Levelling & avoiding becoming stuck.

When we bought the Autoquest we also bought a pair of Fiamma Magnum ramps, which served us well with a van that size. The Burstner came with a pair of larger, orange, ramps (make unknown) so we gave the Fiamma ones away and started using the larger ones. They were OK but very smooth surfaced and we found at one place with wet grass that the tyres would not climb them. We solved the problem temporarily by turning them over (the tyres gripped on the underside) and then permanently by buying a pair of Milenco Quattro ramps.

We level by using a double bubble spirit level on the kitchen worktop but don't worry about being exactly level, just enough so that the shower drains and the fridge isn't affected.

The Burstner has rear corner steadies (which the Autoquest didn't have). It came with a couple of pieces of wood to put between steady foot and grass but they were a bit bulky and heavy so I cut an unused plastic chopping board in half and drilled each piece to enable the fixing of handles made from an old piece of electrical flex. They are light but strong and work well.

With the Autoquest we never had any problems getting stuck except once, in a real quagmire at a badly run reenactment event. The rains of 2012, though, demonstrated the need for something more with the swamp that was Peterborough motorhome show. After we got home I bought four (legal) bread trays from a manufacturer trading as brands-equipments on eBay and cut the sides off (having seen the use of bread trays recommended several times over the years). So far so good.

In January 2016, whilst searching for something else, I noticed that they had half a dozen slightly damaged ones on eBay so bought those as well. I then used them to help somebody in a heavier van who had become stuck and, whilst they did the job, the experience showed that they are not always robust enough for a 4 tonne van. However, the damage wasn't too bad and they are still usable after cutting out the broken bits.

The result is that we have four trays which we can carry as a matter of course plus a number of smaller pieces which we can take if we really expect trouble.

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Last updated: 30 May 2016