Storage in Lockers & Cupboards.

In general we use a variety of plastic boxes and baskets to keep similar items together and store them tidily. The Really Useful range is very good for efficient use of space but they can be expensive. Some of the pound shops stock ranges of boxes of different types which are also very good and cheaper. Airtight food containers with clip locking lids are some we've found useful. Flexible and rigid plastic baskets keep small clothing items and mugs/glasses tidy (we use pieces cut from a flexible chopping board between the mugs/glasses to stop them knocking against each other).

Several of the lockers in the Autoquest were deep, without a central shelf, so items had to be stacked on top of each other. We found a plastic covered wire shelf with rigid legs (at Betterware) which was about half the locker depth. I shortened some of the legs with a hacksaw to cater for obstructions like socket covers. Wilkinsons did a similar one with folding legs which was cheaper and fine where there were no obstructions. Some of the Burstner lockers have shelves half way up but others don't. We use the same Wilkinson shelves in those.

To avoid items falling out of some lockers on opening we used the spring loaded rods similar to tension curtain rods.

Non-slip matting is useful for preventing items in cupboards and lockers from moving. We found it readily available in pound shops as well as higher priced outlets.

The Autoquest had a rear kitchen with a cupboard door which opened towards the front of the van and tended to come open under braking if objects moved against it. That was easily solved by fitting a turn button. The same cupboard was rather deep so it was awkward to get at things at the back. I made a sliding shelf (which simply sat on the existing shelf) using a piece of plywood and a couple of drawer slides; we then kept items in a plastic basket on the shelf.

Use under seat storage lockers for less used items to minimise having to move seats to get at things.

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Last updated: 26 May 2016