The Autoquest had an alarm fitted when we bought it but we never got round to fitting a tracker. The Burstner had both fitted when we bought it. We initially took out a single year subscription for the tracker, as we were unsure how long we would keep the van, but the following year, having decided we would keep it, we took out a five year deal as it was significantly cheaper.

Going out one day we noticed a card under the windscreen wiper from somebody supposedly in the market for motorhomes and caravans - but only a forename and mobile number. Taking advice from a friend we purchased a Bulldog DC400 Auto Clamp, as much for a visible deterrent as anything else. Shortly afterwards a commercial van belonging to a neighbour was broken into one night and some gardening tools were stolen. That got us thinking about extra locks.

The cab door locks on both vans we have had were/are reasonably substantial - as good as any van anyway - but the same can't be said for the habitation door locks on most vans we've seen. We didn't do anything about that on the Autoquest but (after nearly two years of ownership) decided to added extra security to the Burstner.

The fridge is directly behind the wall at the opening side of the habitation door so we could not use a lock that requires fitting through the wall and had to go for a frame lock. After doing some research the choice came down to the Fiamma Safe Door Frame and the Milenco Door Frame Lock.

When I looked at the door frame I wasn't sure which, if either, would fit so bought a Contour Gauge and made myself a pattern in card before going to local shops. The first shop had a Fiamma but the pattern demonstrated that it would not fit as there is insufficient depth in the frame to take the part through which the screws go. As luck would have it the second place had just received new stock of the Milenco model and that turned out to be a perfect fit against the pattern.

Fitting was very easy. Decide where to put the lock, drill holes, squeeze some sealant in, drive home screws, job done. There is a video on the Milenco web site showing how to fit the lock.

To be honest I hardly ever use the Bulldog Clamp, because it is a pain in the neck to fit and remove, but we have subsequently installed CCTV at home which covers where the van is parked and has at least the same deterrent effect.

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Last updated: 26 May 2016