Glossop's Celebrations of The Coronation of Elizabeth II, 1953.

Once again, it fell to the council to organise the festivities. This time they produced a 44 page Souvenir Programme which was sold for 1 shilling. The programme doubled as a handbook by highlighting features of the town and raised funds by including advertising – many adverts from local businesses now long gone. Pre-school children were given a souvenir spoon and a tin of chocolates and older children received mugs.
The Chamber of Trade held a "Shopping Week" with vouchers being given out for every 2/- spent in participating shops.
Glossop held a “Coronation Week" from May 30 to June 3, the event being officially opened by the Mayor Alderman Richard Beckmann who, as Deputy Mayor, had planted the sapling in Manor Park to commemorate the 1937 Coronation. Various streets, houses and other buildings were decorated and tea parties were held, the week culminating in a grand parade.

Cover of the Souvenir Programme
Cover of the Souvenir Programme

The Municipal Programme of Events.

Saturday 30th May
2:40 p.m.—
Official Opening of Coronation Week by The Worshipful the Mayor of Glossop (Alderman R. A . Beckmann) at Manor Park.
The Mayor to accept, on behalf of the Town, Pavilion Clock presented by the Glossop Townswomen's Guild.
Gala Afternoon and Evening: Punch and Judy. Pet Show. Sideshows, etc.
7-0 p.m.—Coronation Dance at Victoria Hall.

Sunday 31st May
10-20 a.m.—
Civic Procession to leave the Market Ground for Service at the Parish Church at 11-0 a.m.
3-0 p.m. and 7-0 p.m.—Besses o' th' Barn Band in Manor Park.

Monday 1st June
5-0 p.m.—
Old People's Tea Parties at various centres throughout the borough, followed by entertainments.
2-30 p.m.—Novelty Cricket Knockout Competition (three-a-side) at North Road Cricket Ground.

Tuesday 2nd June Coronation Day
8-0 p.m. to 3-0 a.m.—
The Mayor's Coronation Ball in the Victoria Hall.
Beacon Fire on Whiteley Nab prepared by Local Scouts.

Wednesday 3rd June
Judging of decorated streets and houses.
7-0 p.m.—Borough Coronation Bowling Knockout Competition in Manor Park.
Tennis Exhibition Matches in Manor Park by J. R. Statham, Derbyshire County Tennis Captain and County Champion 1951, W T. Hough, Derbyshire County Champion 1950, and Prominent Local Players.

Thursday 4th June
7-30 p.m.—
Swimming Gala and Polo Match at Wood's Baths, Glossop.

Friday 5th June
7-30 p.m.—
Elizabethan Evening in the Victoria Hall. Glossop Townswomen's Guild present —
Excerpts from "Merrie England" by Edward German.
A One Act Play — "The Queen's Ring" by L du Garde Peach.

Saturday 6th June
2-0 p.m.—
Town Procession from Hadfield to Manor Park. Fancy Dress. Tableaux. Country Dancing.
Chamber of Trade Shopping Week - winning tickets to be drawn at Manor Park.
7-30 p.m.—Coronation Dance in the Victoria Hall.

Sunday 7th June
3-0 p.m.—
Service of Youth at the Empire Cinema.

Coronation Children's Committee.
All pre-school children (under five years old) will be presented with Coronation Souvenir Spoons and Souvenir Tins of Chocolate.
Coronation Day Babies will each receive a Coronation Gift Token.
School children will attend the Empire Cinema to see the Coronation Technicolour Film — "A Queen is Crowned".

Coronation Old People's Committee.
Tea Parties and Entertainments by local artistes for all persons 70 or over on 1st June and for Adult Blind, Deaf and Dumb, will be held at various centres, with transport where necessary. Souvenirs will be given to those who, through illness or disability, cannot attend. The Committee wishes to express its sincere gratitude to all those who have so magnificently responded and helped in any way.

Coronation Mug
Coronation Spoon
Examples of the Mug and Spoon given to children.

Coronation Committees - Details of the main organisers as included in the Souvenir Programme.

The Proclamation of the Accession of Elizabeth II to the Throne was made by the Mayor, Councillor Henry Cooper J.P., on June 10th 1952, from the Town Hall steps, The Old Cross and outside the Public Library at Hadfield. Large crowds of citizens and school children assembled to demonstrate their loyalty.
The Council having undertaken financial responsibility for the official, local celebrations of the Coronation, became the Executive Committee, assisted by the chief officials. At the Accession they were The Mayor (Coun. H. Cooper J.P.); Deputy Mayor (Ald. R.J. Boak. J.P., C.C.), Aldermen: R. A. Beckmann, J. D. Doyle J.P., A. Mellor J.P., R. Sellers and J. H. Cuthbert. Councillors: J. Barber, F. Bradbury, S. Burgess, C. E. Coggin. G. B. Donaldson, B.A., H. Hadfield, E. Haigh. J.P., E. Higton. J.P., J. G. Hurst, W. Moss, J. Nuttall, M.A., D. Rothwell, H. N. Sheldon M.A., J. Taylor, H. Turner C.C. and J. Woolley. Mr, W. S. A. Robinson (Town Clerk); Mr. E. M. Boardman (Borough Treasurer); Mr. George Faulds (Borough Surveyor). The following changes are to be noted: Mr. H. B. Dolphin M.C. M.A. succeeded Mr Robinson as Town Clerk; Messrs. Sam Bamforth and N. G. H. Harrop entered the Council, the former displacing Mr. J. Barber at the elections immediately before the Coronation.
Three major sub-committees were appointed as follows :
Entertainments: Chairman Coun. Turner. C.C., Hon. Sec. Mr. W. Cannon (Parks Supt.). Old Folks Parties: Chairman Coun. Coggin, Hon Sec. Mr. Bertram Lees (Deputy Treasurer). Children's: Coun. E. Haigh. J.P.. Hon. Sec. Mr. E. H. Dunsmore (Sanitary Inspector).
The following members of voluntary organisations have served on one or other of the sub-committees :
St. Andrew's Church—Messrs. J. H. Turner and H Walshaw.
Free Church Council—Rev. W. Evans and Rev. W. Symonds.
Salvation Army—Envoy A. T. Mends and D. Whittaker.
Littlemoor Independent Church—Mrs. V. Townend and Mr H. Hallows.
British Legion—Messrs. J. Seville and A. E. J. Leney.
Girl Guides—Miss S Walker and Mrs. Moore.
Boy Scouts—Mr. H. W Wright.
Townswomen's Guild—Mrs H. Ryan and Mrs. J. Gibson.
St. John Ambulance—Mr. J. Heywood and Miss S. Dale.
Rotary Club—Mr. F. M. Hewitt.
Inner Wheel—Mrs. F. Taylor and Mrs. A Middleton.
Youth Movement—Mr. S. Roe.
Co-operative Society Ltd.—Messrs. A. Bridge, H. Hallows and C. W. Wood.
Hadfield Co-operative Society Ltd.—Mr. A. Palfreyman.
Chamber of Trade— Messrs. Eli Swindells, H Chadwick and F. Mitchell.
Trades Council—Messrs R. Gibson and A . D. Wood.
National Union of Teachers—Messrs. F. Booth and J. E. Plant.
Grammar School—Mr C. E. Lord. B.A. and Miss D. Greenwood M.A.
Old Peoples Welfare Committee—Mrs. M. L. Casey and Mrs. Greenland B.A.
Cricket Club—Messrs H. O. Hodgett and A. Handforth.
District Cricket League—Mr. C. Elliott.
Swimming Club—Messrs. F. Fennell and C. Walton.
Pyegrove Tennis Club—Messrs. H. Marshall and B. Bowden.
Bowling League—Mr. E. L. Sidebottom.
Velo Cycle Road Club—Mr. T. Sheppard.
Mrs. H. Clough, Charles Howarth, A. O'Neill and D. Johnson.

The Town Hall and Norfolk Square decorated and illuminated
The Town Hall and Norfolk Square decorated and illuminated
Hadfield Library illuminated
Hadfield Library illuminated

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