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Family & Local History.

Glossop Local History Information.
An introduction to The Ancient Parish of Glossop (including a Bibliography).

Glossop Area Local Histories index.
A number of articles on various aspects of Glossop local history.

Glossop Area Family Histories.
A set of pages presenting details of various interlinked families from the Glossop area.

Further family history information from Glossop and Beyond.
A link to our database of over 12,000 people plus a couple of resources not available elsewhere.

Litter Picking - Fixing Pickers and Home Made Trolley.

Fixing the rubber ends on Hillbrush/Ranger litter pickers , instructions here.

Repairing trigger style litter pickers with internal metal rod , instructions here.

Repairing trigger style litter pickers with internal string/cord , instructions here.

Repairing Salmon trigger litter pickers with internal string/cord , instructions here.

Repairing trigger style litter pickers with internal metal cable and two moving jaws , instructions here.

Making a Litter Picking Trolley for about a fiver , instructions here.

Visitors to our garden.

Teesside from various random days out (and our garden); 2016-2018.

Photos from various random days out further afield.

Bluebell Beck Valley 2019.

A visit to see The Knife Angel in Middlesbrough on 8th August 2019.


From time to time I get the urge to write little rhymes and publish them here as somewhere to store them.


My soup recipes.

A culinary delight; The Supreme Acklam Piestie (complete with carrots naturally).

Other pie recipes.

Bat Box.
I finally got round to producing a proper plan of my bat box.
It was based on the Kent Bat Box but I had to vary the design because of the timber available locally.
The plan (single A4 sheet) is on-line Here.

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