Choosing a Leisure Battery.

This is not an essay on different types/makes of battery (as I simply don't have the technical knowledge required), just some general pointers.

Both our vans had an 85Ah battery fitted when we bought them. The Autoquest had a battery box reached through an external locker door, the box being large enough to fit a 110Ah battery in (110Ah batteries we've seen tend to be larger but there are some on the market roughly the same size as 85Ah ones - approximately the same as a car starter battery).

We weren't sure whether the 85Ah battery in the Burstner would cope with the demands of the blown air system so considered changing it for a 110Ah battery and the possibility of fitting a second battery. We decided, though, to wait to see what happened and how the solar panel coped - and it has done so remarkably well. Apart from the blown air system (which takes very little power) we only need electricity for the lights, water pump and to recharge phones, e-readers and tablets/laptop. Throughout 2012 in all weathers, the solar panel had no problems in replacing the power we used. That experience has continued such that we hardly ever camp where there is EHU supplied.

The leisure battery in the Burstner is fitted under the passenger seat and the space is too small for most of the 110Ah batteries on the market. When the leisure battery needs replacing we may well buy a larger capacity one but the choice will have to be guided by size constraints.

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Last updated: 26 May 2016