Luton and Under Bed Locker Storage.

There being only the two of us we didn't use the Luton in the Autoquest for sleeping but only for storage. Initially we found that there was either wasted space or the inconvenience of having things on top of each other in order to use the full depth of the space available. We solved the problem by buying a cheap three-section folding sun lounger from Asda. By unfolding one end we were able to form a shelf to separate items stored underneath from those above - and all without drilling or screwing into the bodywork.

At the risk of stating the obvious, avoid storing heavy objects on the Luton. Apart from the risk of a bump on the head when loading/unloading, weight on high raises the vehicle's centre of gravity.

The Burstner doesn't have a Luton so we originally used the lounger to make a shelf in the large locker underneath the fixed bed. We then found, though, that it took up too much room in that situation so stopped using it. We have, though, bought a Lack side table from Ikea (for a mere 5) and cut the legs down to make a shelf in the locker on which our folding camping chairs go, making it easier to access items stored underneath the chairs. I also made a narrow shelf out of a piece of left over fascia board (along the rear of the locker) for storage of items like the awning arms and flag poles.

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Last updated: 26 May 2016