Glossop's Celebrations of The Coronation of George V, 1911.

The Town Hall decorated for the celebrations
The Town Hall decorated for the celebrations

As in 1902, when Coronation Festivities were held in Glossop in the summer of 1911 the borough was fortunate in having a number of generous donors to subscribe financially.
Mr Samuel Hill-Wood M.P. entertained Glossop day school pupils; Mrs. A. K. Wood of Moorfield the old folks: Mr G. B. Heywood, of Mersey Bank, Hadfield and Alderman E. Partington entertained the burgesses and their wives to a Fete in the park. Mr and Mrs E. Platt presented mugs to Hadfield day school pupils: and Lord Howard presented an open space at Hadfield to the town, provided medals for day school children and fireworks and illuminations for the celebrations.
The Mayor at the time was Councillor J. Malkin, the council once again organising an official programme of festivities.

Cover of the Municipal events programme
Cover of the Municipal events programme

The Municipal Programme of Events.

Wednesday, June 21st
Tea and Entertainment for Old People, by Mrs. A. K. Wood, (Honorary Freeman of the Borough.)
4-30 to 6-30 p.m.—Tea; 7-30 to 9 p.m.—Entertainment
At the Victoria Hall, Glossop and St. Andrew's School, Hadfield.

Thursday, June 22nd.
7 to 11 a.m.—Peal of Bells.
The Bells of the Parish Churches of Glossop, Whitfield and Dinting will be rung.
10- 45 a.m.—Gift of small Open Space at Hadfield, by the Right Honourable Lord Howard of Glossop.
Lord Howard's Agent, (C. A. Abraham, Esq.) will deliver the Deed Of Gift to the Mayor, on the site.
Medals for Day School Children, provided by the Right Honourable Lord Howard of Glossop.
The Medals will be distributed to the children at the Schools during the Morning.
Assembly of Day School Scholars.
11-15 a.m.—Railway Station Yard, Hadfield.
Scholars to be there at 11 a.m.
12 noon—North Road Football Ground, Glossop.
Scholars to be there at 11-40 a.m. The Public will enter by the South Gate in North Road, near the Railway Bridge, and assemble on the slopes.
Airs to be sung—"God Save the King," "God Bless the Prince of Wales," "Home, Sweet Home," and "Auld Lang Syne."
Conductors : Glossop - Mr. W. P. Fairclough; Hadfield - Rev. J. Hadfield.

Entertainment of Glossop Day School Scholars by S. Hill-Wood, Esq. J.P., D.L., M.P.
1 p.m.—The Scholars will be entertained at the Schools to which they will return at the conclusion of the assembly.
Entertainment of Hadfield Day School Scholars by Mr. & Mrs. G. B. Heywood.
11-45 a.m.—The Hadfield Scholars will be provided with Milk and Cake at the Station Yard, Hadfield. (They will also be entertained to Tea by Mr. & Mrs. Edward Platt, on Saturday, June 24th)
2-30 p.m. Fete to the Burgesses and their Wives by Captain Partington, J.P.
Captain Partington J. P. as Honorary Freeman of the Borough, will entertain the Burgesses of the Borough and their Wives in the Park.
Captain Partington will, at the request of the Mayor, and at a convenient time during the afternoon, plant an Oak Tree in the Park in commemoration of the Coronation.
The Glossop Detachment 6th Battalion Cheshire Regiment. H Company (Glossop), under the command of Lieutenant G. B. Heywood will patrol the Park.
2 p.m.—A Special Train leaves Hadfield for Glossop at 2 p.m., to enable the Burgesses to attend the Fete in the Park.

Gift of land, Hadfield
Gift of land, Hadfield
Gift of small Open Space at Hadfield (Sparrow Park).

Morning,11-15 to 12
The Glossop Public Reed Band will play Selections on the Football Field, North Road.
12 noon
The Glossop Old Prize Band will play the Accompaniments to the Airs on the Football Field, North Road.
Afternoon & Evening 2 till dusk
The Glossop Old Prize Band and Mr. A. Sidebottom's String Band will play at the Fete in the Park
3 to 5 p.m. & 7 to 9 p.m.
The Glossop Reed Band will play Selections in Norfolk Square.

11-15 a.m.—The Hollingworth Brass Band will play the Accompaniments to the Airs at Hadfield Railway Station Yard.
2 to 4 p.m. & 6 to 9 p.m.
The Hollingworth Brass Band will play Selections in the Field of Messrs. W. Dawson & Company, in Station Road. (Entrance at the back of the Palatine and Railway Hotel.)

9 p m. to 12 midnight.
The Right Honourable Lord Howard of Glossop will cause the Town Hall to be decorated and illuminated.
The Victoria Hall and Free Library, the Technical School, Whitfield Library, and the Hadfield Library and Public Hall, will be illuminated by Order of the Corporation.

10 p.m.—The Right Honourable Lord Howard of Glossop will kindly provide a Display of Fireworks in the Old Cricket Ground, Norfolk Street.

9-55 p.m. The Mayor will send up a Detonating Rocket from the Old Cricket Ground, Norfolk Street, to call attention, and a Magnesium Star Rocket will he sent up in reply from Coombs Edge.
10 p.m. A Bonfire will be lighted on Coombs Edge, and the National Anthem sung.
The Glossop and District Boy Scouts' Association (under the command of Scout-Master G. H. Strong) will assist, in the construction of, guarding, and lighting the Bonfire.
Gifts of Materials for the Bonfire have been made by Lord Howard of Glossop, John Wood & Bros. Ltd., Olive & Partington. Ltd., John Walton (of Glossop) Ltd., F. Sumner & Co. Ltd., The Shepley Mill Cotton Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Levi Jackson & Sons, and Alderman William Holdgate. J.P.

Friday, June 23rd.
12 noon—An Ox (provided by public subscriptions) will be roasted at Glossop.
9 p.m. to 12 a.m.—The Illuminations will be continued.

Saturday, June 24th.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Platt's Entertainment for Day Scholars of Hadfield Ward and Presentation of Coronation Mugs.
2 p.m.—The Day School Scholars will assemble at the various Schools at 2 o'clock in the Afternoon, and proceed to Mersey Bank, arriving about 2-30 p.m.
The Airs to be sung will be the same as on Thursday.
Conductor : The Rev. J. Hadfield.
The Scholars will return to their Schools to be entertained, and afterwards return to Mersey Bank for Games &c.
Selections by the Hollingworth Brass Band.
The Scholars will be presented with Coronation Mugs at the close of the Entertainment.
9 p.m. to 12 a.m.—The Illuminations will be continued.

Sunday, June 25th.
10-15 a.m. —The Mayor and Corporation will leave the Town Hall, in Procession, and attend
10-45 a.m.—Divine Service at the Parish Church, Glossop.

Printed by Order of the Council of the Borough of Glossop.
James Malkin, Mayor; Theo. Walter Ellison, Town Clerk.

Cover of the Fete programme
Cover of the Fete programme

Programme of Coronation Festivities to be held at Glossop Park June 22nd 1911

The Fete was summed up in the introduction to the Souvenir, published subsequently:
In this Country, and especially in modern times, it has always been an occasion of National rejoicing when the Monarch called to reign over the Empire has been crowned. The Coronation of His Majesty King George V and His Royal Consort, Queen Mary, on Thursday, June 22nd, 1911, was no exception to this rule, for the celebration of this event can be said to have surpassed all such previous occasions.
In no Town or City throughout the Country was there a more natural and generous outburst of loyalty than in the Borough of Glossop. Our Town is highly honoured by the possession of leading Citizens, who right royally entertained Burgesses and their Wives, Day School Children, and the Old People of the Town.
The principal feature of Glossop's Coronation Festivities was the Grand Fete in the Park, when all the Burgesses and their Wives were invited by Glossop's First Honorary Freeman, Edward Partington, Esq., J.P., and Mrs. Partington. Over 10,000 accepted this invitation and spent a most enjoyable afternoon, the donors presenting each gentleman with checks of the value of Two Shillings, and each lady with cheques of the value of One Shilling and Sixpence.
The Committee making the arrangements for this large number most carefully considered every detail, and the arrangements for the guests were practically perfect, the result being unique in the history of the borough. Continuous Entertainments from Four Large Sylvan Platforms drew immense crowds of delighted spectators. The Catering and Tea arrangements were splendidly made by an amalgamation of Tradespeople associated with Refreshment Catering in the Town, and left nothing to be desired, the spacious Public Bath (covered over) and 12 large Marquees being requisitioned for this work, the provisions, etc., were exchangeable for checks representing One Penny, no less than 182,507 of these being exchanged.
In addition to the Committee composed of influential gentlemen representative of the various interests in the Town, the Glossop Company of the Cheshire Regiment, Territorial Detachment, the Borough Police, the Voluntary Aid Detachment and Boy Scouts all contributed to make this Fete such a huge success, and it is to these that this Souvenir is most respectfully dedicated.

The following acts performed on the “Four Large Sylvan Platforms” and on the Band Stand, the Entertainment Director being Mr. J. W. Riley:
     J. W. Riley's Merrie Middies
     F. Hadfield's Costume Comedy Company
     Whitfield Dramatic Society
     Glossop Old Prize Band
     Mr. A. Sidebottom's Band
     Festival of Empire Choir (over 100 voices)
     The Acme Troupe of Lady Gymnasts with their Funny Clown
     The Atlas Trio on the Horizontal Bar, &c.
     “Meffo” Royal Punch and Judy with clever Dog Toby
     Maskews' Merrie Mannikins or Living Lilliputians
     Charles Darnay, Ventriloquist
     De Meglio, the Magical Entertainer
     Prof. Arthur Buckle, the popular Conjuror
     The Spangellettes with their Performing Pony and Unridable Donkey
     The Great Platter, Comedy Juggler
     Stevo & Stevo, Knockabout Clowns

Captain Partington planting the commemorative oak
Captain Partington planting the commemorative oak

Members of Committees:
Ground Committee
Chairman : Councillor E. Collier
Hon. Secretary : Mr. S. Whitehead
Councillor H. Partington, J.P.; His Worship the Mayor (J. Malkin, Esq., J.P.) ; Mr. S. Fletcher, General Secretary ; Councillors T. Braddock, R. B. Sidebottom, J.P., C.C., Wm. Newton, W. Jackson, and W. Jones ; Messrs. John Rowbottom, J. Walkden, C.C., R. G. Hawke, T. Waterhouse, A. Pickford, F. Hall, and P. Rowbottom.
Printing and Invitation Committee
Chairman: Mr. George Reed
Hon. Secretary : Mr. Sydney Smith
Councillor H. Partington, J.P.; His Worship the Mayor (J. Malkin, Esq., J.P.) ; Mr. S. Fletcher, General Secretary; Councillor K. Willis ; Messrs. T. Rhodes, J. T. Hyde, L. R. James, J. W. Pogson, J. Bridge, K. Shallcross, R. Hamnett, and A. Bowden.
Entertainment Committee
Chairman : Councillor F. G. Knowles
Hon. Secretary. Mr. A. Phillips
Councillor H. Partington, J.P.; His Worship the Mayor (J. Malkin, Esq., J.P.) ; Mr. S. Fletcher; and Messrs. William Harrison, Dr. A. C. Nicol, Wm. Robinson, I. Dearnaley, D. Shepley, H. Dane, R. G. Hawke, H. Fielding, W. E. Cottrill, J. E. Hall, J. Sidebottom, S. Spenser and T. Radcliffe.
Catering Committee
Chairman : His Worship The Mayor (J. Malkin, Esq., J.P.)
Hon. Secretary : Mr. S. Fletcher
Councillor Herbert Partington, J.P.; Messrs. William Harrison, J. Rowbottom, G. Reed, S. Smith, and F. Hall.

Ox roast
Ox roast
The Ox Roast on the Market Ground with the Theatre Royal in the background .

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