The MotorHomeParking web site was created in 2006 to provide parking and camping advice for motorhome owners in the United Kingdom. It was always privately funded and received no sponsorship, corporate or otherwise. It was never connected to any other web site of either similar or dissimilar name. The information provided on the web site was sourced from direct research. Information was never "harvested" from forum postings or other web sites carrying motorhome parking information.

All good things come to an end and, after 13 years, this site had run its course and has now closed down.

With the increase in information available now, compared to 2006, there is less need for the web site and increasing calls on my time had made keeping the site up to date more difficult.

Sadly, also, whilst I have had lots of encouraging contacts over the years there has been an increasing tendency in motorhomers taking exception to being told the facts about what the law says and the consequences of indiscriminate parking and (especially) camping. Their (shall we say) less than constructive comments are something which anyone can do without.

It may be that somebody decides that there is still a place for a site constructed in such a manner as this one used to be.
There is, of course, nothing to stop anyone creating a new site based on their own research. I wish every success to anyone deciding to do so.

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