Deciding on a Suitable Layout.

When we purchased the Autoquest it was after looking at several vans but we were lucky, in a way, to get one which suited us because a number of our criteria turned out to be invalid in time. Before going to look for a replacement we used the experience of five years of ownership to draw up a checklist of essential and desirable features.

The Burstner met 18 of 19 essential features, which was more than any other van we saw. The only one it didn't meet was that it had blown air heating rather than a fire (which the Autoquest had) and we were a little wary of how much battery power would be consumed when off hook-up. However, we decided that we probably wouldn't find a van which met every requirement so went for it. It then turned out that the blown air system uses very little power and the solar panel (see separate note) replaces what is used the next day.

Our checklist can be displayed on screen in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format from Here. It won't suit everyone but may be a useful starting point as an example.

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Last updated: 21 August 2016