Gas Supplies.

When we bought the Autoquest the only option was removable bottles from Calor (none of their competitors have outlets reasonably near to us) so we bought two 6Kg propane bottles, the most the gas locker would take. Shortly afterwards problems with a tar like substance blocking regulators were reported. We never suffered them but decided to replace the rubber pigtail hose with a flexible steel one from Gaslow. Another reason for doing that was that it featured a handwheel for the bottle connection. The arrangement of the locker meant that it was only possible to use a gas spanner on one of the bottles – which meant that both bottles had to be removed and switched round when a bottle ran out of gas. The handwheel on the pigtail meant that was no longer necessary.

We looked at Gaslow fixed bottles but decided they were too expensive for two 6Kg bottles. We preferred Alugas but couldn't fit their smallest (11Kg) bottle into the gas locker. We also looked at Safefill bottles but found that it would only be possible to fit a single cylinder in the locker meaning we would not be able to carry sufficient gas.

The Burstner gas locker is large enough to take two 13Kg Calor bottles which meant there was plenty of room for Alugas. As we already had two 6Kg Calor bottles we decided to have just a single Alugas bottle fitted initially (again by Dave Newell on the making holes in the van principle) and carry a 6Kg Calor just in case. Some months later we gave our Calor bottle to our son as he needed it in a hurry, which meant that we needed a second Alugas bottle before we next went away and didn't have time to travel to Dave's. Luckily Autogas 2000 are based not too far away and they were able to fit us in within a couple of days so we had the second bottle fitted by them. We went for the manual changeover system as it is possible to have both bottles or either open and the filling system is such that both bottles are topped up as necessary. Bottle weights mean that we are now able to carry 22Kg of gas rather than 12Kg for only 6Kg total additional weight.

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Last updated: 26 May 2016