterer/greengrocer Glossop 26 High Street East G26
Turner, T. Dentist Whaley Bridge Buxton Road N26
Turner, T. Papermaker New Mills 3 Market Street N26
Tweedale's Tobacconist Glossop 164 High St West G26
Urban Electric Supply Co Ltd Electricity supplier Glossop High Street West G26


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