Pigot's Directory of Derbyshire 1828-9
Entries for the Marple, Disley and Longdendale areas.

MARPLE, about 5 miles e.s.e. from Stockport, is a chapelry in that parish, in the hundred of Macclesfield. Wyberslegh hall, now a farm house, is noted as the birth place of the notorious John Bradshaw, who was president of the high court of justice which condemned King Charles I. In the registers of Stockport church his birth is thus entered: “1602, John the Sonne of Henry Bradshaw, of Marple, was baptized the 10th of December.” In the margin is the word traitor, with a line under it. It is said the following prophetic lines were written by this staunch adherent to republican principles, on a stone in the church-yard of Macclesfield:
My brother Henry must heir the land,
My brother Frank must be at his command :
While I, poor Jack, will do that
That all the world shall wonder at.

He died in 1659. The probate copy of his will, which may be seen yet at Marple hall, contains a bequest of £700 to purchase an annuity for maintaining a free school, at Marple; the changes brought about with regard to property, at the restoration, prevented this provision from being available. Henry Bradshaw, who survived his brother, however, founded a small school here, and endowed it with the interest of £100. which has since been augmented by other benefactions. Marple hall is a noble old house, finely situated on the rise of a hill above the Goyt, and is the property, as well as Wyberslegh hall, of John Isherwood, Esq. a descendant of the before-named president Bradshaw. Here is a chapel of ease to Stockport, recently rebuilt of stone, with a tower, containing the old bells of Stockport church. The living is in the gift of the rector of Stockport, and the Rev. Robert Littler is the curate : the registers commenced in 1655. Besides the chapel of All Saints here is a Wesleyan methodist chapel. In the neighbourhood of this village is a noble aqueduct over the river Mersey, supported by three lofty arches. A branch from the Peak Forest canal, to Macclesfield, is in a state of forwardness, and will, when completed, be of material convenience to the neighbourhood. The spinning of cotton in the township is to some extent, and on the Goyt are some corn mills. The chapelry contains a population of about 2,600 persons.
Disley, or Distley, anciently spelt Dystelegh-Stanlegh, is a village and chapelry, in the hundred of Macclesfield and parish of Stockport, about six miles s.e. of the latter town. In the time of Edward I. Disley was held by Jordan de Dystelegh, and a hamlet on the north side by Grym de Stanlegh ; hence the compound modern appellation of Disley-Stanley. The situation of the village is very pleasant on the immediate borders of Derbyshire, upon the high road to Sheffield: a respectable and convenient inn and posting-house, the Ram's Head, is in the village. St. Mary’s chapel here was rebuilt in 1558; it consists of a nave and chancel, with a stone tower, containing a ring of six bells; the chancel and vestry are of brick : in the chancel window are some beautiful specimens of heraldic stained glass. The curate is the Rev. James Sumner. Lyme hall is the seat of Thomas Legh, Esq. Several cotton spinning and printing works are in the neighbourhood. It was in this village that the first examination took place of Mr. Edward Gibbon Wakefield, for the abduction of Miss Turner, daughter and heiress of Wm. Turner, Esq. of Shrigley hall, near Macclesfield, from a boarding school at Liverpool, on the 7th March, 1826. In 1821 the number of inhabitants in this chapelry was about 1,500.
Romily is a township and village, about four miles east of Stockport, in that parish, situated on the hills bordering on the neighbouring county of Derby. - Chadkirk Chapel is in this township, nearly opposite to Marple hall. The number of inhabitants, in 1821, was about 1,200.
POST OFFICE, Disley, Receiving house, at William Hancock’s, Ram’s Head Inn, from whence letters are despatched every day at half-past twelve, and are received at half-past ten in the morning. - Compstall Bridge., Receiving house, at Mr. Thomas Dyson's, at which place the letters arrive by a foot post, from Stockport, every afternoon at three, and are despatched every morning at eight.
Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Andrew Geo. esq. Green hill, Compstall
Barlow Mrs. Mary, Birch vale, Romily
Battley Rev. Joseph, Marple
Bennett Rev. Thos. Hatherlow
Bradley Jas. esq. Compstall bridge
Bruckshaw Joshua, esq. Bredbury
Clayton John, esq. Marple lodge
Higham Ralph, gent. Marple bridge
Isherwood John, esq. Marple hall
Legh Thos. esq. M. P. Lyme hall, Disley
Marriott Hyde, esq. High lane, Marple
Marriott Ths. esq. High lane, Marple
Orford Richd. esq. High lane, Marple
Rixson Jas. esq. Orange tree, Romily
Sumner Rev. James, curate, Disley
Swindells Peter, gent. Marple
Thornely John, esq. Romily
Wane Edward,esq. Rose hill, Marple
Wheedon Henry, esq. Marple
Wright John, esq. Brabbin's hall, Marple
Binns Charles, Marple
Eccles Aaron, Marple
Walmsley Charles, Marple
Bradbury Jas. (&farrier) High lane, Marple
Firth William, (and boat builder) Marple
Hartley Benj. (& farrier) Norbury smithy
Lomas John, (& farrier) Disley
Marsland Robert, Disley
Yarwood John, Marple bridge
Armfield Jas. High lane, Marple
Barker Wm. Marple bridge
Clayton Joseph, Disley
Hallam Joseph, Marple
Hallard Edmund, Disley
Hanson Thos. High lane, Marple
Haughton Samuel, Marple
Howard Jesse, Disley
Hulme Henry, Marple
Marsland John, Disley
Norbury Joseph, High lane, Marple
Pearson Eli, Marple
Waine Robert, Marple
Bolton James, Compstall bridge
Brindley James, Compstall bridge
Brindley Thos. Marple
Goddard Thos. Marple bridge
Swindells George, Disley
Taylor James, Disley
Addison & Siddall, Chadkirk
Andrew Edward & Jas. Compstall bridge, & Church st. Manchester
Lloyd & Price, Furness, near Disley
Andrew George, Compstall bridge
Clayton & Brooks, Norbury
Brindley Francis & Co. Marple
Sutcliffe Robert, Norbury mills
Taylor George, Marple bridge
Marked thus * are Spinners only.
Andrew, Bruckshaw & Co. Compstall bridge
*Barnes John, Thomas & James, Disley
Moors Wm. Compstall bridge
Moseley & Howard, Waterside, Disley
Provand Charles and Matthew, Compstall bridge
*Steel Thomas, Disley
Renshaw Isaac, Marple
Swindells John, Marple
Hanson Eliza, Marple
Torkington Margaret, Marple
Bennett Samuel, High lane, Marple
Bridge Ralph, Marple
Gee Henry, Marple bridge
Norbury George, High lane, Marple
Swindells Elizabeth, Marple
Bull’s Head, Mary Wilcocks, Marple
Navigation Inn, Henry Wild, Marple
Ram's Head, Wm. Hancock, (posting) Disley
Shuttle, Philip Adcroft, Compstall bridge
Doming Jonathan, Marple
Torkington Thomas, Marple
Ardern Wm. Disley
Middleton Robert, Marple bridge
Taylor John, Marple bridge
Beard James, Marple
Bridge James, Compstall bridge
Chadwick Wm. Marple
Dunderdale Jonathan, Disley
Elliott Edmund, Disley
Forbes Daniel, Disley
Forster Benjamin, Disley
Gee John, Disley
Gee Joseph, Marple bridge
Holgate Thos. Disley
Hyden Mary, Romily
Lomas George, Disley
Marsland Robert, Marple lane
Platt Anthony, Disley
Pott Samuel, Disley
Rowbottom James, Marple
Swindells Wm. Marple
Wrigley Joshua, Marple
Gee Daniel, Marple bridge
Morris Wm. Marple
Platt John, Disley
Ollerenshaw Thos. (& bricklayer) Marple
Ramsden Thos. Marple
Hibbert James, Marple
Hibbert Peter, Marple
Tomlinson John, Disley
Dawson Joseph, Marple
Fletcher George, Disley
Simpson Chadwick, Disley
Spencer Robert, Marple bridge
Bowling Green, Rt. Bowden, Marple
Bull’s Head, George Green, High lane, Marple
Bull & Heifer, Saml. Booth, Romily
Duke of York,Margt. Gee, Hatherlow
Grey Horse, Wm. Moor, Disley
Hare and Hounds, George Bann, Marple bridge
Hare and Hounds, Wm. Bromley, Hatherlow
Hare & Hounds, Mary Woodruff, Marple
Horse Shoe, Wm. Daniels, Marple bridge
Jolly Sailor, Joseph Rowbottom, Marple
Norfolk Arms, Thos. Taylor, Marple bridge
Old Royal Oak, Richard Barnsley, Norbury
Ring of Bells, Wm. Holgate, Disley
Red Lion, Wm. Ardern, Marple
Robin Hood, Jas. Daniels, Norbury
Soldier Dick, Joseph Gould, Disley
Sportsman’s Arms, Joel Sidebottom, Marple
Waggon & Horses, Rd. Williamson, Marple
White Lion, Saml. Howard, Disley
Wright's Arms, Nancy Paulden, Offerton
Bann George, Marple bridge
Howard William, Disley
Alson John, farmer, Offerton
Bowden Josiah, machine mkr. Marple
Clayton George, farmer, Gwim hall, Disley
Dyson Ths. book-keeper, Compstall bridge
Garner Mr. supervisor, Disley
Higginbottom John, bobbin turner, Marple bridge
Higginbottom Thos. seedsman, &c. Marple bridge
Hyde Thos. gunsmith, Marple
Longden Matthew, farmer, Offerton
Marshall John, shuttle maker, Marple bridge
Morston Jos. wheelwright, Marple
Osbaldiston Saml. cow leech, Marple
Plews Wm. brazier, &c. Marple brdg
Pott David, painter, Marple lane
Ralston James, engraver, Disley
Ridgeway Chas. seedsman, Romily
Whitaker Robt. farmer, Disley hall
Yarwood Richard, shovel & spade maker, Marple bridge
To LONDON, the Regulator (from Manchester) calls at the Ram’s Head Inn, Disley, every morning at half-past ten; through Buxton, Newhaven, Ashbourne, Derby, &c.
To MANCHESTER, the Royal Mail (from Sheffield) calls at the same inn every morning at half-past ten - the Regulator (from London), every afternoon at three - the Champion (from Nottingham), every afternoon at three - the Lord Nelson every afternoon at halt-past two; and the Wellington (from Sheffield), every day at twelve at noon; all go through Stockport
To MANCHESTER (from MARPLE), the New Mills Market Coach, every Tuesday and Saturday at eight in the morning, and returns the same day; and to STOCKPORT, every Friday at eight in the morning, and returns at seven in the evening.
To NOTTINGHAM, the Lord Nelson (from Manchester),calls at the Ram's Head inn every morning at half-past 7; goes through Buxton, Bakewell, Matlock, Helper, and Derby - and the Champion, every morning at half-past eight; goes thro’ Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chesterfield, and Mansfield.
To SHEFFIELD, the Royal Mail (from Manchester), calls at the same inn every day at twelve at noon; goes through Buxton, Bakewell, Baslow, &c. and the Wellington (from Manchester), calls at the same inn every day at twelve at noon; goes through Chapel-en-le-Frith, &c.
To MANCHESTER, Daniel Barber, (from MARPLE), every Friday, and returns the same day.
To STOCKPORT, Samuel Dewsnap & John Wild, (from Compstall bridge), every Friday, and Daniel Barber (from MARPLE) every Friday; all return the same day.

MOTTRAM or Mottram-in-Longdendale, is a township and parish in the hundred of Macclesfield, between seven and eight miles north-east of Stockport, and twelve from Manchester : the parish extends to the borders of Yorkshire, and includes a bleak and dreary promontory, while other scenery in the neighbourhood of Mottram is very grand ; diversified by rugged steep rocks, swelling eminences, and vallies clothed with verdure. Most of the hills have springs, either issuing from their sides or summits, all which are of soft water. The Car Tor, in this parish, is a singular precipice, eighty feet in its perpendicular height, the summit and sides have oak trees growing on them, and the face of the precipice exhibits various strata of rock, coal, or slaty matter, and freestone, all regularly disposed as if laid by the hand of art. Between the Car Tor and the hills of Derbyshire the Mersey bubbles along its craggy bed, contributing to the variety of the romantic prospect. There are extensive moor grounds in this neighbourhood, which abound with grouse. Before the year 1300 the de Burghs had property here; in 1406 it reverted to the crown by the attainder of Lord Lovell; soon after, it was possessed in fee by Sir Wm. Stanley, of Holt, and in 1495 it again was in the crown : the lord of the manor now is John Richard Delap Tollemache, Esq. who holds a court leet and baron in May and November. The church, which is dedicated to St. Mary, has a tower of eight bells, and consists besides of a nave, chancel, and side aisles, with private chancels at the end ; in one of which is a monumental full length figure of Ralph Stanley, in complete armour, with his wife on his left side; and on an altar tomb is a figure of Serjeant Bretland - date 1703. It is supposed this church was erected about 1480 ; the registers commence in 1562. A fine toned organ has lately been added. It is a vicarage, in the gift of the Bishop of Chester: the present vicar is the Rev. Wm. Johnson. Besides the church there are other places of worship for dissenters, &c. and a free school and two Sunday schools. The most distinguished native of this town was Lawrence Earnshaw, a most ingenious mechanic, universal artist, and musician ; he invented a curious piece of mechanism, tending to save labour in the operation of spinning and reeling cotton : this machine, having exhibited to his friends, with a philanthropy that did honour lo his heart, he destroyed, leaving it to subsequent artists, less charitably fastidious, to discover and employ similar works. In clock making his elaborate genius was eminently conspicuous: he died about 1764. In the parish are some respectable concerns in the spinning and manufacturing of cotton, and calico printing. A coal mine is also worked in the neighbourhood of the town. Two fairs are held here, viz. April 27th and October 31st, for cattle.
The parish of Mottram contains the townships of Godley, Hattersley, Hollingworth, Matley, Newton, Stayley and Tintwistle, and a population of 10,086 persons, of which number 1,944 are in the township of Mottram.
Hyde is a populous township and village, in the parish of Stockport, four miles and a half from that town, and is a place deriving its consequence from the extensive establishments for spinning,and manufacturing cotton goods by the power loom. The invention of the mule has bestowed upon this village astonishing benefit, and perhaps no place in the manufacturing district has, for its size, attained more importance in the last twenty-five years. Coal, which is found in great quantity here, adds also to the comfort and prosperity of the inhabitants. The only places of worship here at present are for the calvinists and methodists ; but the commissioners for building churches have very properly granted £4,500. for the erection of a church ; and George Clarke, Esq. has munificently given an acre of land for the site of the proposed edifice. This gentleman is lord of the manor, and holds a court baron in May and November. A court is also held before Hyde John Clarke, Esq. the magistrate, for the hearing and deciding petty causes, at the office of Messrs. Chorlton and Hibbert, solicitors. This township enjoys the advantages of water conveyance by the Peak Forest canal, which, as well as the river Tame, passes through this township. Hyde mill, or Hyde hall, the seat of H. J. Clarke, Esq. is a building of some considerable antiquity ; recent improvements have deprived the exterior of its ancient appearance, but a great part of the interior is in its original state. It is pleasantly situated on the river Tame, but the rapid progress made in manufactures, and the introduction of machinery to such a vast extent and power, has materially deteriorated from the beauties of the adjacent scenery. The number of inhabitants in Hyde, in 1821, was 3,355, but the population has increased since that period.
Gee Cross is a populous village, in the townships of Hyde and Werneth, in the parish of Stockport, four miles n. e. from the latter town. It derives its name from the circumstance of an ancient and opulent family named Gee erecting a cross here, of stone, the remains of which have but recently been removed. The only place of worship here is an unitarian chapel, of which the Rev. J. Brooks is the present officiating minister. Two fairs are held, viz. 28th April and 20th November, for cattle, pedlary, &c. The population returns are made up with Hyde.
Tintwistle, or Tintwisle, is a village and township in the parish of Mottram-in-Longdendale, 13 miles from Manchester and 2 from Mottram, pleasantly situated on the great road which passes into Yorkshire. This is also a village thriving by means of the manufactories, which give employment to so many hands. The only place of worship here is a chapel for the calvinists, of which the Rev. J. C. Potter is the minister. The number of inhabitants, in 1821, was about 1,600.
POST OFFICE, Mottram, Robert Wagstaff, Post Master. - The Sheffield mail arrives from Manchester at nine in the morning, and is despatched at a quarter before six in the afternoon. - Gee cross, Betty Hulme, Post Mistress. - Letters arrive at one in the afternoon, and are despatched at three. - Hyde, Receiving house, Thomas Kinder’s. - Letters from Manchester arrive at half-past eleven m the morning, and are despatched at three in the afternoon.
Bancroft Miss M. Gee cross
Bennett Robert, esq. Mottram
Brookes Rev. James, Gee cross
Clarke Hyde John, esq. Hyde hall
Dalton Mrs. Mary, Hollingworth
Davenport John, gent. Godley
Hadfield Geo. esq. Old hall, Mottram
Hadfield Thomas, gent. Tintwistle
Higginbotham James, esq. Hyde
Howard Mrs. Elizabeth, Hyde
Hyde George, esq. Tintwistle
Johnson Rev. Wm. vicar, Mottram
Lee John, gent. Mottram
Massey Rev. —, Hyde
Reddish Joshua Hegginbotham, gent. Mottram
Sidebotham John, esq. Hyde
Whitaker Mrs. Hyde
Whitle Capt. Hollingworth hall, Mottram
Whitle Joseph, esq. Hollingworth hall, Mottram
Chorlton & Hibbert, (solicitors and clerks to the magistrates) Hyde
Woodhead George, Mottram
Goddard Thomas, Mottram
Wagstaff Joshua, Mottram
Warhurst George, Newton
Wood George, Hyde
Wood John, Newton
Wych William, Gee cross
Boyer David, Newton
Bravender Edward, Hyde
Cooper Joseph, Wedensough
Cooper Robert, Hyde
Fletcher Thomas, Hyde
Grace John, Newton
Hanson James, Gee cross
Hyde David, Hyde
Oldham James, Gee cross
Riles & Gilchrist, Hyde
Shaw James, Mottram
Shaw Robert, Mottram
Smith Jonas, Gee cross
Taylor John, Hyde
Taylor John, Newton
Bostock Samuel, Hyde
Bredbury Walter, Gee cross
Eyre Jonathan, Hyde
Hill Robert, Mottram
Kershaw James, Hyde
Oldham John, Hyde
Richardson William, Mottram
Warhurst William, Mottram
Wild Emanuel, Gee cross
Ashton Benjamin & Co. Newton
Dalton Thos. & Jno. Hollingworth
Matley Samuel & Son, Hodge, near Mottram
Brocklehurst James, Hyde
Tinker David, Mottram
Ashton Joseph, Mottram
Booth Ralph, Gee cross
Cave Thomas, Mottram
Clayton John, Mottram
Reddish John, Mottram
Redfern Amy, Gee cross
Wood Daniel, Gee cross
Marked thus * are Spinners only.
Ashton Jas. & Jno. Newton
Ashton Saml. Apethorn mill, Hyde
Ashton Thomas, Hyde
*Baron Wm. & Son, Hyde
*Becket Samuel, Hodge hall mill
*Buckley Wm. Armfield
Hibbert Randal, Godley
Horsfield Joseph, Hyde
Howard Charles & Thomas, Hyde
Howard John, Hyde
Lees Joseph, Newton
*Lees William, Newton
*Marsland Samuel, Besthill, near Mottram
Sidebotham Henry and Brothers, Haughton green
Sidebotham J. & W. & Co. Water side, near Mottram
Sidebotham John, Hyde
*Sidebotham W. & G, & Co. Broadbottom & Tintwistle
Sidebotham William, Haughton
Thorneley Alex. Wylde, Godley
Turner Joseph, Godley
Bridge Thomas, Hyde
Hardy Warburton, Hyde
Jackson John, Hyde
Booth Joseph, Hyde
Oldham Charles, Hyde
Wrigley John, Gee cross
Angel, Wm Ashton, Mottram
Commercial, Jno. Abrahams, Newton green
Navigation, Wm. Shaw, Hyde
Booth Margaret, Gee cross
Middleton Joseph & Samuel, Hyde
Wagstaff Robert, Mottram
Cooper Richard, Hyde
Darwent Thomas, Newton
Goddard Robert, (& builder) Mottram
Hadfield James, Mottram
Hadfield John, Mottram
Hadfield Thomas, Mottram
Jones Richard, Hyde
Lewis Edward, (& builder) Hyde
Platt George, Hyde
Pott Thomas, (& builder) Gee cross
Rodgers Marmaduke, Gee cross
Ridgway Samuel, Mottram
Riding James, Hyde
Shaw John, Hyde
Tinker James, Mottram
Tinker Joseph, Mottram
Woolley John, Godley
Tinker Joseph, Gee cross
Booth Joseph, Hyde
Hyde Mary Cook, Newton
Atherton John, Wedensough
Marler John, Newton
Bancroft John, jun. Mottram
Bancroft John, (&slater) Mottram
Shuttleworth Henry, Hyde
Bickerton John, Hyde
Pinder John, Mottram
Robinson John, Mottram
White George, Hyde
Knowles John, Hyde
Richardson James, Mottram
Wilson Joseph, Hyde
Bancroft James, Mottram
Bennett Lucretia, Newton
Booth John, Mottram
Booth Ralph, Hyde
Broadhurst Martha, Newton
Buckley Robert, Newton
Bury Matthew, Tintwistle
Cave Thomas, Newton
Chatterton John, Mottram
Cheetham George, Newton
Cocker James, Hyde
Collier Thomas A. Hyde
Cook Joseph, Newton
Cooper Abigail, Gee cross
Darneley James, Tintwistle
Earnshaw John, Hyde
Fielding Hannah, Wedensough
Fernaly Thomas, Hyde
Goddard Hugh, Tintwistle
Handforth Joseph, Hyde
Harrison John, Hyde
Horsfield Samuel, Hyde
Houghton John, Hyde
Johnston Jas. (& draper) Mottram
Kay Thomas, Newton
Kinder Thomas, Hyde
Lyne Mary, (& milliner) Wedensough
Marsland John, Hyde
Moss Thomas, Hyde
Mottram Thomas, Hyde
Oldham Charles, Newton
Oldham John, Hyde
Prince Paul, Hyde
Rhodes John, Tintwistle
Richardson Jacob, Hyde
Roberts Alice, Wedensough
Rowbottom Samuel, Gee cross
Swindells Jesse, Hyde
Taylor Joseph, Newton
Wild James, Gee cross
Wood James, Wedensough
Wood Jno. B. (& draper) Mottram
Woolley George, Gee cross
Brown Benj. Hyde
Chandley Josiah, (& bricklayer) Gee cross
Ollerenshaw Anth. & Son Gee cross
Sidebotham Robert, Mottram
Tattershall John, Mottram
Warhurst A Kenyon, Mottram
Cheetham John, Gee cross
Ferneley Moses, Mottram
Hinchy John, Newton green
Johnson William, Hyde
Knowles Charles, Hyde
Leah Samuel, Gee cross
Sidebotham Ralph, Mottram
Tinker William, Hyde
Andrew James, Newton
Booth John, Mottram
Burgoyne James, Gee cross
Callaghan Patrick, Mottram
Chadwick John, Mottram
Chadwick William, Mottram
Flint Henry, Gee cross
Robinson John, Mottram
Shawcross George, Hyde
Stoddard James, Newton
Thorpe Benjamin, Hyde
Cooper John, Mottram
Earnshaw William, Mottram
Black Bull, John Shaw, Mottram
Black Bull, Martha Woodhouse, Tintwistle
Boy and Barrel, John Wright, Gee cross
Bull’s Head, Robert Hill, Mottram
Bull’s Head, Matthew Woodhead, Tintwistle
Clarke’s Arms, John Frost, Hyde
Crown & Cushion, James Spence, Hyde
Dog& Partridge, John Barnfather, Mottram
Eagle, Matthew Cook, Gee cross
George & Dragon, Betty Smith, Newton
Grapes, Joseph Booth, Gee cross
Gun, John Garside, Wedensough
Hare & Hounds, Miles Goddard, Mottram
Horse & Jockey, Jonathan Smith, Newton
Horse Shoe, Thos. Wild, Hattersley
Pack Horse, Wm. Matley, Mottram
Rising Sun, Hannah Beswick, Hattersley
Roe Cross Inn, Jno. Clarke, Mottram
Robin Hood, Wm. Bennett, Wedensough
Shoulder of Mutton, Fleming & Travis, Newton
Waggon & Horses, Thos. Hampson, Tintwistle
Waggon & Horses, John Lowood, Matley
White Hart, Hugh Garside,Mottram
Blore Samuel, Mottram
Blore Solomon, Mottram
Greenwood James, Hyde
Roylance Lawrence, Gee cross
Batty Joshua, Hyde
Dean William, Gee cross
Hepworth John, Hyde
Grundy Samuel, Hyde
Heron James, Hyde
Kellet Samuel, Gee cress
Rowbottom Robert, Hyde
Rhodes Thos. & Son, Tintwistle
Woolley Robt. & Jas. Bardsley gate
Ashton John,miller, Hyde
Chandley Samuel, baker, Hyde
Crook Wm. dyer & dealer in drugs, Gee cross
Eastwood Joseph, nail maker, Mottram
Hyde Langwith Thos. & Son, brass & iron founders
Marsland Tinker, schoolmaster, Mottram
Mercer Saml, bookseller & stationer, Hyde
Mills Jas. bobbin & skewer maker, Gee cross
Oldham Jos shuttlemaker, Gee cross
Plews Stephen, millwright, Hyde
Rowbottom Wm. gardener, Gee cross
Sidebotham James, earthenware dealer, Mottram
Stringer Jos. skinner, Mottram
Wagstaff Ann, dress maker & milliner, Mottram
Wych Richard, hard wood dealer, Gee cross
To MANCHESTER, from MOTTRAM, the Royal Mail, passes every evening at a quarter before six : and the Glossop Market Coach every Tuesday and Saturday morning, and returns on its way to Glossop at half-past seven in tile evening.
To MANCHESTER, from HYDE, a coach calls it the Commercial Inn, every morning at eight; and a coach every Saturday and Sunday, at half-past four in the afternoon, and to STOCKPORT, through Gee cross, every Friday at eight in the morning.
To SHEFFIELD, the Royal Mail passes every morning at nine.
To MANCHESTER, from MOTTRAM, James Sidebotham and Wm. Bradley, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, and returns the same evening.
To MANCHESTER, from HYDE, Hannah Booth, James Walker, Alexander Ashton, Joshua Booth, James Stopford and James Lees, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ; and to STOCKPORT, the same persons, every Wednesday and Friday.


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