Padded cab screens.

For the Autoquest we initially bought a set of Fiamma internal screens which come in three pieces (two doors plus windscreen) and attached to the glass by sucker pads. The screens helped to insulate the van but we found that there was quite a bit of condensation on the inside of the glass some mornings. Because of that we bought a set of Taylor Made external screens which came in two pieces (one covers a single door and the other the door and windscreen) which attach to each other using Velcro. We have experienced no condensation problems with the external screens.

After about 7 years or so (May 2015) we experienced difficulty fitting the screens round the cab. It appeared that the outer fabric layer had shrunk slightly. We tried stretching the covers but it didn't work so we bought a set of Para-Gon screens from Silver Screens.

The screens we have feature a fold down piece which can be opened for more light (and to see out) during the day. There are various other designs on the market, from a number of companies. Perhaps the best place to choose a set suitable for individual requirements is at a show which is attended by a number of suppliers, allowing comparisons.

One other consideration, mainly affecting those who camp off-site, is that internal screens can be more easily and quickly removed should the need arise to drive away to avoid any danger. Screens fitted externally can obviously only be removed from the outside.

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Last updated: 26 May 2016