The Shepley family of Old Glossop and Brookfield.

Generation One.

William Shepley was a farmer/husbandman of Woodcock Road. He had five children:
     John Shepley born about 1739.
     Thomas Shepley.
     William Shepley, baptised 29 July 1744 in Glossop. Farmer of Woodcock Road, Glossop.
     Aaron Shepley baptised 8 February 1747.
     Samuel Shepley, baptised 23 December 1750 in Glossop Parish Church.

Generation Two.

John Shepley of Woodcock Road was born about 1739, died 12 December 1806, buried 28 December 1806 in Glossop Parish Church. He was a tenant, in partnership with Samuel & Joseph Fielding (see Descendants of John Fielding of Whitfield 1674) at Rolfe's Mill (Wesley Street) and built Shepley's Mill (Wharf Mill). He married Betty Arundale, baptised 18 January 1740/1 at Mottram parish church (daughter of Samuel Arundale) on 23 February 1762 in St Mary, Stockport. They had seven children:
     John Shepley, born about 1763, died 4 July and buried 7 July 1822 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Hannah Shepley.
     Mary Shepley, born about 1771. She married Robert Robinson, born about 1766, son of John Robinson and Zipporah Bowden (see The Robinsons of Gnat Hole) on 25 March 1811 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Robert Shepley baptised 8 March 1772.
     Joseph Shepley.
     Joshua Shepley born about 1780.
     Samuel Shepley born on 13 January 1784.

Thomas Shepley married Ann Birchill (daughter of John Birchill of Holmfirth) on 7 January 1776 in Glossop Parish Church. They had a son, Aaron Shepley, born 28 February and baptised 30 March 1783 in Glossop Parish Church.
After Ann died, Thomas married Anne Bentley (daughter of John Bentley of Handley, Yorkshire, Farmer). They had two sons:
     Benjamin Shepley, born 5 April and baptised 6 May 1786 in Glossop Parish Church, died of a fever aged 5 on 2 June and buried 5 June 1791 at Glossop.
     Thomas Shepley, born 18 November and baptised 4 December 1788 in Glossop Parish Church.

Aaron Shepley was baptised on 8 February 1747 in Glossop. A tailor, he married Sarah Platt, daughter of James Platt and Mary Woolley (see The Platt family of Glossop) on 26 September 1773 in Glossop Parish Church. They had three children:
     Mary Shepley, born about 1776, died aged 25, buried 20 September 1801 at Glossop parish church.
     Betty Shepley, born about 1780, died aged 23, buried 23 Aug 1803 at Glossop parish church.
     Harriet Shepley, born 3 January and baptised 5 January 1783 in Glossop.

Generation Three.

Children of John Shepley.

Hannah Shepley married John Hall of The Ashes (son of Robert Hall) on 1 May 1785 in Glossop Parish Church. They had four children:
     Sarah Hall, born 31 March and baptised 6 May 1787 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Mary Hall, born 19 January and baptised 22 February 1789 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Aaron Hall, born 12 April and baptised 28 April 1791 in Glossop Parish Church.
     John Hall, born 11 April and baptised 12 May 1793 in Glossop Parish Church.

Robert Shepley was baptised on 8 March 1772 in Glossop Parish Church. Hamnett tells us that, after his father's death, Robert Shepley managed Wharf Mill and built Grove Mill. In the 1851 census he is recorded at Wharf aged 79, widower, Cotton manufacturer. He married Sarah Harrison, born about 1780, on 22 January 1809 in Glossop Parish Church. They had six children:
     Robert Shepley, born 29 October and baptised 8 December 1809 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Esther Shepley, born 26 December 1814 and baptised 29 January 1815 in Glossop Parish Church.
     James Shepley, baptised 2 June 1816 in Glossop Parish Church. He worked Shepley's (Wharf) Mill until the expiration of the lease, when he moved to Hawk Green, Marple. He was elected councillor for All Saint's Ward at the first municipal election on the 21st December, 1866, and on the 9th November, 1872, was elected to the office of Alderman, which he retained until 1890, when he was no longer eligible, having moved from the district. James died at Hawk Green, Marple, aged 82, on 3 April 1899.
     Jane Shepley, baptised 6 June 1819 in Glossop Parish Church. On 20 May 1853 she bought the right to an annuity in Cross Cliffe Mill from Mary (Hadfield) Crossland and her family (see The Hadfield Family Farm at Whitfield and Cross Cliffe Mill).
     Charles Shepley, baptised on 10 June 1821 in Glossop Parish Church, died aged 16 on 28 September 1837.
     Elizabeth Shepley, baptised 28 December 1823 in Glossop Parish Church. She married John Newton Winterbottom (widower), born about 1818 (son of John Winterbottom) on 15 November 1859. John worked Lower Water and Bottoms Lodge mills, built Moorside House and was the founder of the Glossop Conservative Club. He left Glossop in 1878 and went to live at Torkington, near Marple, where he died on 10 April 1887.
Sarah died, aged 54, on 15 December 1836.
Robert Shepley died on 17 March and was buried on 21 March 1857 in Glossop Parish Church.

Joshua Shepley was born about 1780. He married Mary Bennett, born about 1782, of Manchester on 31 March 1811 in Glossop Parish Church by licence. They had two children:
     Caroline Shepley, born 17 March 1812, baptised 19 April 1812 in Glossop Parish Church. She married Joseph Hampson on 22 November 1843 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Sarah Shepley baptised 3 July 1814.
Joseph built the Royal Oak Inn, Sheffield Road, in 1818, when the stage coaches began running from Manchester to Sheffield. The stable was so constructed as to allow a relay of horses to be kept there if required. He was the landlord for many years, being succeeded by his son in law, Joseph Hampson. Described as an innkeeper in the probate documents and as farmer & innkeeper in his will.
Mary died, aged 57, and was buried on 23 December 1840 at Glossop parish church.
Joshua Shepley died, aged 67, on 10 December and was buried on 14 December 1847 at Glossop parish church.

Samuel Shepley was born on 13 January and baptised on 25 February 1784 in Glossop. He built Brookfield Mill. He married Nancy Platt, born 15 March 1788, daughter of James Platt and Alice Bennett (see The Platt family of Glossop) on 3 July 1809 in Glossop. They had five children:
     John Shepley, born 11 March 1810, baptised 21 March 1810 in Tintwistle, died 4 July 1875. 1861 census at Brookfield aged 51, cotton manufacturer (Brookfield Mill). 1871 census at Brookfield aged 61, cotton manufacturer.
     Mary Shepley born 21 February 1812.
     William Shepley born 2 November 1814.
     Harriet Shepley, born 11 July 1817, baptised 28 July 1817 in Tintwistle, buried 22 June 1832 in Glossop, aged 14.
     Charlotte Shepley, born about 1820, died 31 Aug 1869 in Brookfield.
Nancy was buried on 1 November 1838 at Glossop Parish Church.
Samuel Shepley died on 11 December 1858 at Brookfield.

Generation Four.

Child of Joshua Shepley.

Sarah Shepley was baptised on 3 July 1814 in Glossop. She married John Hadfield, born 2 April 1807 in Glossop, son of William Hadfield and Mary Collier (see The Hadfield family of Cowbrook).

Children of Samuel Shepley.

Mary Shepley was born on 21 February 1812 in Glossop and baptised on 2 April 1812 in Tintwistle. She married Thomas Rhodes, born 13 April 1815 in Tintwistle, son of William Rhodes and Sarah Wood (see The Rhodes family of Tintwistle and Mersey Bank) on 2 Aug 1837 in Glossop.

William Shepley was born on 2 November 1814 in Glossop and baptised on 16 December 1814 in Tintwistle. Census record show him as a cotton manufacturer at Brookfield Mill and a magistrate. He married Harriet Woffenden on 18 May 1877 in Manchester Cathedral. Harriet had a son, Charles Woffenden, born in 1844, who was acknowledged as William Shepley's son when he was baptised in 1852.
William Shepley died, aged 74, on 7 May 1889 in Brookfield and was buried on 11 May 1899 in Glossop Cemetery.
Harriet died, aged 73, on 9 March and was buried on 13 March 1890 in Glossop Cemetery.

Harriet was born about 1817 in Thurlstone, Yorks.
At the time of the 1841 census at Woolley Bridge with parents Samuel (a labourer) and Sarah, both aged 60, Harriet a 20 year old Cotton Reeler.
1851 census a “visitor in cotton”, with Charles, at the home of the family of George Siddal family at Brookfield, aged 35.
1861 census at Brookfield aged 45, drawer in cotton (Charles away at school).
1871 census at Brookfield aged 50, drawer in cotton mill, Charles a yarn sizer.

Generation Five.

Child of William Shepley.

Charles Woffenden was born in 1844. He was baptised on 13 June 1852 in Glossop Parish Church. At the time of the 1861 census he was a scholar at a school in Manchester Old Road, Heaton Norris. Charles married Hannah Neal, born 1848 in Charlesworth (daughter of John Neal and Hannah Dewsnap) in 1868 at St. Michael, Ashton-Under-Lyne. They had four children:
     Mary Woffenden, born and died in 1869.
     Samuel Woffenden, born 1871, died 1877.
     John (Jack) William Woffenden Shepley born 8 April 1881.
     Harriet Shepley born 11 June 1887.
In the 1871 census Charles was back at Brookfield aged 27, yarn sizer, with Hannah a 23 year old calico weaver. In 1881 (after his parents had married) he was recorded as the manager of Brookfield Mill, named as Charles W Shepley. In the 1891 census (after William Shepley had died) he was recorded as Charles W Shepley, cotton manufacturer. He was a county councillor and a lieutenant in the volunteers.
Hannah was buried on 24 February 1910 in Glossop cemetery. The burial record gives her age as 61 and name as Hannah Wolfenden Shepley.
Charles Woffenden Shepley died, aged 74, on 23 September and was buried on 27 September 1918 in Glossop cemetery.

Generation Six.

John (Jack) William Woffenden Shepley was born on 8 April 1881 in Glossop. He married Alice Moseley Bramwell and they had two daughters:
     Mary Shepley. She married ? Higham.
     Alice Shepley born 1911, died 1977. She married ? Alexander.
     1891 census aged 9, born Glossop.
John died on 23 November 1923 in High Elms, Victoria Park, Manchester and was buried on 28 November 1923 in Glossop Cemetery.

Harriet Shepley was born on 11 June 1887 in Glossop. She inherited Gamesley House from her father. She married David Cuthbert, born 1886 in Glossop (son of John Cuthbert and Hannah Rowbottom), in 1911 in Glossop. They had two children:
     Hannah Shepley Cuthbert, born 11 March 1912 in Glossop, died 1989. A spinster, she inherited Gamesly House which she sold and moved to Aston in the Hope valley.
     Charles Shepley Cuthbert, born 1914 in Glossop, died 2007. Possibly married Winifred M C Marsh in 1939 in Chelsea.

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