Pigot's Directory of Derbyshire 1828-9
Entries for the area of the Ancient Parish of Glossop.


Glossop is a very extensive parish, containing a township and village of the same name in the hundred of the High Peak. The village, which is one of great manufacturing consequence, situated on a rising bank, springing from one of the deepest valleys in the Peak, is distant from London 184 miles, from Derby 50, from Sheffield 25, and from Manchester 15. The church is an ancient structure, and a vicarage, in the patronage of the Duke of Norfolk, and in the incumbency of the Rev. Christopher Howe: in the church is a monument by Bacon, to the memory of Joseph Hague, Esq. of Park hall, near Hayfield; who bequeathed the interest of £1,000 towards clothing twenty-four poor men and women of the townships of Glossop dale; and founded a public school, which has been further enriched by other charitable bequests. The Duke of Norfolk is lord of the manor, and holds courts leet at Easter and Michaelmas; at the latter court are chosen a constable and head borough which constitute the government of the town. In this village and its immediate vicinity there are not less than forty establishments in the spinning and manufacturing cotton into various fabrics, calico printing, manufactures of woollens, &c. &c. Among the most respectable and extensive spinning concerns are those of Messrs. Sidebottoms, Mill Brook; Mr. John Thorp, Glossop; Mr. John Wood, Howard's Town and Charlesworth; and Messrs. Sidebottoms, near Mottram, power-loom manufacturers; altogether giving employment to a considerable population. Glossop hall, the property of the Duke of Norfolk is near to the village, and at Gamesley, about a mile to the west, is Melandra Castle, being the vestiges of a Roman station. Coal is worked about three miles hence, and from these mines Glossop and the neighbourhood are principally supplied. The country round here is very pleasing, and many of the views are romantic, enriched by plantations, which abound in the home scenery. The lands on the low grounds are fertile, but the mountainous parts are less productive. One well attended fair is held in the year, on the 6th of May, for horses, cattle, pigs, pedlary, &c. The parish of Glossop contains eighteen dependent townships, liberties, and hamlets, and in 1821 nearly 14,000 inhabitants, 1,350 of that number being in the township of GIossop, but the population has augmented since that period.
Howard's Town, lately called Bridge-end, about one mile from Glossop, in that parish, is a thriving little place, called into consequence by the erection of some extensive cotton manufactories. The population is made up with Glossop.
Charlesworth, in the parish of Glossop, nine miles from Chapel-en-le-Frith, Is a populous hamlet, owing Its support to the manufacturing interest. The number of Inhabitants Is about 1,000.
Whitfield, a township and village, about one mile from Charlesworth is like that hamlet indebted to the manufactories for its importance, and the principal support of about 1,000 Inhabitants.
POST OFFICE, Norfolk Arms Inn, Howard's Town. - letters to MANCHESTER are despatched every afternoon at a quarter past five, and arrive every morning at a quarter past nine. - To SHEFFIELD, letters are despatched every morning at a quarter past nine, and arrive every morning at a quarter past five.
Aveson Mrs. Rose green
Ellison Matthew, esq. agent to the Duke of Norfolk, Glossop hall
Hadfield Joseph, esq. Lees hall
Howe Rev. Christopher, Glossop
Bennett Joseph, Glossop
Bennett Robert Rose green
Rhodes John, Howard's town
Collier James, Lane end
Harrison John, Glossop
Shepherd Robert, Howard's town
Wood George, Glossop
Booths Samuel, Charlesworth
Hall John, Charlesworth
Moss Joseph, Hadfield
Shaw Robert, Glossop
Wagstaff Robert, Howard's town
Dalton John & Thos. Hollingworth mill, Cheshire
Matley Samuel & Son, Hodge
Potter Charles & Edmund and Co. Dinting vale
Goddard John, Water side
Wilkinson Thomas, Glossop
Barber Wm. Padfield
Beckett Joseph, Hodge
Birch De Jongh, Dinting
Booth Robert Comb's mill
Cooper Joseph, Holehouse mill
Ellison Thos. Wren Nest mill
Hadfield Wm. Cow brook
Harrison Benjamin, Kinder-le-mill
Howard Joseph, Bridgefield mill
Kershaw John, Hurst
Kershaw Wm. (executors of late) Charlestown
Lees Henry, Woolley bridge
Lees Jno. Padfield brook
Marsland Saml. & Hen. Broadbottom bridge
Platt George, Padfield
Radcliffe Win. Primrose mill
Rolfe Benjamin, Glossop
Rusby & Linney, Glossop
Shaw & Bailey, Mill town
Shaw Mary & sons, Chunall mill
Shepley Robert, Glossop
Shepley Samuel, Brookfield
Sidebottom John & William & Co., Water side, near Mottram
Sidebottom William & George and Co. Mill brook & Broadbottom
Thornley Thomas, Hadfield lodge
Thorp John, Glossop
Turner John, Bottom's lodge, near Marple, Cheshire
Wardlow Wm, Bank wood
Wood & Kershaw, Charlestown
Wood John, Howard's town and Charlesworth
Kinder John, Howard's town
Martin John, (& oil & colourman), Glossop
Bosley, Smith and Bosley, (silk), Glossop
Gee Thos. (thread) Charlesworth
Robinson Joseph & Sons, (woollen) Gnat hole
Sidebottom John & William & Co. (power loom) Water side, near Mottram
Wood John, (power loom) Howard's town and Charlesworth
Bennett George, Whitfield
Bennett James, (& tallow chandler), Glossop
Bennett Wm. Charlesworth
Boyer John, Hadfield
Braddock Thos. Green vale
Bray Henry, Hadfield
Collier Samuel, Howard's town
Hadfield George, Hadfield
Hadfield Wm. Hadfield
Harrop James, Glossop
Lee Isaiah, Glossop
Robinson Wm. Glossop
Thorpe Wm. Glossop
Wadsworth Jonathan, Glossop
Bowden John, Marine hospital
Eastham George, Hadfield
Jackson Wm. Hen. Howard's town
Knight Paul Slade, M.D. Glossop
Beard Joel, Rosegreen
Dewsnapp Thos. Howard's town
Hall Aaron, Howard's town
Hall James, Glossop
Bull's Head, John Hall, Charlesworth
Bull's Head, James Platt, Glossop
Dog & Partridge, Mary Crowther, Woolley bridge
George & Dragon, Samuel Booth, Charlesworth
Grey Mare, Matthew Brocklehurst, Charlesworth
Hare and Hounds, Joseph Hadfield, Glossop
Hope and Anchor, John Garlick, Hadfield
Horse Shoe, Wm,Bennett, Charlesworth
Howard's Arms, John Wagstaff, Howard's town
Junction, Thomas Pearson, Dinting bridge
Norfolk Arms, Joseph Oates, Howard's town
Royal Oak, Joshua Shepley, Cock road
Seven Stars, Jasper Warhurst, Hadfield
Spinner's Arms, John Swindells, Hadfield
Fielding Thos. Howard's town
Hopwood Win. Rose green
Longdon Nathan, Padfield
Bennett John & Joseph, wool carders & scale board mkrs. Turn-lee
Booth James, machine maker, Charlesworth
Boyer William, paper maker, Hadfield
Collier Thos. watch & clock maker, Howard's town
Fawley Thomas, joiner & builder, Glossop
Fielding Joseph, teacher at the free school, Glossop
Hampson Charles, cooper, Glossop
Harrison John, cotton banding manufctrer & bone grindr. Woodseats
Higgenbottom Jos. painter, Glossop
Howe Thomas, linen draper, Howard's town
Rose Wm. saddler, Howard's town
Shepley Saml. Tanner, Charlesworth
Sheppard Abraham, stationer, and bookbinder, Glossop
Wait Joseph, tin-plate worker, Howard's town
To MANCHESTER, the Royal Mail (from Sheffield) calls at the Norfolk Arms, Howard's Town, every afternoon at a quarter-past five; and the Merry Tradesman, from the Norfolk Arms, every Tuesday and Saturday morning at seven.
To SHEFFIELD, the Royal Mail (from Manchester) calls at the Norfolk Arms, Howard's Town, every morning at a quarter-past nine.
To MANCHESTER, T. & M. Pickford and Co. and John Johnson & Son, daily - John Burgess, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - and Jasper Warhurst, (from Hadfield) every Tuesday and Saturday.
To SHEFFIELD, John Johnson & Son, daily.
To STOCKPORT, Henry Sheppard, every Friday.

New Mills, an extensive hamlet, in the parish of Glossop, and in the High Peak hundred, is six miles from Chapel-en-le-Frith and eight from Stockport; it is pleasantly situated on the borders of Derbyshire and Cheshire and within a few years has risen Into considerable importance in the manufacturing district; cotton spinning being carried on here to a great extent, affording employment to several hundred hands The factories are in a great measure hid from the public view in passing through the village, being built at the foot of the stream, under high towering rocks. Here are a small neat chapel for the methodists old connexion, one for the primitive methodists; one for the calvinists; and a Sunday school. Good house coal Is obtained near to the village, the top bed strata running from sixteen to twenty inches thick; the quantity raised is but trifling owing to there not being a sufficient demand for land sale and the canal lying at too great a distance. It is the Intention of his Majesty's commissioners to erect a church on the opposite side of the stream, in Cheshire; a measure certainly called for from the rapidly increasing population. The village is built chiefly upon a stone quarry, but the soil in many parts is fertile, producing good crops of wheat and potatoes.
Hayfield, a small hamlet, in the parish of Glossop, four and a half miles from that town and about the like distance from Chapel-en-le-Frith, contains a small stone church, of which the Rev. Jon Crowther is minister; the living being in the gift of the freeholders. A small day and Sunday school, a chapel for the methodists old connexion, and one for the primitive methodists are also in the village. Five extensive cotton spinning factories, one for silk, and one for the. manufacturing of woollen goods are established here. The population of New Mills and Hayfield are comprised in the returns for the parish of Glossop.
Mellor, a chapelry, in the parish of Glossop, and in the High Peak hundred, is six miles and a half from Glossop and eight from Chapel-en-le-Frith. The church, which is of stone, is erected on a commanding situation, a short distance from the village; the Rev. Matthew Freeman enjoys the curacy for life; the gift of the living is in the Thornton family. Here is a small Sunday school, belonging to the church, and one
methodist chapel. The extensive concern of T. R. & S. Wailer, cotton spinners and thread manufacturers, gives employment to a great number of hands. In 1821 the number of inhabitants was 2,100.
Thornsett, a hamlet, in the parish of Glossop, five miles and a half from Chapel-en-le-Frith, is a place of no particular trade: it contains about 760 inhabitants.
Roworth, a small hamlet, in the parish of Glossop, situated in Glossop dale, is six miles from that town. The inhabitants are nearly all employed in the cotton factories, there being five of those establishments in this place.
POST OFFICE, New Mills, Receiving House, Jordan Bradbury, Mason's Arms - Letters are conveyed by a foot post every morning at nine o'clock to DISLEY. - HAYFIELD, Receiving House, Rachael Quarmby, George Inn - Letters are forwarded every Saturday evening by a foot post to CHAPEL-EN-LE-FRITH. - MELLOR. - Letters are conveyed to Stockport every Friday by a foot post.
Bennet Richd. gent. New Mills
Broom Richard, esq. Whittal house, New Mills
Crowther Rev. John, Hayfield
Freeman Rev. Matthew, Mellor
Hadfield Moses, esq. Mellor
White John, esq. magistrate, Park hall, near Hayfield
Hadfield Robert, (boys' day) Whitely bank, near New Mills
Hibbert Bartholomew, (boys' day) Marple bridge
Goddard John, (boys' day) New Mills
Brocklehurst John, New Mills
Leighton John, Mellor
Lidgett Thomas, Thornsett
Pearson Stephen, New Mills
Proctor John, Hayfield
Waterhouse John, (& farrier) New Mills
Whyatt John, New Mills
Heartwell John, Roworth
Yates John, Thornsett
Bowden John, New Mills
Hamlinton Robert, Mellor
Mason Wm. Mellor
Hadfield Edward, Mellor
Pritchard John, Hayfield
Sidebottom James, New Mills
Walker Wm. Hayfield
Brindley Isaac Compstall bridge
Cortes John, New Mills
Harrap Thos. New Mills
Higginbottom George, New Mills
Hind Thos. Mellor
Oldfield Joshua, Bridge st. New Mills
Ridall John, Hayfield
Turner Thos. Mellor
Turner Win. Hayfield
Bridge Samuel, (executors of) London place, New Mills
Oldham Thomas, Garrison, near New Mills
Chadwick James, New Mills
Hadfield Jonathan New Mills
Stafford Jos. & John New Mills
Thatcher Win. New Mills
Marked thus * are Manufacturers also.
Armfield Robert, Mellor
Armfield Samuel, New Mills
Barnes John & Co. New Mills
Bennett Thos. & Co. Hayfield
Bowden George, Roworth
Bowden Jos. Ned Mills, Hayfield
Brierley Daniel, Mellor
Froggatt George, Thornsett Mill
Hadfield John, Roworth
Oldknow Samuel, Marple bridge
Rangeley Aaron, Clough mill, Hayfield
Ratcliffe Samuel, Mellor
* Ridgeway Samuel and Co. Clough mills near Hayfield
Schofield Saml. & Son, New Mills
Shipley Aaron, Lit. Clough, Hayfield
Silcock Samuel, Roworth
* Stanney John, Mellor
Thatcher & Bowden. Roworth
Turner John, Bottom's lodge, near Marple, Cheshire
* Waller Thomas, Ralph & Samuel, Mellor
Ward & Thatcher, New mills
Wood Samuel, Mellor
Brierley Wm. New Mills
Sidebottom James, New Mills
Potts, Oliver & Potts, New Mills
Bridge John, New Mills
Sidebottom James, New Mills
Walker John, Hayfield
Arnfield John, New Mills
Arnfield Samuel New Mills
Bay Horse Inn, Wm. Ward, N. Mills
Board, John Bennett, Mellor
Board, Ann Bowden, Roworth
Bridge Inn,Martha Turner, Hayfield
Bull's Head, George Barrowclough, New Mills
Bull's Head, Jerry Bennett, Hayfield
Church Inn, Thos, Woolley, Mellor
Cock, Jas. Sidebottom, New Mills
Devonshire Arms, Abraham Olerenshaw, Mellor
Dog & Partridge, Jos. Higginbottom, New Mills
George Inn, Rach. Quarmby, Hayfield
Grapes, John Thornley, New Mills
Hare & Hounds, Abm. Heap, N. Mills
Hare &Hounds, Jno. Shaw, Roworth
Mason's Arms, Jordan Bradbury, New Mills
Pack Horse, John Brocklehurst, Hayfield
Shuttle Inn, Philip Adcroft, Compstal bridge
Soldier Dick, Jos. Gould, Furness
Sportsman's Inn, Samuel Bowden, Mellor
Tup, David Bradburn, Thornsett
Wellington, Thos. Hand, Mellor
White Hart, Saml. Goddard, N. Mills
Bridge John, New Mills
Brierley Wm. New Mills
Fearn Ralph, Mellor
Piersglove John, Hayfield
Sidebottom James, New Mills
Walker John, Hayfield
Eyre Geo. & Co. (woollen) Hayfield
Steel Thos. & Son, (silk manuctrs. & spinners) Bank vale, Hayfield
Waller Thomas, Ralph & Samuel, (sewing cotton & thread) Mellor
Mason Jane, New Mills
Whittaker Mary, New Mills
Bates James Mellor
Tomlinson Jno. (& plasterer) New Mills
Bentley Thomas, Thornsett
Bower Ralph, New Mills
Bradbury Robert, Hayfield
Hadfield Edward, Mellor
Hadfield John, Hayfield
Hadfield Jonathan, Roworth
Hawkyard Thos. New Mills
Mason Samuel Hayfield
Massey Samuel, Hayfield
Moseley Rebecca & Mary, Thornsett
Pearson Joshua, Mellor
Pratt Anthony, Marple bridge
Rangeley Aaron, Hayfield
Shipley John, Hayfield
Sidebottom Robert, New Mills
Stafford Thos, Bridge st. New Mills
Taylor Hannah, New Mills
Wainwright Jas, Bridge st. New Mills
Warren Peter, New Mills
Wild John, Furness
Wooley Thos. Mellor
Hibbert John, New Mills
Moseley John, Thornsett
Brailsford John, Hayfield
Burton Benjamin, New Mills
Hallam Isaac, Hayfield
Higginbottom Wm. New Mills
Howlden Thos. Mellor
Sykes James, Mellor
Marshall Abraham, New Mills
Sleigh Henry, Marple bridge
Arnfield Jos. dealer in cotton waste, Hayfield
Beresford James, bookseller, New Mills
Bower Ralph, coal merchant, New Mills
Bridge Ann, tallow chandler, Marple
Gillimore Wm., hair dresser, N. Mills
Hallam Geo. cooper, New Mills
Higginbottom Jos. Auctioneer, N. Mills
Hill Thos. dyer, New Mills
Macrae William, brazier & tinplate worker, New Mills
Poyser Elizth. Ironmonger, N. Mills
Rangeley Dennis, Joiner & cabinet maker, Hayfield
Slack Robt. Tanner & paper maker, Bank vale, Hayfield
Warren Peter, baker, New Mills
Wheatley Edward, saddler & clogger, Bridge st. New Mills
To MANCHESTER, the Mercury, from the Mason's Arms, New Mills, every Tuesday at seven o'clock in the morning, and on Saturdays at half-past seven, and arrives at nine in the evening; goes through Stockport.
To STOCKPORT, the Mercury, from the Mason's Arms, New Mills, every Friday at eight in the morning, and returns same evening at eight.
To MANCHESTER, Daniel Barber, from Hayfield, days uncertain.
To STOCKPORT, Jesse Wild, from New Mills - Daniel Barber, from Hayfield, and James Bowdon, from the Sportsman's Inn, Mellor; all go every Friday, and return the same evening.


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