Cleaning The Van.

When we first had the Autoquest I bought a long handled brush and used car shampoo. The brush can be attached to a hose using a Hozelock connection but I tended to use a bucket. I already had a set of large stepladders (7 steps plus platform) which were tall enough to enable me to reach the roof. I used to rinse off the soapy water using a hose.

At one of the shows we saw a demonstration of Onedrywash and were impressed enough to buy some to try it. I've used it ever since, for the car as well. The product contains a substance which leaves a polished surface on the vehicle (rainwater "beads" just like on a vehicle straight from the showroom). I've found that makes it easier to clean with every application. What is important, though, is to use plenty of pairs of good quality microfibre cloths. If one continues to use cloths which have become dirty there is a risk of scratching the surface. To clean the cloths after use I usually put them in a bucket of hot water with a couple of scoops of Lidl W5 Oxy Power added. That gets rid off most of the muck and they can then go in the washing machine like ordinary towels.

The stepladders already mentioned are tall enough to allow me to reach half way across the roof so, by moving them round the van, I can clean the whole of the roof. Whilst we still had the Autoquest I bought a set of "Big Red Foot" Multi Purpose Ladders on eBay having seen a recommendation from a member of Motorhome Fun. Apart from general use round the house they could be set up over the bonnet, as a platform, to make cleaning of the Luton much easier. I used to put an old towel on the bonnet just in case, to stop the risk of scratches if the ladder caught it. The Burstner doesn't have a Luton but I sometimes still use them in platform mode to clean the upper halves of the front, back and sides of the van.

For the inside of the van we've found that cleaning wipes are a simple and economical tool. Some brands leave foam on surfaces during use but that is easily wiped up with a kitchen towel.

Both our vans came with removable carpets which could be vacuum cleaned as with domestic ones. We found the ones in the Burstner were prone to slipping on the vinyl flooring so took them out and bought some "magic" mats which do a good job of dealing with wet/muddy shoes. They can be cleaned whilst away with a stiff hand brush and put in the washing machine at home if required. We bought a rubber broom for sweeping bits of grass which make their way into the van whilst pitched. Whilst away we keep the van generally clean and tidy and do an in-depth clean every time we return from a trip.

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Last updated: 26 May 2016