Family History Information from Glossop and elsewhere

Over the years since 1994 I have created a family history database (using the Brothers Keeper program) which contains information about more than 12,000 people (from Glossop and far beyond) who all link to my family in some way, shape or form. Using a Gedcom extract from that database and the Ged2www program, I have generated a set of pages presenting the basic details about them. I have used the parameters within the program to remove, as far as possible, details of people who are still living but in the knowledge that the parameters are a little crude so some people thus identified will be deceased. If I have displayed details of living people that upset anyone please get in touch so that I can delete them.
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In 2007 I obtained a notebook from a member of the Rootschat forum which containss information about a Hadfield family from about 440 onwards - "Notes on family of Hadfields; Derbyshire & Yorkshire; Edale & Holderness".
It is hand written and covers the family up to and during WW1. I scanned it and put the scans on a CD which I sent to David Hadfield in Australia who runs a free web site dedicated to publishing details of various Hadfield lines .
David transcribed the book, keeping faith with the way it was originally written (i.e. as one would with a MI).
At the time David was able to supply copies of the transcripts but when that was no longer possible I created a page on my own web site which displays the scanned images of the original book with a link to the PDF transcript for download.
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Marion Wilkinson in Australia has been researching - and helping many people - for many years.She agreed that I may publish some transcripts which she sent to help me, so here you will find an Index to Marion's Transcripts.
The transcripts contain information from Derbyshire, Cheshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire. Most of the data relates to the HADFIELD name but the Marriage (naturally) and MI entries contain other names also.

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Last updated: 9 May 2019