We decided to use shower gel and handwash (in pump action dispensers) rather than soap as they leave less deposit/scum on washbasins and shower trays. We wash out pump action dispensers to reuse them for shampoo and shower gel because we find it easier than using the original bottles in the van shower. The Cien Cream Soap dispensers from Lidl are handy because they can be re-locked for travelling without squirting out some of the contents.

About a year after we bought our first van we bought some microfibre towels from Lidl, which are a lot lighter than terry but of a similar construction and size, and we used them for 6 or 7 years. At the Malvern Show in 2013 we were persuaded to buy some towels which were a much denser microfibre fabric, smaller and fairly expensive. Jill found them OK to use but I couldn't get away with them at all. In May 2014 we spotted some microfibre Sports Towels in Lidl. Only 3.99 so we bought one to try. They are a similar density of material to the expensive ones, less thick and much larger - and they work very well. At first it seemed awkward but then I realised it was actually drying much quicker than terry or the older microfibre towels. We were so impressed that I went back to Lidl and bought another three.

One thing to remember is that, unlike a house, a motorhome doesn't have an unlimited water supply. Instead of letting the shower just run the method we use is to get wet, use shower gel, rinse off, use shampoo and rinse off again. It does the job and uses a minimum amount of water.

When we bought the Autoquest the dealer sold us some of the genuine Thetford toilet rolls. After a while we realised that there wasn't any significant difference between them and the much cheaper supermarket own brand products. We've used toilet rolls from all the major supermarkets with no problems. We inherited some Thetford rolls with the Burster and found, rather strangely, that they were too large to fit in the (Thetford) dispenser. There was no such problem with the supermarket products at the time but, subsequently, all manufacturers seem to be selling double size rolls so they have to reside in the washroom cupboard until reduced in size sufficiently to fit on the holder.

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Last updated: 26 May 2016