The descendants of John Bennett of Whitfield born ca 1729.

Generation One.

John Bennett was born about 1729. He had eight children:
     Rebecca Bennett.
     George Bennett.
     John Bennett. Died before his father. He had six children: John, James, Robert, George, Betty Bennett and Mary Bennett.
     Mary Bennett. She married ? Bradbury.
     Nanny Bennett. She married ? Fielding.
     Alice Bennett born about 1758.
     Sarah Bennett. She married John Wagstaffe, baptised on 8 December 1762, son of John Wagstaffe and Mary Hague (see Wagstaffe family of Bridge End).
     Nancy Bennett. She married someone named Hadfield and they had a son, James Hadfield.
John Bennett died, aged 79, and was buried on 27 January 1798 in Glossop. In his will, dated 17 January 1798, he left land at Barber Carrs in Whitfield and a half share in the Fulling Mill and House at Bridge End (John Garlick was another shareholder).

Generation Two.

Rebecca Bennett married William Fielding, baptised 1 Sep 1754 in Glossop, son of John Fielding and Mary Sykes (see Descendants of John Fielding of Whitfield 1674) on 3 October 1780 in Glossop.

Alice Bennett was born about 1758. She married James Platt, born about 1766, son of James Platt and Martha Syckes (see The Platt family of Glossop) on 27 February 1783 in Glossop.

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