A Goodison family of Glossop and a Warhurst family of Hadfield.

Generation One.

Thomas Goodison and his wife Anna (who, according to parish register entries, lived in Padfield and Glossop) had five children:
     John Goodison, baptised 9 July 1708.
     Benjamin Goodison, baptised 27 October and buried 29 October 1716 in Glossop.
     Anna Goodison, baptised 22 March 1718 in Glossop.
     Sarah Goodison, baptised 2 December 1721 in Glossop.
     Abiah Goodison, baptised 5 May 1724.

Generation Two.

John Goodison was baptised on 9 July 1708 in Glossop parish church. Parish register entries describe him as of Glossop and Whitfield and give his occupation variously as Linen weaver, Husbandman and Farmer. He married Elizabeth Creswel on 6 August 1731 in Glossop. She was the daughter of John and Martha Creswel and had been baptised on 28 March 1710 in Glossop Parish Church. John and Elizabeth had seven children:
     John Goodison, baptised 10 March 1733 in Glossop.
     Thomas Goodison, baptised 17 March 1735 in Glossop.
     Worral Goodison, baptised 7 Nov 1742 in Glossop.
     Sarah Goodison. She married James Harrison of Whitfield (son of John of Whitfield, farmer) and they had a son named Joseph Harrison who was baptised on 16 September 1783 in Glossop.
     Nancy Goodison, born about 1745.
     Martha Goodison, baptised 20 December 1751.
     Molly Goodison, baptised 8 October 1757 in Glossop.
John Goodison died 29 June 1782 and was buried 3 July 1782 in Glossop church yard.

Generation Three.

Nancy Goodison, born about 1745. Her age is calculated from the fact that she was buried on 26 April 1832 at Glossop Parish Church and her MI says she was 87 when she died. She married Jesse Warhurst (son of Thomas Warhurst, a carpenter and joiner, of Hadfield) on 1 January 1770 in Glossop Parish Church. They had three children:
     Kerenhappuch Warhurst born about 1771.
     Josral Warhurst born 7 March 1784.
     Joyce Warhurst born 18 July 1787, baptized 4 February 1788 in Glossop.

Martha Goodison, baptised 20 December 1751. She married William Hadfield on 8 Jan 1775 (see A Hadfield family of Whitfield).

Generation Four.

Kerenhappuch Warhurst, born about 1771. Her age is calculated from the fact that she died on 2 February 1845 and was aged 74 according to the register index. The 1841 census lists a Caranapoch Bramhall aged 70.
Kerenhappuch had a daughter, Emm Warhurst, who was baptised on 15 November 1789 in Mottram as the illegitimate daughter of Keren-Happuch Warhurst of Hadfield.
She married John Garlick of Lower Barn on 23 August 1790 in Manchester Cathedral. Kerenhappuch was pregnant when John died “of a bloody flux”, aged 22, on 1 March and was buried on 4 March 1791 in Glossop church yard. She gave birth to a daughter, Nancy Garlick, who was baptised on 27 March 1791 in Mottram as the daughter of Keren-happuch Garlick of Lower Barn. Nancy died on 14 July and was buried on 16 July 1792 in Glossop church yard.
Kerenhappuch then married Joseph Bramhall on 22 November 1792 in Glossop (see A Bramhall family of Glossop and Hadfield).

Josral Warhurst was born on 7 March and baptised on 31 May 1784 in Glossop. His name is recorded as Jezareel in baptism entries.
He married Ann Bridge on 6 October 1803 in Glossop Parish Church and they had nine children:
     Nancy Warhurst born 28 October 1803.
     Thomas Warhurst born 11 July and baptised 18 August 1806 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Twins Esau and Jacob Warhurst born 24 May 1808 in Little Padfield and baptised 2 March 1813 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Betty Warhurst born in Little Padfield and baptised 2 March 1813 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Mariah Warhurst baptised 15 October 1815 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Josiah Warhurst born in Little Padfield and baptised 29 September 1817 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Mary Ann Warhurst born in Little Padfield and baptised 9 April 1820 in Glossop Parish Church. In the 1871 census she is living with Nancy, a 52 year old unmarried cotton winder born in Padfield, recorded as a boarder. In the 1881 census she is living with Hannah Platt's family (see below), recorded as her aunt.
     John Goodison Warhurst born in Padfield, baptised 4 May 1822 in Glossop Parish Church. He was buried in the same grave at Glossop Parish Church as a Timothy Warhurst (born 1767 and buried 13 Sep 1848 aged 81.

Generation Five.

Nancy Warhurst was born on 28 October 1803 and baptised on 4 January 1804 in Glossop Parish Church. The 1871 census shows her as a 67 year old unmarried housekeeper born in Hadfield.
Nancy had a daughter named Hannah Warhurst who was baptised on 9 August 1832 at Glossop parish church. Hannah married John Platt, son of George Platt and Nancy Dewsnap (see The Platt family of Glossop).

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