Post Office Derbyshire Directory 1876
Entries for the area of the Ancient Parish of Glossop.


Glossop (or Glossop Dale) is a municipal borough, market and union town, township, parish, polling-place for North Derbyshire, and railway station, 192½ miles from London, 9½ from Ashton, 24½ from Barnsley, 87 from Birmingham, 62 from Burton, 44 from Chesterfield, 55 from Derby, 39 from Doncaster, 88 from Leicester, 43 from Leek, 44 from Liverpool, 73¾ from Lincoln, 13 from Manchester, 29¾ from Macclesfield, 67 from Nottingham, 28¼ from Sheffield, 66¼ from Stafford, 10½ from Staleybridge, 9 from Stockport, 61¾ from Uttoxeter, and 80¾ from Wolverhampton. It is in High Peak hundred, rural deanery of Castleton, archdeaconry of Derby, and diocese of Lichfield, situate on the borders of Cheshire. The parish contains the townships of Glossop Dale, Hadfield, Padfield, Whitfield, Charlesworth, Simmondley, Dinting, Chunal, Ludworth, and Chisworth.
The borough is divided into three wards, viz.: All Saints, Hadfield, and St. James's. The corporation consists of a mayor, 6 aldermen, and 18 councillors. The Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway is carried across Dinting Vale on a lofty viaduct of sixteen arches, constructed of stone, about a mile west from Howard Town.
The church of All Saints is situated at Old Glossop: the body was rebuilt about 1832: the late Henry Charles Duke of Norfolk, in 1855, added a handsome stone tower and spire to contain 8 bells. The register dates from the year 1620.
The living is a vicarage, yearly value £280, with residence, in the gift of Lord Foley, and held by the Rev. John Dickenson Knowles, M.A., of St. Peter's College, Cambridge.
In the immediate vicinity of the parish church is a large and handsome endowed school, with residence for the master, built and endowed by the late Henry Charles Duke of Norfolk. There are upwards of 300 scholars on the registers.
Whitfield School has an endowment of £39 yearly.
The Unitarians, the Associated Methodists, the Primitive Methodists, and the Wesleyans have each a chapel.
Near Glossop Hall stands the Roman Catholic chapel of All Saints, which is in the Tuscan style, erected by the late Duke of Norfolk in 1831; the Rev. Canon Tasker and the Rev. F. Hickey are the chaplains: the chapel contains many valuable paintings, the Twelve Apostles, The Crucifixion, and last communion of St. Hyronome, over the altar, from the Earl of Shrewsbury's collection at Alton Towers, and also four striking statues from Munich, presented by the Duchess of Norfolk in 1850 : in the chapel grounds is a cross, dated August 31st, 1801, as a memorial of several missions at Glossop. Opposite the chapel is the house of the Sisters of Charity of St. Paul, partly covered with ivy, near to which is a mixed school, under Government Inspection, conducted by the sisters.
In St. Mary's road, there is a handsome Infants' School, belonging to the Roman Catholics, to which is attached a small convent for the religious teachers who are in charge of it.
There are charities of £60, yearly value, distributed in money and clothing to the poor.
Here are cotton manufactories, and also in the surrounding neighbourhood, calico printing establishments, and paper mills: some of the former are on an extensive scale, and those of Messrs. John Wood and Brothers, and of Mr. Francis Sumner, are amongst the largest and handsomest of the kind in the kingdom.
There are three newspapers published on Saturday. There is a club house for gentlemen, erected in 1859 or 60, the members being the only shareholders.
The County Magistrates meet once in three weeks. The Borough Magistrates every Monday, in the Town Hall, which, with the Market House, considerably enlarged in 1854, form a handsome pile of building.
Glossop union comprises the following places:- Charlesworth, Chisworth, Chunal, Dinting, Glossop or Glossop Dale, Hadfield, Ludworth, Padfield, Simmondley, and Whitfield.
The County Court is held at the Town Hall, Glossop, and comprises the following parishes:- Armfield and district of Tintwistle, Brownside, Charlesworth, Chisworth, Chinley, Chunal, Dinting, Gamesley, Glossop, Hadfield, Hayfield, Hollingworth, Kinder, Padfield, Rhodes Phoside, Rowarth, Saltersbrook, Simmondley, Torside, Waterside, Whitfield, Woodhead, and Wooley Bridge.
The principal market day is Saturday. Fairs are held on the 6th May, also the first Wednesday on or after the 10th day of October, for the sale of horses, cattle, &c.
A cottage hospital has been commenced, initiated by Lady Howard, which at present has accommodation for six patients, under the care of a trained nurse : the building has been adapted to its present use at the expense of Lord Howard of Glossop, who has placed it at the disposal of the town for five years, under the management of a committee of ladies and gentlemen: the funds of the hospital are raised by subscription, and a small weekly charge is made upon the patients.
Glossop Hall is the seat of the Right Hon. Lord Howard of Glossop, it is a noble building, in the French château style of the eighteenth century, and stands on gently rising ground above Howard Town, surrounded by trees: the lawn in front presents a picturesque landscape, and in the hollow are fish-ponds; the Hall was much enlarged and improved by the late Henry Charles Duke of Norfolk, father of the present owner.
The Right Hon. Lord Howard of Glossop is lord of the manor, and the principal landowner. The land is partly moor and pasturage. The acreage is 49,960; rateable Value, £62,008, being one of the largest parishes in England; the population of the township in 1871 was 5,943, and of the parish 30,713; the population within the municipal borough in 1871 was 17,046.
Parish Clerk, James Winterbottom.
Dinting is a township, in the ecclesiastical parish of Whitfield, one mile west from Glossop, and partly within the borough, in the hundred of High Peak, union, parish and county court district of Glossop. Here is a station on the Manchester and Sheffield railway, 11¾ miles from Manchester. Messrs. E. Potter and Co. have calico printing works. The acreage is 586 ; rateable value, £5,416; the
population in 1871 was 830. Wall letter box cleared at 9 a.m. & 6.15 p.m.; Sundays at 5.15 p.m
Hadfield is a township and large village, on the borders of Cheshire, within the borough of Glossop, 2 miles north-west from Glossop, and with the adjoining township of Padfield, form the ecclesiastical parish of St. Andrew's, or chapelry of Hadfield, having a station on the Manchester and Sheffield railway, in the hundred of High Peak union, parish and county court district of Glossop. The church of St. Andrew is a Gothic building, consisting of chancel, nave, south aisle, and belfry with 1 bell: it has four beautiful stained windows, and was built by subscription at a cost of £3,000. The register dates from the year 1875. The living is a vicarage, yearly value £230, in the gift of five trustees, and held by the Rev. Joseph Hadfield, of St. Bee's. Here is a Wesleyan Day and Sunday school, and a mixed National school. Here are a Wesleyan and a Primitive Methodist chapel. Here is a Roman Catholic chapel of St. Charles Borromeo, in which are many valuable paintings: the Right Hon. Lord Howard of Glossop gave £5,000 towards the erection of this chapel. Here are several cotton mills, in which the population are employed. Here is an old residence of the Hadfields, called Hadfield Hall, bearing date 1646. The township contains 357 acres; rateable value, £6,486; the population in 1871 was 2,693.
Post, Money Order & Telegraph Office & Savings Bank. - William Garlick, postmaster. - Letters received through Manchester. Delivery 7.30 a.m. & 5.10 p.m.; dispatch 11 a.m. 1.15 p.m. & 7.30 p.m. Sunday delivery 8.30 a.m.; dispatch 6.45 p.m, Money orders granted & paid & Savings Bank business transacted from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.; on Saturdays till 8 p.m
Padfield is a township, a mile and a half north-west from Glossop, and partly within that borough, in the hundred of High Peak, parish, union and county court district of Glossop, included with Hadfield in the ecclesiastical parish of St. Andrew's. The population are employed in the cloth, thread, and cotton yarn works. The acreage is 643; rateable value, £9,983; the population in 1871 was 1687. Letters through Hadfield. Wall letter box cleared at 8.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; on Sundays at 9.30 a.m.
Whitfield is a township and ecclesiastical parish, comprising part of Glossop, and all Chunal and Dinting, constituted under Sir Robert Peel's Act of 1844, one mile south from Glossop, and partly within the borough, in the hundred of High Peak, parish, county court district and union of Glossop, diocese of Lichfield. The church of St. James is a very handsome building, erected in 1846, in the Early English style, having chancel, nave, aisles, and lofty spire. The register dates from the year 1846. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of Daniel Wood, esq., Samuel Wood, esq., and Mrs. Emma Wood, and held by the Rev. Charles Bruce Ward, M.A., of Oriel College, Oxford. The parsonage house and National school are handsome stone buildings, contiguous to the church. Hague's endowed school was founded by Joseph Hague, esq., in 1779, and endowed with £39 yearly; Mr. George Ford is master. Here are two Wesleyan and two Independent chapels. Here are cotton and paper mills, and stone quarries. The Right Hon. Lord Howard of Glossop is lord of the manor and the principal landowner. The soil is various; subsoil, clay. The chief crops are oats, hay and pasture. The acreage is 1,577; rateable value, £11,403; the population in 1871 was 5,615; the ecclesiastical district has a population of 13,272; acreage, 5,211. Plainstead and Charlestown are places here.
Wall letter box cleared at 12.50a.m. & 7.10 p.m.; on Sunday, 6.15 p.m
Chunal is a township, 2 miles south from Glossop, and partly within the borough, in the hundred of High Peak, parish, union and county court district of Glossop, in the ecclesiastical parish of Whitfield. The acreage is 885; rateable value, £687; the population in 1871 was 109.
Official Establishments, Local Institutions, &c.
Post & Money Order & Telegraph Office, Savings Bank & Government Insurance & Annuity Office, Norfolk square. - Miss Betty Kaye Woodhead, post-mistress. Letters by rail through Manchester, arrive at 6.45 a.m. 2.45 p.m. & 4.50 p.m.; dispatched to Manchester & all parts at 10.45 a.m. 1.20 p.m. & 7.35 p.m. Money order office & post office savings bank open from 9 to 6; on Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Telegraph open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m
Edmund Potter, esq.
Thomas H. Sidebottom, esq
Francis J Sumner esq
John Wood, esq
Samuel Wood, esq
W. H. Turner, esq
Thomas Rhodes, esq
Frederick Buckley, esq
William Shepley, esq
Clerk to the Magistrates, Thomas Michael Ellison, esq. Ellison street. Clerk's office open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; on Saturdays, 9 till 1
Samuel Wood, mayor
Joseph Stafford
Francis J. Sumner
William Shepley
John Hadfield
Thomas Rhodes
Frederic Buckley
James Sidebottom
James Shepley
Edward Platt
Clerk, T. M. Ellison
Mayor - Samuel Wood, esq. J.P.
William Smith
James Shepley
Edward Woolley
Joseph Stafford
Henry Buckley
James Sidebottom
Samuel Rowbottom
Joshua Beeley
George Newton
William Swire
Luke Darwent
Thomas McKnight
Joseph Collier
George Wilson
Samuel Wood
William Shepperd
Edward Partington
Henry Kinder
Thomas Platt
William Platt
John Roberts
William Dawson
William Sidebottom
William S. Rhodes
Town Clerk, Thomas Michael Ellison
Burial Board.
Board Room, Ellison street.
Treasurer, Francis Hawke
Registrar, Robert Winterbottom
Clerk, Thomas Michael Ellison
Alliance Fire, C. J. Hadfield, Norfolk street
Eagle, John Hall, High street
Guardian, H. E. Evason, Norfolk street
Hand-in-Hand, T. A. Pettitt, High street west
Liverpool & London & Globe, J. Hardman, Norfolk street
London & Westminster Plate Glass, C. Higginbottom, Norfolk square
Manchester Fire, F. Hawke, Spire Hollin
Norfolk Farmers' Cattle, C. Higginbottom, Norfolk sq
Pelican Life, F. Hawke, Spire Hollin
Phoenix Fire, C. Higginbottom, Norfolk square
Reliance Mutual Life, J. Ford, High street west; Aaron Pointon, Station road, Hadfield
Scottish Amicable Life, C. J. Hadfield, Norfolk street
Sovereign Life, J. H. Ferrand, High street
Star Life, A. Atkin, High street
United Kingdom Provident Life, C. Higginbottom, Norfolk square
Western Life, C. Collier, High street
Westminster Fire & Life, W. S. Wright, High street
Union, Francis Sumner, esq. J.P. Samuel Wood, esq. J.P. Frederic Buckley, esq. J.P. Thomas Rhodes, esq. J.P. William Shipley, esq. J.P. Edward C. Potter, esq. J.P. ex-officio guardians. This committee meet at the Union offices, in Norfolk street, every Monday at 5 p.m. Thomas Swindells Bowden, clerk to the guardians & union assessment committee; William W. Howard & James Rhodes, medical officers; W. H. Hollinberry, esq. treasurer; John Wood Bowden, relieving officer, Norfolk street; John Beeley, master of the workhouse; Mrs. Mary Beeley, matron of the workhouse; Mrs. Walker, nurse; John Swann, assistant overseer & collector of rates.
County Court, Thomas Ellison, esq. judge; John Hibbert, esq, registrar, also acting as high bailiff; J. W. Bolton, assistant registrar & deputy high bailiff; office, Norfolk square, open from 10 to 4; on Saturdays from 10 till 1
Inland Revenue Office, Norfolk Arms,John Wright,officer
Clerk to the Commissioners of Turnpike Roads, Michael Joseph Ellison, esq Sheffield; office, Norfolk street
Surveyor of Turnpike Roads, John Jackson, Norfolk st
Coroner, Robert Bennett, M.D. M.R.C.S. Buxton
Distributor of Stamps, John Ford, High street west
Superintendent of Police & County Inspector of Weights & Measures, William Henry Hodgson, Town hall
Inspector of Nuisances, John Turner, Chapel street
Borough Surveyor, James Nuttall, Sheffield road
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages, Thomas Swindells Bowden, Church street
Parish Church, Rev. J. D. Knowles, M.A. vicar
St. James's Church, Whitfield, Rev. C. B. Ward, M.A. vicar
St. Andrew's, Hadfield, Rev. Joseph Hadfield, vicar
Roman Catholic Chapel (All Saints'), Rev. Canon Tasker &. Rev. F. Hickey, priests
Tabernacle, Hall street
Independent Chapel, Littlemoor, Rev. Thos. Atkin, minister
Wesleyan Chapel, High street, Rev. S. Hooley & Rev E. H. Simpson, ministers
Wesleyan Chapel, Whitfield
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Shrewsbury street
Reformers' Chapel, Howard street
Congregational Chapel, St. Mary's road, Rev. C. Robinson
Reformers' Chapel, Whitfield
Unitarian Chapel, Howard street
Grammar, Old Glossop, William Mitchell, master; Mrs Emma Mitchell, mistress
National, Hadfield, Alfred Walker, master, Mrs. Walker, mistress
National, Whitfield, Herbert Williams, master; Mrs Williams, mistress
National, Dinting, Miss Ingham, mistress
Independent, Whitfield, Miss Dyas
Wesleyan, High street, James Nelson, master
Wesleyan, Old Glossop, John Addleshaw, master
Hague's Endowed, John Ford, master
Wesleyan, Hadfield, Jonah Leach, master
Glossop, Edward Douglas Wikeley, station master
Hadfield, Richard Brotherton, station master
Dinting, William Charlesworth, station master

Private Residents.
Atkin Rev. Thomas [Independent], Gladstone street
Beeley Robert, Moorfield
Buckley Frederick, J.P. Hurst
Daniel Charles, Pye grove
Ellison Thomas Michael, Hall street
Hadfield Charles John, Norfolk street
Hadfield John, J.P, Cowbrook
Hall Wm. Hall's buildings, Littlemoor
Handforth John, Chapel street
Hawke Francis, Spire Hollin
Hibbert John, Norfolk square
Hibbert Joseph, Norfolk square
Hole Richard, Cowbrook
Howard Lord (of Glossop), D.L. Glossop hall
Howard William Wardlow, Norfolk st
Howe Misses, Hall street
Howe Roland, Hall street
Hunt William, M.D. Cowbrook cottage
Kershaw Miss, Slatelands
Knowles Rev. John Dickenson, M.A. [vicar], Vicarage
Lawton Mrs. Norfolk street
Mackenzie Duncan John, High street
Partington Edward, Hollin house
Pennington Levi, Norfolk street
Reddish Henry, High street
Rhodes James, M.R.C.S. Victoria street
Robinson Rev. Charles [Independent], Norfolk street
Robinson John, Gnathole Chunal
Robinson Thomas, Chapel street
Rowbottom Samuel, Shepley street
Rusby Rev. William H. L. Hurst
Shepley James, J.P. Shepley street
Shepley Miss
Stafford Joseph, J.P. Norfolk street
Sumner Fras .Jas. D.L., J.P. High st. east
Sykes Joshua, Hope hill
Tasker Rev. Charles W. [Roman Catholic], Royal house
Wagstaffe Mrs. Cowbrook
Ward Rev. Charles Bruce, M.A. [vicar], Whitfield
Winterbottom John Newton, Moor side
Wood Daniel, Moorfield
Wood Mrs. Whitfield house
Wood Samuel, J.P. Talbot house
Armitage Charles Henry, fruiterer, High street west
Armitage John, draper, High street west
Armitage John Thomas, coal merchant, Norfolk street
Arrowsmith James, clog & patten maker, High street west
Ashcroft Mary (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, High street west
Ashton Geo. draper & grcr. Gladstone st
Ashton Samuel, grocer, Edward street
Atkinson John, beer retailer, joiner & builder, Old Cross
Atkinson Margaret (Mrs.), draper, High street east
Atkinson Wm. grocer, High street west
Attfield John, farmer, Chunal
Bamforth & Barber, milliners, High street west
Bamforth William, mason & shopkeeper, Kershaw street
Band Charles Downs, mason & builder, Sheffield road
Band Henry, grocer, High street east
Band Martha Ann (Miss), dressmaker, High street east
Barber Albert, hair dresser & umbrella maker, Norfolk street
Barber James, shopkeeper, Hope street
Barber Samuel, watch & clock maker, High street west
Barlow Josiah, beer retailer, Chapel st
Barnes James & Son, drapers & milliners, High street west
Barnes Wm. Grocer & corn dlr. High st. we
Beard James, farmer, Whitfield moor
Beard John, draper & milliner, High st. we
Beard Samuel, shoemaker, St. Mary's rd
Beeley James, farmer, Moorfield
Beeley Jas. Howard Arms, High st ea
Beeley Joshua, farmer, Cross cliffe
Bennett Jsph. farmer & Joiner, Hague st
Bennett Robert, shopkeeper, Freetown
Bennett Wm. butcher, Sheffield road
Benton John, stone mason, St. Mary's rd
Benton Wm. grocr. & corn dlr. High st. ea
Berrisford William, Queen’s Arms, Shepley street
Berry Joshua, coal dealer, High st. east
Blackwell Samuel, brass & iron founder, George street
Bleakley Joseph, shopkpr. High st. we
Boardman William Hyde, beer retailer & shoeing & jobbing smith, Bernard st
Booth Edwin, vapour baths, Charles st
Booth John, beer retailer, Milltown
Booth John, chmst. & tea dlr. High st. ea
Boulton Sarah (Miss), Surrey Arms, High street west
Bowden Geo. confectioner, Norfolk sq
Bowden James, Talbot inn, Hall street
Bowden John, beer retailer, Chapel st
Bowden John, shopkeeper, High st. ea
Bowden John Wood, relieving officer, Norfolk street
Bowden Joseph, Greyhound, Hope st
Bowden Samuel, farmer, Heath
Bowden Saml. Shopkeeper, High st. east
Bowden Thomas Swindells, registrar of births, deaths &c. Church street
Bowden Wm. joiner & builder, Bernard st
Bowden Wm. manufacturing chemist, Lower Turn Lee
Bowden Wright, farmer, Chunal
Bradbury Charles, butcher, Victoria st
Bradbury George, grocer & corn dealer, High street junction
Bradbury Mark, beer retailer & collector of rents, Market street
Bradbury Martha (Mrs.), grocer, Charlestown road
Bradbury William, painter, plumber, paper hanger & decorator, Norfolk square.
Braddock Robert, confectioner & tea dealer, High street west
Brain Elizh. (Mrs.), draper, High st. we
Bramhall John, farmer, Chunal
Bramhall Rd. ironmonger, High st. west
Bramhall Thomas, draper, High st. east
Bramhall Thos. milliner, High st. west
Bramhall Wm. beer retailer, Chapel st
Bramwell Luke, confectnr. High st. we
Bridge Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Hall st
Bridge Thos. beer retailer, Arundel st
Brocklehurst Hannah (Mrs.), shop keeper, Hague street
Brook Mills Staining Co. (Peter Jones, manager), tin foil & surface paper manufacturers, High st. west
Brook Isabella (Miss), milliner & dress maker, High street east
Brown Geo. patent medicine dlr. High st
Buckley Fredc. cotton spinnr. Hurst mills
Burgess Jsph. Grapes inn, High st. west
Buxton Bennett, farmer, Jumble
Buxton Wm. farmer, Whitfield Barn
Chadwick Joel, butcher, High st. west
Chadwick John, grocer & draper, High street west
Cockayne Geo. Wheelwright, Primrose la
Cockcroft Greenwood, cloggr. Victoria st
Collier Chas. Grocer & corn dlr. High st. we
Collier James, fishmonger, High st. west
Collier Jsph. Rose & Crown, High st. west
Cook Martha (Miss), farmer, Heath
Cook Saml. grocer & corn dlr. Milltown
Cooke John, hatter, High street west
Cooper Moses & Son, tailors & drapers, High street east
Cooper Betty (Mrs.), beer rtlr. High st. we
Cooper Cephas, shoe maker, Edward st
Cooper James, farmer, Hope street
Cooper Thos. drapr. & joinr. High st. west
Cresswell Joseph, grocr. & drapr. Wellgate
Croft William, farmer, Hurst
Crompton & Elliott, cabinet makers & undertakers, High street west
Dane Jas. cabinet maker, High st. west
Dane Samuel, tailor, High street west
Dane Sarah (Mrs.), stay ma. High st. we
Darwent John, ironmonger & gas & water fitter, Victoria street
Darwent Jsph. grocer & draper, Wellgate
Darwent Luke, farmer, Bitten hill
Dearnaley John, shopkeeper, Chapel st
Dearnaley Thomas, ironmonger & blacksmith, High street west
Denton Eli, grocer, St. Mary's road
Dewsnap John, shopkeeper, Norfolk st
Dixon George Henry, shopkpr. Arundel st
Dixon John, butcher, High street west
Doodson George, draper, High st. west
Downs Humphrey & Joseph, drapers, High street west
Downs Joseph, clogger, Victoria street
Drinkwater John, umbrella maker, High street west
Dutton Tom, painter, plumber & glazier, & Junction inn, High street west
Dyas Edwd. cabinet maker, Gladstone st
Earnshaw Jonathan, beer retailer, stone mason & builder, Whitfield Cross
Ellis Michael, stone mason, Surrey st
Ellison Thomas Michael, solicitor, & clerk to magistrates &c. Ellison street
Entwistle Maria (Mrs.), gutta percha shoe dealer, High street west
Ernell Cephas, furnitr. brok. High st. we
Eversden William, grocer, Norfolk sq
Field Wm. boot & shoe ma. Charlestown rd
Fielding Enoch, watch & clock maker, High street west
Fielding George, grocer, Old Cross
Fielding James, fruiterer, High st. east
Fielding Thomas, coal merchant, & Market hotel, Market street
Firth Joshua, grocr. & drapr. High st. we
Ford John, auctioneer, & distributor of stamps, High street west
Ford Joseph, shopkeeper, Gladstone st
Foy Anthony, fishmonger, Victoria st
France James, butcher, High st. west
France Joseph, grocer, High st. west
Garlick Joseph, grocer & corn dealer, High street east
Garside Cyrus, timber merchant & builder, Saw mills, Surrey street
Garside James, farmer, Heath
Garside John, farmer, Hague street
Garside William, farmer, Hurst Nook
Gas Co. (Daniel Clark, man.), Arundel st
Georgeson Thomas, hatter, High st. west
Gill James, oil & tallow dealer, Corn st
Glen Samuel, shopkeeper, Victoria st
Glossop Conservative Club (William Sheppard, sec), Surrey street
Glossop Dale Chronicle & North Derbyshire Reporter (D. Woodhead, proprietor), High street west
Glossop Dale New Industrial Co-operative Society (William Walton, sec), Norfolk square
Glossop Dale Savings Bank (Charles John Hadfield, actuary), open on Saturdays 12 a.m. till 1 p.m. & 6 to 7 p.m. Town hall
Glossop & Hyde Record & Conservative Standard, Arundel street
Glossop Liberal Club (James Nelson, sec), Henry street
Glossop Record Printing Co. (John F. Lister, manager), Arundel street
Goddard Ellen (Mrs.), fruiter. High st. we
Goddard John, farmer & beer retailer, Charlestown road
Goddard Joseph, fruiterer, High st. west
Goddard William, farmer, & Grouse inn, Chunal
Goldthorp Thos. shoe maker, Victoria st
Goodison Martha (Mrs.), farmer, Windy Harbour
Goodwin Wm. news agent. High st. east
Graham Sarah (Mrs.),shopkeepr. Hall st
Grayson Benj. Joinr. & buildr. Gladstone st
Greaves Chas. auctioneer, High st. east
Green Eli, grocer, Freetown
Hadfield Charles, farmer, Hague street
Hadfield Charles, farmer, Hall street
Hadfield Charles John, surveyor & valuer & actuary of savings bank, Norfolk st
Hadfield Eli, grocer, High street east
Hadfield John, butcher, Victoria street
Hadfield John, cotton spinner, Cowbrook mill
Hadfield John, shoe ma. Whitfield Cross
Hadfield Joseph, fruiterer, Norfolk street
Hadfield Jsph. shoe maker, High st. east
Hadfield Thomas, draper & outfitter High street west
Hall James, machinist, Whitfield Cross
Hall John, blacksmith, Howard street
Hall John, tailor & draper, Leeds house, High street west
Hall John, tailor & draper, Town Hall buildings, High street west
Hall Joseph, shoe maker, Hall street
Hall Robert, tailor, Church street
Hamnett James, watch & clock maker, american clock pendulum wire maker & gold wedding ring manufacturer, High street east.
Hampson George & Sarah (Miss), beer retailers, High street east
Hampson Abner, grocer, Freetown
Hampson Robert, farmer, Hague street
Hampson Robert, grocer, Chapel street
Hampson Thos. stone mer. Talbot road
Handforth Geo. fruiterer, High st. east
Handforth Joel, blacksmith, High st. east
Handforth Jhn. cotton spinner, Chapel st
Handforth Thos. grocer, Charlestown rd
Hardman Henry Chas. farmer, Hurst
Hardman John, dentist, Norfolk street
Hargreaves Thos. shopkpr. High st. west
Harrison Robert & Sons, slaters & plasterers, Hall street
Harrison Abel, Station inn, Norfolk st
Harrison Charles, grocer & corn dealer, High street west
Harrop Geo. beer retailer, Gladstone st
Harrop George, joiner, Victoria street
Harrop John, draper, High st. west
Hawke Francis, steward to Lord Howard of Glossop, Spire Hollin
Hayes Thos. Commercial inn, Hall st
Helin Brian, grocer & tobacconist, High street east
Hewitt William, shoe maker Collier st
Heys Jonathan, broker, Gladstone street
Hibbert Jhn. & Jsph. solicitors, Norfolk sq
Hibbert John, registrar, also acting as high bailiff of county court, Norfolk square
Higginbottom Ann (Mrs.), farmr. Chunal
Higginbottom Charles, auctioneer, appraiser &c. Norfolk sq.
Higginbottom Hannah (Mrs.), draper & milliner, High street west
Higginbottom Jas. gen. dlr. High st. we
Higginbottom Wm. draper, High st. ea
Hill Joseph, farmer, Cliffe road
Hill William, clogger, High street east
Hobson John, beer retailer, Norfolk st
Holdgate Joseph & Son, grocers, High street west
Holdgate William & Brothers, florists & seedsmen, Edward street
Holdgate Wm. furniture dlr. High st. we
Hollingworth & Higginbottom, stone masons, Chunal
Holroyd Martha (Mrs.), general dealer, Collier street
Horne John, beer retlr. High street ea
Housley Thomas, hosier & machinist, High street west
Howard John, farmer, Ashes
Howard Joseph, grocer, Charlestown rd
Howard Thomas, farmer, Primrose lane
Howard Wm. Wardlow. surgn. Norfolk st
Howe Thomas, farmer, Heath
Hunt William, M.D. surgeon, Cowbrook cottage, Sheffield road
Hunter Thomas Pearson, draper, High street west
Hurst Wm. furniture dlr. High st. we
Hyde Sarah & Hannah (Misses), day school, Primrose lane
Hyde George, hosier, High street west
Ingerson Wm. milliner, Norfolk square
Ingham Peter, draper, High street we
Irlam Jane (Mrs.) & Son, stationers, printers & bookbinders, High st. we
Jackson John, road surveyor, Norfolk st
Jackson Josiah, draper, Norfolk st
Jackson Rowland, tobacnst. High st. ea
James SI. baker & confctnr. High st. ea
Kelly Jas. tailor & draper, High street we
Kelsall William, saddler & harness maker, Church street
Kershaw John Henry, chemist & druggist, High street west
Kinder Henry, chemist & dentist, High street west
Kinder John James, butcher, High st. we
Lancaster Henry Slater, butcher & Wheat Sheaf, Church street
Lawton John, tin plate worker, WelIgate
Lee Ellen (Mrs.), confectnr. High st. we
Lee George, clogger, High street west
Lee Kesia (Miss), grocer & draper, Gladstone street
Linney Elizh. (Mrs.), grocer, High st. ea
Lister William Henry, grocer, Freetown
Lomas Robert, lime & stone merchant, Charles street
Longden Alfred, farmer & stone engraver, Padfield road
Longden John, blacksmith, High st. we
Longden John, farmer, Lane Head
Lowe Moses, shoe maker & beer retailer, Bernard street
Lowe William, tailor, Gladstone street
Lyne Edward, undertaker, High st. ea
Lyne Samuel, draper, High street west
Mackenzie Duncan John, surgeon, High street west
McKnight Thomas, leather dealer & ironmonger, High street east
McMellon William, tailor & draper, High street west
McWilliam John, tailor & draper, Norfolk street
Mainwairing John Bromley, tobacconist. High street west
Makin James, stationer, Victoria street
Manchester & Liverpool District Bank (branch) (W. H. Hollinbery, man.), Norfolk square, open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; draw on Smith, Payne & Smith, London
Marsden Joseph, shopkeeper, Hall st
Marsden Thomas, shopkeeper, Church st
Mason Joseph, broker, Victoria street
Mason Mary (Mrs.), piano & music seller, Norfolk street
Mather Squire, outfitter, High st. we
Mather William, draper, High st. west
May Thomas, basket & skip maker, Victoria street
Mellor John, grocer & corn dealer, High street east
Mellor Josiah, coal dlr. Gladstone street
Merry James, ironmonger, plumber & gas fitter, High street east
Mills Henry, beer retailer, Arundel st
Morton Ann (Mrs.), grocr. Charlestwn. Rd
Morton Martha (Mrs.),drpr. High st. we
Nelson Mary (Miss), confectioner, High street east
Newton George, grocer, Bernard street
Newton William, beer retailer, Norfolk st
Nicholls John, bleacher, Bridgefield
Nield Danl. farmer & butcher, Hague st
Nield James, shoe maker, Victoria st
Nield John, farmer, Chunal
Nield Thomas, tea dealer, Norfolk st
North Derbyshire & North Cheshire Advertiser (Thomas Allard Pettit, proprietor), High street west
Nuttall James, borough surveyor, Sheffield road
Nutter George, grocer, Gladstone st
Nutter John, stationer & newsagent, High street west
Oldham Jsph. coal dealer, Gladstone st
Olive & Partington, paper makers, paper stainers & tin foil manufacturers, Turn Lee mill; & 11 New market lane, Manchester
Ollerenshaw John, slater & plasterer, Lord street
Ollerenshaw Robert, grocer, Queen st
Orme Thos. joiner & builder,High st. we
Orme Wm. watch & clock ma. High st. ea
Patchett George & Son, butchers & brick makers, High street east
Patchett Abraham, butcher, High st. we
Paulden John, shoe maker, High st. we
Pemberton Joseph, farmer, Royal Gate
Percival David, wine & spirit merchant, Market street
Pettit Thomas Allard, stationer & printer, High street west
Pickford John, grocer, Victoria street
Pickford Samuel, farmer, Chunal
Plant Wm. tin plate worker, Victoria st
Platt George, butcher, High street we
Platt Jas. grocer & draper, High st. we
Platt Joe, shopkeeper, Chapel street
Pollitt James, manager to John Wood & Brothers Limited, High street ea
Pott Robert, Manor inn, High st. east
Potts Brothers, drapers, High st. west
Pownall Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Gladstone street
Pratt John, Hare & Hounds, & machine broker, Hall street
Priestnall Jeremiah, farmer, Chunal
Priestnall John, shopkpr. Gladstone st
Proctor Robert, chemist, High st. west
Pye John, gamekeeper, Heath
Rathbone John, shoe ma. High st. west
Reddish Henry, solicitor & commissioner in chancery, High street east
Rhodes James, surgeon, Victoria street
Riley James, shopkeeper, Gladstone st
Roberts Moses, boot & shoema. High st. we
Robinson Edwin, grocer & corn dealer, High street east
Robinson George, furniture dealer & paper hanger, High street west
Robinson Joseph, grocer, Gladstone st
Robinson Jsph. (exors. of), woollen cloth manufacturer, Gnathole mills, Chunal
Robinson Robert, farmer, Hague street
Robinson Sarah Ann (Miss), farmer, Chunal
Robinson Walter, draper, Norfolk st
Robinson William, manager to F. J. Sumner, Wren Nest mills
Rodgers Richd. & Son, cutlers, High st. ea
Roe John, Arundel Arms, Padfield rd
Rowbottom Samuel, cotton spinner & band manufacturer, Meadow mills
Russell Richd. Crown inn, Victoria st
Sandiford Anthony, grocer, High st. we
Schofield Charles & Son, stationer, printers & bookbinders, Norfolk sq
Schofield Hannah (Mrs.), butcher, High street east
Schofield Sml. boot & shoe ma. High st. ea
Sellars James, Bull's Head, Church st
Sellers John, draper, Norfolk street
Shallcross Joseph, grocer, Edward st
Shaw Edwin, piano & music seller, High street east
Shephard Abraham, grocer, High st. east
Shephard James, farmer, Ashes
Shepley James, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Shepley street
Shepley Thomas, ironmonger & currier, Norfolk street
Shepley William, farmer, Chunal
Sheppard Robert, grocer, Norfolk st
Siddall George, butcher, High st. east
Siddall Joe, butcher, High street east
Sidebotham Albert Edward, saddler, High street west
Sidebottom Peter, confectnr. High st. we
Sidebottom Samuel, Surrey Arms, Victoria street
Simpson John, pawnbroker, High St. we
Skelton John,shopkeeper, High st. east
Slack Saml, beer retailer, High st. east
Slater Thos. hair dresser High st. west
Slinn Abraham, photographer & stationer, High street west
Smith Alfred, grocer, High street west
Smith Edward, boot & shoe maker, High street west
Smith Ellen (Miss), milliner & dress maker, High street east
Smith Henry, farmer, Blackshaw
Smith Jhn. Bower, cabinet ma. High st. ea
Smith Thomas, grocer, High st. west
Smith Wm. boot & shoe ma. High st. we
Stafford Geo. confectioner, High st. we
Stafford James, draper, High st. east
Stafford John, broker, Gladstone street
Stafford Joseph, china & earthenware dealer, High street west
Stafford Jsph. cotton spinner, Arundel st
Stafford Sarah (Mrs.), boot & shoe maker, & beer retailer, High st. west
Stafford Wm. Hy. grocer, High st. west
Stubbs James, joiner, Surrey street
Sumner Francis James, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Wren Nest mills
Swan John, assistant overseer, Cross cliffe
Swindells Thomas, baker & confectioner, High street east
Swire & Kay, boot & shoe makers, High street west
Swire John, clogger, High street west
Swire William, draper, Victoria street
Sykes Thomas Patterson (exors. of), cotton spinner & doubler, Hope street
Sykes William, grocer & corn dealer, Norfolk square
Tarbatt Henry, butcher, High st, west
Taylor Charles, draper, High st. east
Taylor John, farmer, Ashes
Thornley Betty (Mrs.), grocer, Charlestown road
Thornley James, clogger & shoemaker, Charlestown road
Thornley James, farmer, Hague street
Thornley John, butcher, Victoria street
Thornley John, marine store dealer, Edward street
Thorp Walter, coal merchant, Henry st
Thorp William, shopkeeper, Church st
Tomlinson Wm. chemist, High st. west
Trueman John, quarry master & Bee Hive inn, Hague street
Turner John, auctioneer, Chapel street
Twalls Thomas, draper, High st. east
Wagstaffe John, butcher, High st. east
Wagstaffe Mary (Mrs.), grocer, High street east
Walker Crowther, draper, High st. west
Walton James, Bridge inn, Market st
Walton John, bleacher, Charlestown road; & at 8 Marble street, Manchester
Walton Martha Ann (Miss), Albion inn, Victoria street
Walton Matt, tobacconist, High st. east
Ward James, stationer & bookseller, High street east
Waterhouse Aaron, farmer. Ashes
Waterhouse John, grocer, Victoria st
Watts George, shoe maker, Freetown
Watts Mary (Mrs.), shopkpr. Hope st
White Thomas, draper, High st. east
Whittaker George, Norfolk Arms-hotel, commercial & posting house, High street west
Whittaker Thos. butcher, Gladstone st
Whittingham Francis & Son, brush makers, High street east
Wikeley Edward Douglas, station master, Norfolk street
Wild Mary (Mrs.), shopkpr. High st. we
Willey John William Crane, cabinet maker, Norfolk street
Williamson Ralph, confectn. High st. we
Williamson William, grocer, corn & coal dealer, High street east
Wilson John, boot & shoe ma. High st. we
Wilson Jsph. hair dresser, High st. east
Winterbottom George, Royal Oak, Sheffield road
Winterbottom James, stone engraver, Hall street
Winterbottom Robert, registrar to burial board, Cemetery lodge
Wood John & Brothers Limited, cotton spinners & manufacturers (William Hall, secretary), Victoria street
Wood Isaiah, grocer, Church street
Wood James, wheelwright, Charles st
Wood John, grocer & corndlr. High st. we
Wood Sarah Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, Hague street
Wood Wm. general dealer, Queen st
Woodcock Ann (Miss), hosier, High st. ea
Woodcock Geo. grocer, High st. west
Woodcock Lot, grocer, Victoria street
Woodhead Daniel, stationer, printer & bookbinder, High street west
Woodhead Joseph, butcher, Church st
Woods John, pork butcher, High st. west
Woodward John, carpenter
Wooley Edward, butcher, High st. west
Wooley Thomas, grocer, High st. west
Wright Edwin, tailor & draper, Norfolk square
Wright Joseph, Globe Inn, High st. west
Wright Samuel, shopkeeper, Hall st
Wright Thomas, joiner, George street
Wright Thomas James, grocer & tobacconist, High street west
Wyatt Cephas, farmer, Blackshaw
Wyld James, farmer & quarry master. Hague Street

Charlesworth William, station master
Cooper George, farmer
Egerton James, grocer
Gorman Thomas, draper
Grundy Roger, manager of Messrs. Edmund Potter's print works
Hague William, farmer
Hollingworth Frederick, grocer
Nield John, Plough inn, & joiner
Nield Thomas, butcher
Ollerenshaw James, Magnet inn
Platt Benjamin, farmer
Platt John, grocer
Platt Thomas, farmer
Platt William, farmer
Potter Edmund & Co. calico printers; warehouse, 10 Charlotte st, Manchester
Wagstaffe Samuel, Viaduct inn

Hadfield Rev. Joseph [vicar]
Platt Edward
Rhodes Thomas, J.P. Mersey bank
Swailes Joseph
Ashton William, grocer, Main road
Band Jas. shopkeeper, Woolley Bridge
Barker Wm. grocer & farmer, Main rd
Battey Daniel, draper, Station road
Belfield Edwd. Anchor inn, Main rd
Bell James, clogger, Station road
Bennett Robert, shopkeeper, Station rd
Bennett Thomas, draper & furniture dealer, Station road
Booth Jsph. grocer & draper, Bankbottom
Bradbury William, grocer, Bankbottom
Bradshaw James, grocer, Main road
Buckley Henry, Commercial inn, Bankbottom
Collier Charles, grocer, Bank street
Cox Joseph, draper, Station road
Dawson William, plumber & painter, Station road
Dewsnap John & Son, butchers, Station rd
Equitable Co-operative Society (Geo. Hutchinson, manager), Station road
Eversden William, grocer, Brookfield
Gill Wright, grocer, Station road
Goddard Abel, Palatine inn, Station rd
Hadfield John, Spread Eagle, Woolley Bridge
Hague Wm. boot & shoe ma. Station rd
Haigh & Beaumont, tailors & drapers, Station road
Hampson Thos. pawnbroker, Station rd
Harris Jhn. tailor & draper, Bankbottom
Harrop Joseph, draper, Station road
Harrop Samuel, cabinet ma. Station rd
Higginbottom Ann (Mrs.), earthenware dealer, Station road
Howorth James, draper, Station road
Jolley J. Spinners' Arms, Main road
Jones James, chemist, Station road
Leach G. Temperance hotel, Station rd
Lee John, skewer & bobbin maker, Warhurst Fold
Lee Joshua, grocer, Woolley bridge
Lee Robert, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Woolley bride
Lee Squire, draper, Station road
Newton Amos, butcher, Station road
Nield Thomas, farmer
Platt Edward & Sons, cotton manufrs
Platt Benj. shopkeeper, Station road
Platt Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Woolley bridge
Platt Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer, Woolley bridge
Pointon Aaron, watch & clock maker, Station road
Rhodes Thomas & Son, cotton spinners & manufacturers, Hadfield mills
Riley James, draper, Station road
Rolley Abel, furniture dealr. Bank st.
Roworth Benjamin, farmer, Cross
Shepley John & William, cotton spinners & manufacturers, Brookfield mills
Sheppard Robt. draper, Station road
Shufflebotham Jsph. clogger, Station Rd
Sutton Thos, shopkeeper, Station road
Swailes Joseph, surgeon, Station road
Swire John, boot & shoe maker,Woolley bridge
Thorniley Jas. chemist, Bankbottom
Wadsworth Len, farmer & beer retailer, Station road
Walker E. (Mrs), beer retlr. Brookfield
Warhurst Enoch & Seth, joinrs, Station rd
Warhurst Caleb, joiner & builder, Station rd
Wharmby John, grocer, Brookfield
Whiteley, James, grocer, Brookfield
Wood Samuel, grocer, Station road
Woodhead Joseph, news agent, Bank st
Woolley Edwd. Butcher, Woolley bridge
Woolley Geo. butcher, Station road
Wright William Symes, ironmonger & tin plate worker, Station road

Platt Thomas, Padfield brook
Bennett James, Peel's Arms
Bingham Thomas, shopkeeper
Bowden William, shopkeeper
Braddock & Grassland, cotton waste dealers
Clay George, shopkeeper
Collier Charles, miller
Crossland John, farmer, Deep Clough
Crossland Samuel, baker
Dewsnap Joseph, cotton spinner & doubler
Dutton John, shoe maker
Eastham James, grocer & corn dealer
Elliott Samuel, butcher
Ellis Samuel butcher
Fielding William, grocer
Fox Thomas, farmer, Torside
Goddard James, farmer
Goddard Joseph, farmer & mason, Little Padfield
Hyde William, farmer
Jackson Peter, farmer
Jackson Thomas, farmer, Deep Clough
Massey George, shopkeeper
Oldfield Mark, farmer, Deep Clough
Platt William & Edward, cotton mnfrs
Sargentson James, cotton waste dealer & farmer
Selby William, cotton waste dealer, Little Padfield
Siddell John, beer retailer, shopkeeper & farmer
Siddell Joseph, shopkeeper
Sidebottom Thomas Harrop, cotton spinner & manufctr. Waterside mills
Stears Martha (Mrs.), farmer, Deep Clough
Sykes Joshua, beer retailer
Thompson Joseph, shopkeeper
Wild Walter, grocer

CHARLESWORTH is a township and ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1845 out of Glossop, including Chisworth and Simmondley, in the Northern division of the county, hundred of High Peak civil parish, union and county court district of Glossop, rural deanery of Castleton, archdeaconry of Derby, and diocese of Lichfield. Charlesworth township is one mile from Dinting station, 3 miles south west from Glossop, 13 from Manchester, and 200½ from London, on the borders of Cheshire. The church of St. John, consisting of chancel, nave, transept, porch, and square tower, is a handsome cruciform building in the Early English style, and was erected in 1849, at a cost of £2,700, raised by subscription. The register dates from the year 1849. The living is a vicarage, yearly value £150 with residence, in the gift of the Crown and bishop of the diocese alternately, and held by the Rev. Goodwin Purcell, of Trinity College, Dublin. A National school, in connection with the church, has been erected by voluntary contributions, through the exertions of the Rev. Goodwin Purcell. Here are chapels for Independents, Baptists, Wesleyans, and Primitive Methodists. Cotton spinning and cotton band making are carried on here. The principal landowner is Lord Howard of Glossop, who is lord of the manor. The soil is clay; subsoil, sandstone. The chief crops are hay. The area is 1,463 acres; rateable value, £4,048; the population of the township in 1871 was 1,185; the population of ecclesiastical district is 2,061; acreage, 3,322; rateable value, £7,663.
Parish Clerk, Joel Wood.
Letters through Broadbottom, which is the nearest money-order office. Wall letter-box cleared at 8 a.m. & 6.30-p.m.; Sundays, 10 a.m.
National School, vacant
Chisworth is a township, 4 miles south-west from Glossop. Here are some cotton mills, and also a colliery. The acreage is 844; rateable value, £1,803; the population in 1871 was 430. Wall letter box cleared at 8.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.
Simmondley is a township, partly within Glossop borough, near the Manchester and Sheffield railway, 2 miles south-west from Glossop. The acreage is 989; rateable value, £1,812; the population in 1871 was 446.

Booth James
Purcell Rev. Goodwin [vicar]
Rowcliffe John
Wilson Rev. James [Independent]
Ashton Hannah (Mrs.), grocer
Ashton Robert, farmer, Woodseats
Bankwood Spinning Co. Limited (Josiah Garside, sec)
Booth George & Sons, cotton band manufacturers
Booth John & Son, cotton band manufrs
Booth Charles, butcher
Booth John Thomas, George & Dragon, & shopkeeper
Booth Joseph, grocer
Booth Samuel, farmer
Booth Samuel, farmer, Gamesley
Booth Thomas, butcher
Burdekin Thomas, farmer, Woodseats
Cooper Jesse, shoe maker
Cooper Joseph, butcher
Cooper Moses, beer retailer
Cooper Moses, tailor & grocer
Dewsnap Joseph, farmer
Dickson Thomas, tailor
Drinkwater James, farmer
Garlick Edwd. beer retlr. & farmer
Garside James, mason
Garside William, shoe maker
Goodwin Thomas, tailor
Hadfield George, farmer
Hall Ellen (Mrs.), farmer
Handforth Robert, farmer
Harrison James, farmer, Gamesley
Higginbottom Isaac, band maker
Higginbottom Isaac, farmer
Higginbottom James, farmer
Higginbottom Samuel, farmer
Horrobin Philip, farmer
Jackson Henry, farmer
Jackson Joseph, farmer
Jackson William, farmer
Marsden Hannah (Mrs.), farmer, Gamesley
Massey John, farmer
Moss Robert, shopkeeper
Neild Joseph, farmer
Parkin Henry, farmer
Ratcliffe John Harrison, cotton spinner & cotton band manufacturer, Kinderlee mills
Robinson Thomas, shopkeeper
Rowbottom James, cotton spinner & doubler & cotton band manufacturer, Holehouse mills
Rowbottom Moses, farmer
Scholes George, Bull's Head
Shaw Charles William, butcher
Shaw John, tailor
Shepley David, shoe maker
Shepley Thomas, tanner
Sidebottom Andrew, farmer
Smith John, farmer, Woodseats
Taylor David, Grey Mare
Taylor William, joiner
Thornley Jas. & Saml. wheelwrights
Thornley Andrew, farmer
Thornley James, farmer
Thornley Joseph, sculptor
Waller Ralph, cotton spinner
Whittaker William, farmer, Gamesley
Wild John, farmer
Wild William, farmer
Wood John, wheelwright & smith

Bennett Samuel, Simmondley lane
Hadfield Misses, Lees hall
Lawton Mrs. Simmondley lane
Lee Robert John, Turn Lee
Smith Alfred
Bennett Randle, farmer
Berrisford Sarah (Mrs.), farmer
Boden John, farmer
Buckley George, farmer
Buckley George, jun. farmer
Buckley John, beer retlr. Turn Lee
Buckley William, farmer
Capper Thomas, farmer
Charlesworth William, farmer & mason
Dewsnap Saml. farmer & beer retailer
Entwistle Henry, farmer
Hadfield Charles, farmer
Higginbottom Joseph, farmer
Hill James, farmer
Hurst William, farmer
Jackson Levi, rope, twine & cotton-band manufacturer
Knott Samuel, farmer
Lyne William & Son, band makers & farmers
Marshall Thomas, farmer
Parker Henry, farmer
Redford John, farmer
Robinson Samuel, farmer
Robinson Thomas, shopkeeper
Rowbottom George, farmer
Taylor John, Commercial inn
Thorneley William, farmer
Tomlinson Mary (Miss), farmer
Willis Harriet (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Wood Samuel, farmer

Brown James, Chisworth house
Ratcliffe John Harrison, Rarewood ho
Armfield Benjamin, farmer
Ashton James, shopkeeper
Booth James, farmer
Booth Thomas, farmer
Broughton Emmanuel, farmer
Brown James, bleacher
Clayton James, colliery manager to Jonathan Jowatt
Cooper Caleb, farmer
Cooper John, farmer
Co-operative Stores (Thos. Hallas, sec)
Harrison Thomas, shopkeeper
Higginbottom Robert, farmer
Jackson James, farmer
Reece James, farmer
Robinson Joseph, farmer
Rowbottom Francis, cotton spinner & band maker, Chew Wood mill
Rowbottom Jessie, farmer
Salt Alfred, farmer
Shepley Hannah (Mrs.), farmer
Thorneley Eli, grocer & corn dealer
Thorneley James, farmer
Thorneley James, jun. farmer
Thorneley Richard, farmer
Varley Joseph, shopkeeper
Woodhouse Maria (Mrs.), Commrcl. inn

HAYFIELD, surrounded by wild and picturesque scenery, is a township and chapelry, consisting of the hamlets of Great Hamlet, Phoeside, and Kinder, 5 miles south from Glossop Station, 4 north from Chapel-en-le-Frith, 11 south-east from Stockport, 3 miles from New Mills, in the Northern division of the county, Glossop parish and county court district, hundred of High Peak, Hayfield union, rural deanery of Castleton, archdeaconry of Derby, Lichfield diocese. The Midland railway have a station here. The church of St. Matthew, in the 14th century style, was rebuilt in 1818, and has chancel, nave, and tower containing 6 bells: it contains a handsome monument with bust (by Bacon) to the late Josh. Haigh, esq., of Park Hall. The register dates from the year 1622. The living is a perpetual curacy, yearly value £175, in the gift of the resident freeholders, and held by the Rev. Frederick Arthur Rodd of St Aidans. There is an endowed National school for boys and girls; also chapels for Wesleyans, Primitive Methodists and United Methodists. There are cotton and paper mills, and a calico print works. Fairs for cattle are held here May 12th and October 10th. Here is a reading room and library, of which Mr. Luke Garside is secretary. Hayfield Union comprises the following places:- Beard, Thornsett, Ollersett and Whitle; Disley, or Disley Stanley (Chester), Hayfield and Mellor. The Union Workhouse is in the hamlet of Ollersett. The charities are £23 yearly for clothing. Park Hall, the seat of Francis James Sumner, esq., D.L., is beautifully situated on rising ground with extensive views of the surrounding hills. The Duke of Devonshire is lord of the manor. The principal landowners are F. J. Sumner, esq., and John Slack, esq. At Birch Vale a large village has risen: the extensive print works of Messrs. John Bennett and Son are situated here. Acreage 11,309; rateable value, £10,112 12s.; the population of the township of Hayfield in 1871 was 2,460; and of the ecclesiastical parish 3,565.
Post & Money Order & Telegraph Office, & Savings Bank & Government Insurance & Annuity Office. Wright Brocklehurst, postmaster. Letters are received through Stockport at 7 a.m. & 5.30 p.m.; dispatched at 8.30 a.m. & 6.45 p.m.; on Sundays at 6.15 p.m
Post Office, Birch Vale. - William Hollingworth, receiver. Letters through Stockport received at 7 a.m. dispatched at 6.45 p.m.; on Sundays 6.15 p.m
Insurance Agent. - Whittington Life, L. Goddard
Surveyors of Highways for Hayfield. - Great Hamlet, Albert Slack & Josh. Turner; Phoeside Hamlet, Jacob Marshall & Thomas Hadfield; Kinder, Henry Turner & John Greenwood
National School, John Nuttall
Railway Station, Joseph Rowe, station master

Bennett John, Birch vale house
Bennett Joseph, Westwood villa
Bennett Mrs. Little Hayfield
Bennett Thomas, Heathfield
Hall Mrs. Moorland house
Marriott Robert Marriott Thomas
Rodd Rev. Frederick Arthur [incumbent]
Slack John, Oaklands
Sumner Fras. Jas. D.L., J.P. Park hall
Taylor William
Turner Frederick, Spring villas
Turner John, Spring villas
Ashton Brothers & Co. cotton manufacturers (Joseph Turner, manager), Little Hayfield
Ashton John, farmer, Long lee
Bennett John & Son, calico printers, Birch vale
Booth Joseph, clogger
Bowden Joe, farmer
Bowden Tom, farmer & estate agent, Little Hayfield
Bradbury Augustus, Pack Horse
Bradbury Matthew, fruiterer,Church st
Brocklehurst Wright, grocer, druggist & postmaster
Brown William, Bull's Head
Charlesworth George, grocer, Little Hayfield
Chatterton & Masters, surgeons
Chatterton Isaac, butcher
Clayton James, Grouse inn
Co-operative Stores (Robert Barber, manager)
Ellis Benjamin, blacksmith
Eyre George, butcher & grocer
Eyre Thomas Taylor, druggist
Garside Luke, shopkeeper
Garside Robert, grocer
Gee John Fox, assistant overseer & tax collector
Gee Joseph, beer retailer
Gee William, butcher
Goddard Joseph, shopkeeper, Church st
Goodwin Thomas, beer retailer
Greenwood George, draper, High st
Hadfield Charles, farmer, Birch vale
Hadfield George, shoe maker
Hadfield James, shoe maker
Handford Joseph, grocer & draper
Hayfield Gas Works (W. Brocklehurst, manager)
Hayfield Print Co.; warehouse, 52 Mosley street, Manchester
Hills Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Hollingworth Wm. grocer, Birch vale
Holt Thomas, tailor
Hudson James, farmer
Hudson Joseph, architect & builder, Birch vale
Hudson William, stationer, Bridge end
Hurst Samuel, beer retailer, Little Hayfield
Hyde William, blacksmith
Manchester & County Bank (branch) (Henry Barber, manager), Church street; open on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 12.30 p.m
Marriott Francis, farmer, Lit. Hayfield
Mason Edwin, builder & ironmonger
Mellor Wm. Henry, draper, Church st
Middleton George, tea dealer
Middleton Richard, plumber & painter
Moore Thomas, joiner
Mostin James, stone dealer
Mosscrop Thomas, draper
Potts Thos. New inn, Little Hayfield
Proctor Jonathan, shoe ma. Bridge end
Purseglove John, grocer
Schofield Bold, tin plate worker
Shaw James, coal agent, Church street
Shaw William, George hotel commercial & posting house; agent for Marston & Sons, Burton brewery
Slack John, paper manufacturer
Sykes James, farmer, Long Lee
Taylor John, tinman & brazier
Torkington John, grocer, Church st
Trevitt Thomas, beer retailer
Turner Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Turner George, cooper
Turner Joseph, shoe maker
Turner Thomas, butcher
Walker James, shoe maker
Walton Joseph, Royal Hotel commercial & posting house
Warhurst Hannah (Mrs.), grocer
Warrington Geo. mason & beer retailer
Waterhouse William, tailor
Wielding William, butcher
Wood John, beer retailer
Wyatt Dennis, gro. & draper,Birch vale

Gibb William Purvis, Kinder bank
Barnes George, farmer, Kinder head
Bennett Thomas, farmer
Bradbury Joseph, farmer
Downs James, stone dealer
Gee Thomas, farmer
Goddard Joel, farmer
Hall Ellen (Mrs.), farmer
Hall Joseph, stone dealer
Marriott Joshua, farmer, Southhead
Marriott Saml. farmer, Upper house
Needham Thomas, farmer
Pursglove Ishmael, stone dealer
Turner, Norris & Turner,calico printers, Kinder works
Warrington John, Sportsmen's Arms
Waterhouse Saml. farmer & mason

Barber John, farmer
Bennett B (Mrs.), farmer, Clough head
Bennett Robert, farmer
Bradbury James,farmer
Goddard John, farmer
Hadfield Eli, farmer
Hadfield Thomas, farmer
Hall Wright, farmer
Hampson Samuel, wheelwright
Howard William, woollen cloth manufr
Lyme Samuel, painter
Morton John, farmer
Porritt Ralph, blacksmith
Redfern Henry, shopkeeper
Stafford Joseph, beer retailer
Wardle James, farmer

BUGSWORTH, CHINLEY and BROWNSIDE form a township in the ancient parish of GIossop (the three places are united for poor rates, but separate for the repair of the highways), in the Northern division of the county, High Peak hundred, and Chapel-en-le-Frith union and county court district.
Bugsworth is 9 miles south from Glossop, 3 east-south-east from Chapel-en-le-Frith, 9 north-north-west from Buxton, 168 by road from London, and 173 by rail, the Midland railway having a station here. St James's church was built by subscription in 1874, at a cost of about £1,400: it is a cruciform stone edifice with apsidal chancel, lighted by four stained lancet windows: it presents an undivided interior, and will seat about 300 people: the Rev. James Eckersley, M.A., is curate in charge. The Primitive Methodists have a chapel here, and the Independents hold a service in a public schoolroom. Here is the terminus of the Peak Forest canal, running to Manchester, Macclesfield, Staffordshire, Huddersfield, and Wakefield, to which places large quantities of lime and grit stone are sent, quarries of the same being extensively worked here; there are also three collieries, one cotton spinning mill, and eight lime kilns; the latter produce about 100 tons of lime per diem. The Peak Forest Tramway also commences here, terminating at Dove Holes; it is used for carrying mineral produce and goods in conjunction with the canal.
Chinley is one mile and a half east from Bugsworth, and 2 north from Chapel-en-le-Frith, with station on the Midland railway, 172 miles from London. The Independents have a chapel here, also a Sunday school; there are also a paper mill, sheet wadding, and cotton wool mill, and tinfoil paper staining works.
Brownside is 2 miles east from Chinley, and 1½ north-from Chapel-en-le-Frith.
Lord Howard of Glossop is lord of the manor of Bugsworth. William Henry Greaves Bagshaw, esq., J.P., is the principal landowner. The soil is a dark loam; subsoil, lime and gritstone. The land is chiefly used for grazing purposes. The area is 3,647 acres; rateable value, £6,925; the population in 1871 was 1,105.
Post Office, Bugsworth. - Samuel Bradbury, receiver. Letters arrive from Stockport, via Whaley Bridge (which is the nearest money order office) at about 8 a.m., dispatched at 6 p.m. on week days only Chinley & Brownside letters arrive from Stockport, via Chapel-en-le-Frith. There is a wall letterbox at Chinley cleared at 5 p.m. on week days only.
Railway Stations:- Bugsworth, John Turner, station, master; Chinley, John Clark, station master.

Albrecht Max, Carrington house
Hulme John, Bugsworth hall
Allis Mary (Mrs.) .farmr. Bugsworth hall
Barnes James, farmer, Dry clough
Barnes Joseph, former
Bradburn Samuel, farmer, Upper fold
Bradbury Saml. Shopkeeper, & post office
Braddock Joseph & John, farmers, Hough farm
Britannia Cotton Spinning Mill (John Hulme, proprietor)
Carrington Anthony, Bull's Head
Carrington James, farmer, Knowl top
Cresswell William, farmer
Dolly Colliery (Levi & Elijah Hall, proprietors; Joseph Braddock, man)
Drinkwater John, farmer
Drinkwater Joseph, farmer, Clough top
Drinkwater Thos. Farmer, Green bottom
Drinkwater Thos. farmr. Round meadws
Hadfield John, farmer, Breck head
Hall Hannah (Mrs.), Navigation inn, & grocer
Hartle Joseph, farmer & landowner
Kaye James, grocer
Lomas Robert, farmer, Shire oakes
Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway Co. are the proprietors of the Ashton, Peak Forest & Macclesfield canals (Robert Heathcote, superintendent), 70 Dale st. Manchester; (William Hall, agent), Canal office
Middleton Richard, plumber & glazier, Brick end
Nield Thomas, farmer, Green head
Pearson George, grocer
Simpson John, shopkeeper
Taylor George, farmer, Hill
Trueman Joseph, farmer, Lane side
Yates William, shopkeeper

Eckersley Rev. James, A.M. [curate of Bugsworth]
Barber Dolly (Mrs.), Cross Keys, Chapel Milton
Brocklehurst John, farmer, East meats
Broadhurst Wm. & Jsph. frmrs. Cote frm
Campbell Thomas, tinfoil paper stainer, Bridge Holme green
Cooper George, farmer, Andrew's farm
Goddard. George, mason, Forelands ends
Goddard James, mason & farmer, Moszley house
Gregory James, farmer, Naze farm
Hadfield George, shopkeeper & farmer
Handford Robert, farmer, Higher Ashen clough
Hudson Robert, carpenter
Kirk Peter, shopkpr. & farmer, Stubbings
Lingard Jsph. patent sheet wadding & cotton wool manufacturer, Milton mill
Lingard Joshua, farmer, Slack's farm
Lomas Mary (Mrs.), farmer, Hull end
Lomas Ralph, farmer, White knowl
Marriott John, farmer, Chinley head
Marriott Joseph, farmer, Red mires
Porritt Isaac, Lamb inn
Porritt James, farmer, Cole hill
Porritt Robt. farmer & mason, Hollands
Porritt Samuel, farmer, Cellar house
Simpson Wm. mason & farmer, Dakins
Simpson Zachariah, frmr. Ashton clough
Slack John & Co. paper manufacturers
Waterhouse James, Squirrel inn

Barnes Robert, farmer, Upper fold
Cooper Isaac, farmer, Shire oakes
Hadfield William, farmer, New house
Simpson Joseph, farmer, Upper fold
Yates Robert, farmer, Gosty lowe

MELLOR is a township, chapelry, and ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1838, 2 miles from Marple station, 8 miles south-south-west from Glossop, 7 north-east from Stock port, 9 west from Chapel-en-le-Frith, and 173 from London by road and by Midland railway 177, in the Northern division of the county, Glossop parish, hundred of High Peak, Hayfield union, rural deanery of Castleton, archdeaconry of Derby, and diocese of Lichfield, on the rivers Goyt and Etherow. The church of St. Thomas consists of a chancel, nave, porch, and square tower with 3 bells; the tower is Perpendicular, and supposed to have been built in the twelfth century: in the interior is a stone font and an oak pulpit of the same period, both curiously carved: a beautiful stained window, representing "Christ blessing Little Children," was presented by Mr. Cooper, of Marple, in 1874. The register dates from the year 1624. The living is a perpetual curacy, yearly average value £125, in the gift of, and held by, the Rev. Thomas Matthew Freeman of Bishop Cousin's Hall, Durham. There is a small endowed school, founded in 1639 by Thomas Walklate and others, for boys and girls; the endowment is £25 per annum, which goes towards paying a master. Gisborne's and Stafford's charities, of £7 5s. and 30s. respectively yearly, are for clothing. The Primitive Methodists and Association Methodists have chapels. Cotton spinning and bleaching are carried on in the neighbourhood, and collieries are worked here. George William Moult, esq., is the lord of the manor. The principal landowners are the trustees of the late Peter Arkwright, esq., George William Moult, esq., and Jonathan Jowett, esq. The soil is various; subsoil, sandstone. The chief crops are hay and pasture. The township contains 2,352 acres; rateable value, £6,200; the population in 1871 was 1,447 in the township, and 3,182 in the ecclesiastical district.
Post Office. - Thomas Sayer, receiver. Letters through Stockport, arrive at 9 a.m.; dispatched at 5.25 p.m. The nearest money order & telegraph office is at Marple
Endowed School, Joseph Hall, master
Carriers :-
James Bowden, from Marple Bridge, Friday; John Saville, Stockport, Tuesday & Friday
Ludworth is a township in Mellor ecclesiastical parish, 5 miles south-west from Glossop, in the hundred of High Peak, union and civil parish of Glossop. The Marple station on the Midland railway is near Marple Bridge, in this township. The Primitive Methodists and Independents have each a chapel. At Marple Bridge are a Roman Catholic chapel and school, erected at the expense of Lord Howard of Glossop. Rateable value, £4,012; the population in 1871 was 1,735.
Post Office. - Robert Wheeldon, receiver, Letters-through Stockport, at 7.30 a.m.; dispatched at 7p.m. The nearest money order & telegraph office is at Marple

Freeman Rev. Thos. Matthew [incumbt]
Higginbottom John, Cobden edge
Higson Joseph, Cobden edge
Jowett Jonathan, Knoll house
Jowett Mrs. Lower hall
Lees James, Town's cliffe
Moult George William, Mellor hall
Moult John, Lower cliffe
Moult Thos. Emmanuel, Mellor hall
Parkes Thomas, Mellor lodge
Pridham Mrs
Ratcliffe Hugh, Holly vale
Ratcliffe John, Holly vale
Waller Thomas, Lark hill
Whitaker Mrs. Strawberry hill
Wild Mrs
Arnfield Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Ashworth Thomas, Oddfellows' Arms
Beard George, farmer, Springbank
Beard Samuel, farmer, Hill top
Beard Samuel, jun. farmer, Horsepool
Bowden Benjamin, farmer
Bowden James, farmer
Bradbury Jas. butcher & furniture dlr
Bradbury William, farmer
Briddon Francis, farmer, Birchenough
Bullock Samuel, farmer
Chapman Thos. farmer, Cheetham hill
Clayton John & Co. cotton spinners, Mellor cotton mill
Collier James, farmer
Collier Mary (Mrs.), farmer
Cook George, farmer
Cooper James, shopkeeper
Cooper John,Devonshire Arms, & assistant overseer
Downs Robert, shopkeeper
Drinkwater Thomas, farmer
Earlam Isaac, farmer, Higher cliffe
Ernell Samuel, butcher
Eyre John, shopkeeper
Gaskell Elias, cotton spinner
Gee Robert Henry, farmer, Green hill
Gee Samuel, farmer
Hadfield Charles, farmer, Cobden edge
Hambleton Joel, farmer
Hambleton Thomas, farmer
Harrop John, farmer
Harrop William, band maker
Hartley William, farmer, Bradshaw
Higginbottom Joseph, farmer
Hinchliffe Benjamin, farmer, Bradshaw
Hyde Joseph, farmer & mason
Johnson Jacob, farmer, Shaw farm
Johnson James, shopkeeper, Holly vale
Johnson William, farmer, Bull hill
Jowett Jonathan, coal mercht. Knoll ho
Lees James, farmer, Town's cliffe
Lowe James, farmer, Snape hey
Marshington Philip, farmer
Marsland Thomas, farmer
Middleton Jsph. farmer, Cheetham hill
Middleton Peter, blacksmith
Moult Geo. Wm. farmer, Mellor hall
Moult John, surveyor & estate agent, Lower cliffe
Nadin Aaron, farmer
Nield John, Lamb inn, & farmer
Nield Robert, shopkeeper
Oldfield Joseph, farmer
Oldfield William, farmer, Shiloh
Oldham Susan (Mrs), farmer
Parkes Thomas, local agent for the exors. of Peter Arkwright, Mellor lodge
Pike William, shopkeeper
Potts Alfred, grocer
Potts Isaac, shopkeeper
Proctor James, Wellington inn
Ratcliffe Samuel & Brothers, cotton spinners, bleachers & manufacturers of candlewick & doubled yarn &c. Hollyvale mills
Ratcliffe Thos. cotton waste dlr. & farmr
Redford Jhn. Sportsman's Arms, & frmr.
Rowbottom Joseph, Church inn, & frmr
Rowbottom Joshua, farmer, Lower hall
Sayers Thomas, boot & shoe maker
Seville James, bobbin turner
Seville John, farmer
Sigley Ann (Mrs.), Royal Oak
Smith George, farmer, Cannon hill
Stafford John, farmer, Capstones
Stafford Joseph, bobbin turner
Stafford Margaret (Mrs.), farmer
Stafford Thomas, farmer, Cobden Edge
Storer Joshua, farmer
Swan Joseph, farmer, Wetmore hurst
Thornley Sarah (Miss), shopkeeper
Turner Aaron, butcher
Tymm Joseph, jun. farmer
Waller Thomas, cotton spinner, Dove Bank mills
Wheeldon Joseph, manager to John Clayton & Co. Mellor cotton mill
Wild Peter, farmer, Podmore
Williamson Jas. farmer. Cheetham hill
Wood James, cotton bleacher, Hollyhead works
Wood William, farmer

Bradley George, Sun hill
Stanney Mrs. Millbrow
Warhurst Mrs. Compstall bridge
Andrew George & Sons, calico printers, & manufrs. Compstall bridge; warehouse, 81 Mosley street, Manchester
Archer Thos. tailor, Compstall bridge
Ardern James, manager of the co-operative stores, Compstall bridge
Bailey George, farmer
Ball Job, farmer
Bann Saml. shopkeeper, Compstall brdg
Beard John, farmer
Bennett James, beer retailer, Millbrow
Bennett John, farmer, Millbrow
Boddy George, Spring Gardens, Compstall bridge
Bowden George, farmer
Bradley George, farmer, Sun hill
Bradshaw Jhn. farmer, Compstall brdg
Broadbent James, beer retailer, Compstall bridge
Chadwick Hy, shopkpr. Compstall brdg
Cooper Ann (Mrs.), Rook tavern
Cooper John, boot & shoe maker, Compstall bridge
Cooper Joseph,beer rtlr. Compstall brdg
Craig Thomas, George hotel
Dawson Hannah (Mrs.), farmer
Dawson John, farmer
Fearnaley George, farmer
Fearnaley Thomas, farmer
Findlow Fredk. draper, Compstall brdg
Hall John, farmer, Woodheys
Hambleton William, farmer
Harrison Benjamin & John, farmers
Hartley William, farmer, Smithy lane
Higgenbottom James, farmer
Higgenbottom William, farmer
Higginbottom Joseph, farmer
Hinchliffe Wm. shopkpr. Compstall brdg
Holden John, beer retlr. Compstall brdg
Hootun Fras. shopkpr. Compstall brdg
Howard John, farmer
Hudson John, carrier & farmer
Hyde Mary (Mrs.), farmer
Hyde Samuel, candlewick manufacturer, Clough mill
Jackson Peter, farmer
Kirkham Samuel, farmer, Lane ends
Knowles Jas. shopkpr. Compstall brdg
Lee Robert, tin plate worker, Compstall bridge
Lingard James, beer retlr. Lane ends
Lingard Wright, farmer, Lane ends
Longson Robert, farmer
Perrin William Henry, farmer
Platt Hannah (Mrs.), beer retailer & shopkeeper, Lane ends
Platt Joshua, farmer & shopkeeper, Marple bridge
Potts Harriet (Mrs.), farmer
Ratcliffe Wm. shopkpr. Compstall brdg
Ridgway John, farmer
Shallcross Esther (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Compstall bridge
Shaw Wm. shoemaker, Compstall brdg
Sherwin Ralph, manager to George Andrews & Sons, Compstall bridge
Tymm Joseph, Windsor Castle, Compstall bridge
Wild John, farmer
Wood Benjamin Hare & Hounds, Millbrow
Wood James, farmer, Millbrow
Wood Joseph, farmer
Wood Samuel, farmer
Wood Samuel, tailor
Wood Sarah (Mrs.), farmer
Woolley Wm. butcher, Compstall brdge

Marple Bridge.
Battley Mrs
Hall Rev. James [Independent]
Hilbert James Thomas
Hyde William
Allcock John, shopkeeper
Ardern Mary (Mrs.), farmer
Ardern Samuel, Midland hotel
Beckwith Richard, Norfolk Arms
Buck William, iron & tin plate worker, Marple Bridge works.
Goddard Mary (Miss), dress maker
Heginbotham Joseph, miller
Hibbert James Thomas, surgeon
Hibbert Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Hyde Frederick, shopkeeper
Ingham Charles, blacksmith
Longden Isaac, Railway hotel, & blacksmith
Longley William, tailor
Ludworth Gas Co. (Richard Green wood, manager)
Middleton Richard, plumber & glazier
Richardson Arthur, wheelwright
Thorneley Elizabeth (Mrs.), dress maker
Wheeldon Robert, grocer
Wood James, farmer & bleacher
Woolley Rebecca (Mrs.), Horse Shoe inn

NEW MILLS is an ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1844, and township, comprising the hamlets of Beard, Ollersett, Thornsett, and Whittle. New Mills is a large village, situated on the river Goyt, 7 miles south-west from Glossop, 8 south-east from Stockport, 170 from London by road and 176½ by railway, in the Northern division of the county, hundred of High Peak, Hayfield union. The Midland railway have a station here, and the London and North Western and Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire railways have access to this place. The original name of New Mills was Bowden Middle Cale; it formerly comprised seven hamlets; it has been divided, three of the hamlets being attached to Hayfield, and the remaining four now form the township. A mill was built upon the Kinder, in the hamlet of Ollersett, and the name New Mills was in consequence conferred on the four hamlets. The church of St. George is situated in Beard, and is a handsome structure in the Pointed style, and has chancel, nave and aisles, and spire, and contains 500 free sittings. The register dates from the year 1831. The living is a vicarage, yearly value £300, in the gift of the vicar of Glossop, and held by the Rev. Frederick William Newman, M.A., of St. Peter's College, Cambridge. The vicarage was built by subscriptions and grants. There is a National mixed school. Here is a handsome Roman Catholic chapel, with spire; the style is Early English; the Rev. Albert Opbroeck is the priest. The Wesleyan Methodists, the Association Methodists, the Independents, and the Primitive Methodists have chapels. The cattle fairs are held on May 11th and October 7th. Here are iron and brass foundries, calico printing and bleach works, cotton spinning and cotton band manufactories, and collieries. The Public Hall was erected by public subscription in 1871, at a cost of over £2,000, and opened in the same year by the Duke of Devonshire: a tower was added in 1875, and a large clock, which chimes the hours and quarters, has been presented to the inhabitants by Mrs. Ingham, of Watford Villa: in the large upper room the county magistrates meet and hold petty sessions once a month, it is used also for public entertainments: the lower rooms are divided into class rooms, news and reading rooms, and used by the Mechanics' Institute, of which John Mackie, esq., J.P., is president, and Messrs. John Pollett and Thomas Pickup are secretaries: the Savings Bank occupies a room here, which is open on Saturdays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. A Local Board is about to be formed for the New Mills district, which comprises the adjoining village of Newtown, in the parish of Disley; The late James Ingham, esq, of Watford Villa, left £500 in 1868, the interest of which is applied to educating and clothing poor children in the township. Bowden's charity of 30s. yearly is for bread. The principal landowners are Lord Egerton, F. I. Turner, esq., William H. Turner, esq., and Mrs. Cresswell. The soil is clay; subsoil, clay. The acreage is 5,044; rateable value, £15,055; the population in 1871 was 5,028.
The hamlet of Beard is south of New Mills; that of Ollersett is east from New Mills; Thornsett and Whittle north-east.
High Lee, Lady Shaw Bottom, Low Leighton, Watford and Haigh Bar are places here.
Parish Clerk , Joseph Waterhouse.
Post & Money Order & Telegraph Office & Savings Bank. - Robert Collier, postmaster. Letters are received through the Stockport office, delivered at 7 a.m. & 5.30 p.m.; dispatched at 8.30 a.m. & 6.55 p.m.; on Sunday at 6.25 p.m. Money orders are granted & paid from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.; on Saturday till 9 p.m
County Magistrates. - James Hibbert, esq. John Mackie, esq. & W. H. Turner, esq
Clerks to the Magistrates . - Wm. & Norman Bennett, esqrs. Chapel-en-le-Frith
Insurance Agents:- General Life & Fire , W. Sidebottom, Market street
Hand-in-Hand , S. Hewitt, Torr top
Manchester Fire , A. Livesley, High street
Queen Fire & Life , J. Pollitt, Beard terrace
Royal Fire , H. Barber, High street
Star Life , A. Livesley, High street
Hayfield Union, Ollersett, Mr. Edmund Grindrod, medical officer; Mr. William Taylor, chairman; Mr John Bennett, vice-chairman; Mr. Hen. Barber, clerk; Mr. John Waterhouse; relieving officer & master; Mrs. Simpson, matron; Mr. John Thorpe, assistant overseer
Public Officers:-
Inspector of Nuisances , Evan Heaton
Inspector of Police , James Gray
Registrar of Births & Marriages , Evan Heaton
National School (mixed), James Whitehead, master
Railway Station , John Pratt, station master
Water Conveyance to Manchester daily; Cana Company's office, Newtown; Robert Bennett, manager
Private Residents.
Arnfield Edwin, Springfield villa
Arnfield Joseph, Springfield villa
Barber Henry, Spring bank
Barker Miss, Rock cottage
Beard John, Rose villa
Bell James, High Lee hall
Bower Ralph
Bridge Miss, Ollersett cottage
Broadhurst William, Chapel street
Coates Mrs
Fielding John, Westfield house
Grindrod Edmund, The Rocks
Hibbert James, J.P. Fern bank
Hughes Thomas Brierley, Diglands
Ingham Mrs. High street
Ingham Mrs. Watford villa
Irving James, Rose villa
Lancaster William, Rock villa
Langford Mrs. Rose villa
McCabe Peter, Fern bank
Mackie John, J.P. Watford villa
Newman Rev. Frederick William, M.A. [vicar], Beard
Ogle Rev. Joseph [Independent], The Manse
Opbroeck Rev. Albert [ Roman Catholic]
Rigg Mrs. Stanley mount
Roberton John, Holly bank
Rothwell Rev. Thomas [Methodist]
Sale John Edward, Aspenshaw
Smith Rev. Samuel J. [Wesleyan]
Taylor Misses, Highfield
Thornley George, Stanley mount
Turner Thomas Bradbury, Roworth
Wild Samuel, Pleasant view
Adams Anne (Miss), dress maker, Spring bank
Allen Martha (Mrs.), Dog & Partridge
Alsop Ann (Mrs.) draper, Torr Top la
Alsop Geo. painter & Plumber, High st
Antrobus Edward, shopkeeper, High st
Arnfield Elizabeth (Mrs.), draper & grocer, Bridge street
Arnfield Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer
Arnfield Joseph & Edwin, millwrights & engineers, Globe iron works
Arnfield Peter, Little Mill inn , & farmer, Roworth
Ashton Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Market street
Ashworth Alice (Miss), milliner & dress maker, Market place
Ashworth Joseph, glass & china dealer, Market street
Bagshaw Joseph, manufacturing iron monger, Market street
Band Arthur, beer retailer, Market st
Beard Jsph. grocer & draper, Thornsett
Beard Saml. grocer & draper, High st
Beardwood Israel, grocer, Bridge street
Bennett John, farmer, Roworth
Bennett Joseph, grocer, Roworth
Bennett Thomas, farmer, Thornsett
Bennett Wm. beer retailer, Bridge st
Beresford Charles, draper, High street
Berrey Jas. grocer & corn dlr. High st
Bintliff Thomas, cooper, Torr top
Bowden John, boot maker, Thornsett
Bower Ralph, farmer
Bradbury Samuel, farmer, Roworth
Bridge John Gregory, grocer, Meal st
Broadhurst James, wheelwright & beer retailer, Haigh bar
Broadhurst Wm. bleacher, Bate mill
Brocklehurst Thomas, farmer, Ollersett
Broome Abraham, butcher, Meal street
Brown Samuel, shoe maker, Bridge st
Carrington Wm. shopkeeper, Haigh Bar
Chadwick Samuel, farmer, Roworth
Chadwick William, cotton band manufacturer & farmer
Clayton George, grocer, Tore Top lane
Cooper Benjamin, pork butcher, High st
Cooper Job, pork butcher, Market pl
Dale John, farmer, Low Leighton
Dewsnap Mary (Miss), farmer, Ollersett
Dixson Hannah (Mrs.), White Hart inn
Edge John, beer retailer, High street
Ellison Thomas, grocer, tailor & draper, High street
Fairall Samuel, Hare & Hounds , & auctioneer, Ollersett
Fernaley George, farmer, Whittle
Fielding & Higginbottom, manufacturing chemists
Froggott William, farmer, Roworth
Gill James, watch maker, High street
Goddard George, boot & shoe dealer & carrier, High street
Goddard Heskey, pork butcher, High street
Graham William, butcher, High street
Gregory John, shoe maker, Market pl
Gregson & Taylor, dyers & yarn polishers, Haigh mill
Grindrod Edmund, surgeon, Rocks
Grundey Abel,tailor & draper, Markets
Hadfield Charles, farmer, Roworth
Hall Levi & Elijah (exors. of), coal merchants & farmers, Ollersett
Hall & Co. (John), colliery proprietors
Hall Saml. tinplate worker, Market st
Hampson Hannah (Mrs.), draper, High street
Handford Ellen (Mrs.), farmer, Beard
Handford Joel, farmer, Beard
Harrington Mary Ann (Mrs.), grocer, Thornsett
Harrison Abraham, grocer, High street
Harrison William, George Hotel
Hawkyard Joseph, draper High street
Heathcote Simeon, farmer, Roworth
Heathcote William, shopkeeper, High Lee
Heaton Evan, registrar of births, deaths & marriages & inspector of nuisances
Hewitt Samuel, stationer, emigration & insurance agent & correspondent to the 'Ashton Reporter,' Torr Top la
Hibbert Caroline (Miss), druggist, & fancy repository, Market street
Hibbert Charles, shopkeepr. Haigh bar
Hibbert Jas. tailor & draper, Market st
Hibbert Jhn. Hare & Hounds , Thornsett
Hibbert John, Masons' Arms , High st
Hibbert Joseph, tailor, Bridge street
Hibbert Thomas, joiner, Torr top
Higginbottom David, grocer, Market st
Higginbottom George, boot & shoe maker, Market street
Higginbottom Jas. blacksmith, Dyer's la
Higginbottom John, toy dlr. Market st
Higginbottom Rowland, farmer, Whittle
Higginbottom Saml. farmer, Roworth
Hill James, candle wick manufacturers, Beard mill
Hill Samuel, shopkeeper, Thornsett
Hill William Francis, candle wick manufacturer, Beard mill
Hobson Charles, farmer, Roworth
Hollingworth Wm. grocer, Thornsett
Horrox Achsah (Mrs.), bookseller & stationer, High street
Howard James, painter, Torr top
Hudson Ann (Mrs.), farmer. Ollersett
Hudson Charles, farmer, Ollersett
Hudson David, farmer, Ollersett
Hudson Isaac, grocer, Market street
Hudson John, farmer & joiner, Low Leighton
Hulton William, tailor
Ingham Joseph, shoe maker, Roworth
Ingham Mark, draper & tailor, High st
Jackson Sarah (Mrs.), ladies' school, Ladyshaw
Jackson Thomas, hair dresser, High st
Johnson Joel, wheelwright
Johnson John & Joseph, pawnbrokers, High street
Kelsall George, farmer
Kershaw James, boot & shoe maker, Market place
King Frederick, fishmonger, High st
Knott Samuel, farmer, Roworth
Knowles Martha (Mrs.), beer retailer, Market street
Leigh William Andrew, stationer, printer & bookseller, Market street
Livesley Alfred, chemist, High street
Livesley Charles, farmer, Ollersett
Livesley Timothy, butcher, High street
Lomas Isaac, Fox inn , Brookbottom
Lomas Joel, watch & clock mkr. Mkt. pl
Longden Thomas, farmer, Ollersett
Lowe William S. cotton spinner & manufacturer, Torr Vale mills
McCabe & Rumney, calico printers, Watford bridge
McRae George. tinplate worker, High st
Mallinson John, farmer, Thornsett
Manchester & County Bank (branch) (Hy. Barber, manager), High street; draw on London & Westminster Bnk
Mark William, clothier, High street
Marshall Jacob, farmer, Thornsett
Marshall Thomas, farmer, Beard
Marsland Isaiah, hat & cap manufacturer, High street
Martin Robert, farmer, Ollersett
Maughan John, Railway hotel , Mkt. st
Mellor Thomas, farmer, Brownhill
Meynell John, grocer & agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants
Middleton James, Jordan Arms , & cattle dealer, Thornsett
Mortin John, farmer, Beard
Moseley George & Son, auctioneers & estate agents, Springfield house
Mullaney John, ironmonger, Market st
New Mills Gas Co. (Jsph. Arnfield,man)
New Mills Water Works (Joseph Wright, manager)
Newton Samuel, Commercial inn , & horse dealer, Haigh bar
Oldham Abner, shopkeeper, Ollersett
Parsons Wm. boot & shoe mkr. Mrkt. st
Pearson George, saddler
Pearson Joseph, farmer, Beard
Pearson Samuel, blacksmith, Beard ter
Pickford Joseph, farmer, Thornsett
Pickford Richard, farmer, Thornsett
Platt Ann (Mrs.),grocer, Market street
Plummer James, confectioner, Mrkt. st
Pollitt John, estate agent, Beard terrace
Pott William, grocer, Market street
Purssglove Ann (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, High street
Purssglove John, cabinet maker, High st
Rayner Geo. St. AIbans inn, Torr top
Redfern George, joiner, High street
Reece Peter, farmer, Roworth
Richardson James, draper, High street
Richardson John, Bull's Head, High. st
Richardson William & Son, cotton band manufacturers, Salem mills
Roberts William, farmer, Roworth
Rowbottom Abraham, mason, Ollersett
Rowcroft Joseph, farmer, Thornsett
Rowcroft William, Printers' Arms , Thornsett
Sandham Peter, New inn , Thornsett
Sandham Richard, farmer, Ollersett
Savings Bank , open on Saturday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.; Henry Barber, man
Saxton Thomas, Crown hotel, commercial & posting house , Market street
Schloesser Carl Remhold Ferdinand, paper maker, Rock paper mills
Schofield John, butcher & farmer, High st
Schofield Joseph, butcher, High street
Schofield Phoebe (Mrs.), butcher, Mkt. st
Scott Joel, farmer, Ollersett
Shufflebottom John, farmer & stone dealer, Haigh fold
Sidebottom Elizabeth (Mrs.), confectioner, Market street
Sidebottom Joel, Cock inn , High street
Sidebottom William, druggist, Mrkt. st
Simister Robert, draper, High street
Simister William, grocer, High street
Simpson Joseph, fruiterer, Market st
Smith Thomas, beer retailer, Ollersett
Stafford Hannah (Mrs.), farmer, Whittle
Stafford James, farmer, Whittle
Stafford Joseph, farmer, Beard
Stafford Thomas, shoe maker & cotton band manufacturer, Torr top
Stafford Thos. Wm. mason, Whittle bnk
Stafford Wm. Pack Horse , Whittle
Stead George, miller, Salem mill
Storer Samuel, farmer, Whittle
Storey John, farmer, Beard hall
Strines Printing Co. (Joel Wainwright, manager); warehouse, 19 George street, Manchester
Swann Samuel, farmer
Taylor Geo. & John, farmers, Goyt side
Taylor Jacob, farmer, Brookbottom
Taylor John, farmer, Thornsett
Thackstone Thomas, shopkeeper, Mkt st
Thornley Joseph, hatter, Market street
Thornley Mariana (Mrs.), candle wick manufacturer, Beard mill
Thorpe Elizh. (Mrs.), frmr. Haigh fold
Thorpe James, farmer, Haigh fold
Titterton George, farmer, Beard
Torkington Charles, farmer & black smith, Ollersett
Torr Mills Cotton Spinning Co. Limited (John Pollett, sec)
Turner Henry, manager to Co-operative Stores
Turner James, clogger, High street
Turner Ralph, draper, High street
Turner Thos. Bradbury, bleacher, Rwth
Wainwright Ann (Mrs.), draper, Mkt st
Wainwright Jsph. millwright & enginr
Walker George, stationer, printer &c. High street
Wallace William, tailor, Torr Top lane
Waterhouse Geo. beer retailer, High st
Waterhouse John, clogger, Market st
Waterhouse John, joiner, Bridge street
Waterhouse Joseph, grocer & corn dealer, High street
Wharmby James, broker, Market street
Wharnby Mary Ann (Mrs.), grocer & confectioner, Market street
Whitehead Ralph, Sycamore inn , Thornsett
Wilcoxon Joseph, farmer, Ollersett
Wild Joel, farmer, Whittle
Wild John, farmer, Roworth
Wild Samuel, farmer, Roworth
Wild Samuel, bleacher & cotton spinner, Garrison works
Williamson Sarah Ann (Mrs.), grocer, High Lee
Woolley Thomas, farmer, Thornsett
Wright Joseph & Thomas, plumbers & glaziers, Market street
Wyatt James William, draper, Mrkt st
Wyatt John Hy. shopkeeper, Ollersett
Wyatt Joseph, blacksmith, Spring bank
Wyatt Thos. Rose & Crown , Thornsett
Wyatt William, cotton band maker
Yates George, Grapes inn , High street


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Last updated: 13 August 2020