Hadfield Equitable Co-operative Society

The Hadfield Equitable Co-operative Society, the first co-operative in Glossop Dale, had 4 Main Branches. No. 1 at Station Road, Hadfield, No. 2 at Woolley Bridge Road, Woolley Bridge, No. 3 at Platt Street, Padfield and No. 4 at Manchester Road, Tintwistle. The Society was formed in 1860 by the merger of 3 societies, one in a room over the Smithy, one in a shop next to the Palatine Inn and one in a cottage at Lane Ends, Tintwistle. Amongst the founders of the three early societies were Benjamin Walsh, William Aldous, John Booth, W Atkinson, R Hodgson, William Dearnaley and S Cooper.

As the business began to grow it was decided to rent a shop at 41 Station Road, Hadfield. In 1863 the society bought a shop with dwelling house and four cottages on the site of the central premises. These premises were altered several times over the years, and eventually the old buildings were taken down and the present premises built.

The Tintwistle Branch was removed from Lane End to a cottage in Manchester Road and about 1866 a shop was leased from Mr E Swindells for a term of seven years, shortly before the lease expired the present premises were purchased.

In 1864 a branch was opened in a little old shop opposite Lee’s Mill at Woolley Bridge and in 1870 the business was removed to a newly built shop, which was later used as a Working Men’s Club.

Padfield Branch was built in 1880 and was instantly successful, proving that the Committee had done the right thing to open a branch in Padfield.

In 1900 it was decided to rent a shop in Stanyforth Street, as an experiment, and as trade grew so rapidly this shop became too small. Other premises were purchased and reconstructed. The grocery shop opened on 6th November 1901 and soon after a butcher’s shop was completed. Also a bakery shop was opened in Wesley Street on 30th January 1906.

To celebrate the Society’s 50th Jubilee, each member was presented with a teapot and plaque, on which there was a print of the central premises and 2 tickets with a value of 6d each (2½ pence) to be exchanged for refreshments at the Gala, held on Saturday 6th August 1910.

Padfield Branch
Jubilee celebration display, Padfield Branch, 1910
Padfield Branch, Platt Street
Jubilee celebration display, Padfield Branch, 1910

Jubilee Committee
Members of the Jubilee Committee of Hadfield Co-operative Society
Top row left to right: R. Walker, W. Reece, H. Hunt, J. Hutchinson.
Second row left to right: S. Sharp, J. Davies, C. Wareing, E. Moores, T. Haigh, Walter Jackson, D. Smith.
Third row left to right: J. Swindells, C. Flint. C. Loxley (manager), A. Harrop (president), J. W. Pogson (secretary), William Jackson, T. Davies.
Front row left to right: W. Lawton, J. Driver, R. Bowden, J. Bradshaw, J. King, J. Pass.

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