J. G. Harrod & Co.'s Postal and Commercial Directory of Derbyshire 1870
Entries for the area of the Ancient Parish of Glossop.

GLOSSOP is a borough, union, county court, market town, and railway station, in the north division of the county, hundred of High Peak, in the archdeaconry of Derby, in the diocese of Lichfield, distant 184 miles from London, 50 from Derby, 25 from Sheffield, and 13 from Manchester. Lord Edward G. F. Howard, lord of the manor and chief landowner. The parish is in the jurisdiction of the Tutbury court of pleas. In the parish are several establishments for spinning, doubling, and weaving of cotton; also printworks, paper mills, &c. The church, dedicated to All Saints, is a vicarage, in the gift of Lord Foley. It is situate at Old Glossop. The Rev. J. D. Knowles, M.A., is the vicar. Howard Town, or New Glossop, f mile west from Old Glossop, forms the centre of the largest portion of the inhabitants of the township. The market is held on Saturday. A fair for cattle and merchandise is held on 6th May, and another on the first Wednesday after 10th October. At the back of the town-hall is a covered market-house for butchers, greengrocers, and other trades. The population is about 4000.
Chapels. - Congregationalists, Temperance hall; Independent chapel, Littlemoor - Rev. Thomas Atkin minister; Methodist New Connection chapel, Simmondley lane; Primitive Methodist chapel, Shrewsbury street - Rev. G. Smith, minister; Wesley chapel, High street - Revs. E. J. Smith and F. Abbott ministers ; Reformers’ chapel, Howard street - no resident minister; Tabernacle, Hall street - Rev. J. Brainbridge, minister; Roman Catholic chapel, All Saints - Rev. Canon Charles W. Tasker priest. Schools. - Grammar School, or Duke of Norfolk’s Endowed School, Joseph Steward master, Hannah Steward mistress; Free School for boys and girls, in connection with the Dinting "Vale Printworks - Wright Booth master, Miss Bessy Sidebottom mistress; Roman Catholic school for girls, the Sisters of Charity mistresses; Wesleyan Methodist schools, Chapel street - James Nelson master.
Glossop Petty Sessional Division. - County magistrates : George Andrew, Esq., Compstall; Francis Sumner, Esq., Glossop ; John Wood, Esq., Whitfield; John Wood, Esq., Arden; Captain White, Esq., Hayfield ; John Chapman, Esq., Mottram ; W. Sidebottom, Esq., Etherow house, Hollingworth ; E. Potter, Esq., M.P. Clerk to magistrates, T. M. Ellison, Esq. Clerk’s office, Norfolk street, Glossop; office hours, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays, 9 till 1. Superintendent of police, Mr J. Oldham, Police station. Inspector of weights and measures (outside the market boundary), Mr J. Oldham, superintendent of police. Coroner, Dr Bennett, Buxton.
Borough magistrates. - William Shepley, Esq., mayor; Thos. Rhodes, Esq. ; Frederick Buckley, Esq.; John Hadfield, Esq. ; F. Sumner, Esq. ; J. Wood, Esq. Clerk to the magistrates, T. Ellison, Esq., Norfolk street.
Town Council. - Mayor, William Shepley, Esq. ; aldermen, Francis Sumner, Daniel Wood, Joseph Stafford, Joseph Woodcock, William Shepley, James Side- bottom ; councillors, Thomas Pattison Sykes, William Bramhall, James Shepley, Samuel Robinson, James Rhodes, Joseph Mellor, Samuel Bennett, George Woffenden, Thomas Peacock Wreaks, Charles Collier, Isaac Hadfield, Cyrus Garside, Edward Platt, Thomas Platt, John Shepley, George Eastham, Timothy Holroyd, John Siddall.
Officers. - Town-clerk, Thomas Michael Ellison, Esq.; treasurer, Samuel Wood, Esq. ; chief constable, Mr Samuel Kershaw.
Justices of the Peace for the borough. - Francis Sumner, Esq.; John Wood, Esq.; William Shepley, Esq. ; Frederick Buckley, Esq. ; Thomas Rhodes, Esq. ; John Hadfield, Esq.
Inspector of weights and measures, Joseph Oates, Milltown.
Post, telegraph, and money-order office, Norfolk Square - Mr John Hardman postmaster. Letters arrive at 7 a.m. and 2.45 p.m., and are dispatched at 1.25 and 7.40 p.m. Bag closed fifteen minutes before the train leaves. Post-office orders granted from 9 to 6; on Saturdays from 9 to 7. The delivery by the letter-carriers is at half-past 7 in the morning, and at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
Banks. - Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Company, Norfolk square; draw on Smith, Payne, Smith, London - F. B. Gee, Esq., manager. Savings-bank, High street, open on Saturdays from 12 till 2 - Charles John Hadfield actuary.
Newspapers. - Glossop Chronicle, published weekly - Daniel Woodhead, printer, publisher, and proprietor, High street; Glossop Record, published Saturdays - Lewis Lister, proprietor, Bernard street.
Burial Board. - Clerk, Mr T. M. Ellison.
County Court. - Registrar, John Hibbert, Esq.; clerk, J. Booth ; high-bailiff, Joseph Oates.
Estate Office - Agent, Francis Hawke, Esq., Spire Hollin.
Gas Company. - Office, Arundel street; manager, Mr. G. Tomlinson; collector, Mr. P. Sidebottom ; clerk, Mr J. Sidebottom.
Glossop Reservoirs - Clerk, T. M. Ellison, Esq., solicitor, Norfolk street.
Overseers. - Overseers’ Office, Norfolk square ; Messrs Joseph Woodcock and T. P. Sykes; assistant-overseer, Mr John Swan ; collector, Mr E. Hadfield, Whitfield, Glossop.
Railway station. - Clerk in charge, Mr William Langridge; goods department, Mr E. Lamb manager.
Registrar, George Bowden, Esq., Hall street; deputy-registrar, Mr John Wood Bowden, Norfolk street.
Stamp-office, Mr John Booth, High street.
Turnpike Roads. - Office, Norfolk street; clerk, M. J. Ellison, Esq., Sheffield ; surveyor, Mr John Jackson, Norfolk street.
Union Workhouse. - Francis Hawke, Esq., chairman ; George Eastham, Esq., vice-chairman; George Bowden, Esq., clerk to the guardians and union assessment committee; W. W. Howard and James Rhodes, Esqs., medical officers; Samuel Bolton Tomlins, Esq., treasurer; Mr J. W. Bowden, relieving officer; Mr and Mrs Beeley, master and matron of the workhouse.
Waterworks. - Office, Estate office, Spire Hollin; collector of water-rate, William Stubbs.

Abbott Rev. Alfred F. (Wesleyan), Brook cottage
Atkin Rev. Thomas (Independent), Little moor
Bennett Mr Samuel, Simmondley lane
Brainbridge Rev. James, Norfolk street
Bowden George, Esq., Hall street
Buckley Frederick, Esq., J.P., Holly bank
Dalton John, Esq., Rosebank, Holling- worth
De Vos Rev. Alphonse, Royal house
Ellison Thos. Michael, Esq., Rycroft house
Gee F. B., Esq., Bank house, Norfolk sq.
Goddard Mrs, Littlemoor
Hadfield Mr Jacob, Chapel street
Hadfield John, Esq., Cowbrook
Hadfield the Misses, Lees hall
Handford Mr John, Chapel street
Hawke Francis, Esq., Spire Hollin
Hereh Mr Herman, Gamesley house, Dinting
Holes Mr Richard, South terrace, Sheffield road
Howard the Right Hon. Lord Edward George F., M.P., Glossop hall
Howard W. W., Esq., Norfolk street
Howe Miss Eliza Mary, Rycroft
Howe the Misses Sarah Ann and Jane, Rycroft
Hunt William, Esq., M.D., Cowbrook cottage
Ibbotson Thos. H., Esq., Primrose house
Jackson Dr, Norfolk square
Knowles Rev. J. D., M.A., the Vicarage
Lawton Mr John, Norfolk street
Lawton Mrs Hannah, Simmondley lane
Lees Mr R. John, Turn Lee
Middleton Christopher G., Esq., Hurst cottage
Middleton Rev. William, Norfolk street
Platt Mr Edward, Hadfield cottage
Potter Edmund Crompton, Esq., Dinting lodge
Reddish Henry, Esq., Norfolk square
Rhodes James, Esq., High street
Robinson Miss Ruth, Cowbrook
Shepley Miss Charlotte, Brookfield
Smith Rev. E. J. (Wesleyan)
Smith Rev. G. (Primitive Methodist)
Stafford Rev. Samuel, Shrewsbury street
Sumner Francis, Esq., J.P., East view, High street
Tasker Rev. Canon Charles W. (Roman Catholic), Royal house
Wagstaffe James, Esq., Cowbrook
Woodcock Mr Joseph, Bank terrace

Allen, White, & Co., paperstainers, Mossey Lee mills
Allsop George, boot and shoemaker
Armitage Joseph, draper, High street
Armitage Thomas, hosier and coal merchant, High street
Arrowsmith James, clog and patten maker, High street
Ashcroft John, milliner and dressmaker, Norfolk street
Ashton Joseph, draper and hosier, Bradford house, High street
Ashton Samuel, draper, Edward street
Ashton Samuel, grocer and corn-dealer, Edward street
Atkinson John, beer retailer
Atkinson John, joiner and cabinetmaker
Atkinson William, grocer, High street
Barber Albert, hairdresser, High street
Barber James, grocer and corn-dealer
Barber Joseph, greengrocer, Edward st.
Barber Joseph, tailor, Edward street
Barber Owen, hairdresser, Norfolk street
Barlow Nancy, Swan inn, Milltown
Barnes William, grocer and corn-dealer, High street
Beard James, grocer and corn-dealer
Beard John, draper and milliner, Bank buildings, High street
Boardman William, blacksmith, High st.
Beeley Mr, master of the Union
Beeley James, Howard Arms, High street
Beeley John, grocer and tea-dealer, High street
Bend Henry, grocer and corn-dealer, Milltown
Bennett & Co., corn-millers, the Bridge
Bennett James, blacksmith, Rosegreen
Benton John, railway contractor, Spire Hollin
Berry Joshua, coal merchant, Railway wharf
BESWICK WILLIAM, Market hotel, Market street
Blackburn Joseph, boot and shoemaker, Queen street
Blackwell Samuel, iron and brass founder, George street
Bolton Sarah and Charlotte, spirit vaults, Surrey Arms, High street
Booth John, beer retailer, Milltown
Booth John, druggist and chemist, stamp-office, High street
Booth John, greengrocer, Milltown
Booth Martha, George and Dragon, Charlestown
Booth Wright, Free schoolmaster
Bowden George, clerk to the Union, and registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, Hale street
Bowden George, beer retailer, Chapel st.
Bowden George, confectioner, Chapel st.
Bowden George, shopkeeper and sugar-boiler, Norfolk square
Bowden George, grocer and general dealer, High street
Bowden John W., deputy-registrar, Norfolk street
Bowden John, jun., clogmaker, High st.
Bowden John, fruiterer, High street
Bowden Jos., draper and hosier, High st.
Bowden Joseph, grocer and corn-dealer
Bowden William, joiner, cabinetmaker, and timber-dealer, Bernard street
Bradbury Joseph, Albion inn, Collier st.
Bradbury William, plumber and glazier, &c., Norfolk street
Braddock Thomas, tobacconist, High st.
Bramhall Richd., general dealer, High st.
Bramhall Thomas, draper and milliner, High street
Bramhall Thomas, butcher
Bridge David, grocer and corn-dealer, Rosegreen
Brocklehurst Joseph & Co., cotton-banding manufacturers, Crosscliff mill
Brookes William, earthenware and china-dealer, High street
Buckley Frederick, cotton-spinner, Hurst mill
Canterel John, tailor, Littlemoor
Chadwick John, shopkeeper, High street
Chadwick Mrs, milliner, High street
Clarke John, bootmaker, High street
Clayton James & Co., coal merchants, Railway wharf
Collier Charles, wine and spirit merchant, grocer, &c., Town-hall buildings, High street
Collier James, shopkeeper, High street
Collier Joseph, Rose and Crown, inn, High street
Constantine Ellen, tea-dealer and shopkeeper, Edward street
Cook John, hat maker, High street
Cook Robert, bootmaker, High street
Cook Samuel & Co., grocers, corn, and earthenware dealers, Milltown
Cooper Hugh, the Hanging gate, High st.
Cooper James, grocer and corn-dealer
County Court Office, High street - John Hibbert, Esq., registrar
Cresswell William James, grocer and corn-dealer
CROMPTON CHARLES, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, High street
Crowther John, boot and shoemaker, Dinting vale
Darwent John, brazier, tinner, &c., Victoria street
Darwent Joseph, grocer and corn-dealer, Norfolk street
Dean Thomas, Junction inn, High street
Dearnley Thomas, shoeing and jobbing smith, High street
Denton Eli, grocer and corn-dealer, Littlemoor
Denton John, boot and shoemaker, Littlemoor
Dinting Vale Printing Works - Edmund Potter & Co., proprietors
Dixon George, shopkeeper, Surrey street
Dodson George, draper, High street
Dutton Tom, plumber and glazier, High st.
Dyas Edward, cabinetmaker, High street
Dyas Edward, cabinetmaker, Littlemoor
Dyson David, butcher, Littlemoor
Dyson Joseph, draper, Norfolk street
Ellis Thos., furniture-dealer, Littlemoor
Entwistle John, gutta-percha boot and shoemaker, High street
Ellison Thos. M., solicitor and clerk to the magistrates, Norfolk street
Ernell Cephas, furniture-broker, High st.
Eversden Wm., greengrocer, Railway st.
Farrant Joseph H., agent for the British Station Fire and Western Life Office, High street
Fielding Ann, beer retailer, Bernard st.
Fielding Enoch, clock and watchmaker, High street
Fielding Richard, grocer and corn-dealer
Firth Joshua, fruiterer, Littlemoor
Fisher Charles, plumber and glazier, Bernard street
Flint H., draper, Glossop house, High st.
France J., auctioneer and valuer, High st.
Garside Cyrus, joiner, cabinetmaker, and timber-dealer, Surrey street
Gee F. B., manager for the Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Company, Norfolk square
Georgeson George, hatter,. Hyde house, High street
Gladish C., grocer and tea-dealer, Market street, High street
Gladwell Henry, boot and shoemaker, Arundel street
Glossop Chronicle, published weekly, Dan. Woodhead, printer, publisher, and proprietor, High street
Glossop Cotton Manufacturing Company (Limited), Surrey mills - Eli Wood, Esq., manager
Glossop Dale Industrial and Co-operative Society, Norfolk square - secretary, W. T. Nutter; manager, H. W. Lees
Glossop Estate Offices (Lord Edward G. F. Howard), Francis Hawke, Esq., agent
Glossop Record, published Saturdays, Mr Lewis Lister, proprietor, Bernard st.
Goldthorp Tom, boot and shoemaker, Littlemoor
Goodwin Mrs Mary, coal and earthenware dealer
Goodwin William, bookseller, stationer, &c., High street.
Greaves Brothers & Co., ironmongers, gas and water fitters, tin-plate workers (by appointment), 1 Wood’s buildings, High street
Green John, shopkeeper
Hadfield C. & J., surveyors, Norfolk st.
Hadfield C., veterinary surgeon, Norfolk st.
Hadfield Charles J., actuary to savings bank, and agent for Alliance Fire and Life and Scottish Amicable, Norfolk st.
Hadfield J. R, furniture-dealer, High st.
Hadfield J., cotton-spinner, Cowbrook mill
Hadfield Thos., shopkeeper, Bernard st.
Hadfield T., outfitter and hosier, High st.
Hayne Joseph, manager of Messrs Wood’s cotton works, High street
Hall James, clogger, High street
Hall Jesse, blacksmith, Bernard street
Hall John, linen and woollen draper, Leeds house, High street
Hall John, tailor and draper, agent for the Eagle Life Office, Town-hall buildings
Hall John, cottonspinner, High street
Hall Ruth, smallware-dealer, Littlemoor
Hallas John, draper, High street
Hampson John, grocer and corn-dealer, High street
Hampson Thos., railway contractor, Norfolk street
Handford John & Sons, cotton-spinners, Shepley mill, Chapel street
Handford Jos., tailor and draper, Little moor
Hardman John, postmaster, Norfolk sq.
Hardman John, dentist, agent for Albert Life Office, Norfolk Square
Hargreaves Thos., shopkeeper, Chapel st
HARRISON CHARLES S., grocer and corn-dealer, High street
Harrop John, tailor and draper, High st.
Hatch Thomas, engineer, High street
Hawke Francis, agent to Lord Edward Howard; agent for the Manchester Fire Office, Spire Hollin
Hay James Collier, agent, Norfolk street
Helm Brian, grocer and corn-dealer, Norfolk street
Hewitt William, boot and shoemaker, Bernard street
Heys George, herbalist, Edward street
Hibbert J. & G., solicitors, High street
Higginbottom Joseph, grocer and corn-dealer, Littlemoor
Higginbottom Thos., shopkeeper, High st.
HIGGINBOTTOM TOM, Station inn, wine and spirit vaults, Norfolk st,
Hinchcliff John & Zachariah, coal merchts.
Holdgate James, shopkeeper, High street
Holdgate Joseph, grocer, corn-dealer, and paperhanger, High street
Hollingworth Henry, shopkeeper, High st.
Holroyd Hannah, brush maker, Collier st.
Housley Thomas, hosier and smallware dealer, High street
Howard John, Grapes inn, High street
Howard W. W., surgeon, Norfolk street
Howarth Smith, Spread Eagle, Woolley bridge
Hunt Wm., M.D., surgeon, Cowbrook cot.
Hunter Thomas Pearson, linen and woollen draper, and vict., Bee Hive, High street
Hurst William, stationer, toy and general dealer, Manchester house, High street
Ibbotson Thomas H., papermaker, Turn Lee mills
INGERSON WILLIAM, wholesale and retail bonnet and millinery establishment, 1 Norfolk sq. and High st.
Industrial Co-operative Society (boots, shoes, and clogs), Market street
Irlam Jane & Son, printers, stationers, bookbinders, and newsagents, High st.
Jackson John, surveyor, Norfolk street
Jackson Josiah, blacksmith.
Jackson Levi, cotton-banding manufacturer, Primrose vale
JACKSON ROWLAND, tobacconist, cigars of the finest brands, meerschaums and fancy pipes, High street
Jackson Sarah, shopkeeper, High street
Kay Ogden, agent for the British Prudential Life Office
Kelly John, tailor and draper, High st.
Kelsall William, saddler, Victoria street
Kershaw Sam., chief-constable, and agent for the Lancashire Fire Office, Charlestown
Kinder Henry, chemist, dentist, and seedsman, High street
Lamb Mary, stationer, Norfolk street
Lancaster Henry S., beer retailer
Langridge W., stationmaster, railway sta.
Lawton John, brazier, Littlemoor
Lee Geo., clog and patten maker, High st.
Lee Henry & Son, cotton manufacturers
Lee William, confectioner, and dealer in British wines, High street
Lewis John, auctioneer, Howard street
Lister Lewis, printer and stationer, Bernard street
Lloyd Elizabeth & E., milliners, High st.
Lomas Isaac, butcher, Rosegreen
Lush Miss Rosa, milliner and dressmaker, High street
Lyne Edward, undertaker, agent for the Royal Liver Burial Society, Milltown
Lyne Sam., smallware-dealer, Littlemoor
Lyne Samuel, shopkeeper, High street
Mainwaring John B., shopkeeper, High st.
Maltby John, Drovers’ Arms, Charlestown
Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Company, Norfolk square; draw on Smith, Payne, & Smith, London - F. B. Gee, Esq., manager
Marriott Jacob, clogger, High street
Marsden John, grocer, &c., High street
Marsden Robert, beer retailer, Gamesley
Marsden Thomas, shopkeeper
Marsden Thomas, grocer and corn-dealer, Old Glossop
Marshall & Higginbottom, wholesale wine and spirit merchants, Norfolk square, High street
Mason Joseph, pianoforte-tuner and repository, Norfolk street
Massey Daniel, Hare and Hounds
M‘Fane Miss, infant schoolmistress, Charles street
M‘Mellon Wm., tailor and draper, High st.
M‘William John, tailor and draper, Norfolk street
MELLOR JOSEPH & SONS, grocers and corn-dealers, Victoria house, High street
Mills Henry, beer retailer, Edward street
Morton Joseph, shopkeeper, High street
Muddleton & Fox, papermakers, Charlestown mills
Nelson James, master of the Wesleyan Methodist school, Chapel street
Newton George, grocer and corn-dealer, Bernard street
Newton Mary Ann, beer retailer, Edw. st.
Newton Thomas, shopkeeper, High street
Newton Wm., railway hotel, Norfolk st.
Newton W., coal merchant, Railway wharf
Nield Edwin, hatter, Chapel street
Nield John, Plough inn, High street
Nuthall & Laurence, stone merchants, Sheffield road
Nutter J., stationer and grocer, High st.
Oates Joseph, high-bailiff, county court, and inspector of weights and measures, Milltown
Oates Joseph, auctioneer, High street
Ollerenshaw Jesse, grocer and corn-dealer, Queen street
Orme William, clock and watchmaker, Grove terrace
Orson Joseph, confectioner, Norfolk st.
Owen James, Globe inn, High street
Oxtoby John, clerk in charge, telegraph office
Paget Abraham, butcher, High street
Palmer & Edmunds, stationers, bookbinders, printers, and engravers, Norfolk square
PARKER WILLIAM, chemist, Bank buildings, High street
Patchett George, butcher, High street
Patchett Joshua, confectioner and dealer in British wines, High street
Paulden James, bootmaker, High street
Pedley Wm., greengrocer, Dinting vale
Pennington Levi, pawnbroker, and agent for Royal Insurance Company, High st.
Platt George, butcher, High street
Platt James, shopkeeper, High street
Platt John, Greyhound
Platt Thomas, grocer, &c., High street
Platt William, beer retailer, Brookfield
Pott Mrs John, Manor inn, High street
Prince Thomas, beer retailer, Chapel st.
Rathbone John, shoemaker, Chapel street
Reddish Henry, solicitor, Norfolk square
Rhodes James, surgeon, High street
Riley Jane Elizabeth, milliner, High st.
Roberts Moses, boot and shoe warehouse, High street
Robinson Elizah, beer retailer, Edward st.
Robinson Joseph, woollen-draper and hatter, Norfolk street
Robinson Joseph, woollen manufacturer, Gnathole mill
Robinson Robt., beer retailer, Bernard st.
Robinson Samuel, tea and provision dealer, High street
Robinson William, manager of Wren Nest mill, High street
Rogers Sarah, beer retailer, Brookfield
Sale Charles, clogger, High street
Samuel James, baker and grocer, High st.
Sandiford Anthony, shopkeeper, High st.
Savings’ Bank, High street, open on Saturdays from 12 till 2, and from 6 to 7 in the evening - Mr Charles John Hadfield, actuary
Schofield B., shopkeeper, Sheffield road
Schofield Charles, printer, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder, and toy dealer, Norfolk square
Schofield James, butcher, Rosegreen
Scholes Geo., Botanical tavern, High st.
Sellers J., travelling draper, Howard st.
Shallcross James, grocer and corn-dealer, Edward street
Shaw Edwin, pianoforte-dealer, High st.
Shaw John, shopkeeper, Talbot street
Shepherd Abraham, shoemaker, Rosegreen
Shepley John & William, cotton-spinners, Brookfield
Shepley R. & J., cotton-spinners, wash mill
Shepley Samuel, ironmonger, earthenware dealer, leather-cutter, &c., High st.
Shepherd Abraham, grocer and corn-dealer, Rosegreen
Sheppard William, grocer and corn-dealer, High street
Slater Henry, coal-dealer
Slater Thomas, haircutter, High street
Slinn James, stationer, bookbinder, and photographer, High street
Smith Alfred, grocer and corn-dealer, High street
Smith Ellis, shopkeeper, Charlestown
Smith John Bower, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, High street
Smith William, boot and shoe manufacturer, High street
Smith William, grocer and tea-dealer, Borough house, High street
Stafford John, beer retailer, High street
Stafford John, bootmaker, High street
Stafford Joseph & Co., carpet-yarn spinners, Arundel street
Stamp Office, High street - John Booth, distributor
Steward Joseph, master of the grammar school, agent for the British Imperial Investment Corporation
Stubbs James, wood-turner, Surrey street
Sumner Francis, cotton-spinner, Wren Nest mills
SWINDELLS THOMAS, baker and confectioner, High street
Swires John, clog and patten-maker, High street
Swires Thomas, clog and patten-maker, High street
Swires William & Mary, hosiers and haberdashers, Victoria house, High st.
Sykes Edward, Market vaults, Market st.
Sykes Miss Harriett, boarding-school, Norfolk street
Sykes J., cotton-spinner, Bridgefield mill
Sykes William, ale and porter agent, Norfolk square
Sykes William, grocer and tea-dealer, Norfolk square
Sykes Thomas P., cotton-spinner, Hope hill mill
Taylor Sarah, Bull’s Head
Thorneley John, earthenware-dealer, &c., Littlemoor
Tomlinson G., manager of the gas-works
Tomlinson William, chemist and druggist, High street
Turnley John, shopkeeper, Chapel street
Wagstaffe John, butcher, High street
Wagstaff Thomas, stone merchant, Norfolk square
Walton James, Bridge inn, Market
Walton Matt., tobacconist and cricketer’s outfitter, High street
Ward James, bookseller, stationer, &c., High street
Warhurst John, draper, Norfolk street
Waterhouse Thomas, tailor, Littlemoor
White Mary, greengrocer, High street
Whitley James, draper, Dinting vale
WHITAKER GEORGE, Norfolk Arms, High street
Whittington Francis, brushmaker, Victoria street
Wilkinson Joseph, tobacconist, Norfolk St.
Willey John, joiner, Norfolk street
Williamson William, grocer, provision dealer, and coal merchant, High street
Willis Harriet, shopkeeper, Charlestown
Winterbottom Thomas, grocer and corn-dealer, Victoria street
Wilson George, baker and grocer, High st.
Wilson John, boot and shoemaker, High st.
Woffenden George, linen and woollen draper, Town hall buildings, High st.
Woffenden Sarah Ann, Victoria inn, High street
Wogan Edward, auctioneer and valuer, High street
Wood J., grocer and corn-dealer, High st.
Wood John & Brothers, cotton-spinners, Howardtown mills
Woodcock George, grocer, &c., High street
Woodcock Lot, earthenware-dealer, &c., Littlemoor
WOODHEAD DANIEL, letterpress, copperplate, and lithographic printer, and publisher of the Glossop Chronicle High street
Woods John, pork butcher, Norfolk sq.
Wooley Edward, butcher, High street
Wooley George, butcher, High street
Wormald Joshua, boot and shoe warehouse, High street
Wright Thomas, joiner, George street
Wright Thomas James, tobacconist, High street
Wreaks Thomas P., chemist and druggist, High street
Wright Wm., tinplate worker, High street
Yarwood Joshua, shopkeeper, Gamesley

Booth Hannah, Gamesley
Bowden Samuel, Heath
Clayton Sampson, Gamesley
Collier Charles, Dinting
Cooper George, Dinting
Garside Joseph, Brownhill
Goldsmith David
Hadfield Charles, Norfolk street
Haigh William, Dinting
Hampson Joseph, Woodcock road
Harrison James, Gamesley
Howard Thomas, Primrose lane
Jackson James, Sandy lane
Jackson Peter, Blackshaw
Ollerenshaw Mrs, Gamesley
Peace James, Mossey lane
Platt Benjamin, Dinting
Platt George, High street
Rowbottom Samuel, Sandy lane
Rowbottom Solomon, Sandy lane
Thornley James, Gamesley
Thornley John, Sandy lane
Whitaker George, Norfolk Arms
Whitaker William, Gamesley
Winterbottom George, Woodcock road

HADFIELD is a village and railway station 2 miles from, and in the parish, union, and county court district of, Glossop. It includes the hamlets of Waterside and Woolley Bridge. There are three day-schools. Post, telegraph, and money-order office - Mr Garlick postmaster. Letters arrive 6.45 a.m. and 2.22 p.m, and are dispatched at 1.15 and 7.35 p.m.. Post- town, Glossop.
Jackson William, Esq.
Lees Mr Henry, Woolley bridge
Minagam Rev. Charles
Rhodes Thomas, Esq., J.P., Mersey bank
Rhodes William J., Esq., Mersey bank
Sidebottom Mr Edward, Waterside
Sidebottom Jas., Esq., jun., Arrow Croft house
Sidebottom Thos. H., Esq., J.P., Etherow house
Sidebottom William, Esq.

Ashton William, grocer and corn-dealer
Band James, chemist, druggist, grocer, and corn-dealer, Woolley bridge
Barker William, tea-dealer and shopkeeper
Barlow Jas., greengrocer, Woolley bridge
Bell James, clog and pattern-maker
Bond Mary Ann, Palatine inn
Booth James, tea-dealer and shopkeeper, Woolley bridge
Bowker William, manager of the Cooperative stores
Bradbury William, grocer and corn-dealer
Braddock John, coal merchant
Bradshaw James, grocer and corn-dealer
Buckley Henry, Commercial inn
Collier Robert, butcher, Woolley bridge
Cox Geo. Edward, grocer and corn-dealer, and agent for the Standard Life Office
Dalton John, Hollingworth print works
Dawson William, plumber and glazier
Dewsnap John, butcher
Duckworth Samuel, draper
Ferrand George, brazier, tinman, &c., Woolley bridge
Garlick George, butcher
Garlick Joseph, Anchor inn
Garlick William
Hadon James, boot and shoemaker
Hambleton John, beer retailer
Hampson Henry, greengrocer
Harris John, tailor
Harrop Samuel, joiner, cabinetmaker, and timber-dealer
Higginbottom Thomas, Queen’s Arms
Horsfield William, shopkeeper
Howard James, draper
Jackson William, surgeon
Jakeman John, greengrocer
Jones James, chemist and druggist, and commission agent
Kidd Aquilla, blacksmith
Lee Joshua, grocer and corn-dealer
Lees H., cotton spinner, Woolley bridge
Longbottom Ralph, furniture-dealer
Marshall Maria, grocer and corn-dealer
Mellor Thomas, plumber, glazier, and brazier, Woolley bridge
Newton William, smallware-dealer
Oldham James, Woolley bridge inn
Pickford Samuel, blacksmith
Platt Edw., cotton-spinner, Hadfield mill
Rhodes Thomas, cotton-spinner, Mersey mill
Robinson Jos., furniture-dealer, Woolley bridge
Rolley John, coal-dealer
Ryder William, grocer and corn-dealer, Woolley bridge
Shufflebotham J., clog and patten-maker
Siddall Joseph, shopkeeper
Sidebottom S. H. & Brothers, cotton-spinners, Bridge mills, Waterside
Sidebottom Thomas & William, cotton-spinners, Waterside mills
Swift Thomas, shoemaker
Thornley James, chemist and druggist
Tweed John, Spinners’ Arms
Warhurst James & Sons, builders
Warhurst Thomas, draper
Woodhead Jos., stationer and newsagent

Collier Robert, Woolley bridge
Darwent Luke, Bentney hill
Dewsnap John
Garratt Samuel
Longdon John, Woolley bridge
Platt Edward

WHITFIELD is a township, village, and chapelry, 1 mile from, and in the union and county court district of, Glossop. The church is dedicated to St James. The living is a vicarage. Rev. James Teague, M.A., vicar. The Independents, Wesleyans, and Wesleyan Reformers have each a chapel here. There are also three day-schools. The nearest money-order and telegraph office and post-town, Glossop.
Dearnley Mrs Sarah
Fox Mr Daniel
Hayes Mr Jonathan
Hyde Mr James, Lower Whitfield
Kershaw the Misses
Teague Rev. John, B. A., Parsonage house
Wood Daniel, Esq., Moorfield house
Wood John, Esq., J.P.
Wood Samuel, Esq.

Bainbridge John, grocer and corn-dealer
Bardsley John, master of Hague’s charity school
Batty Edward, grocer and corn-dealer
Bennett Joseph, joiner and cabinetmaker
Benton George, railway contractor, &c.
Bradbury Charles, butcher
Bradbury Martha, grocer and corn-dealer
Brooks John, butcher
Buckley Eli, stone merchant
Cockcroft G., clog and patten maker
Dixon Christopher, grocer and corn-dealer
Dyas Miss M., Independent schoolmistress
Eckersley Joseph, National schoolmaster
Ernshaw Jonathan, stone-mason
Fielding James, boot and shoemaker
Fielding Thomas, coal-dealer
Goddard John, beer retailer
Goldsmith Francis, grocer and corn-dealer
Hadfield John, grocer and draper
Hadfield John, butcher
Hadfield John, boot and shoemaker
Hadfield Joseph, boot and shoemaker
Hampson Ebenezer, grocer and corn-dealer
Harrop George, joiner, cabinetmaker, and timber dealer
Higginbottom Charles, auctioneer, land and estate agent, agent for United Temperance and General Provident Institution
Hollingworth Thomas, butcher
Lowe Moses, boot and shoemaker
Lowe William, tailor
Morton Ann, grocer and corn-dealer
Nelson William, Nelson Arms
Sidebottom Samuel, Surrey Arms
Stansfield James, plumber and glazier
Tarbott Henry, butcher
Tarbott Henry, shopkeeper
Thornley James, clog and patten maker
Thornley James, shoemaker
Thornley John, butcher
Thornley Robert, butcher
Turner William, veterinary surgeon
Watts George, shoemaker
Winterbottom Robert, shoemaker
Wood Ann, shopkeeper
Woodcock Paul, draper
Woodcock Paul, earthenware dealer, &c.
Woolley George, butcher

Bennett Joseph
Buxton John
Dearnley Sarah
Fletcher Thomas
Goddard John
Hampson Robert
Neild Daniel
Sykes John
Waine Abel

CHARLESWORTH is a village and chapelry miles from, and in the union and county court district of Glossop. The church is dedicated to St John. The living is a vicarage ; the Rev. Goodwin Purcell is the vicar. There are chapels for the Baptists and Independents; Rev. James Wilson, Independent minister. There is a National school, Samuel Booth master, Harriet Shepley mistress. Also a British school, the Misses Charlesworth and Booth mistresses. The nearest money-order and telegraph office and post-town, Glossop.
Purcell Rev. Goodwin, vicar
Gee Mrs Mary
Wilson Rev. James

Ashton Hannah, grocer
Bardsley Thomas, herbalist
Bardsley Thomas, tailor
Beard Allen, cotton-banding manufacturer
Beard Joseph, blacksmith
Booth Geo. & Sons, cotton-band manufacs.
Booth James & Brothers, iron and brass- founders and machine makers
Booth John & Sons, cotton-banding manufacturers
Booth Martha, grocer
Booth Samuel, British schoolmaster
Booth Thomas, butcher
Bowden Charles, grocer
Cooper Moses, grocer
Cooper Moses, tailor
Dickson Thomas, tailor
Garside William, boot and shoemaker
Goodwin Ebenezer, grocer
Harrison Wright, grocer
Hett Alfred, beer retailer
Moss Arthur, grocer and corn-dealer
Ratcliffe John Harrison, cotton-spinner
Rowbottom Jas., cotton-spin., Hole-ho. mill
Shaw John, tailor
Shepley David, shoemaker
Sykes John, shopkeeper
Taylor David, Grey Mare inn
Taylor James, joiner and builder
Taylor John, grocer
Taylor John, Commercial inn

Ashton Robert
Booth James
Cooper Joseph
Handford Robert
Jackson Joseph
Jackson William
Rose Daniel


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