Doing the Washing.

Going away for a weekend or so doesn't require the packing of many clothes and washing can normally be left until after returning home. However, for longer trips it may prove necessary to wash out the smalls at least. Some caravan sites have a laundry for the use of campers (or a launderette could be used) but that is not an option when staying at temporary sites, show camp sites &c.
Washing Machine 1 As luck would have it I still had two 5 gallon fermenting bins left over from home brewing in years gone by. We bought a large sink plunger for a couple of pounds and drilled holes in it to make a "posser". One bin was used for hot soapy water to wash in (using the posser to agitate the washing) and the other bin for cold water to rinse. The system didn't use all that much water (bins nowhere near full) and proved effective.

The bins have lids so it would be possible to stand a bin (containing some clothes in soapy water) in the shower cubicle to wash whilst travelling along if we wished to. The bins normally travelled one inside the other (with further items inside the inner one) in the main locker under the fixed bed so didn't take up as much packing space as might be expected.
Despite the packing arrangement we found that the bins did take up a bit too much space so bought a couple of flexible tubs which can be carried inside the van under the table. We also replaced the Posser, the new one having smaller holes drilled lower down, which proved to be more effective. Later we even managed to buy a real, copper, posser on eBay (far right photo).

We had a memory of having a table top wringer years ago but couldn't remember whatever happened to it. Searching on Google revealed that it was a Kenroy Wringerette - though whether it was sold mainly as a toy or a real tool we don't know. However, we were able to buy one on eBay (two actually so we had a spare) which worked fine for what we wanted on the move. It did turn out to be another non-essential though so we tend to leave it at home now.
Washing Machine 2 Washing Machine 3
drying rods We have a four-arm collapsible rotary washing line for drying the clothes. In addition we have three tension curtain rods/cupboard keepers mounted between the washroom walls for small items (also used for towels after a shower). See photo left.

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Last updated: 26 May 2016