Post Office Derbyshire Directory 1849
Entries for the Glossop area.


Glossop is a large parish, Union, market-town, and railway station, distant 13 miles east from Manchester, 7½ east from Ashton, 30 north-west from Sheffield, and 201¼ miles from London by Manchester, and 207 by Sheffield, in the Hundred of High Peak and Union of Glossop, diocese of Lichfield. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of the Duke of Norfolk; the Rev. Christopher Howe, incumbent.: the Rev. John Stone, B.A., curate. The church of All Saints is a neat and substantial building, the body was rebuilt about 1836, with a spire containing 6 bells. There are two Dissenting chapels, namely, for Wesleyans and Warrenites, and a Roman Catholic church. The gentlemen’s seats are Glossop Hall, the occasional residence of the Duke of Norfolk, and Lees Hall, occupied by Mr. Hadfleld. The market day is on Tuesday; the fairs are held on the 6th of May for cattle and pedlary. Here are several extensive cotton manufactories, also calico printing establishments and paper makers. The Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire railway company have erected a handsome station. The population, in 1841, for Glossop, was about 6,000. The parish contains the hamlets of Hadfield, Padfield, Whitfield, Charlesworth, Simmondley, Dinting, Chunall or Chunat, Ludworth, and Chisworth. The land is partly moor and pasturage. The Duke of Norfolk is lord of the manor. There are charities of £42 annual value distributed in money and clothing to the poor inhabitants of Glossop. The magistrates meet once a fortnight in the Town-hall, which, with the Market-house, was erected in 1845, and is a very commodious building. There is a County court, which has jurisdiction over the neighbouring villages. A National school has been erected, and likewise a Wesleyan school.
Charlesworth is a hamlet in the parish of Glossop, distant 3 miles south-west of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, Union of Glossop ; the parish contains 1,450 acres; the population, in 1841, was 1,732. It is 2 miles from Mottram station, which is the nearest to Manchester. Here is a Dissenting chapel. The population are employed in the cotton mills, candlewick factories, and machine works.
Chisworth is a hamlet in the parish of Glossop, distant 4 miles south-west from Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, Union of Glossop, containing 844 acres. Here are some cotton mills.
Chunall, or Chunat, is a hamlet in the parish of Glossop, distant 2 miles south of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, Union of Glossop. The population, in 1841, was 111; acreage 885.
Dinting is a hamlet in the parish of Glossop, distant 1 mile west of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, Union of Glossop. The population, in 1841, was 387; the parish contains 586 acres. Here is a railway station 11¾ miles from Manchester. Messrs. Potter have calico printing works, and Messrs. Oliver a paper mill.
Hadfield, a township and large village on the borders of Yorkshire, distant 2 miles west-north-west of Glossop,in the Hundred of High Peak, Union of Glossop. The parish contains 357 acres; the population, in 1841, was 1,409. It is 1 mile from the Dinting station on the Manchester and Sheffield railway. This, like the other places around Glossop, has several cotton mills, in which the population are employed.
Ludworth is a large hamlet in the parish of Glossop, distant 5 miles south-west of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, Union of Glossop.
Padfield is a hamlet in the parish of Glossop, distant 1½ miles north-west of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak and Union of Glossop. The population, in 1841, was 1,656; the hamlet contains 643 acres. The population are employed in the cloth, thread, and cotton yarn works and paper mills.
Simmondley is a hamlet near the Manchester and Sheffield railway, distant 2 miles south-west of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, and parish and Union of Glossop. The hamlet contains 989 acres; the population, in 1841, was 592.
Whitfield is a hamlet and chapelry in the parish of Glossop, distant 1 mile south of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, Union of Glossop, diocese of Lichfield. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the Crown the Rev. John Teague, B.A., is the incumbent. The church, dedicated to St. James, is a very handsome building recently erected. There are two Dissenting chapels, viz., Presbyterian and Methodist, and a Free school for boys and girls, endowed by Joseph Hague, Esq. The population, in 1841 was 3,044; the hamlet contains 1,577 acres. The Duke of Norfolk is lord of the manor. Here are cotton and paper mills and stone quarries.


Fauvel Rev. Theodore
Howe Rev. Christopher [vicar], Vicarage house
Howe Mr. Rowland,Vicarage house
MacKenny Rev. Benjamin
Shepley Mr. Robert
Stone Rev. John, B.A. [curate], Rose green
Teague Rev. J. B.A. [perpetual curate to the New church, Whitfield], Mill town
Wood John, sen. esq. Howard town

Ashton John, draper, Howard town
Ashworth John, joiner, Rose green
Atkinson John, draper, Howard town
Band Charles, beer retailer, Mill town
Barber Owen, barber, Howard town
Beresford & Co. cotton spinners
Bottom Joseph, beer retailer, Howard town
Booth John, chemist&druggist,Howard town
Booth John, boot & shoe maker
Booth John, clogger, Howard town
Bowden Jonathan, joiner, Howard town
Bowers Wm., shopkeeper, Howard town
Bramhall William, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Knott’s mill
Bramwells John & James, shopkeepers, Howard town
Brooks Jonathan, miller & farmer
Clark John, boot & shoe ma., Howard tn
Clayton William, policeman, Howard tn
Coe James, draper, Howard town
Collier James, Commercial inn
Collier Samuel (exors.), shopkeepers, Howard town
Collier Thomas, grocer, glass & china warehouse, Howard town
Cooper James, shopkeeper & farmer
Cook John, shopkeeper, Mill town
Davenport John, farmer
Darwent Nathan, beer retailer
Deakin — ,shopkeeper, Howard town
Davis Mrs. seminary, Howard town
Dewsnap Joseph, waste dlr. Howard tn
Dewsnap Valentine, tailor, Howard tn
Downs Peter Emanuel, surgeon, Rose gn
Doxon Simion, boot & shoe ma. Rose grn
Dudsbury Joseph, joiner, Howard town
Dyas Edward, cabinet ma. Howard tn
Ellison Michael, steward to the Duke, Glossop hall
Fielding George, shopkeeper
Fielding George, watch ma. Howard tn
Fielding John, joiner, Howard town
Fielding Thomas, butcher, Howard tn
Ford John, sheet wadding ma. Thread ml
Frost George, shopkeeper & farmer, Howard town
Greaves Benjamin, blacksmith & iron-monger, Howard town
Goddard Wm. Shopkeeper, Howard town
Hadfield Charles, “Hare & Hounds”
Hadfield Mrs. Ellen, beer retailer
Hadfield John, cotton spinner, Cowbrook mill
Hadfield Samuel, shoemaker, Mill town
Hall Francis, tailor
Hall John, tailor, Howard town
Hampson John & Joseph, grocers, Howard town
Hampson Jordan, beer retailer, Mill tn
Hampson Joseph, “RoyalOak” & farmer, Woodcock road
Hardman James, shoemaker, Howard tn
Harrop Thos. beer retailer, Howard tn
Higginbottom John, Station inn, Howard town
Higginbottom Joseph, plumber & glazier, Howard, town
Hawksworth Jsph., Ironmngr. Howard tn
Higginbottom Samuel, grocer, auctioneer & appraiser, Howard town
Higginbottom Thos. Queen's Arms inn
Higginbottom William, tin plate worker, Howard town
Holroyd Mathew, brush maker, Howard town
Howard Wardlow William, surgeon, Howard town
Hunt William, surgeon, Cowbrook
Jackson Abraham, cotton spnr. Shepley ml
Jackson Michael, shopkeeper, Rose grn
Jackson William, surgeon, Mill town
Judson Randell, saddler, Howard town
Kelsall William, saddler, Howard town
Kinder John, chemist & druggist, Howard town
Lawton Caleb, tin plate worker
Lawton James, shopkeeper, Mill town
Lawton John, tin plate worker, Mill tn
Leigh Thomas, cotton spinner
Lee Isiah, shopkeeper
Longden John, butcher, Hall lane
Longston Robert, draper, Shepley mill
Massey Daniel, shopkeeper, Mill town
Melbourne & Roberts, cotton manufacturers, Cross cliffe, Mill town
Nattrass Wm. basket ma. Howard tn
Newton Mrs. Mary, Greyhound inn
Oates Joseph, post office, auctioneer & appraiser, & inspector of weights & measures, Howard town
Ollerenshaw James, surveyor of highways, Howard town
Ollerenshaw John, shopkeeper, Howard tn
Peace James, farmer, Mosey lee
Pickford James, “Bull’s Head” & farmer
Platt George, butcher, Howard town
Potts John, beer retailer & butcher, Howard town
Roberts Mrs. Ann, mistress to Natnl. schl
Roberts Samuel, master to Natnl. schl
Robinson George, furniture broker & paperhanger, Howard town
Robinson Miss Jane, shopkpr. Howard tn
Robinson John, clothier & farmer, Chunall
Robinson Jsph. woollen drpr. Howard tn
Robinson Samuel, grocer, Howard tn
Roe Samuel, joiner, Rose green
Rowbottom James, farmer, Lane head
Schofield Charles, printer stationer, Howard town
Schofield James, butcher, Hall lane
Schofield Jas., Shopkeeper, Woodcock rd
Schofield John, butcher, Hall lane
Schofield John, beer retailer, Rose grn.
Schofield Joseph, butcher, Howard tn
Sellars John, master to Wesleyan schl
Shaw Mrs. Ann, grocer, Howard town
Shepley Robert & James, cotton spinners & manufacturers
Shepley Saml. leather cutter, Howard tn
Shepley Samuel, ironmongr. Howard tn
Sincock Joshua, earthenware dealer, Howard town
Smith William, grocer & corn dealer, Howard town
Stafford John, shoemaker, Howard tn
Stocks John, shopkeeper, Mill town
Storey John, joiner, Howard town
Swindall Thos. confectioner, Howard tn
Swires Thomas, clogger, Howard town
Thompson Edward William, solicitor, deputy coroner, clerk to the magistrates, clerk to County court, & clerk to turnpike road, Howard town
Thorpe George, carpenter
Tomlinson William, chemist & druggist, Howard town
Turner James, barber, Howard town
Wadsworth William, tailor, Howard tn
Wagstaffe Aaron. shopkpr. Corn Ml. Bdg
Wagstaffe Mrs. Maria, Norfolk Arms inn, commercial posting house, Howard town Wagstaffe Robert, painter, Howard tn
Wagstaffe Samuel, Howard's Arms inn, Howard town
Wagstaffe Thomas, butcher,Howard tn
Walker William & Joseph, cotton spinners, Rose Green mills
Webb William, draper, Howard town
Wilson Joseph, shopkeeper & carrier, Shepley mill
Williamson George, shpkpr. Howard tn
Winterbottom Edwin,butcher, Howard tn
Winterbottom Robert, parish clerk
Wolfenden Thomas, clothier, Mill town
Wood John, jun. & Brothers, cotton spinners & manufacturers, Howard Town mills
Wood Charles, draper, Howard town
Wood Geo. shoema. Corn Mill bridge
Wood Robert, tailor & draper, Howard tn
Wormald Joshua, shoema, Howard tn
Wreaks Peacock Thomas, chemist & druggist, Howard town
Wrigley Thomas, tailor, Howard town
Wyatt Joseph, farmer, Blackshaw

Post Office. - Joseph Oates, postmaster. Letters arrive by mail cart from Manchester ½ past 8 a.m. dispatched ½ past 1 p.m. by rail to Manchester, arrive 5 p.m. by rail from Manchester, dispatched ½ past 5 p.m. by mail cart through Manchester to London. Also a bag from Ashton, arrive ½ past 8 a.m. dispatched ½ past 5 p.m
Manchester & Liverpool Sub-District Banking Company, Howard town (Samuel Bolton Tomlins, esq. manager); draw upon Messrs. Smith, Payne & Smith, London. Hours of attendance from 10 to 1 on Saturdays
County Court, Glossop district comprises the following townships and places: Glossop, Rose green, Howard town, Hadfield, Woolley bridge, Brookfield, Longdendale, Waterside, Whitfield, Littlemore, Freetown, Green vale, Wren Nest, Charlestown, Chunal, Simmondley, Charlesworth, Gamesley, Dinting, Dinting vale, Chisworth, Ludworth, Marple bridge, Compstall road, Longhurst lane, Mellor, Mellor Moor end, Hayfield, Little Hayfield, Great Hamlet, Phoside, Kinder, & Rowarth. Office for entering plaints against parties resident in this district is at Howard town, Glossop. Edward William Thompson, clerk of the court; Joseph St. John Yates, judge, private residence, Victoria place, Manchester; Charles Hibbert, bailiff, Ashton-under- Lyne. All plaints must be entered at the office of the clerk of the Court, in time to enable the summonses to be served 10 clear days before the Court day
Railway - Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire

Adamson Rev. John
Beard John, shopkeeper
Beard Joseph, wheelwright
Bennett Joseph & John, blacksmiths
Bennett Joseph, “Horse Shoe”
Booth James & Brothers, brass & iron-founders, carding, spinning & weaving machine manufacturers, Little fld.
Booth George, grocer
Booth Mrs. Martha, “White Hart”
Bowden Jn. cotton spinner, Coombs ml
Bradbury John, joiner & beer retailer
Brocklehurst George, “Grey Mare”
Burdikin John, candlewick & wadding manufacturer, Wood seats
Cooper Moses, boot & shoe maker
Goddard Samuel, butcher
Harrison John & James, farmers
Higginbottom James, “Bull's Head”
Jackson James, shopkeeper
Marsden Robert, beer retailer
Marsland Samuel, cotton spinner, Best Hill mill
Moss Arthur, draper
Platt Robert, beer retailer
Rowbottom Joseph, beer retailer
Shepley Joseph, tanner
Shepley Thomas; beer retailer
Thornley William, beer retailer
Waller Ralph & Co. cotton spinners
Letters are received through Glossop

Booth John & Geo. cotton waste dealers
Booth Ralph, shopkeeper
Brierley Henry, farmer
Cooper Joseph & Joe, cotton spinners, Chew Wood mill
Cooper Joseph, cotton spinner, Hole House mills
Harrison Jas. Globe inn, & shopkeeper
Jubb Charles, shopkeeper
Rowbottom David, farmer
Rowbottom John, sen. beer retailer
Rowbottom John, jun. New Inn
Rowbottom Moses, farmer
Swindells George, beer retailer
Thornaly John, jun. coal proprietor
Letters are received through Glossop

Bennett Samuel, Plough inn
Garlick Joseph, farmer
Hague William, farmer
Hoyland James, nail maker
Oliver Samuel, paper manufacturer, Hollingworth, & Dinting mill
Platt John, carrier
Platt Thomas, shopkeeper
Potter Edmund & Co, calico printers; warehouse, 20 Mosley st. Manchester
Rhodes John, Viaduct, inn, & farmer
Letters are received through Glossop
Carrier to Manchester - John Platt, tues. thurs. & sat. returns same days

Marsden Rev. Geo. [Wesleyan minister]
Barlow Mrs. Mary, beer retailer
Bond John, beer retailer
Bradbury William, shopkeeper
Bragg Richard, Commercial inn
Crowther Saville, shopkeeper
Garlick John, Anchor inn
Harrison Thomas, beer retailer
Hill Benjamin, Spinners Arms inn
Lee James, skewer & bobbin manufacturer
Lees Henry, cotton spinner
Newton Richard, butcher
Normanton John, shopkeeper
Platt William, Thomas & Edward, cotton spinners, doublers & manufacturers, Hadfield lodge
Shepley Samuel, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Brookfield mill
Sykes Jn. “Spread Eagle” Woolley bdg
Sykes Mrs. Mary, beer retailer, Woolley bridge
Warhurst James, joiner
Warhurst Thomas, shopkeeper
Wood Samuel, hatter
Woodcock Joseph, shopkpr. Brookfield
Letters are received through Glossop

Andrews George esq., Compstall
Bardesley Robert & Henry, waste dlrs
Barmley Richard, butcher
Baxter Mrs, Maria, shopkeeper
Bennett James, beer retailer
Bradley Charles, farmer
Bradshaw John, shopkeeper
Brousham Robert, farmer
Chapell Thomas, farmer
Cheetham Mrs. Elizth. “Norfolk Arms”
Close Daniel, blacksmith
Cooper Mrs. Betty, farmer
Cooper John, Rock tavern & horse dir
Cooper Thomas, shopkeeper
Cook Samuel, shopkeeper
Dane Mrs. Sarah, Shuttle inn
Fox George, Boat inn
Gee Samuel, shopkeeper
Gee Joseph, farmer
Hamilton John, Church inn
Harrison David, shopkeeper
Harrison Moses, farmer
Higgenbottom James, shopkeeper
Higgenbottom Thomas, beer retailer
Holding Samuel, beer retailer
Howard Bernard, farmer
Jowett James & Jonathan, coal merchts
Kirk John, beer retailer & corn mercht
Middleton Richard, plumber & glazier
Middleton Robert, shopkeeper
Mitchell Isaac, shopkeeper, Compstall rd
Oliver Samuel, shopkeeper
Platt Ralph, beer retailer
Richardson James, shopkeeper
Ridgeway John, joiner & builder
Stafford James, shopkeeper
Taylor William, blacksmith
Tymm Joseph, beer retailer
Walker John, beer retailer
Warhurst Caleb, Spring Garden tavern
Wild John,farmer
Wood John, farmer
Wright John, Horse Shoe inn
Letters are received thro Stockport

Rusby Mrs. Padfield lodge
Barber John & Brothers, cloth & thread manufacturers
Broadbent Abraham, cotton yarn doubler & warp manufacturer
Cook James, shopkeeper
Crossland John, farmer, Deep clough
Endry John, Railway Company inn, Wood head
Fielding Charles, Odd Fellows' inn
Frost George, farmer, Deep clough
Hadfield Mrs. Sarah, beer retailer
Hyde Robert John, farmer
Lees Samuel, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Brook mill
Newton Joseph, farmer, Torside
Roberts Joshua, farmer
Siddell John, beer retailer
Siddell Joseph, shopkeeper
Sidebottom John, William & James, cotton spinners & manufacturers; warehouse, 7 Cleveland buildings, Manchester
Stubbs Joseph, farmer
Turner John, farmer, Tor side
Turner Thomas, paper maker, Tor side
Letters are received through Glossop

Hadfield Joseph, esq. Lees hall
Bennett Randall, farmer
Buckley William, butcher
Dewsnap Moses, beer retailer
Ollerenshaw Samuel, Angel inn
Patchett George, Drovers inn
Shaw James, farmer
Shaw John, Commercial inn
Letters are received through Glossop

Ball John, schoolmaster
Beeley John, farmer
Beever James, shopkeeper
Bennett George, shopkeeper
Bennett Thomas, shopkeeper & butcher
Braddock Thomas, shopkeeper
Dewsnap Joshua, beer retailer
Dyson David, butcher
Farrand Joseph, shopkeeper
Ford John, paper maker
France John, butcher
Garlick John, grocer
Garlick Thomas, Junction inn
Garside Thomas, farmer
Hadfield John, boot & shoe maker
Hadfield Joseph Rose, parish clerk
Hampson George, beer retailer
Hampson John, farmer
Higginbottom Anthony, shopkeeper
Hollingworth Joseph, Albion inn
Hollingworth Thomas, butcher
Howard John, beer retailer
Howard Joseph, cotton spinner & farmer, Bridgefield mill
Jones Henry, surgeon
Kershaw Samuel & Co. cotton spinners, paper makers & wool carders, Turn Lee mills, Charles town
Kershaw John, cotton spinner, Hurst mill
Lawton Wm. butcher & shopkeeper
Millbourne & Roberts, cotton spinners
Neild Dan, butcher & farmer
Neild Joseph, boot & shoe maker
Pennington Levi, pawnbroker
Robinson James, beer retailer
Rowbottom Abraham, shopkeeper
Sheppard Robert, farmer
Smithies Henry, shopkeeper
Stirke Henry, solicitor
Sumner Francis, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Wren nest mills ; warehouse, 86a Mosley st. Manchester
Sutcliffe Isaac, shopkeeper
Sykes Jerry, shopkeeper
Thornally Robert, shopkeeper
Thornley Robert, butcher
Wagstaffe Robert, stone quarries
Warhurst Timothy, joiner & timber merchant
Waterhouse John, shopkeeper
Wilkinson Joseph, shopkeeper
Woodcock Joseph, Globe inn
Woodcock Paul,,shopkeeper
Letters are received through Glossop


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