A Bramhall family of Glossop and Hadfield.

Generation One.

Joseph Bramhal of Glossop (born about 1719 and died 13 February 1770) and his wife Mary had five children:
     John Bramhal, baptised 29 September 1752 in Glossop.
     Charles Bramhal, baptised 24 July 1755 in Glossop, died 21 March and buried 24 March 1783 in Glossop.
     Catherine Bramhall, baptised 27 June 1759.
     Joseph Bramhall baptised 18 July 1762.
     James Bramall, baptised 14 June 1769.

Generation Two.

Catherine Bramhall, baptised 27 June 1759 in Glossop, was known as Kitty. She married John Goddard (son of Joseph Goddard) of Padfield & Hadfield. They had two sons:
     Joseph Goddard, born 26 November 1783 and baptised 22 January 1784 in Glossop.
     James Goddard, born 17 January 1797 and baptised 26 February 1797 in Glossop.
Catherine died in 1817.

Joseph Bramhall, described in parish register entries as “of Hadfield”, was baptised on 18 July 1762 in Glossop. He married Kerenhappuch Garlick (nee Warhurst) (see A Goodison family of Glossop and a Warhurst family of Hadfield) on 22 November 1792 in Glossop and they had twelve children:
     Nancy Bramhall, born 14 December 1794, baptised 8 March 1795 in Glossop.
     Joseph Bramhall, born 11 Feb and baptised 25 Mar 1796 in Glossop.
     Jesse Bramhall, born 26 October 1798.
     Thomas Bramhall, born 25 April and baptised 27 May 1800 in Glossop.
     James Bramhall, born 23 September 1802, baptised 24 February 1803 in Glossop, buried 2 March 1803 in Glossop.
     John Bramhall, born 14 March and baptised 13 May 1804 in Glossop.
     James Bramhall, born 2 May 1805, baptised 26 February 1807 in Glossop.
     Christopher Bramhall, born 25 December 1806, baptised 26 February 1807 in Glossop, buried 23 January 1808 in Glossop.
     Sarah Bramhall, born 6 August 1808, baptised 27 August 1815 in Glossop.
     Hannah Bramhall, born 4 June 1810, baptised 26 August 1811 in Glossop.
     Samuel Bramhall, buried 9 Dec 1811 in Glossop (of Hadfield, infant).
Joseph Bramhall died on 26 December 1838.
Kerenhappuch Bramhall died on 2 February 1845.

Generation Three.

Jesse Bramhall (born 26 October and baptised 30 December 1798 in Glossop) and his wife Ann had five children:
     Jason Bramhall, baptised 10 October 1826 in Glossop.
     John Bramhall, baptised 19 May 1828 in Glossop.
     Jesse Bramhall, baptised 10 Oct 1830 in Glossop. In the 1861 census he is described as a cotton spinner, aged 30, born in Hadfield.
     Hannah Bramhall, baptised 9 Jun 1833 in Glossop.
     George Handford Bramhall, baptised 29 Nov 1835 in Glossop.
Jesse was described as of Waterside and Hadfield in parish register entries but in the 1861 census he (a Hat body maker aged 60) and Ann (aged 59 and deaf) were living at Littlemoor with Jesse (described as a cotton spinner, aged 30, born in Hadfield).
Given George's middle name, the marriage of Jesse and Ann may be that of Jessey Bramwall (sic), a hatter, and Ann Handford which took place on 14 December 1825 at Manchester Cathedral.

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