Slater's Royal National Directory 1850
Entries for the area of the Ancient Parish of Glossop.


GLOSSOP is a village, township and parish, in the hundred of High Peak; 184 miles n.n.w. from London, 50 n.n.w. from Derby, 25 n.w. from Sheffield, and 13 s.e. from Manchester; situated a short distance from the main line of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway, with which it is connected by a branch of about a mile in length, terminating at Howard's Town, where there is a handsome covered station. This village, which is populous, and of great manufacturing consequence, is situated on a rising bank, springing from one of the deepest valleys in the Peak. The country around is very pleasing, and many of the views may be considered romantic; thriving plantations ornament the home scenery, and the lands in the low grounds are fertile, but the mountainous parts are covered with heath and abound with grouse - the land, however, is gradually becoming cultivated. In Glossop and its adjunct Howard's Town (which latter has become far more populous and important than its parent village), are numerous establishments for spinning cotton, and the manufacture of various fabrics from that article; for calico printing, also, there is an extensive concern at Dinting Vale, and woollen goods are made to a limited extent: there are, besides, three paper mills in the neighbourhood. Coal is obtained from mines about three miles hence, and that article is regularly transmitted by the railway. Howard's Town owes its rapid rise, to the enterprising spirit of John Wood, Esq., whose manufacturing establishments are on a gigantic scale, and exceeded by but few in the kingdom. The place, which is of comparatively modern date, now boasts a handsome town hall, a convenient market place, gas works, and a commodious railway station, with warehouses. The Duke of Norfolk is lord of the manor, and holds courts leet at Easter and Michaelmas: at the latter period a constable and head borough used to be appointed for the government of the townships, but parochial constables have now superseded the authority of those officers. Glossop is within the jurisdiction of the Tutbury court of pleas; but being also included in the eighth circuit of County Court towns, for the recovery of debts to any amount not exceeding £20., the ancient court has become inoperative: the new court is held monthly; and the magistrates, for the division, assemble in petty sessions once a fortnight. Glossop is a polling station at the election of members to represent North Derbyshire. The Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire railway is carried over Dinting Vale by means of a bridge of sixteen arches; the centre five are constrained of wooden planks, ingeniously bolted together, and resting upon massive stone piers - this bridge is justly reckoned among the 'railway wonders' and is indeed, well worth the inspection of the curious in these matters.
The parish church of All Saints is an ancient edifice; the body has been rebuilt, and public worship was performed in it, for the first time after the completion of the repairs, in September, 1832: the living is a discharged vicarage, in the presentation of the Duke of Norfolk, the Rev. — Manson is the present incumbent. In the church was a monument, by Bacon, to the memory of Joseph Hague, Esq of Park Hall, near Hayfield, who bequeathed the interest of £1,000. towards clothing twenty-four poor men and women, of this and some of the adjacent townships: this monument has been removed to Hayfield. Glossop Hall, the property of the Duke of Norfolk, is near the village. His Grace has erected here, at his own expense, a Roman catholic chapel - a neat edifice, in the Tuscan order, capable of seating six hundred persons. On Wednesday, the 30th July, 1834, the neighbourhood of Glossop was visited by a tremendous tempest: the village appeared, at one time, to be enveloped in a continuous blaze of lightning, while the thunder, pealing amongst the hills, was unusually loud and terrific, and the rain and hail poured down in such quantities as to cause an overwhelming flood, which swept down the valley with impetuous force, carrying devastation, and striking with dismay the inhabitants. Several mills received great injury, and two young women and a child, belonging to one of these works, perished in the flood. Extensive damage was done to the fields, gardens, fences, roads, and bridges, of which last, four were entirely destroyed. A fair, for cattle and various commodities, is held on the 6th of May. The parish of Glossop contained, by returns for 1831, 113,766 inhabitants, and in 1841, 14575 – of which last number 3,548 were returned for the township.
WHITFIELD is a village about one mile from Glossop – to which parish it formerly belonged but in 1844 was constituted a parish under Sir Robert Peel's Act, and now includes Hadfield, part of Padfield, Dinting and Chunal. In 1846, a new church was consecrated for the district, and dedicated to Saint James: the living is in the gift of the Crown and the Bishop of the dioceses alternatively; the Rev. John Teague is the present incumbent. A charity school was founded at Whitfield by the late Mr Joseph Hague; since the appointment of Mr Ball, the present master, the school premises have been raised, and there is now an upper school wherein the classics are taught. The population of the new district parish is estimated at 8,000 persons.
CHARLESWORTH erected into a district parish under the same act that conferred a similar distinction upon Whit field, &c., was previously a hamlet, in the parish of Glossop, situated three miles from that town. The new church is dedicated to Saint John, and the patrons of the living are the same as those of Whitfield; the Rev. Goodwin Purcell is the present incumbent. The population of the new parish is about 3,500.

POST OFFICE, Howard's town, Joseph Oates, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Manchester), every morning at half-past eight, and afternoon at half-past four, and are despatched thereto, at one and half-past five in the afternoon.

Atkin Rev. Thomas, Little moor
Dearneley Mrs. Sarah, Whitfield
Ellison Michael, Esq., (agent to the Duke of Norfolk), Glossop Hall
Ellison the Misses—,Glossop Cottge
Fauvel Rev. Theodore, Royle House
Hadfield Joseph, Esq., Lees Hall
Howe the Misses —, Glossop
Howe Mr. Rowland, Glossop
Kershaw Mrs. Nanny, Rose Green
Kershaw Mr. Robert, Whitfield
Manson Rev. —, Glossop
Purcell Rev. Goodwin, Charlesworth
Raby Rev. John, Glossop
Teague Rev. John, B.A., Whitfield
Wilson Rev. Robert, Charlesworth
Bailey William, Dinting Vale
Ferrand Joseph Henry, Green Vale
Hague's charity school, Whitfield—John Ball, master
Hiles Benjamin, Charlesworth
Littlewood Thomas, Hadfield
National School (girls'), Whitfield - Miss Wright, mistress
Roberts Samuel, Glossop
Sellars John, Glossop
Wood Samuel, Little moor
Wright Amelia, Hall St
Roberts William, Howard's Town
Smith & Co., Howard's Town - Geo. Cheetham, agent
Ellison & Dalton, Howard's Town
Stirke Henry (and master extraordinary in Chancery), Whitfield
Thompson Edward Wm. (& clerk to the magistrates), Howard's Town
Higginbottom Wm., Howard's Town
Gates Joseph, Howard's Town
Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Company (Branch),Howard's Town - (open Saturdays from 11 till 1 – (draw on Smith, Payne and Smiths', London) - Samuel B. Tomlins, manager
Glossop Dale Savings Bank, Howard's Town - (open on Mondays from 11 till 1) - John des Jardins, secretary
Bennett James, Rose green
Bennett John & Joseph, Charlesworth
Bennett William, Charlesworth
Calow Joseph, Charles Town
Cundy Joseph, Glossop
Dawson Robert, Junction
Greaves Benjamin, Howard's Town
Kidd Aquila, Water side
Pickford Samuel, Chunal
Rhodes, John, Howard's Town
Dawson Henry, Hall st
Irlam John, Howard's Town
Nutter John, Green Vale
Schofield Chas. (& binder), Howard's Town
Bates Joseph, Whitfield
Beard Samuel, Charlesworth
Booth Thomas, Woolley Bridge
Bramhall Joseph, Green Vale
Bunting Joshua, Little moor
Clark John, Howard's Town
Clark William, Howard's Town
Cooper David, Charlesworth
Cooper John. Holehouse
Doxon Simeon, Rose green
Garside William, Charlesworth
Gooder David, Green vale
Gray Thomas, Dinting Vale
Hadfield John, Whitfield
Hadfield Samuel, Howard's Town
Hadfield Saml, jun. Howard's Town
Hamilton John, Whitfield
Hammersley Ralph Howard's Town
Hardman James, Howard's Town
Hargreaves Hartley, Howard's Town
Hollowood Charles, Glossop
Jackson David, Charlesworth
Jackson John, Charlesworth
Longden John, Hall st
Nield Joseph, Whitfield
Pogson George, Green Vale
Scholes Joshua, Simmondley
Shaw Gerrard, Wren nest
Shephard Abraham, Rose green
Shepley Thomas, Charlesworth
Sheppard Abraham, Glossop
Stafford John, Howard's Town
Thompson John, Mill Town
Thornley James, Whitfield
Wood George, Mill Town
Wormald Joshua, Howard's Town
Blore James, Hadfield
Hegginbottom Joseph, Howard's Town
Lawton Caleb, Glossop
Lawton John, Howard's Town
Bagshaw Joseph, Charles Town
Bennett John, Woolley Bridge
Booth Thomas, Charlesworth
Dyson David, Whitfield
Fielding Thomas, Howard's Town
France John, Green Vale
Garlick Joseph, Hadfield
Goddard Samuel, Charlesworth
Lawton William, Green Vale
Mitchell William, Howard's Town
Newton John, Water side
Newton Richard, Hadfield
Newton Thomas, Wren nest
Nield Daniel, Whitfield
Patchett George, Simmondley
Pickford James, Glossop
Platt George, Howard's Town
Pott John, Howard's Town
Rodger Jonathan, Howard's Town
Schofield John, Rose green
Schofield Joseph, Rose green
Sugden James, Water side
Tarbatt John (pork), Howard's Town
Wagstaffe Thomas, Howard's Town
Warhurst Tristram, Hadfield
Dalton Thomas & John, near Mottram
Matley Samuel & Son, Hodge, near, Mottram
Potter Edmund & Co., Dinting Vale
See Joiners and Carpenters..
Bennett Joseph, Whitfield
Booth John, Howard's Town
Briggs Josiah, Woolley Bridge
Garside Robert, Water side
Greaves Thomas, Howard's Town
Lees Joshua, Glossop
Sevires Thomas, Howard's Town
Beeley John, Howard's Town
Bowers William, Howard's Town
Bradbury William, Water side
Branwell John & James, Howard's Town
Collier Hannah, Howard's Town
Ferrand Joseph Henry, Junction
Goddard William, Howard's Town
Hampson John, Howard's Town
Lawson William, Green Vale
Lawton James, Howard's Town
Newton Thomas Wren nest
Smith William, Howard's Town
Smithes Henry, Howard's Town
Sykes Edward, Howard's Town
Wood Charles, Howard's Town
Woodcock Joseph, Brook field
Booth John & George, Holehouse
Jackson Levi, Primrose vale
Ratcliffe John, Chisworth
Rowbottom John, Chisworth
Marked * are Manufacturers of Cotton Goods.
Beresford & Co., Glossop
*Bramhall William, Glossop
Cooper Joseph & Sons, Holehouse Mill, Chisworth
*Hadfield John, Cow brook
Harrison W right, Charlesworth
Kershaw John, Hurst Mill
*Lees Henry, Woolley Bridge
Lees Samuel, Padfield brook
*Lees Samuel & Co., Padfield
Marsland Samuel, Best hill, near Mottram
*Platt William Thomas & Edward, Hadfield lodge
*Shepley Robert & Jas, Warth Mill
*Shepley Samuel, Brookfield
*Sidebottom George & Joe, Broadbottom Mills, near Mottram
*Sidebottom John & William & Jas. Water side, near Mottram
*Sidebottom Ralph, Mill brook, near Mottram
*Sumner Francis, Wren Nest Mill
Turn Lee Mills Compy., Glossop
*Walter Ralph, Charlesworth
*Wood John & Brothers, Howard's Town Mills
Clark John, Howard's Town
Shepley Samuel, Howard's Town
See Milliners and Dress Makers.
Band James, Woolley Bridge
Bennett John, Howard's Town
Booth John,(& seedsman), Howard's Town
Braddock Robert, Green Vale
Kinder John, Howard's Town
Norminton John, Waterside
Norminton William, Howard's Town
Wreaks Thomas Peacock, Howard's Town
Manchester, John des Jardins, Glossop
North of England. Henry Stirke, Whitfield
Phoenix, John des Jardins. Glossop
(See also Tea Dealers)
Bagshaw Joseph, Charles Town
Band James, Woolley Bridge
Barnes Elizabeth, Howard's Town
Beard Thomas, Howard's Town
Beeley John, Howard's Town
Beever James, Whitfield
Bentley Christopher, Green Vale
Booth Abraham, Simmondley
Booth Martha, Charlesworth
Booth Ralph, Chisworth
Bowden George, Glossop
Bowden Joseph, Glossop
Bowers William, Howard's Town
Bradbury John, Charlesworth
Bradbury William, Water side
Braddock Robert, Green Vale
Bramwell John & James, Howard's Town
Brennan Alexander, Howard's Town
Britnor James, Howard's Town
Brocklehurst George, Charlesworth
Chatterton John, Water side
Collier Hannah, Howard's Town
Cook Ann, Howard's Town
Cook James, Water side
Cooper James, Glossop
Cooper Joseph, Whitfield
Cresswell George, Glossop
Cresswell William, Glossop
Crowther Saville, Hadfield
Darwent Joseph, Glossop
Doodson George, Whitfield
Doxon Christopher, Whitfield
Dyson David, Whitfield
Eastham Sarah, Water side
Ferrand Joseph Henry, Junction
Fielding George, Rose green
Fielding Jerry, Wren nest
Goddard William, Howard's Town
Goodwin William, Mill Town
Hall John, Charlesworth
Hampson John, Howard's Town
Harrison Abel, Whitfield
Harrison James, Chisworth
Higginbottom Anthony, Whitfield
Higginbottom Joseph, Whitfield
Irlam John, Howard's Town
Jackson Frederick, Charlesworth
Jackson James, Charlesworth
Jackson Thomas, Wren Nest
Jubb Charles, Charlesworth
Kenyon John, Woolley Bridge
Knott John, Glossop
Lawson William, Green vale
Lawson Edward & John, Whitfield
Lawson James, Howard's Town
Lee Isaiah, Glossop
Linney John, Rose Green
Lister John, Padfield
Marshall Robert, Hadfield
Massey Daniel, Howard's Town
Mather Peter, Dinting vale
Morten Elizabeth Jane, Rose green
Neale Thomas, Howard's Town
Newton Thomas, Wren nest
Nield Dan, Whitfield
Norminton Charles, Water side
Norminton John, Water side
Nutter John, Green Vale
Ollerenshaw James, jun. Howard's Town
Platt Thomas, Dinting Vale
Robinson Jane, Howard's Town
Rolley Kezia, Water side
Rowbottom James, Chisworth
Schofield George & Co. Mill Town
Schofield James, Woodcock road
Schofield John, Rose green
Sellars Robert, Glossop
Senior Israel, Hadfield
Shaw Ann, Howard's Town
Shephard Abraham, Rose green
Sheppard Robert, Howard's Town
Smith William, Howard's Town
Smithes Henry, Howard's Town
Spencer James, Howard's Town
Sykes Aaron, Woolley Bridge
Sykes Edward, Howard's Town
Sykes John, Green Vale
Sykes John, New York
Sykes Mary, Woolley Bridge
Thornley Robert, Whitfield
Thorpe Joseph, Glossop
Wagstaff Aaron, Rose green
Warhurst Thomas, Hadfield
Williamson George, Howard's Town
Wilson Joseph, Howard's Town
Winterbottom James, Rose green
Wood Charles, Howard's Town
Wood Robert, Glossop
Wood Samuel, Little moor
Woodcock Joseph, Brookfield
Woodcock Paul, Whitfield
Barber Owen, Howard's Town
Earp William, Glossop
Ellis John, Howard's Town
Turner James, Howard's Town
Bond Henry, Howard's Town
Bramhall Jesse, Hadfield
Pemberton Joseph, Howard's Town
(See also Taverns & Public Houses)
Howard Arms, Samuel Wagstaffe, Howard's Town
Norfolk Arms, Maria Wagstaffe, Howard's Town
Greaves Benjamin, Howard's Town
Hawksworth Joseph, Howard's Town
Lawton John, Howard's Town
Shepley Samuel, Howard's Town
Ashworth John, Glossop
Bradbury George, Little moor
Bradbury John, Charlesworth
Bradbury Thomas, Hobroyd
Dyas Edward (and cabinet maker), Howard's Town
Fernley William, Green Vale
Harrison Edward, Wren nest
Harrison John, Wren nest
Higham John, Green Vale
Thorpe Joseph, Glossop
Warhurst James. Hadfield
Warhurst Timothy, Whitfield
Ashton John, Howard's Town
Atkinson John, Howard's Town
Chatterton John, Water side
Goddard William, Howard's Town
Harrison James, Chisworth
Howarth James, Howard's Town
Humble Robert, Howard's Town
Longbottom Ralph, Water side
Moss Arthur, Charlesworth
Nuttall William, Woolley Bridge
Warhurst Thomas, Hadfield
Warhurst Tristram, Hadfield
(See also Cotton Spinners, etc.)
Allney William (stocking), Glossop
Jackson Abraham & Son (cotton), Shepley Mill
Leigh Edward (cotton), Twist Mill
Robinson Joseph (Executors of - woollen), Gnat Hole Mill, Glossop
Wilkinson Joseph (thread), Bridgefield Mill
Bale Eliza, Howard's Town
Bolton Mary, Howard's Town
Bond Margaret, Howard's Town
Booth Martha, Howard's Town
Braddock Ellen, Green Vale
Hegginbotham Rachael & Mary, Howard's Town
Higginbottom Martha Ann, Whitfield
Lloyd Eliz. & Eliza, Howard's Town
Maryland Sarah, Howard's Town
Nall Ellen, Howard's Town
Wilson Margaret, Charlesworth
Fawley George, Glossop
Hawksworth Joseph, Howard's Town
Hoyland James, Dinting Vale
Garlick George, Padfield
Hegginbottom Joseph, Howard's Town
Higginbottom Joseph, Glossop
Isherwood John, Howard's Town
Wagstaff Aaron, Rose green
Ford & Hadfield, CharlesTown Mill
Ibbotson John (fancy), Primrose Mills, near Glossop
Turn-Lee Mills Company,Glossop
Patchett George, Simmondley
Warburton Thomas, Dinting
Judson Randle, Howard's Town
Kelsall William, Howard's Town
Rowbotham Joseph, Charlesworth
Watts Thomas, Whitfield
Bate Eliza, Howard's Town
Harrison Mary, Glossop
Robinson Mary, Green Vale
Howard William Wardle, Howard's Town
Hunt William, Cow Brook Cottage
Jackson William, Mill Town
Jones Henry, Whitfield
Smith Robert, Charlesworth
Turton Thomas, Mill Town
Marked thus * are also Drapers.
(See also Woollen Drapers.)
Caukell George, Water side
Dewsnap Valentine, Howard's Town
Froggatt Thomas, Rose green
Goodwill Thomas, Charles Town
Hadfield Joseph Rose, Whitfield
Hall Aaron, Howard's Town
*Hall James, Glossop
*Hall John, Howard's Town
Hall Robert, Glossop
Hanford Jabez, Whitfield
Harris John, Water side
*Longson Robert, Howard's Town
M'Daniel John, Green Vale
Ogden John, Little moor
Ollerenshaw William, Howard's Town
Shorrock Arthur, Whitfield
Unsworth Francis, Woolley Bridge
*Wood Robert, Howard's Town
Wrigley Thomas, Howard's Town
Albion, Joseph Hollingworth, Whitfield
Anchor, John Garlick, Hadfield
Angel, Saml. Ollerenshaw, Simmondley
Beehive, Joseph Rose Hadfield, Whitfield
Bull's Head, James Higginbottom, Charlesworth
Bull's Head, James Pickford, Glossop
Commercial, Richard Bragg, Water side
Commercial, James Collier, Rose green
Commercial, James Harrison, Chisworth
Commercial, John Shaw, Charles Town
Crown, George Hampson Whitfield
Drovers Inn, Geo. Patchett, Simmondley
George and Dragon, Martha Booth, Charlesworth
Globe, Joseph Woodcock, Wren nest
Grey Mare,Geo Brocklehurst,Charlesworth
Greyhound, Mary Newton, Glossop
Hare & Hounds, Charles Hadfield,Glossop
Horseshoe, Joseph Bennett, Charlesworth
Horseshoe, Samuel Pickford, Chunal
Junction, Thomas Garlick, Whitfield
Palatine, John Bond, Hadfield
Plough,Samuel Bennett, Dinting Vale
Queen's Arms, Thomas Higginbottom, Glossop
Queens Arms, John Rowbottom, Chisworth
Royal Oak, Jos. Hampson, Woodcock road
Spinner's Arras, Benjamin Hill, Hadfield
Spread Eagle, John Sykes,Woolley Bridge
Station Inn. John Higginbottom, Howard's Town
Temple, Charles Fielding, Padfield
Viaduct Inn, John Rhodes, Dinting Vale
Woolley Bridge Tavern, John Bennett, Woolley Bridge
Retailers of Beer.
Archer Thomas, Hadfield
Band Charles, Mill Town
Barlow Mary, Waterside
Bradbury John, Charles worth
Copestake Francis, Howard's Town
Darwent Nathan, Glossop
Dewsnap Joshua, Green Vale
Dewsnap Moses, Simmondley
Hadfield Ellen, Glossop
Hadfield Sarah, Padfield
Hampson Jordan, Howard's Town
Hampson Thomas. Hadfield
Harrop Thomas, Howard's Town
Higginbottom Isaac, Charlesworth
Howard John, Green Vale
Marsden Robert, Charlesworth
Ollerenshaw Hugh, Gamesley
Pott John, Howard's Town
Robinson James, Whitfield
Rowbottom Joseph, Charlesworth
Shepley Thomas, Charlesworth
Sheppard Robert, Howard's Town
Swindells George, Chisworth
Sykes Mary, Woolley Bridge
Thorneley William, Gamesley
Wilkinson Joseph, Green Vale
Collier Thomas (and coffee roaster) Howard's Town
Higginbottom Samuel, Howard's Town
Robinson Samuel, Howard's Town
Booth John & George, Charlesworth
Shaw William, Whitfield
Barber Samuel, Howard's Town
Fielding George, Howard's Town
Minshull John, Howard's Town
Orme William, Dinting Vale
Beard Joseph, Charlesworth
Bennett Samuel, Dinting bridge
Cockayne George, Whitfield
Wood John, Padfield
Brook John, Howard's Town
Robinson Joseph, Howard's Town
Bowden George, registrar of births, deaths and marriages, Glossop
Booth James & Brothers, machine makers, Charlesworth
Broadbent Abraham,yarn doubler, Padfield
Cooper Joseph & Joe, candlewick manufacturers, Charlesworth
Copestick Francis, greengrocer, Howard's Town
County court, Howard's Town - Edward William Thompson, clerk
Gas Works, Howard's Town – George Tomlinson, manager
Georgeson George, cloth cap maker, Howard's Town
Goddard Samuel, earthenware dealer, Charlesworth
Green David, clothes dealer, Howard's Town
Grimshaw Mark, brass founder, Mill Town
Hammersley Ralph, toy dealer, Howard's Town
Holroyd Matthew, brush manufacturer, Howard's Town
Jowett Jonath. coal proprietor. Chisworth
Lyne Wm. picker maker, Simmondley
Massey Henry, gardener, Charlesworth
Nattrass William, basket maker, Glossop
Newton Jas. greengrocer, Howard's Town
Newton John, greengrocer, Green Vale
Oates Joseph, inspector of weights and measures, Howard's Town
Ollerenshaw James, road surveyor, Howard's Town
Pennington Levi, pawnbroker, Howard''s Town
Police Office, Howard's Town – Wm. Bury Clayton, head constable
Rhodes John, veterinary surgeon, Dinting Vale
Shaw John, inventor and maker of valve trumpets and horns, Howard's Town
Shepley Joseph, tanner, Charlesworth
Spencer Jas. skip maker, Howard's Town
Stamp Office, Howard's Town – Wm. John Booth, distributer
Swindells Thomas, confectioner, Howard's Town
Tomlinson William, gardener, Glossop
White George, stone merchant, Whitfield
Winterbottom Robert, parish clerk, Glossop
Wrigley Thomas, temperance house, Howard's Town
Workhouse, Glossop
Master - James Waterhouse
Matron - Sarah Waterhouse
Surgeon - William Wardle Howard
Chaplain - Rev. Manson
Clerk to the Board of Guardians - George Bowden.
Relieving Officer - James Waterhouse

Stations, Howard's Town - Joseph Oates, station master, - and Hadfield - James Pickford, station master
To STOCKPORT, John Newton and — Handford, from Glossop, Monday and Friday,and John Dewsnap and James Higginbottom, from Charlesworth, Friday.


HAYFIELD, an independent chapelry, generally included in the parish of Glossop, is 5 miles s. from that town, and about the same distance north from Chapel-en-le-Frith. It is a populous manufacturing district, having several large cotton factories, one for woollen goods, and works for calico printing. Some of the county magistrates assemble here monthly on Thursday, and the commissioners of taxes and turnpike roads hold their annual meetings at the George Inn occasionally.
The church, a handsome and modern edifice, rebuilt by the inhabitants in 1818, is very much admired for its neatness: the living is a perpetual curacy; the resident freeholders have the privilege of nominating the minister: This peculiar right it seems was granted by Richard II. in the year 1386; the present incumbent is the Rev. Samuel Wasse, M.A. The Methodists have a chapel here with a Sunday school; and connected with the church is a large grammar and Sunday school, having an endowment for the education of a limited number of free scholars. About a mile from Hayfield, on the Glossop road, is Park Hall, the beautiful seat of John White, Esq. a magistrate for the county. A fair for cattle is held on the 12th of May. The chapelry of Hayfield contained in 1841, 3,637 inhabitants, and the township 1,715 of that number.

POST OFFICE, at the George Inn, Rachael Quarmby, Post Mistress. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Stockport), every morning at a quarter past nine, and are despatched thereto at half-past five in the

Bennett Mr. Samuel, Hayfield
Marriott Mr. John, Hayfield
Marriott Mr. Thomas, Hayfield
Slack Mr. John, Little Hayfield
Wasse Rev. Samuel, M.A. Hayfield
Waterhouse Mr. Samuel, Hayfield
White John, Esq. (county magistrate), Park Hall
Eyre Mary
Massey Abraham
Grammar School - Rev. Samuel Wasse, M.A., master
Bull's Head, James Shaw
George lnn, Rachael Quarmby
New Inn, Joseph Bowden
Packhorse, Isaac Rangeley
Brown James (& bleacher), Bottom
Hibberts & Alcock, Clough Mills
Bennett George, beer retailer, shopkeeper, and shoe maker
Bennett Mary, dress maker
Boardman John, hair dresser
Bowden Joseph, cotton trimming cord manufacturer, Ned Mill
Bowden Joseph, shopkeeper
Bradbury Robert, shopkeeper
Brailsford John, tailor
Brocklehurst James, blacksmith
Eyre George, woollen manufacturer
Eyre Thomas, shopkeeper & butcher
Hadfield Samuel, boot & shoe maker
Hallam Isaac, tailor
Hampson Joseph, hair dresser
Hampson Samuel, wheelwright
Handford John, beer retailer
Howard Henry, shopkeeper
Hurst John, beer retailer
Hurst Moses, shopkeeper
Lucas Charles & Co. calico printers, Wood Print Works
Lyne William, painter and gilder
Mason Joel, joiner and builder
Mason Joseph, piano forte repairer
Mellin Joseph, clog & patten maker
Poritt Ralph, blacksmith
Quarmby George, butcher
Rangeley Aaron, shopkeeper
Rangeley Dennis, joiner & builder
Rangeley Isaac, joiner and builder
Rangeley Jonah, screw and bolt dealer
Redfern George, cotton banding manufacturer
Slack Robert, paper manufacturer, Bank Vale Mills
Stafford Ann, beer retailer
Stafford William, shopkeeper
Taylor Peter, tin-plate worker
Turner George, cooper
Turner Joseph, shoe maker and beer retailer
Turner William, butcher
Walker James, boot & shoe maker
Walker John, grocer, corn dealer, druggist, and agent to the Yorkshire Assurance Company
Walker William, shoe maker
Warrington James, stone mason
Waterhouse John, blacksmith
Waterhouse Joseph George, grocer and draper
Waterhouse Martha, linen draper
Waterhouse Samuel, beer retailer
Waterhouse Thomas, shopkeeper
Wheelding William, butcher
Wilde Thomas, parish clerk
Woodcock Joseph, grocer & draper
To STOCKPORT, the Royal Mail, from the George Inn, every afternoon at half-past five.
To MANCHESTER, John Barber,Tues
To STOCKPORT, John Barber and John Trueman, Friday.


Mellor is a chapelry in the parish of Glossop, and hundred of High Peak - the village is 6½ miles s.w. from Glossop, 8 n.n.w. from Chapel-en-le-Frith, 7 e. from Stockport, and 14 s.e. from Manchester. Many factories are established within the chapelry, and the spinning of cotton, and the manufacture of cotton goods, employ a large number of the working class of both sex. At a short distance from the village is the church (or chapel) of Saint James, a neat stone structure : the living, a curacy, is enjoyed by the Rev Matthew Freeman. The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have each a place of worship here. The population of this chapelry has been decreasing for several years : in 1821 it contained 2,099 inhabitants, in 1831, 2,059, and in 1841, 2,015.
Marple and Marple Bridge, commonly called Upper and Nether Marple (Nether Marple, or Marple Bridge being in the county of Derby), form a chapelry in the parish of Stockport, about 5 miles e.s.e. from that town. Cotton spinning, bleaching and calico printing, are carried on to some extent in the chapelry and neighbourhood ; and upon the river Goyt are corn mills. Not far from the village is a noble aqueduct of three arches, which bestrides the river Mersey. A branch from the Peak Forest canal to Macclesfield was opened here on the 9th of November, 1831 ; it joins the Mersey canal at Lawton. Wyberslegh Hall, now a farm house, is notable as the birth-place of John Bradshaw, who was president of the high court of justice; that sentenced Charles I to the scaffold. In the register of Stockport church is birth is thus entered : 1602 John the Sonne of Henry Bradshaw, of Marple, was baptized the 10th of December. The probate copy of his will, which may still be seen at Marple Hall, contains a bequest of £700, to purchase an annuity for maintaining a free school at Marple: the changes with regard to property, brought about at the restoration, prevented this provision from being available: Henry Bradshaw, however, who survived his brother, founded a small school here, and endowed it with the interest of £100., which has since been augmented by other benefactions. Marple Hall is a noble old house, finely situated on the rise of a hill above the Goyt, and is, as well as Wyberslegh Hall, the property of the Isherwood family, descendants of President Bradshaw. The chapel of ease, here, was some years since rebuilt of stone, and the tower furnished with the old bells of Stockport church : the living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the rector of Stockport. The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have each a place of worship. The chapelry contained in 1831, 2,678 inhabitants and, in 1841, 3,462.
Two miles from Marple, in the parish of Stockport, is the village of Compstall Bridge, the inhabitants of which are, for the most part, employed in the cotton mills, and calico printing works. The Episcopal chapel of Saint Paul, and a meeting house each, for Primitive and Wesleyan Methodists, are the places of worship. Thirty or forty years ago Compstall consisted of only a few straggling cottages; but since the establishment of the cotton manufacture it has been gradually increasing - its population, now, amount to2,000 or upwards.
Ludworth is a joint township with Chisworth, in the parish of Glossop, about 9 miles n.w. by w. from Chapel-en-le-Frith, and about 3 miles n.n.n. from Mellor. The population of the joint township is, perhaps, about 1,000.
Romily is a township, also in the parish of Stockport, from which it is distant about four miles; situated on the hills bordering on the county of Derby. Chadkirk chapel is in this township, nearly opposite to Marple Hall; and there are places of worship for Independents and Wesleyan Methodists. The living of Romily, or Chadkirk, is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the rector of Stockport. The number of inhabitants, is 1831, was 1,290, and in 1841, 1,465,

POST OFFICE, Marple, Joseph Rowbottom, Post Master - Letters from all parts arrive every morning at a quarter past eight, and are despatched at half-past six in the evening.
POST OFFICE, Compstall Bridge, William Greaves, Post Master - Letters from all parts arrive (from Stockport) every morning at ten, and are despatched thereto at five in the afternoon.
POST OFFICE, Romily, Charles Ridgway, Post Master - Letters from all parts arrive (from Stockport) every morning at ten and are despatched thereto at five in the afternoon.

Andrew George, Esq. Green hill, Compstall Bridge
Armfield Mr. James, Mellor
Broom Mr. Robert, Strawberry hill, Mellor
Bruckshaw Joshua, Esq., Harryton
Dickson Rev. Thomas B., Marple
Freeman Rev. Matthew, Mellor
Haworth Ormrod, Esq., Oakwood Hall
lsherwood Thomas Bradshaw. Esq., Marple Hall
Lees Thos. Esq. Townscliff, Mellor
Moult Mr. Emanuel, Marple
Moult Mr. John, Mellor Hall
Moult Thomas Esq , Mellor Hall
Moult Mr. Thomas, jun. Mellor Hall
Newstead Rev.—, Hatherlow
Orford Thomas Esq. Marple
Potter Rev. Thos. G. Marple Bridge
Rodgers Rev. John, Compstall Bridge
Wright John. Esq., Brabins Hall
Boothroyd John, Marple
Goddard John (boarding and day), Marple
Infants' School, Compstall Bridge - Sarah Adshead, mistress
Jones James, Compstall Bridge
National School, Marple – Joshua Ernill, master
Martin Sarah, Marple Bridge
Warburton. John, Mellor
Eccles Aaron, Marple
Johnson William, Marple
Atkin Isaac, Marple
Watts Thomas (and accountant], Ludworth
Leighton John, Mellor
Taylor William, Marple
Taylor William, Marple Bridge
Yarwood Samuel (& spade maker), Ludworth
Hambleton George, Mellor
Stafford James, Mellor
Stafford Jesse, Mellor
Arnfield John, Mellor
Bagshaw George, Mellor
Barber Francis, Romily
Barker William, Marple Bridge
Beard William, Marple Bridge
Bowden Thomas, Marple
Fielding Henry, Marple
Glenn Thomas, Mellor
Goodwin Jesse, Marple
Gregory George, Compstall Bridge
Grindrod Joseph, Compstall Bridge
Hallam Joseph, Marple Bridge
Harrison David, Ludworth
Haworth Thomas, Romily
Jackson William, Romily
Jessop Joseph, Marple
Lydiate George, Compstall Bridge
Norbury Joseph, Marple
Petty Robert, Compstall Bridge
Pridmore John, Romily
Rathbone John, Marple Bridge
Renshaw Isaac, Ludworth
Shaw William, Compstall Bridge
Smith William, Marple
Stafford Jabez, Mellor
Swindells James, Marple
Wood James, Compstall Bridge
Ardern Robert, Marple Bridge
Bradbury James, Mellor
Greaves William, Compstall Bridge
Gregory James, Romily
Platt Thomas, Compstall Bridge
Pritchard John, Marple
Richardson James, Ludworth
Taylor Joseph, Marple
Turner Thomas, Mellor
Andrew Geo. & Sons, Compstall Bridge
Syddall Joseph Lawton, Chadkirk
Andrew George, Compstall Bridge
Jowett James & Jonathan, Compstall Bridge
Jowett Jonathan, Mellor
Marked this * are also Manufacturers of Cotton Goods
*Andrew George & Sons, Compstall Bridge
Brierley James & Samuel, Mellor
Clayton John & Co., Bottoms Mill, Mellor
Haworth Lawrence & Co., Oakwood Mill, Romily
Ratcliffe Samuel & Joseph, Mellor
*Shepley Robert & James, Marple
*Waller Thomas, jun. (and candlewick maker), Mellor
Walmsley Wm. & Charles, Marple
Marked thus * are also Drapers
Allen James, Marple
Ardern Robert, Marple Bridge
Arnfield John, Mellor
Axon Charles, Romily
Baxter Maria, Marple Bridge
Beard John, Mellor
Bond Swinlest, Compstall Bridge
Booth Henry, Romily
Booth Peter, Romily
Booth Sarah, Romily
Bowden Nathaniel, Marple
Bradbury Randle, Mellor
Braddock John R., Ludworth
*Bridge Elizabeth & Mary, Marple
Bridge George, Marple
*Coe Daniel, Marple
Cooke Ann, Ludworth
*Cooper John, Ludworth
Cooper Sarah, Mellor
Gee Betty, Marple Bridge
Gee Joseph, Marple
Hambleton Joel, Mellor
Hand ford John, Ludworth
Holden John Walter, Compstall Bridge
Hyde Ralph, Mellor
Jarratt Francis, Compstall Bridge
Kellsall Henry, Marple
Kirk John, Marple Bridge
Lowe Samuel, Romily
Marsland Robert, Marple
Norbury George, Marple
Oliver Samuel, Ludworth
Paulden David, Marple
Pearson John, Mellor
*Platt Joshua, Ludworth
Platt Thomas Compstall Bridge
Pollitt John, Romily
Ratcliffe Samuel, Mellor
Redfern William, Marple
Reece William, Roworth
Rogers George, Ludworth
*Rowbottom James, Marple
Saxon John, Compstall Bridge
Shallcross Thomas, Ludworth
Sheppard John, Marple
Smith Jeremiah, Ludworth
Smith William, Compstall Bridge
Thorneley Samuel, Mellor
Waine John, Marple
Walch Thomas, Compstall Bridge
Walker John, Compstall Bridge
Waller Thomas Mellor
Wardle Noah, Marple
Warhurst. Horatio, Ludworth
Watson Samuel, Romily
Willis George, Compstall Bridge
Wood Christopher, Marple
Wood James, Compstall Bridge
Woolley John, Compstall Bridge
Woolley Thomas, Romily
Bowden Robert, Marple
Lawton Jonas, Marple Bridge
Torkington Thomas, jun., Marple
Wareham William, Compstall Bridge
See under the head Grocers, &c
Bennett John, Ludworth
Fox Robert, Marple Bridge
Bowden Mary, Marple
Bowden Mary E., Ludworth
Colbeck Sarah, Ludworth
Davis Ann, Compstall Bridge
Goddard Ann, Marple Bridge
Kenyon Mary Ann, Ludworth
Sheldon Catherine, Marple
Wain Lydia, Ludworth
Ernhill Thomas, Mellor
Higginbottom William, Mellor
Holden Samuel, Ludworth
Stafford James, Mellor
Middleton Richard, Marple Bridge
Middleton Robert, Marple Bridge
Gee Danl. (& currier),Marple Bridge
Morris William, Marple
Bertram James, Romily
Pollitt Joseph, Romily
Swindells Alexander, Romily
Hibbert James, Lower Marple
Howe John, Marple
Tomlinson John, Mellor
Alien Thomas, Marple
Archer Thomas, Ludworth
Axon John, Romily
Axon Thomas, Romily
Davis William, Ludworth
Dawson James, Marple
Dawson Joseph, Marple
Gibbons Isaac, Marple Bridge
Howden Thomas, Mellor
Jackson James, Marple
Jackson John, Marple
Jackson Joseph, Marple
Jarratt Francis, Compstall Bridge
Longley William, Compstall Bridge
Mason Thomas, Marple
Oliver Abel, Ludworth
Richardson Solomon, Mellor
Ridgway John, Compstall Bridge
Walters George, Ludworth
Boat House, Thomas Bromiley, Romily
Bowling-green, Samuel Turner, Marple
Bull's Head, John Green, Marple
Church Inn, Thomas Woolley, Mellor
Commercial, John Saxon, Compstall Bridge
Craven Heifer, James Greaves, Romily
Crown, Thomas Brocklehurst, Marple
Devonshire Arms, Saml. Oldham, Mellor
Duke of Sussex, Henry Marsland, Mellor
Duke of York, James Chappel, Romily
Foresters Arms, George Booth, Romily
Fox, John Moult, Brookbottom, Mellor
Greyhound,Samuel Moles, Romily
Gun, James Hardle, Marple
Hare & Hounds, John Arnfield, Mellor
Hare & Hounds, Hannah Arrowsmith, Chadkirk
Hare & Hounds, Thomas Moors, Marple Bridge
Hare & Hounds, Phoebe Shaw, Rowarth
Horseshoe, John Wright, Marple Bridge
Jolly Sailor, Joseph Rowbottom, Marple
Junction Inn, Thomas Hyde, Roworth
Lamb Inn, Samuel Rowbottom, Mellor
Navigation, George Swain, Marple
Norfolk Arms, Elizabeth Cheetham, Marple Bridge
Oddfellows' Arms, John Fernaley,Whitle
Oddfellows' Arms, Abraham Heap, Mellor
Railway Inn, Robert Fox, Marple Bridge
Royal Oak, John Hambleton, Mellor
Shuttle, Sarah Dean, Ludworth
Sportsman's Arms, Joshua Rose, Mellor
Sportsman's Arms, Hannah Sidebotham, Marple
Spring Gardens, Caleb Warhurst, Ludworth
Stockdove, Joseph Bowker, Romily
Retailers of Beer.
Bennett Joseph, Marple
Booth Henry, Romily
Bowden Betty, Marple
Cooper John, Ludworth
Hibbert Joseph, Ludworth
Holden Samuel. Ludworth
Hyde Thomas, Mellor
Kirk John. Marple Bridge
Matley Samuel, Ludworth
Morris William, Marple
Pollitt John, Romily
Shore John, Marple
Storer Joshua, Mellor
Tunincliffe Thomas, Marple
Turner Thomas, Mellor
Tymver Joseph, Ludworth
Tymm Matthew, Bredbury
Watson Samuel, Romily
Wyatt Joseph, Marple
Broadhurst Samuel, Marple
Longson James, Marple
Moreton John, Marple
Sleigh Henry, Marple Bridge
Buck Henry, tinman, Marple Bridge
Clayton John & Co. lime burners, Marple
Ernill Joshua, registrar of births and deaths, Marple
Fielding William, collector, Marple
Frith William, boat builder, Marple Hall
Thomas, waste dealer, Mellor
Hartwell John, bleacher, Roworth
Hyde Thomas, gun maker, Marple
Larkin John, clog and patten maker, Compstall Bridge
Lee Robert, tinman, tinman, Ludworth
Mitchell Isaac, millwright, Ludworth
Ollerenshaw William, stone mason, Mellor
Osbaldeston Samuel, cow leech, Marple
Pickford Randal, hair dresser, Compstall Bridge
Ridgway Charles, seedsman, Romily
Rogers Peter, county police constable, Marple
Ryle John Worthington, hatter, Romily
Shuttleworth John, clog and patten mkr., Compstall Bridge
Stafford Simeon, stone mason, Mellor
Stanney William, waste dealer,Ludworth
Saint James' Episcopal Chapel, Mellor -Rev. Matthew Freeman.
All Saints' Episcopal Chapel, Marple - Rev. Thomas B. Dickson.
Saint Paul’s' Episcopal Chapel, Compstall Bridge—Rev. John Rodger.
Independent chapel, Romily.
Calvinist chapel, Marple Bridge - Rev. Thomas G. Potter.
Wesleyan Methodist chapels, Mellor; Marple; Compstall Budge, and Romily.
Primitive Methodist chapels, Mellor and Compstall Bridge.
New Connexion Methodist Chapel, Mellor.
Calling at the Jolly Sailor, Marple.
To MANCHESTER, a Coach, from New Mills, every morning at nine.
To NEW MILLS, the Royal Mail, from Stockport, every morning at a quarter past eight,and a Coach, from Manchester, every evening at seven.
To STOCKPORT, the Royal Mail every evening at half-past six, and a Coach, from New Mills, every morning at nine.
The nearest Station is at Stockport, on the Manchester & Birmingham section of the London and North-Western railway, 7 miles w. from Mellor
There are daily conveyances to Stockport, as above stated.
To MANCHESTER, John Hall, from Mellor, and Henry Kelsall, from Marple, Tuesday and Friday.
To STOCKPORT, John Hall, John Handforth, Edward Stanney and James Bowden, from Mellor, and Henry Kelsall, from Marple, Friday.


NEW MILLS is an extensive hamlet, in the parish of Glossop, in the hundred of High Peak; 6 miles n.w. from Chapel-en-le-Frith, nearly 8 s.e. from Stock port, and 14 s.s.e. from Manchester - pleasantly situated on the confines of Derbyshire and Cheshire. This is a place of modern date, having within a comparatively few years risen to importance in the manufacturing district - cotton spinning being carried on here to a considerable extent, affording employment to numerous persons. The factories are, in a great measure, hid from public view in passing through the village being built at the foot of the stream, under high towering rocks. Good house coal, as well as other kinds for the purpose of machinery, is obtained in the vicinity. The village is built chiefly on a stone quarry, but the soil in many parts is fertile, producing good crops of wheat and potatoes. New Mills was originally known as Bowden-Middle-Call, and comprised seven hamlets : about a century ago it was subdivided – three of the hamlets were attached to Hayfield, and the other four, Beard, Olerset, Whitle and Thornsett, were formed into a township. A new mill was then erected for the use of the inhabitants, upon the river Kinder, and the name of New Mills was, in consequence, conferred on the four before-mentioned hamlets.
The places of worship are, a district church, erected some few years since, and chapels for Independents, Primitive Methodists, those of the Old Connexion and Warrenites, and Roman Catholics. The church, dedicated to Saint George, is a handsome stone edifice, in the Gothic style: the cost of its erection amounted to about £3,500., of which sum £2,500, were granted by the church commissioners, and the ground for its site was given by Lord George Cavendish: the living is a perpetual curacy, in the presentation of the vicar of Glossop. A charity school, for the gratuitous instruction of nine poor children, is in the hamlet of Whitle; and there is an allotment of land for the support of another school. Fairs, for cattle, are held May 11th and October 22nd. In 1831 the population of the hamlets comprised in New Mills was 3,538, and by the returns for 1841, 3,591.
Disley, or Distley, anciently spelt Dystelegh-Stanlegh is a village and chapelry, in the hundred of Macclesfield and parish of Stockport (Cheshire), about six miles s.e. from the latter town, In the time of Edward I, Disley was held by Jordan de Dystelegh, and a hamlet, on the north side, by Grym de Stanlegh - hence the compound modern appellation of Disley-Stanley. The situation of the village is very pleasant, on the immediate borders of Derbyshire, upon the high road to Derby. Several cotton spinning and printing works are in the neighbourhood. Saint Mary's chapel here was rebuilt in 1558, and has been subsequently enlarged and repaired at three different periods. The tower, which is of stone, contains a peal of six bells, and the chancel window some beautiful specimens of heraldic stained glass. The living of Disley is a perpetual curacy, of which Thomas Legh, Esquire, is the patron: Lyme Hall, the seat of this gentleman, is about two miles hence. The population of the chapelry, in 1831. was 2.037. and in 1841, 2,191.

POST, New Mills, James Fielding, Receiver. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Stockport) every morning at nine, and are despatched thereto at six in the evening,
POST, Disley, Charles Atkinson, Receiver. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Stockport) daily at twelve noon, and are despatched .thereto, at. half-past two in the afternoon.

Adshead Mr. Elisha, Disley Hall
Barnes Mr. John, Torr top, New Mills
Bennett Richard, Esq., New Mills
Bridge Mrs. Felicia, New Mills
Collins Rev. Geo. Joseph, New Mills
Fell Mr. Jacob. New Mills
Hancock Mr. William, Disley
Legh Thomas. Esq. Lyme Hall, Disley
Orford Thos. Esq , High lane, Disley
Ralston Mr. James, Disley
Ratcliffe Mr. Robert (attorney), New Mills
Rigg Rev. John, New Mills
Scully Rev. Michael, New Mills
Simon Rev. Samuel, New Mills
Taylor Mr. John, New Mills
Turner William Henry, Esq. Lower Cliff
Wilson Rev. Noble, New Mills
Yates Mrs. Sarah, Rock Cottage, New Mills
Armstrong Margaret, New Mills
Fleming Edward, Mohole, Disley
Hadfield Robert, New Mills
Higginbottom Elizabeth, New Mills
National School, Disley – Isaac Brunt, master; Mary Ann Brunt, mistress
National School, New Mills - Francis Fox, master
Smith John, New Mills
Wesleyan Day School, New Mills - William Dixon, master
Williams Edward, Thornsett
Dixon John, Disley
Moseley George, New Mills
Lomas John, Disley
Pearson George, New Mills
Waterhouse Charles, New Mills
Whyatt John, New Mills
Brown Thomas, Spinner bottom
Hartwell John, Roworth
Boam Henry, Disley
Brown Samuel, New Mills
Burton John, New Mills
Gregory George, New Mills
Hague Benjamin, New Mills
Livesley John, New Mills
Marsland John, Disley
Randles William, New Mills
Taylor James, New Mills
Wheatley Samuel, New Mills
Wild Thomas, Disley
Hall Samuel, New Mills
M'Rae George, New Mills
Broome Abraham, New Mills
Broome Joseph, New Mills
Coates John, New Mills
Collier James, New Mills
Sidebottom James, New Mills
Sidebottom Joseph, New Mills
Taylor James, Disley
Bennett Joseph, Garrison and 7 Charlotte Street, Manchester
Buchan & Welch, Furness, Disley
Ingham James, New Mills and 35 (late 45) York St, Manchester
Strines Printing Co., Strines near Marple
Yates John & Charles, Rock Mill Print Works
Brown & Shipley, New Mills
Fielding James, New Mills
Hibbert Robert, New Mills
Thornley John, New Mills
Wharmby George, New Mills
Chadwick Margaret, Disley
Froggatt Thomas, New Mills
Godward John, New Mills
Lynn Joseph, New Mills
Stafford Joseph, Hague Bar Mill
Hibbert & Alcock, New Mills
Sidebottom & Kenworthy, New Mills
Slater Leigh, Grove Mill, Disley
Vickers Archibald (manufr.), Disley
Ralston James, Disley
Ready Saml. Wellington, New Mills
Thompson James, New Mills
(See also Shopkeepers &c)
Berry James, New Mills
Bridge Charles, New Mills
Fielding James, New Mills
Heaton William, New Mills
Ollerenshaw, Edward, Disley
Sidebottom Jas. (& druggist), New Mills
Warren Peter, New Mills
Arnfield John, New Mills
Bates Joseph, Roworth
(See also Taverns & Public Houses.)
Crown, Richard Brayne, New Mills
George, Geo. Moseley, New Mills
Ham's Head, Chas. Atkinson, Disley
Swan With Two Necks, Jordan Bradbury, Disley
White Lion, John Dixon, Disley
Bagshaw Joseph, New Mills
Mullany John (& nail manufacturer), New Mills
Poyser Elizabeth, New Mills
Warren Joseph, New Mills
Hibbert Thomas, New Mills
Howard Samuel, Disley
Redfern George, New Mills
Waterhouse John, New Mills
Arnfield John, New Mills
Fielding James, New Mills
Gregory George, New Mills
Hibbert Joseph, Disley
O'Hara Thomas, New Mills
Sidebottom James New Mills
Warren Peter, New Mills
Kinner Ann, New Mills
M'Rae Elizabeth, New Mills
Rothwell Ann, New Mills
Allsop Joseph, New Mills
Kimer Edward, New Mills
Metcalfe James Pearson, Disley
Wright Joseph, New Mills
Pearson George, New Mills
Platt John, Disley
Wheatley Edward, New Mills
Ardern Mary, New Mills
Bailey Isaac, Disley
Beard John, New Mills
Boam Henry, Disley
Bradbury David, New Mills
Chadwick Thomas, New Mills
Chapman Thomas, Disley
Collier James, New Mills
Crowther Ann, New Mills
Crowther John, New Mills
Foster Benjamin, Disley
Green Joseph, New Mills
Hallam Thomas, Disley
Hibbert Charles, Hague bar
Hibbert James, Hague bar
Higginbottom Martha, Hague bar
Howard James. Disley
Howard Jonathan, New Mills
Johnson Henry, New Mills
Johnson Henry, jun. New Mills
Lee James, New Mills
Melling Mary, New Mills
Norbury George, High lane, Disley
Sheldon Matthew, New Mills
Simister James, Disley
Thorpe John, Disley
Warren Peter, New Mills
Waterhouse Joseph, New Mills
White John, New Mills
Wilkinson Christopher, New Mills
Brelsford Isaac, Disley
Brelsford James, Disley
Mason Robert, New Mills
Pott Thomas, Hague bar
Ramsbotham William, New Mills
Turner John, Disley
M'Rae Elizabeth, New Mills
Mason Maria, New Mills
Summers John, New Mills
Waterhouse Susanna, New Mills
Jackson Thomas Richard, New Mills
Moseley John Micah, Thornsett
Burton Benjamin, New Mills
Fletcher George, Disley
Hibbert James, New Mills
Hibbert Joseph, Disley
Hibbert Joseph, New Mills
Higginbotham William, New Mills
Hulton Nathan, New Mills
Johnson Richard, Disley
Kimer Thomas New Mills
Longson William, New Mills
Murray Michael, New Mills
Simpson Chadwick, Disley
Wild Samuel, Thornsett
Bull's Head, Jas. Lomas,High lane, Disley
Bull's Head, Thomas Thorp, New Mills'
Cock, James Sidebottom, New Mills
Dog & Partridge, John Pearson, New Mills
Fox, James Moult, Brook bottom
Grapes. John Bates, New Mills
Green Man, Joseph Joule, Hague bar
Hare and Hounds, John Frost, New Mills
Little Mill Inn, Thomas Nield, Roworth
Masons' Arms, Martha Hibbert, New Mills
Printers' Arms, Thos. Harrison,Thornsett
Red Lion, Wm. Ardern, High lane, Disley
Ring of Bells, Mary Holdgate, Disley
Soldier Dick, Samuel Bowers, Furness
White Hart, Mary Harrison, New Mills
White Horse Jas. Pearson Metcalfe, Disley
Fairail Samuel. Disley
Gill James, New Mills
Broadhurst Thos. High lane, Disley
Holdgate Thomas, Disley
Newton Thomas, Thornsett
Thomas William, Thornsett
Ardern Mary, confectioner, New Mills
Ardern Thomas, beer retailer, Disley
Booth James, beer retailer, New Mills
Bradbury Charles, iron founder, New Mills
Clayton Joseph, tanner and currier, New Mills
Collier Robert, bookseller and printer, New Mills
Crossley John, whitesmith, New Mills
Disley Mutual Improvement Society
Faulkner John, town crier, New Mills
Goodman John, hydropathist, Disley,
Hibbert John, druggist. New Mills
Houlton Nathan,clothes dealer, New Mills
Ingham James,woollen draper,New Mills
Johnson John, waste dealer, New Mills
Lee James, beer retailer, New Mills
Lloyd Charles, hair dresser, New Mills
M'Laughlin Peter, land steward, Disley
Police Station, Disley - William Jackson, district constable
Pott Thomas, beer retailer. Hague bar
Robinson William, clog &patten maker, New Mills
Simister Robert, baker, New Mills
Smale Wm. Latham, baker, New Mills
Sugden Robert Bate, clog and patten maker, New Mills
Taylor John, land surveyor, Highfield
Turner George, cooper. New Mills
Saint George's Church, New Mills - Rev. John Rigg incumbent
Saint Mary's Church, Disley – Rev. Noble Wilson, incumbent
Independent Chapel, New Mills - Rev. Samuel Simon
Wesleyan Chapel, New Mills
Primitive Methodist Chapel, New Mills
Warrenites Chapel, New Mills.
Roman catholic chapel, New Mills - Rev. John Joseph Collins and Rev. Michael Sculley, priests
Workhouse, Olersett.
Master - John Ratcliffe
Matron - Hannah Ratcliffe
Surgeon - Thomas Richard Jackson
Chaplain - Rev. John Rigg
Clerk to the Board of Guardians - John Slater
Relieving Officer - George Lomas, Disley
Superintendent Registrar - John Slater, Olersett Hall
Registrar of Births and Deaths for Hayfield District - George Lomas, Lisley
To BUXTON, several Coaches (from Manchester), pass through Disley,every morning and evening during the Summer season
To CHAPEL-EN-LE-FRITH, a Coach (from Manchester), passes through Disley, every evening (Sundays excepted), at half-past six
To DERBY, the Royal Mail (from Manchester), passes through Disley, every day at twelve; goes through Buxton, Matlock, &c.
To HAYFIELD, the Royal Mail (from Stockport), calls at the Post Office, New Mills, every morning at nine
To MANCHESTER, the Royal Mail (from Derby), passes through Disley every afternoon at half-past two; the Royal Mail (from Hayfield), calls at the Post Office, New Mills, every evening at six, and a Coach, from the Dog and Partridge, New Mills, every morn. (Sun. excepted) at half-past eight.
In addition to the above, several Coaches run between Manchester and Buxton during the Summer season, passing through Disley
The nearest Station is at Stockport between seven and eight miles from New Mills, on the London and North-Western Line.
There are several Conveyances to Stockport dally, as above stated, under, Manchester.
To MANCHESTER, John Barber, from New Mills, Tuesday and Friday
To STOCK PORT, Martha Wild, Joel Barber, and John Bingham, from New Mills, Friday
To MANCHESTER and forward goods to almost All Parts Of England, the Peak Forest Canal Company, from their Wharf, Disley, daily - Robert Bennett, wharfinger.


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