Dewsnap family of Glossop.

Generation One.

Robert Dewsnap of Crosscliffe and Whitfield married Mary Dearnelley of Glossop on 15 December 1715 in Glossop. They had five identified children:
     Mary Dewsnap, baptised 11 July 1716 in Glossop.
     John Dewsnap, baptised 12 December 1717 in Glossop.
     Peter Dewsnap, baptised 12 October 1720.
     Joshua Dewsnap, baptised 3 June 1722 in Glossop.
     Robert Dewsnap born about 1726.

Generation Two.

Peter Dewsnap was baptised on 12 October 1720 in Glossop. Described in register entries as of Cowbrook and Cockroad, he had three identified children:
     Robert Dewsnap, baptised 27 September 1752 in Glossop.
     Anne Dewsnap, baptised 3 December 1755 in Glossop.
     Thomas Dewsnap, baptised 19 November 1758 in Glossop.
He had another child, not named in the register, baptised in 1761.

Robert Dewsnap was born about 1726. He was described in parish registers as of Leeshall, Coldharbour and Cowbrook, a slater and farmer. He and his wife Elizabeth, born about 1723, had six children:
     Mary Dewsnap baptised 10 March 1748.
     Martha (Matty) Dewsnap baptised 9 April 1751.
     Sally Dewsnap, baptised 12 August 1754 in Glossop.
     John Dewsnap baptised 30 March 1758.
     Thomas Dewsnap, baptised 30 March 1760 in Glossop.
     George Dewsnap, baptised 14 June 1761 in Glossop.
Elizabeth was buried on 6 June 1809 in Glossop aged 86.
Robert Dewsnap was buried on 28 November 1811 in Glossop aged 85.

Generation Three.

Mary Dewsnap was baptised on 10 March 1748 in Glossop. She married Nathan Nield, baptised 26 March 1752 in Glossop, son of Daniel Nield (see Nields of Whitfield and Hadfield), on 1 September 1776 in Glossop.

Martha (Matty) Dewsnap was baptised on 9 April 1751 in Glossop. She married Daniel Nield, born about 1749, son of Daniel Nield (see Nields of Whitfield and Hadfield), on 10 July 1770 in Glossop.

John Dewsnap was baptised on 30 March 1758 in Glossop. Of Glossop, a carpenter and joiner, he married Deborah Shaw, born about 1760 (daughter of John Shaw), on 9 July 1780 in Glossop. They had nine children:
     Mary Dewsnap born 14 December 1781.
     Luke Dewsnap born 14 June 1784.
     Betty Dewsnap, born 13 March and baptised 6 April 1787 in Glossop.
     Hannah Dewsnap, born 28 July and baptised 11 August 1789 in Glossop. She married John Allen on 3 June 1816 in Glossop. He was possibly descended from a Thomas Allen, described as an "Officer of Excise upwards of 30 years", who died on 23 March 1816 aged 74 years and is commemorated on the same MI as Valentine & Martha's son Roger.
     John Shaw Dewsnap born 2 November 1791.
     George Dewsnap born 14 March 1794.
     Charlotte Dewsnap, born 3 November and baptised 27 November 1796 in Glossop.
     Valentine Dewsnap born 14 February 1799.
     Nancy Dewsnap, born 13 February and baptised 21 March 1802 in Glossop.
Deborah died on 22 October and was buried on 26 October 1827 in Glossop, aged 67 of Shepley Mill.

Generation Four.

Mary Dewsnap was born on 14 December and baptised on 18 December 1781 in Glossop. She married Thomas Braddock on 29 September 1801 at Mottram. Thomas was described in parish registers as of Hadfield, Cowbrook and Shaw. They had three children:
     Ellen Braddock, born 3 November 1802, baptised 13 February 1803 in Glossop.
     John Braddock, born 28 August 1808, baptised 14 February 1809 in Glossop.
     Deborah Braddock, born 10 Jan and baptised 28 March 1811 in Glossop.

Luke Dewsnap was born on 14 June and baptised on 16 June 1784 in Glossop. A butcher, parish register entries describe him as living in Glossop, Tintwistle, Dinting and Manchester, butcher. He married his cousin, Elizabeth Nield, born 8 August 1784, daughter of Nathan Nield and Mary Dewsnap (see Nields of Whitfield and Hadfield), on 26 November 1805 in Glossop. They had seven children:
     Daniel Dewsnap, born 19 May and baptised 22 June 1806 in Glossop.
     John Dewsnap born 29 December 1807.
     Deborah Dewsnap, born 2 November and baptised 17 December 1809 in Glossop, died 18 May and buried 18 May 1824 in Glossop aged 14.
     William Dewsnap, born 3 September and baptised 22 September 1811 in Glossop, died 9 February and buried 11 February 1813 in Glossop, aged 17 months of Manchester.
     Thomas Dewsnap, baptised 19 September 1814 in Glossop.
     George Dewsnap, baptised 3 November 1816 in Glossop, buried 18 March 1817 in Glossop, aged 6 months.
     Samuel Dewsnap, baptised 14 September 1818 in Glossop.

John Shaw Dewsnap was born on 2 November and baptised on 13 November 1791 in Glossop. Described as a stone mason, he married Elizabeth (Betty) Minakent at Manchester on 19 April 1814. They were living at Dinting toll bar, where he was recorded as a roller turner when they had twin sons, George and Robert, baptised on 11 December 1817 in Glossop.

George Dewsnap was born on 14 March and baptised on 20 March 1794 in Glossop. He was described in parish registers as of Wren nest and Cowbrook, a mechanic, carter and labourer. He and his wife Ann had three children:
     Thomas Dewsnap, baptised 24 December 1824 in Glossop, buried 29 December 1824 in Glossop, infant.
     Deborah Dewsnap, baptised 9 July 1830 in Glossop, buried 5 November 1830 in Glossop, infant of Green Vale.
     Betty Dewsnap, baptised 17 Jan 1837 in Glossop, buried 17 May 1837 in Glossop, infant.

Valentine Dewsnap was born on 14 February and baptised on 10 April 1799 in Glossop. A tailor at Milltown and Bridge end, he was also a French Horn player in the Volunteer Band. He married Martha Smith, born 21 September 1798, daughter of James Smith and Nanny Fielding (see Descendants of Jeremy Fielding of Whitfield 1721), on 11 January 1822 in Glossop. They had eight children:
     Luke Dewsnap, baptised 18 March 1822 in Glossop.
     Hannah Dewsnap, baptised 21 March 1824 in Glossop.
     Mary Dewsnap, baptised 14 February 1826 in Glossop.
     Roger Dewsnap, baptised 18 March 1828 in Glossop, died 19 May and buried 22 May 1831 in Glossop, aged 3 of Bridge end.
     George Dewsnap, baptised 3 April 1831 in Glossop.
     John Dewsnap, baptised 16 May 1833 in Glossop.
     Deborah Dewsnap, baptised 13 September 1835 in Glossop, buried 25 December 1835 in Glossop.
     Mark Dewsnap, baptised 6 May 1837 in Glossop.

Generation Five.

Child of Luke Dewsnap.

John Dewsnap was born on 29 December and baptised on 7 February 1808 in Glossop. Parish register entries describe him as a cotton spinner living at Grove Vale (probably Green Vale mis-spelled), Littlemoor and Shepley Mill. He married Mary Ann Braddock on 19 October 1829 and they had five identified children:
     Deborah Dewsnap, baptised 3 September 1830 in Glossop, buried 13 December 1834 in Glossop, aged 4 of Shepley Mill.
     Luke Dewsnap, baptised 17 September 1832 in Glossop.
     Thomas Dewsnap, baptised 21 December 1834 in Glossop.
     Mary Elizabeth Dewsnap, baptised 5 June 1836 in Glossop.
     Timothy Dewsnap, baptised 23 February 1840 in Littlemoor Independent.

Child of John Shaw Dewsnap.

Robert Dewsnap was baptised on 11 December 1817 in Glossop and became a tailor. He married Martha Dewsnap, born 1 May 1816, daughter of Samuel Dewsnap and Hannah Hill (see Dewsnap family of Hargate Hill and Simmondley), on 11 December 1837 at Oldham parish church. They had four identified children:
     Deborah Dewsnap, born about 1838 in Glossop.
     John Dewsnap, born about 1842 in Glossop.
     Elizabeth Dewsnap, born about 1844 on Glossop.
     Charlotte Dewsnap, born about 1848 in Glossop.

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