The descendants of John Bower of Hadfield.

The family members were named as Boyer in some records and Bower in others.

Generation One.

John Bower was born about 1739. He had four children:
     Mary Bower born about 1765.
     William Bower.
     Martha Bower. She married Samuel Knott.
     Betty Bower born about 1771.
John Bower died aged 89 and was buried on 27 March 1828.

Generation Two.

Mary Bower was born about 1765. She married James Robinson, baptised 4 September 1763 in St Chad's, Saddleworth, son of John Robinson and Zipporah Bowden (see The Robinsons of Gnat Hole) on 7 December 1783 at Glossop parish church.

William Bower and his wife Martha had two children:
     Mary Bower. She married David Winterbottom.
     Betty Bower. She married Thomas Nield.
William Bower died on 14 June 1832.

Betty Bower was born about 1771. She married William Wood, baptised 14 Jan 1769 in Glossop Parish Church, son of Samuel Wood and Betty Newton (see The descendants of George Newton of Padfield) on 11 September 1791 in Glossop Parish Church.

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