Pigot's Directory of Manchester, Salford &c for 1824-5
Entries for the area of the Ancient Parish of Glossop.

POST OFFICE - Samuel Allington, Post Master. The Royal Mail, to Manchester, every day at four in the afternoon, and to Sheffield at eight in the morning.
Adamson Rev. James, dissenting minister, Charlesworth
Allington Samuel, vict. Norfolk Arms Inn
Avison Robert, corn-miller
Avison Samuel, corn dealer
Barber Wm. cotton spinner, Hadfield
Bennett George, shopkeeper, Whitfield
Bennett J. & J, clothiers, Turn Lee
Bennett James, grocer & tallow-chandler
Bennett Joseph, blacksmith
Bennett Robert, blacksmith
Bennett Wm. victualler & shopkeeper, Horse Shoe, Charlesworth
Birch De Jongh & Co. spinners, Dinting Mill
Booth Abraham, corn-dealer & shopkeeper, Simmondly
Booth James, machine-maker, Charlesworth
Booth Peggy, victualler, Simmondly
Booth Robert, spinner, Holehouse, Charlesworth
Booth Samuel, victualler, baker, butcher, &c. George and Dragon, Charlesworth
Bowden Jas. corn-dealer & shopkeeper
Boyer John, shopkeeper, Hadfield
Boyer Wm, paper manuf. & carrier, Hadfield
Bradbury John, vict. King’s Head, Charlesworth
Bray Henry, shopkeeper, Hadfield
Bretland Thos. farmer, Heath,near Glossop
Brocklehurst Matt. vict. Grey Mare, Charlesworth
Collier Samuel, shopkeeper
Crowther Widow, vict. Dog and Partridge, Bedlam
Dewsnap Jas, shopkeeper & blacksmith, Hadfield
Eastham Thos. surgeon, Hadfield
Ellison Matthew, Esq. Glossop
Ellison Thos, general agent, Glossop
Fielding Rev. Jeremiah, Little Moor Chapel, near Glossop
Garlick John, vict, Hope & Anchor, Hadfield
Gee Thos. thread manuf. Charlesworth
Goddard John, corn-dealer, Water-side
Hadfield George, shopkeeper, Hadfield
Hadfield Joseph, gentleman, Lees Hall
Hadfield Mines, Esq, Simmondly Hall
Hadfield Wm. spinner & roller-maker, Cow-brk
Hadfield Wm. shopkeeper, Hadfield
Hall Aaron, tailor & draper
Hall James, tailor & draper
Harrison Benj. cotton spinner, Bankwood Mill
Harrison John, bone-grinder and waste dealer, Woodseats
Harrison Moses, corn-dealer, Gamesly
Hill John, shopkeeper, Simmondly
Howard Joseph, spinner, Bridgefield
Howe Rev. Christopher, vicar of GIossop and Woodhead
Howe Thos. linen draper
Jackson James, corn dealer and botcher, Charlesworth
Jackson W. H. surgeon
Johnson John & Son, carriers, Pye Grove
Kershaw John, spinner, Hurst
Kershaw Wm. spinner, Whitfield
Lees Robert, spinner, Padfield
Longden Nathan, wheelwright, Padfield
Marsland Saml. spinner, Broadbottom-bridge
Moss Joseph, butcher & cow doctor, Hadfield
Pickford Esther, vict. Bull's Head Inn
Platt Jas. Spinner & coach proprietor
Preston Thos. Junction Inn, Dinting-brdg
Ratcliff Wm. spinner, Primrose
Rhodes John, blacksmith & farrier
Ridgway & Thornton, spinners, Chunall
Robinson James, shopkeeper
Robinson Joseph, woollen merchant & manufr, Gnat Hole
Rolph & Bubb, spinners
Rose William, saddler
Shaw & Bailey, spinners
Shepley Joshua, vict. Royal Oak Inn
Shepley Robert, spinner
Shepley Sl. tanner & timber mercht. Charlesworth
Shepley Samuel, Spinner, Brook-field
Sidebottom J. & W. & Co. spinners & manufs. Waterside
Taylor Samuel, vict. Spinners’ Arms, Hadfield
Thornelley Joseph, spinner, Hole House
Thornelley Thos, spinner, Hadfield
Thorp Wm, shopkeeper & builder
Wadsworth John, corn-dealer & shopkeeper
Wagstaff John, victualler, Howard's Arms
Waite Joseph, tinplate-worker
Wallis Christr. plumber & glazier, Hadfield
Wardlow William, spinner, Bankwood Mill, Charlesworth
Warhurst Jasper, carrier, Hadfield
Wilkinson Benjamin, spinner
Wilkinson Thos. corn-dealer
Wood & Kershaw, spinners, Whitfield
Wood John, spinner & manufacturer
MANCHESTER, John Burgess, every Tues, Th. & Sat
MANCHESTER, Jasper Warhurst, every Tues & Sat
STOCKPORT, Henry Sheppard, every Friday.
MANCHESTER, the Royal Mail, every day at four in the afternoon and to Sheffield at eight in the morning
MANCHESTER, the Merry Tradesman, every Tuesday and Saturday, at half past six in the morning.

POST OFFICE, at the Ram's-Head Inn, Disley. The letters are delivered by a Foot Post daily.
Adamson Rev. John, Independent minister and head master of the school, Charlesworth
Andrew, Bruckshaw & Co. cotton-spinners & manufs. by power looms, Compstall-bridge
Andrew Edw. & James, calico-printers, Compstall-bridge
Andrew George, Esq. house Green-hill, near Compstall-bridge
Andrew George, coal merchant, Compstall
Ardern Ralph, vict. Bull’s Head, Disley
Ardern Wm. vict. Red Lion, High-lane, Marple
Armfield James, shoemaker, High-lane, Marple
Ashton Wm. excise-officer, Marple
Bann George, vict. & timber-merchant, Marple-bridge
Barker Wm. shoemaker, Marple-bridge
Barnsley Richard, vict. Royal Oak, Norbury
Bartle Ann, vict. Navigation Inn, Marple
Bates James, plasterer, painter, &c. Mellor
Battley Rev. Joseph, Independent minister, Marple-bridge
Beard James, grocer, draper, & corn & flour-dealer, Marple-bridge
Bennett Samuel, grocer, &c. High-lane, Marple
Bennett Wm. grocer & blacksmith, Charlsworth
Booth James, machine-maker, Little-field, near Charlsworth
Booth John, shopkeeper, Hole-house, near Chisworth
Booth Samuel, vict. & butcher, Charlsworth
Bowden Eliz. grocer, &c. Mellor
Bowden Josiah, machine-maker, Marple
Bradbury James, smith & farrier, High-lane, Marple
Braddock James, vict. Brown Bull, Marple
Bradley James, Compstall-bridge.
Bridge James, vict. Royal Oak, Mellor
Bridge Ottiwell, cotton-spinner and manuf. Dunstead-mill & Marple
Bridge Ralph, grocer, draper, &c. Marple
Brierley Jesse, cotton-spinner, Mellor-Moor-end
Brindley Francis, grocer, and flour dealer Marple
Brindley Thos. butcher, Marple
Broadhurst Thos. wheelwright, Marple-bridge
Brocklehurst Matthew, victualler, Grey Mare, Charlsworth
Bruckshaw Joshua, Esq. Bredbury
Chadwick Wm. baker, Marple
Clayton & Brooks, coal-merchants, Norbury
Clayton John, cotton-spinner, Mellor-mill; house Marple-lodge
Clayton Joseph, shoemaker, Disley
Daniel James, vict. Robin Hood, Norbury
Dawson Joseph, tailor, Marple
Dean Mary, vict. Horse Shoe, Marple-bridge
Dixon Samuel, tanner, Marple
Docker John, thread manuf. White-house,Mellor
Dorning John, joiner, &c. Marple-bridge
Eccles Aaron, attorney, Beams-moor-house, Marple
Fletcher George, tailor, Disley
Forbus Daniel, grocer, &c. Disley
Freeman Rev. Matthew, curate of Mellor
Gee Daniel, saddler, Marple-bridge
Gee Isaac, grocer, &c. Marple-bridge
Gee John, thread-manuf. Charlsworth
Gee John, grocer & flour-dealer, Disley
Gee Joseph, grocer & flour-dealer, Marple
Goddard Thos. butcher, Marple-bridge
Green George, vict. Bull’s Head, High-lane, Marple
Hague Martha, cotton-spinner,Mellor-Moor-end
Hall Mrs. R. boarding school for ladies, Marple
Hallam Joseph, shoemaker, Marple-bridge
Hallard Edmund, shoemaker, Disley
Hambleton John, traveller, Marple-bridge
Hancock. Wm. vict. and post-master, Ram’s- Head Inn, & Posting-house, Disley
Hand Thos. vict. and shoemaker, Wellington, Mellor-Moor-end
Hanson Eliz. dress and straw bonnet-maker, Marple
Hanson Thos. vict. and shoe-maker, Bowling green, Marple
Hanson Thos. shoe-maker, High-lane, Marple
Harrison James, shoemaker, Disley
Hartley Benj. smith & farrier, Marple
Heap Abm. vict. Hare and Hounds, Mellor-Moor-end
Hibbert Peter, surgeon, &c. Lower-house, Marple
Higginbottom John, bobbin, &c. turner, Marple-bridge
Holdgate Thos. wheelwright, Disley
Holman James & Co. lime-burners & merchts., Disley
Howe John, butcher, Marple-bridge
Hulme Henry, shoemaker, Marple
Hyde Thos. gunsmith, Marple
Isherwood John, Esq, Marple-hall, Marple
Jones Henry, silk manuf. Rose-hill, Marple
Jowett Jonathan, coal merch. Lower-hall, Mellor
Latham Nathaniel, watch & clock-maker, Marple
Leighton John, blacksmith, Mellor
Lomas George, grocer, constable & overseer of Disley
Lomas John, blacksmith, Disley
Longson John, vict. Mellor Church Tavern, Church-yard, Mellor
Mann Richard, head-master of Marple grammar-school, Marple
Marriott Hyde, Esq. High-lane, Marple
Marriott Thos. Esq. High-lane, Marple
Marriott Rev. Wm. perpetual curate of Disley
Marshall John, shuttle-maker, Marple-bridge
Mason John, vict. Blacksmiths’ Arms, High-lane, Marple
Middleton Robt. plumber & glazier, Marple-bdg.
Miller Matthew, shopkeeper, post-man, bailiff, and messenger, Mellor
Mitchell Isaac, corn-miller, Marple-bridge
Moor Wm. vict. White Horse, Disley
Moore Wm. & Co. cotton-spinners and manufs. by power looms, Compstall-bridge
Morris Wm. saddler, Marple
Morton John, wheelwright, Marple
Mosley and Howard, cotton-spinners, Shrines-hall near Mellor
Moss Thos grocer & flour-dealer, Brook-bottom
Munro George, shoemaker, Marple
Norbury George, shopkeeper, High-la, Marple
Norbury Joseph, shoemaker, High-lane, Marple
Oldknow Saml. Esq. Mellor-lodge, near Marple
Oldknow Saml. cotton-spinner, Mellor-mill, near Marple
Olerenshaw Abm. vict. plasterer and slater, Devonshire Arms, Mellor
Olever Abel, clerk & schoolmaster, Mellor
Orford Rich. Esq. High-lane, house Marple
Parks Thos. book-keeper to S. Oldknow, Esq. Marple
Platt Anthony, shopkeeper, Marple-bridge
Provand Messrs. cotton-spinners and manufs. Compstall-bridge
Ramsden Thos. stone-mason, Marple-bridge
Rowbottom Jas. gardener & seedsman, Marple
Rowbottom Josiah, vict. Jolly Sailor, Marple
Shaw John, schoolmaster, Charlsworth
Sidebottom Joel, vict. & flour-dealer, Sportsman’s Arms, Marple
Sidebottom Wm. bobbin-turner, Mellor
Simpson Chadwick, tailor, Disley
Spencer Robert, tailor, Marple-bridge
Strines Printing Company, calico-printers, Strines-hall, near Marple
Sutcliffe Robert, corn-miller, Norbury-mill
Swindells Elizabeth, grocer, &c. Marple
Swindells George, butcher, Disley
Sykes James, tailor, Mellor
Taylor James, butcher, Disley
Taylor John, candlewick spinner and manuf. Brook-bottom, Mellor
Taylor Thos. vict. Norfolk Arms Inn, Marple-bridge
Thomas Wm, wharfinger, Marple
Thorneley Samuel, shopkeeper, Mellor
Thornley John, coal merchant, Hole-house, near Chisworth
Thornley Joseph, cotton-spinner, Hole-house, near Chisworth
Turner James, saddler, Disley
Turner Thomas, butcher, Mellor-Moor-end
Waine Edw. Esq. Rose-hill-house, Marple
Walker John, manager to Mr. Ottiwell Bridge, Dunstead-mill, Mellor
Waller T. R. and S. cotton-spinners, Mellor New-mill
Walmsley Charles, attorney, Higher Orange-house, Marple
Williamson Rich. vict. Waggon and Horses, High-lane, Marple
Wood Wm. smith & farrier, Marple-bridge
Woolley Thomas, grocer & flour-dealer, Mellor-Moor-end
Wright John, Esq. Lower Marple
Wright William, surgeon, Disley
Wrigley Joshua, grocer & draper, Marple
Yarwood Richard, shovel and spade-maker, Marple-bridge
MANCHESTER, a market coach, from the Norfolk Arms Inn, Marple-bridge, every Tuesday and Saturday morning at about eight o’clock, and returns the same day.
Coaches pass through Disley, almost hourly, to Manchester, Buxton, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, &c.

POST OFFICE - Robert Wagstaff, Post Master. The Royal Mail to Manchester every afternoon at four o’clock.
Ashton Saml, grocer & draper, Roecross, Stone
Ashton Wm. vict. Angel Inn
Atherton John, machine-maker, Treacle-st
Band Joseph, hair-dresser
Barnfather John, vict. Dog and Partridge
Bennett Robert, gentleman
Bennett Wm. vict. Robin Hood & Little John
Berry Matthew, shopkeeper
Beswick Hannah, vict. Rising Sun
Blore Samuel, tinplate-worker
Blore Solomon, tinplate-worker
Boyer John, cotton-spinner, Craden-brook
Broadbottom W. H. manufacturer
Buckley Wm. cotton-spinner, Armfield
Burgess Wm. corn-miller, Hattersley
Clarke Thos. vict. Roecross Inn
Clayton John, shopkeeper and draper
Cook Betty, vict. Pack Horse
Dalton Ths. & Jno. calico-printers, Hollingworth
Dearnley James, shopkeeper & waste-dealer
Dearnley Thos. shopkeeper and overseer, Vale-house
Fernelley Moses, surgeon
Ferns Ralph, grocer and flour-dealer
Fielding Hannah, shopkeeper, Minorca
Garside Hugh, vict. White Hart
Garside John, vict. Gun, Hollingworth
Gee Isaac, vict. Blacksmiths' Arms
Goddard Hugh, shopkeeper, Tintwistle
Goddard Miles, vict. Hare & Hounds, Hattersley
Goddard Robert, joiner and builder
Goddard Thos. Ironmonger
Hadfield George, Esq. Old Hall
Hamilton James, baker
Hampson Mary, vict. Waggon and Horses
Harrison John, shopkeeper
Henshaw John, grocer and flour-dealer
Henshaw Wm, grocer and tallow-chandler
Hill Robert, vict. and butcher, Bull’s Head
Hyde George, gentleman, Tintwistle
Johnson George, linen and woollen draper, tea-dealer, &c.
Langworth John, iron and brass founder
Leah Samuel, surgeon
Lowwood John, vict. Waggon & Horses
Lumb John, cotton-spinner, Craden-brook
Lyon Mary Ann, corn-miller, Woolley-mill
Newton Jno. vict. King's Head, Farther Woodhead
Reddish John & Joshua, grocers & flour-dealers
Rhodes William, John, and James, woollen-manufacturers, Tintwistle
Richardson James, saddler
Richardson Wm. butcher
Ridgway Samuel, cabinet-maker
Roberts Alice, shopkeeper, Treacle-st
Shard John, earthenware and fruit dealer
Shaw James, shoe-warehouse
Shaw John, vict. Black Bull
Sidebottom James, cotton-spinner, Treacle-st
Sidebottom John, earthenware-dealer
Sidebottom W. & G. & Co. spinners, Mill-brook
Stead Phoebe, draper and shopkeeper
Thornelley Robert, cotton-spinner, Vale-house
Turner Rev. James, vicar of Mottram
Turner John, cotton-spinner, Bottoms-lodge
Wagstaf Walter, grocer and draper
Wagstaff Robert, ironmonger and blacksmith
Walker James, brewer, Roecross
Warhurst Wm. butcher
Whitle Rev. Daniel, Hollingworth-hall
Wood James, grocer and draper, near Mottram
Wood J. B. grocer and draper
Wood John, cotton-spinner, near Mottram
Woodhead Matthew, vict. Bull’s Head Inn, Tintwistle
Woodhouse Martha, vict. Black Bull,Tintwistle
MANCHESTER, John Sidebottom, Tues. Thurs, and Sat. and William Bradley, daily.
STOCKPORT, William Hill and Joseph Cooper, every Friday.

POST OFFICE - The letters are delivered by a Foot-post from Disley, who carries to the office any letters that may be ready, but does not wait.
Arnfield Jos. dealer in cotton-waste, Hayfield
Arnfield Saml, hatter, New Mills
Bagshaw R. vict. Letters, Horwich-end, near Whaley
Barlow Rev. Luke, Methodist minister, New Mills
Barnes John Co. cotton-spinners & manufs. New Mills
Barrowclough Geo. vict. Bull’s Head, New Mills
Bayley Jos. miller & flour-dealer, Whaley-bdg.
Bennett Jerry, vict. Bull’s Head, Hayfield
Bennett John, vict. New Inn, Horwich-end, near Whaley
Bennett Rich. gent. New Mills
Bentley Thos. grocer, &c. Thornsett
Berresford James, periodical-bookseller, New Mills
Booth John, tailor, New Mills
Bowden Joseph, cotton-spinner, Ned-mill, Hayfield
Bower Ralph, grocer, draper, & coal mercht. New Mills
Bradburn David, vict. Letters, Thornsett
Bradbury Robt. grocer & flour-dealer, Hayfield
Brailsford John, tailor, Hayfield
Bridge John,lime-burner & mercht. Bugsworth
Bridge John, grocer, draper, &c. New Mills
Bridge Samuel, calico-printer, London-place, New Mills
Brocklehurst John, smith & farrier, Hayfield
Brocklehurst Jno. grocer & flour-dealer, Hayfield
Brocklehurst Mary, vict. Pack Horse, Hayfield
Broom Rich. Esq. Whittle-house, nr. New Mills
Burton Benj. tailor, New Mills
Burton John, shoemaker, New Mills
Carrington Jas. gent. Bugsworth-hall, Bugsworth
Cheetham Jas. shoemaker, New Mills
Crossley Thos. & Co. cotton-spinners, Mower-Mill, New Mills
Crowther Rev. John, incumbent of Hayfield
Crowther Thos. cotton-spinner, Crowther-mill, Torr-top, near New Mills
Dunn Geo. grocer, & corn & flour-dealer, Horwich-end
Eyre & Crowther, woollen manufs. Hayfield
Fernelley Jas. smith & farrier, New Mills
Ford Ellen, vict. Letters, Bugsworth
Froggatt Geo. cotton-spinner, Thornsett-mill, near New Mills
Garratt Wm. shopkeeper, New Mills
Gaskell John, tailor, Whaley-bridge
Gaskell Thos. cotton-spinner, Bugsworth
Giles Sl. shoemaker & tollbar-keeper, New Mills
Gisbourne Thos. & W. J., lime-burners and merchts, Bugsworth & Ancoats
Goddard Jno. vict. White Horse, Horwich-end
Goddard Saml. vict., White Hart, New Mills
Gould Jos. vict. Soldier Dick, Furness
Gratrix Jas. Hatter, New Mills
Hadfield Jno. shopkeeper, New Mills
Hallam Isaac, tailor, Hayfield
Harrop Thos, butcher, New Mills
Hawkyard Ths. grocer & flour-dealer, New Mills
Hibbert John, surgeon &c, New Mills
Higginbottom Geo, engraver to calico-printers, New Mills
Higginbottom Geo, butcher, New Mills
Higginbottom Jos. vict. & auctioneer, Dog and Partridge, New Mills
Hill Thos. dyer, New Mills
Holman Jas. vict., lime-burner & mercht. New Inn, New Mills
Howard Jno. shopkeeper, Hayfield
Hulton Nath. tailor & draper, New Mills
Irlam Thos. smith & farrier, Whaley-bridge
Jackson Jon. blacksmith, Whaley
Johnson Jas, vict. Grapes, New Mills
Johnson Jno. wheelwright, Whaley-bridge
Liddiard Thos. Smith & farrier, Thornsett
Livesley Edm. wheelwright, Hayfield
Livesley Thos. gent. New Mills
Lloyd & Price, calico-printers, Furness, near Whaley
Machitter Nath, plumber & glazier, New Mills
Marshall Abraham, vict. & wheelwright, Cock, New Mills
Mason Paul, butcher, New Mills
Mason Saml., shopkeeper, New Mills
Morton Edw., overlooker at Taylor & Ramsdens, Horwich-end
Moseley John M., surgeon, Thornsett
Moseley Mary & Rebecca, grocers & drapers, Thornsett
Mosley Thos. Grocer & provision-dealer, Whaley-bridge
Oldham Thos. calico-printer, Garrison & Spinner-bottom, near New Mills
Pursglove Jno. draper & hosier, Hayfield
Platt John, grocer, &c. New Mills
Preston Robt. wharfinger, Bugsworth
Potts, Oliver, & Potts,engravers to calico-printers, New Mills
Poyser Eliz. ironmonger, &c. New Mills
Quarmby Rachael, vict. George Inn, Hayfield
Rain Mrs. Eliz. academy for ladies, Hayfield
Rangeley Aaron, cotton-spinner & shopkeeper, Hayfield
Rangeley Dennis, joiner and cabinet-maker, Hayfield
Riddall Jno. butcher, New Mills
Robbinson Richard, toll-contractor, Whaley-bridge
Sattersfield & Cresswell, lime-burners & merchants, Bugsworth & Manchester
Schofield Saml. cotton-spinner, New Mills
Scott Henry, wharfinger, Whaley-bridge
Shepley Aaron, cotton-spinner & shopkeeper, Hayfield
Sidebottom Jas. druggist & grocer, New Mills
Sidebottom Josh. vict. White Hart Inn, Whaley-bridge
Sidebottom Robt. grocer & flour-dealer, New Mills
Sigley John, shopkeeper, Whaley
Skerfoot Rich., print-block-cutter, New Mills
Slack Robt. tanner, Bank-vale, Hayfield
Steel Thos. & Son, silk & cotton-spinners, and manufs. Bank-vale, Hayfield
Steele and Oldham, cotton-spinners, Stafford-torr, near New Mills
Sykes Jas. vict. Cock Inn, Whaley-bridge
Taylor & Ramsdens, smallware manufs., Whaley-bridge
Taylor Hannah, shopkeeper, Furness
Taylor Wm. draper, grocer, & flour & timber-dealer, Whaley-bridge
Thornton, Ridgway, & Co. cotton-spinners, Hayfield, New-mills
Turner Betty, vict. Board, Whaley-bridge
Turner Jas. cooper, Hayfield
Turner Martha, vict. Letters, Hayfield
Wade John, corn-miller, New Mills
Walker Jno. grocer, &c. Hayfield
Walker Jno. shoemaker, Hayfield
Walker Wm. hair-dresser, Hayfield
Ward & Thatcher, cotton-spinners, New Mills
Ward Wm. vict. Bay Horse Inn, New Mills
Warren Peter, grocer & flour-dealer, New Mills
Waterhouse John, smith &,farrier, Hayfield
Wheatley Edw. saddler & clogger
White Jno. Esq. magistrate, Park-hall, near Hayfield
Wild Jas. grocer & flour-dealer, New Mills
Wild Jesse, Stockport-carrier New Mills
Wyatt John, blacksmith, New Mills
Yates John, yarn-bleacher Higher Spinnerbottom
MANCHESTER, Geo. Bromley, from Whaley, twice a week
STOCKPORT, Jesse Wild, from New Mills, Friday, and Saturday.
Coaches pass through Whaley almost hourly, for all parts of the kingdom.

Population of Glossop Parish (H – Hamlet, Ch – Chapelry, T – Township, L – Liberty)

Beard H 382
Charlesworth H 1005
Chinley, Bugsworth and Brownside Ch 1038
Chunal T 145
Dinting T 152
Glossop T 1351
Great Hamlet T 705
Hadfield T 659
Kinder H 129
Ludworth and Chisworth T 1077
Mellor Ch 2099
Ollerset H 293
Padfield T 499
Phoside L 504
Simmondley T 340
Thornset H 758
Whitfield T 984
Whittle H 1696

Total 13766


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