Dashboard Camera.

A topic which increased in popularity on forums during 2012/2013 was that of dashboard cameras to record potential incidents when driving. Several fairly cheap options available on eBay were mentioned but the one which attracted me was one which clips into a mount so can be dash mounted rather than having to be stuck on the windscreen (as is the case with many such cameras). Initially I mounted it on the same plastic clipboard on which the sat nav was mounted (see the Satellite Navigation page) but decided an alternative was preferable after purchasing the truck sat nav.

I decided that mounting it on the dashboard shelf would be convenient as the recording view would be OK and it would not obstruct the driver's view. How to actually mount it proved a bit of a challenge but I had a plastic, self adhesive, disc from a sat nav. Because of the surface of the plastic of the dash the self-adhesive pad would not stick but the use of a lump of Blu-Tack solved that and enabled the camera to be easily set up as shown in the photo. Unfortunately we found that the weight made the camera lean to one side when warm weather softened the Blu-Tack. That was fixed by using a piece of scrap perspex rather than the disc, the flat edge against the shelf meaning that it did not move.
Dashboard Camera
Dashboard Camera

I had used a similar camera in the car but found that its recording quality, especially in low light, was not as good as I would have liked. I replaced the camera in the car with a Mio MiVue 518 and was very pleased with it, so decided to purchase one for the motorhome as well. Rather than being mounted as the original was, it was mounted at the bottom left corner of the windscreen where the view is no longer blocked by a tax disk.

When I was running my comparison of three sat nav devices (see separate article) I had the TomTom mounted on the windscreen above the dashcam. When that was sent back to TomTom I decided to replace the dashcam as well (moved it to our car rear window) and mount the Mio Combo 5207 LM Truck device in the same place. There it can take the same quality of pictures and also act as backup sat nav.
Sat Nav Mount

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Last updated: 15 November 2016