Derby & District Trades Directory 1903
Entries for the area of the Ancient Parish of Glossop.

Including Brookfield, Charlestown, Dinting, Hadfield, Hollingworth, Old Glossop, Padfield, Whitfield, Woolley Bridge, &c
Broadhurst, H., 51 Pikes lane
Douse, Robt. Henry, Liberal chambers
Hollingbery, J. K., Howard st
Higginbottom, J., Liberal buildings
Collier, E., 34 Norfolk st
Mellor, Josiah; residence, 37 Hollincross lane; also valuer, estate and emigration agent, etc
Sykes & Sons, 100 High street west; and valuers
Connor, Miss M., 110 High st., west
Lewis, Miss E., 24 High st., east
Ainsworth, Henry, 112 Victoria street
Barber, Miss A., 92 High st., west
Booth, B. 76 High street, east
Briggs & Jowitt, 46 High street west
Broadhead, S., Main rd., Padfield
Fielding, William M., Norfolk st
Goddard. H., 12 High st., east
Heap, Joseph, 51 Victoria st
Howarth M, 27 Station rd
Hudson, John G., 23 High St., west
Lee, Misses H. & C., 104 High st., west
Metcalf, M., 112 High St., west
Oliver, Ruth, 103 High St., east
Turner, Mrs M. J., 20 High st., east
Watkinson, M. E., 54 High st., west
Wilson. Robt., High st., west
Manchester & County Bank. Ltd., High st., west
Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Co., Ltd
May, A., 59 High st., east
May, T., & Sons, Victoria st
Bennett Robt, 96 Victoria st.
Beverley, John Thomas, 40 Pike’s lane
Bradley, B., 99 High st., east
Cuthbert, William, Masons’ Arms, Station road, Hadfield
Elidenton, F., High st., west (This is as the entry appears in the directory. It should be Denton, Eli (who was landlord of the Brittania Inn))
Hill, Mary E., 8 Waterside, Hadfield
Jacobs, C., Main rd
Robinson, A., 41 Station rd., Hadfield
Sale, Harriet, 11 Chapel st
Slack, Samuel, High st., west
Trueman, John, 40 Pike’s lane
Warrington, Jacob, Edward st
Wilde, A., 277 High st., west
Wilde, Wm., Charlestown rd
Boardman & Sons, Manor street
Dearnaley, T., & Son, 125 High St., west
Hall, John, Howard street
Wilde, J., 73 Station rd., Hadfield
The River Etherow Bleaching Co., Ltd., Waterside
Walton, J., Charlestown
Bentham, Mrs. Jane, 47 Station rd., Hadfield
Jenkison, J., 55 High street
Pownall. William, 17 Market st., Hollingworth
Russell, M. J., Victoria st
Whitham, J. T., 87 High st., west
Wright, James, Post office, Hadfield
Ashton, M., 44 High street, west
Brown, J., 121 High St., west, and at Victoria street
Cash & Co., Victoria st
Hadfield, John, 97 High st., east
Hall, Joseph, 201 High St., east
Hewitt, William, 8 Collier st.
Mason, W. J., 115 Station rd., Hadfield
Middleton, F., 114 Victoria st
Nield, J., 20 High St., west
Poyner, John, 92 Station rd., Hadfield
Schofield, John, Pike’s lane
Smith, E., 47 High St., west
Smith. Mrs. Wm., 33 High st., west (Should be 35)
Swire, J., 38 Woolley bridge
Swire, J., & Sons, 6 and 8 High street, west
Walker, E. M., 105 and 107 Station road, Hadfield
Willis, T., 125 Station rd., Hadfield
Wilson, R. W., Sheffield rd
Wood, G., 64 Victoria st
Woodcock, M., 57 High st., west
Charlesworth, Wm., 244 High st., west
Fielding, C., 37 Whitfield cross
Howard, Wm., 27 Hadfield st
Jackson, J., & Sons, Victoria st
Orme, T., High st., west
Potts, J., Sheffield road
Bowden, W. H., Howard st
Garside, C., & Sons, Ltd., Surrey street
Potts, H., 8 North road
Marked (A) are Pork Butchers
Ballington, Ellen, 143 Gladstone st.
Bennett, William, 6 Rose green
(A) Bentley, Edwin, 127 High St., west
(A) Booth, Henry, 117 Station road, Hadfield
Bradbury, T., Victoria st
Burkhard, C., 65 High st., west
Charlesworth, W., 244 High st., west
Cooper, G., 141 High st., west
Earnshaw, Mrs M., 43 Station road, Hadfield
Yielding, G. B., 101 Dinting vale
Patchett, H., 32 Station rd., Hadfield
Platt, Miss A., 49 High St., west
Scholes, A., 119 High St., west
Scholes, James, Railway St., Hadfield
Schofield, J., 83 High st., east
Shreeve, Walter, 29 High st., west
Thornley, N., 74 Victoria St.
Wimberley, D., 3 Station rd., Hadfield
Woodhouse, A. C., 36 Church st., Old Glossop
Woodhouse, Ellen, 36 Church st., Hadfield
Woodhouse, S., 112 Station road, Hadfield
Woolley, Edward, 77 High street west
Woolley, Geo., 86 Station rd., Hadfield
Woolley, T., Woolley bridge
Glossop Carriage Co., Ltd., Howard street; coach proprietors and undertakers. Telephone No. 24
Smith, C. L., 55 High st., east
Willey, I. W. C., 17 Norfolk st
Potter, Edmund, & Co., Ltd., Dinting Vale; and agents for The Calico Printers’ Association, Ltd. Telegraphic address, “Print, Glossop”
Hadfield, I., 53 Norfolk street
Boots, Ltd., 19 High st., west
Bradbury, T., 1 High St., west
Innes, David, 38 Market St., Hollingworth
Lake, George, jun. Primrose ter.
Moran, W. J. J., 15 Station rd., Hadfield
Richardson, J., 9 Bank bottom
Ashton, Frederick, 37 Gladstone street
Challener, S., 120 Station rd., Hadfield
Redfern, Ann, 38 High St., west
Arrowsmith, J., 132 High St., west
Kenyon, W., 68 High st., west
Kershaw, J., 138 Victoria St
Swire, H., 21 Victoria st
Swire, John, 114 Station rd., Hadfield
Wood, James, 17 Dinting vale
Platt, J., St James’ hall
Thorp, W., Henry st
Aldous, Josiah, 2 Brookfield, Dinting
Benforth, C. & E., 66 High st., west
Briggs & Jowett, 46 High Street, west
Broadbent, —, Station rd
Bunn, H., 84 High street, west
Buxton, E., 90 High st., east
Connor, Alfred, 12 Mill town
Connor, Henry, 82 Gladstone St.
Cooke & Wild, 136 Victoria st.
Crossland, Mary, 55 Bernard st.
Cusworth, E. J., Hadfield
Fielding, Misses H. M. & A., 57 Whitfield cross
Fletcher, S., 63 Victoria st
Goddard, M. A., 12 High St., east
Green, F., Gladstone st
Hadfield, Miss, Victoria st
Hampshire, H., 19 Gladstone st.
Hampton, E., 62 Brookfield, Dinting
Haulker, Mrs, 13 Platt st., Hadfield
Hewitt, J., Hadfield rd
Hudson, John, 23 High st., west
Kenny, M., Norfolk square
Kenny, Mrs, 12 Henry st
Lambert, W., 128 Station rd., Hadfield
Lees, Dorothy, Dinting vale
Lyne, M. E., 3 High street, west
Marsland, J., 99 High st., west
Porter, Miss, Gladstone st
Rowland, J., 70 Victoria st
Ruck, Alice, 191 High street, west
Shaw, Annie, 1 Lees st., Woolley bridge
Shepherd, W., 59 Charlestown rd.
Taylor, Robert, 12 Bank st., Hadfield
Turner, M. J., 20 High st., east
Watkinson M. E., 54 High street, west
Bradbury & Co., 385 High st., west
Household Stores, 11 High St., east
Morley, J., 50 Church street, Old Glossop
Newton, William, 45 Bernard street
Rothwell, W. & E., 94 Station, road, Hadfield
Hope & Crabb, 16 High St., east;
Newton, William, 45 Bernard street; also grocer and provision merchant
Gartside & Co., Ltd., Waterside mills, Hadfield
Platt, Ltd., Platt st., Hadfield
Rhodes & Son, Hadfield mills
Rowbottom, J., Hurst mills
Rowbottom, S., Meadow mills
Shepley, J. & W., Ltd., Brookfield
Sumner, Fras., & Co., Ltd., Wren Nest mills
The Shepley Mill Cotton Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shepley Mills
Wood, J., & Bros., Ltd., Howard Town
Braddock, Walter, 53 High st.,. east
Glossop Cycle Co., 48 High st., west
Butterfield, —., 65 Station road
Hardman, J., Henry st
Hardman, T., Norfolk sq
Mitchell, Julian, 32 High st., E
Austin, H., 8 High St., east
Barnes, J., & Sons, 31 High St., west
Bennett, Mrs Sarah, 98 Station rd., Hadfield
Booth, Jas., 116 Station rd., Hadfield
Booth, Mrs., 79 High St., west
Bowden, A., & Co , 124 Station rd., Hadfield
Bramald Ellis, Hadfield road
Connor, M. E., 110 High St., west
Dane, C., 121 Station rd., Hadfield
Doodson, S. & H., 76 High st., west
Eyre, M. E., 74 High st., west
Hadfield Co-operative Society, Ltd., Station road, Hadfield
Hadfield, J., 150 Station rd., Hadfield
Hare, Jas., 51 High st., west
Higginbottom, J. S., 17 High St., west
Hill, Wm., 94 High st., west
Holland, Joseph, 114 Station rd.
Holmes. Mrs J., 197 High St., west
Humphreys & Davies, 49 Station rd., Hadfield
Hunter, T P., 9 High st., west
Hyde, Geo., 12 High st., west
Ingram, Hannah, 73 High st., west
Keighley, J. C., Victoria House, 116 and 118 Victoria street
Kinder, George, 196-198 High street, west
Livesley, Squire, 101 Station rd., Hadfield
Martin, W. A., 11 and 13 Station road, Hadfield
Platt, B., & Son, 119 High st., east
Platt, J., 12 Wellgate, Old Stamp (presumably a misprint for Old Glossop)
Ralph, James
Roberts, Mrs C., 90 High st., west
Schofield & Wood, 13 Charles St.
Sellers, S., 3 High st., east
Shepherd & Willis, 108 Brookfield, Dinting
Smith, J., 38 High St., east
Swire, W., 5 High St., west
Swire, William, 119 Station road, Hadfield
Toulson, William, 77 Station rd., Hadfield
Walker, E. M., 105 and 107 Station road, Hadfield
Whatmough, William, 31 Market st., Hollingworth
Willerton, Mrs, 50 Woolley Bridge road
Willis, M., 101 Brookfield, Dinting
Wishart. Miss J., 148 Station rd., Hadfield
Wood, P., 53 High street, west
Woodcock, P., 27 High st.. west
Wright, Henry, Victoria st
Booth, E., 79 High street, west
Goldthorpe, Miss, 33 Charles st
M'Millan, Mrs, 6 Wood st
Mitchell, Miss, High St., east
Phillips & Jeffery, 18 High St., east
Siddall, Miss M., 11 Railway street, Hadfield
Thornhill, Misses, 60 High St., west; also milliners
Wright, Miss N., North rd
Newton, Tom, 26 Princes st
Buckley, James, 42 Arundel st
Hall, Thomas, 142 St Mary’s rd
Jacob, Charles, 5 Freetown
James, Fred., 27 Charlestown rd.
Marsden, Joseph, 140 Victoria street
Scragg, Thomas, Norfolk street
Torkington S., 69 Station rd.
Waterhouse, Mrs., 63 High St., west
Wood, J. T., 76 Station rd., Hadfield
Farnsworth, A. & T., 114 High St., west; salesmen
Lee. G., 129 High St., east
Platt, F., 363 High st., west
Torkington, Mrs., 17 Station rd., Hadfield
Wright, M. A., High st., west
Lamb, Joseph, Victoria street
Armitage, J., Victoria street
Boon, Thomas, 70 Freetown st
Brookes, George, 96 High St., west
Brooks, A., 113 Station rd., Hadfield
Buckley, William, 104 Victoria street
Collier, William H., 40 Market St., Hollingworth
Ellis, S., 111 Main rd
Hatfield, Joseph, 16 Norfolk st
Kerr, H., Hadfield
Lester, James, 39 High street, west
Pickford, L., High street, east
Riley, W., 92 Kershaw st.
Shockledge, W. H., 42 Station road, Hadfield
Steele, E., Victoria st
Turner, E., 72 High st., east
Turner, M., 20 High st., east
Waterhouse, Joseph, Platt st., Hadfield
Bagshaw, Arthur, 26 High st, west; also cabinetmaker
Bennett, Mrs S., 98 Station rd., Hadfield
Cluskey, Elizabeth, 21 High St., east
Barber, Thomas, 96 High st., east
Beard, Mrs, 44 St Mary’s rd
Boon, Thomas, 70 Freetown
Booth, James, 3 Duke st
Darwent, J. E., 76 Freetown, Charlestown rd
Newton, S., 105 Station rd., Hadfield
Ratcliffe, Ellis, 79 Dinting vale
Ruck, A., 191 High st.. west
Worsley, Henry, & Sons, Bross croft, Hadfield
Archer, Mary, 12 Market st., Hollingworth
Ashton, Frank, 55 Hollincross lane
Ashton, George, 8 Gladstone st.
Atkinson, Margaret, 31 Church street, Hadfield
Bailey, Thos., 8 Chapel st
Bamforth, The Misses, 3 Whitefield cross
Barker, Ruth, 43 King street
Barker, W., Main St., Hadfield
Barton, Amos, 20 Wellgate, Old Glossop
Benton, S., Princes st
Booth & Simpson, 61 Charlestown road, and 78 Market st., Hollingworth
Booth, Henry, 117 Station rd., Hadfield
Bradbury, B., 16 Princes street
Braddock & Co., 111 Station rd., Hadfield
Bradley, J., 56 Arundel st
Bratby, E., 10 Gladstone st.
Broadbent, Zilpha, Brass croft, Hadfield
Buckley, J. E., 61 High st., west
Buckley, J. E., Pike’s lane
Cartwright, Frederick, 102 Waterside, Hadfield; also beer retailer
Clarkson, Charles, 8 Hall street
Clarkson, H., Hall road
Connor, Alfred, 12 Mill st
Connor, H., 82 Gladstone st.
Consumers’ Tea Co., 11 High st., west
Co-operative Society, Station road, Hadfield
Crowther, J., 5 Station rd., Hadfield
Dawson, Thos., 28 Charlestown rd.
Delderfield, W., Woolley lane
Etchells, Henry, 91, 93, and 95 Station road, Hadfield
Fielding, Charles, 1 Market st., Hollingworth
Fielding, Edward, 2 Wesley street, Old GIossop
Fielding, H. 68 Station rd., Hadfield
Fielding, John, Pike’s lane
Firth, Mrs, 58 Woolley bridge
Fish & Co., 2 Market st., Hollingworth
GIossop Industrial Co-operative Society, Ltd., Norfolk sq
Goddard, Jane, 61 Platt st., Hadfield
Goddard, M., Charlestown
Goldthorpe Stores, 33 Charles street
Gray, Thomas, 84 Princes street
Hadfield Co-operative Society, Ltd., Station road, Hadfield
Hadfield, Eli, 105 High st, east
Hall, James, 146 St Mary’s rd.
Harrison, Charles S., 122 High street, west
Heap, F., 1 Edward street
Heap, John, Victoria st
Heap, Joseph, 51 Victoria street, and Edward street
Hemp, F., Edward street
Hill, Mary E., 8 and 10 Waterside, Hadfield
Hill, Mrs., Woolley Bridge rd
Holdgate, Thos., 5 Mill town
Household Stores, 11 High St., west
Hunter, Ltd., Station rd., Hadfield
Hunters’ (The Tea Men), Ltd., 4 High street east (misprinted as west)
Hurst, Aaron, Charlestown
Hyde, Jas., 6 Chapel st
Jackson, John Thomas, 9 Victoria st.
Jacobs, C., 5 Freetown, Charlestown rd.
Jacobs, W., 7 Station rd., Hadfield
Kinder, George, 169 High st., west
Latham’s, 25 Norfolk st
Leathams, —Norfolk st
Lee, L., & Co., 89 Hadfield rd., Hadfield
Lyne, R., Platt street, Hadfield
Melia, Daniel, & Co., Ltd., 11 High st., west
Miller, T., & Co., 50 High St., west
Morley, Joseph, 50 Church st
Needham, W., 27 Gladstone st.
Newton, William, 45 Bernard street; and corn merchant
Phillips, John, 17 Freetown
Pickford, A., 106 Gladstone st
Platt, B., & Son, 119 High St., east.
Potts, James, Queen st., Hadfield
Power, M., 96 Station rd., Hadfield
Roberts, John H., 35 Market st., Hollingworth
Ross, J., Woolley bridge, Hollingworth
Rothwell, W. & E., 94 Station rd., Hadfield
Sharman, F., Princes street
Shufflebotham, J., 1 Station rd., Hadfield
Skelton, John, Bross croft, Hadfield
Taylor, P., Hall road
Teasdale, Albert, 45 High street, west
Thornley, B., Charlestown rd
Wain, J., Wellgate Post Office, Old Glossop
Walsh, W., 154 Station rd., Hadfield; and provision dealer
Warrington, I., 1 Green la
Wilde, J., Post street, Hadfield
Wildgoose, Wm., 38 Waterside, Hadfield
Willis, Miss, Charlestown
Withers, E., High st., west
Wood & Co., 25 High st, west
Wood, C., 87 High St., east
Berry, John, Hadfield rd
Brookes, W., 33 Station rd., Hadfield
Dunkerley, F., 70 High st., west
Howard, F., Market st
Senior, J. H., 106 Station rd., Hadfield
Booth, James, 116 Station rd., Hadfield
Crossley, Henry, 52 High street, west
Eversden & Co., 9 High st., west
Hyde, Walter, 34 High st., west
Potts, Wm., 131 Station rd., Hadfield
Bramald, E., 390 Hadfield road
Hare, Jas., 51 High st., west
Kenworthy, L., 14 High St., east
Marshall, T., 86 High St., west
Woodcock, P., 27 High St., west
Dawson, Mrs, 34 Bloomfield
Sanderson, Mrs W., 8 Sumner st
Bee Hive (The), Whitfield. Ellen J. Pilkington, proprietrlx
Commercial, Bank bottom, Hadfield, Annie Corker, proprietrix
Crown Hotel, Victoria road
Hare and Hounds, Hall st
Howard Arms, High st., east. G. H. Hudson, proprietor
Junction, 579 High st., west (Error, should be 379)
Market Hotel, Market st
Nadin’s Temperance Hotel, 152 Station road, Hadfield
Palatine and Railway Hotel, Station rd., Hadfield
Pear Tree, 431 Hadfield rd., Woolley Bridge
Prince of Wales, Post st., Hadfield
Royal Oak, 96 Brookfield, Dinting
Royal Oak, Sheffield rd
Spread Eagle Hotel, Woolley bridge; good stabling; commercials, cyclists, and tourists attended to. Thos. Dawson, proprietor
Spring, Woolley bridge
Station Hotel, Station road H, Bagshaw, proprietor
Swan (The), High st., east
Victoria Hotel, 17 Gladstone street
Victoria Hotel, Bross croft Hadfield. John Thorne, proprietor
Woolley Bridge, Woolley bridge
Anchor Inn (The), Main road, Hadfield. John Wain, proprietor
Arundel Arms, Cemetery road. James Hadfield
Bridge Inn, Market st
Britannia Inn, 38 High st., west
Bull’s Head Inn, 72 Church st., Old Glossop
Bush Inn, 13 Bernard st
Commercial, Hall st
Commercial Inn (The), Charlestown. W. Cooper, proprietor
Drovers’ Arms, Charlestown rd
Fleece Inn (The), 1 and 3 Bernard street
Friendship, Arundel st
Globe, High st., west
Grapes, 305 High street, west
Hanging Gate Inn, High street, west
Market Vaults, Market st
New Inn, 44 Market street, Hollingworth
Peel’s Arms, 6 Temple st., Hadfield
Plough Inn, Dinting vale. John J. Pickford, proprietor
Prince of Wales Inn, Mill town. Samuel Stafford, proprietor
Queen’s Arms, Old Glossop. Richard E. Platt, proprietor
Ring O’ Bells, Old cross, Old Glossop
Roebuck (The), Gladstone st
Rose and Crown Inn, 89 High street, west. Thomas Mayhew, proprietor
Royal Oak, Sheffield road. Benjamin B. Bowden, proprietor
Spinners’ Arms, Queen street, Hadfield
Star inn, 32 Chapel street
Star Inn, Norfolk st
Surrey Arms, High street, west; good accommodation for commercial gentlemen, tourists, and visitors; ales and spirits of the best quality; good stabling. Clifford Steventor, proprietor (should be Steventon)
Surrey Arms, Victoria st
Talbot (The) Inn, 5 Hall street
Victoria, 88 Bross croft
Victoria, High st., west
Volunteer Inn, 16 Chapel st.
Wheatsheaf, Wellgate, Old Glossop
Blackwell, Wm., George st.
Mellor, Wm., George st
Cooper, Benjamin, 144 and 146 Station road, Hadfield
Darwent, W. H., 1 High st., east
Dearnaley, T., 125 High st., west
Hampshire, W., 51 Station rd., Hadfield
Merry, J., High st., east
Oliver, W., 39 High st., west
Rhodes, J. H., 26 Gladstone st
Stansfield, J. H., Jackson’s buildings, Victoria street
Warhurst, John, Market St., Hollingworth
Wharmby, George, 125 and 127 Hall street
Whittingham & Sons, 10 High st., east
Aldous, Thos., Marlow St., east
Batty, George, Bowden court
Howard, Wm. 27 Hadfield st.
Wood, H. H., 23 Hadfield st
Longden, A., Cemetery rd
Morton, Emmanuel, Simmondley lane, Dinting Vale; monumental mason and carver. Tombs, monuments, and headstones
Hadfield, J., & Sons, Derby St
Bradbury, E., 16 Princes street
Harrison, Thomas, Arundel st
Robinson, A., 41 Station rd., Hadfield
Wilson & Bates, 20 King st
Armitage, John, Victoria street
Wharmby, George, 127 Hall st
Bradbury, J., Whitfield green
Greenwood, John, Low and Mouselow Quarries
Potts, H., 8 North road
Melia, Daniel, & Co., 11 High St., west
Robinson, J., 8 Norfolk at
Bowden, W. H., Howard st
Garside, C., & Sons, Ltd., Surrey street
Stagg & Son, Norfolk square
Swire, William, 5 High St., west; and draper
Bowden, A., 118 Station road, Hadfield
Goddard, E., 89 Station rd., Hadfield
Higginbottom, J. S., 17 High St., west
Hyde, George, 12 High St., west
Kenworthy, Mrs, 20 High street
Ratcliffe, Miss, 84 Station road, Hadfield
Schofield & Wood, 13 Charlotte street; also fancy drapers
Shephard & Willis, 108 Bloomfield
Thornhill, Miss, 60 High street west; also dressmaker
Waterhouse, Miss, 64 Victoria st
Roberts, J, J., 89 Station road, Hadfield
Sidebottom, Albert, 22 High st., west
Waterhouse, Albert, & Sons, Victoria street
Boyer, Geo. Platt, 31 Market St., Hollingworth
Dale, George, 90 Victoria street; and tobacconist
Goddard, Miss M., 242 High street, west
Greenwood, E., 57 High st., east
Haigh, Jas., 1 Railway st., Hadfield
Hinchcliffe, Smith, 131 High st., west
Jakeman, A., 126 Station rd., Hadfield
Meakin, G., 1 Victoria st
Middleton, G. H., Woolley bridge
Moss, Joseph, 32 Brookfield, Dinting
Newton, Tom, 26 Princes st.
Ratcliffe, E., & Co., 82 Station road, Hadfield
Ross, J. H., 30 Brookfield
Wagstaff, Joseph, 81 High st., west
Waterhouse, J., 130 High St., west
Whitehead, M., Platt lane
“Glossop - Dale Chronicle,” “ North Derbyshire and North Cheshire Reporter,” " Hadfield, Hollingworth, Tintwistle, and High Peak Gazette”; published Friday mornings; price one penny. Samuel Beeley, manager
“North Cheshire and North Derbyshire Advertiser,” Glossop Advertiser Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd., Howard street. E. W. Pettit, manager
Beverley & Johnson, 102A Victoria st.
Derbyshire, A. E., 130 Station rd., Hadfield
Dutton, Jane, 88 High St., west
Fisher, F. B., 25 Station road, Hadfield
Holgate, Jas. 149 High St., west
Robinson & Co., 62 High street, west; also paperhangers, etc.
Robinson, James, 2-4 Norfolk street
Taylor, Jas. E., 13 Pike’s lane
Olive & Partington, Ltd., Turn Lee and Dover Mills. Telegraphic address, “Pino, Glossop.” Telephone Nos., 3 and 26; and at London and Manchester
Olive & Partington, Ltd., Dover Mills. Telegraphic address, “Pino, Glossop.” Telephone No. 26
Buckley & Co., 13 High st., west
Chadwick, W. T., 81 Station rd., Hadfield
Batty, J. W., & Son, 109 Station rd., Hadfield
Whitham, J. T., 60 High st., west
Dawson, W., 85 Station rd., Hadfield
Fisher, F. B., 25 Station road, Hadfield
Hampshire, J., 89 Gladstone st.
Lawton, John, 17 Wellgate, Old Glossop
Merry, Jas., 34 High St., east
Monks. T., Edward st
Oliver, W., 85 High St., west
Stansfield, J. H., Jackson’s buildings, Victoria street
“Glossop Advertiser” Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd., Howard street. E. W. Pettit, manager
"Glossop Dale Chronicle” Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd., 18 Norfolk street. Samuel Beeley, manager
Irlam, W. H., 55 High St., west
Jagger & Fernaly, 114 Station road, Hadfield
Schofield & Grant, 36 Norfolk st
Greenwood, John, Low and Mouselow Quarries
Lyne’s Cafe, 3 High street
Marsland, J., 99 High St., west
Nadin, R., Station road, Hadfield
Taylor, A., 127 and 129 Station road, Hadfield
Jackson, Levi, & Sons, Hobroyd Ropery; manufacturers of rope, twine, and cotton band; fishing-lines a speciality; also at Manchester Exchange, No. 6 Pillar, Tuesdays and Fridays
Billings, Joseph, 108 Station rd., Hadfield
Dewsnap, Allen, 14B High St., east
Fuller, E., 8 Norfolk sq
Aldous, Joshua, 2 Brookfield
Band, Charles, 27 Sheffield rd
Barber, Mrs Mary, Whitfield cross
Booth, B., 76 High st., east
Bowden, Mrs M., 199 High St., east
Brian, Helen, 36 High St., east
Broadbent, S., Padfield
Darwent, J. E., 15 Charlestown rd.
Harrison, Mrs, 19 Bross croft, Hadfield
Hewitt, G. 12 Platt st., Hadfield
Radford, J., Victoria st
Roberts, Mrs H., 2 Dinting vale
Shaw, W., 1 Lees st., Woolley bridge
Woodcock, Mrs E., 49 Victoria st.
Youles, Robert, 114 Woolley bridge, Hollingworth
Davies, Charles, Ellison st
Ellison, T. W., Norfolk sq.
Knowles, Gordon F., Ellison st
Marsden, Joseph, 10 Norfolk sq.
Moran, F. W. G., Norfolk st.
Tweedale, J. W., Norfolk square
Bramwell, R., 98 High streets west; also confectioner
Brownson, G., 2 High st., east
Chadwick, W. T., 81 Station road, Hadfield
Cooper, M., & Sons, 28 High St., west
Crossley, Henry, 52 High street, west
Hadfield, T., & Son, 15 High st., west
Hall & Sons, 21 High St., west
Harrop, Hugh, 29 Station rd., Hadfield
Holland, Joseph, Main rd
Hurst & Co., 9 High St., east
Ingerson, John, 6 Cross st
Jackson, Charles, 106 Pikes la.
M'Mellon, W, 18 High St., west
Nelson, John, 22 High street
Nelson, S., 74 Station rd., Hadfield
Poole, John, 85 High st.. east
Stage, R. P., & Co., 55 Station rd.
Wain, Joseph, 59 High St., west
Knott, Walter, 108 Victoria st
Lawton, John, 17 WelIgate, Old Glossop
Bamforth, M., 2 Ebenezer st.
Bennett, George, 128 High St., east
Bowden, Joseph, 128 St Mary’s st.
Cuthbert, Mrs M. E., 80 High street, west
Eversden & Co., 9 High st., west
Fielden, Mrs, 81 High st., east
Fielding, W. W., 20 Norfolk st.
Goddard, Mrs M., 242 High St., west
Hadfield, Joseph, 63 High st., east
Howard, F., 10 High st., west
Hyde, Walter, 34 High st., west
Jones, Mrs, 72 High st., west
Robinson, A., 41 Station rd., Hadfield
Shaw, Mrs, 72 High st., west
Wagstaff, J., 81 High st., west
Wild & Sons, 1 Collier street
Bowden, D. W., 23 High st., east
Crannage, A., 6A High st., west
Etches, W. J., Bank st
Fielding, E., & Son, 24 High st., west
Hall T., 31 Station road, Hadfield; also Jeweller
Hamnett, James, 14A High st., east
Boardman & Sons, Manor st., east
Cokayne, S., Surrey st
Wilde, J., 73-75 Station rd., Hadfield
Broadbent, Henry, Victoria st.; lamp dealer
Dobson, E.W., 30 High st., west; dyer
Ellis, W., & Son, 6 Salisbury st., Hadfield; hearth rug manufacturers
Garside, A., & Co., Howard street; mineral water manufacturers
Glossop and District Billposting Co., Ltd., Howard street
GIossop Iron Co., Ltd., Surrey st.; brassfounders
Gubbin, E. S., Fauvel rd.; veterinary surgeon
Haughton, G., Station rd., Hadfield; picture-frame maker
Hawke, R. G., Bank chambers, Norfolk sq.; architect
Kinder, Walter, Sumner st.; slater
Phillips, A. & J., 39 Surrey st.; furniture removers
Sargentson, J., Temple street; cotton waste dealer
Wilson, R., High st., west; horse dealer
Wood, Joel, 112 High st. west; flour merchant
Wood, Thomas, Derby st.; marine stores dealer

New Mills,
Including Birch Vale, Disley, Furness Vale, Hague Bar, Hayfield, High Lea, Little Hayfield, Low Leighton, Newtown, Newton Mills, Spring Bank, Thornsett, Torr Vale, Whaley Bridge, &c
New Mills High School for Ladies, Lea House. Miss Hall, principal
Wood, G., Spring bank
Lomas, William, Newtown
Moss, -, Whaley bridge
Platt, C. W., Market st., Whaley bridge
Wyatt, D., & Sons, Newtown Mills, Albion road
Manchester and County Bank, Ltd., Disley, New Mills; also at Hayfield (daily); Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Henry Barber, manager
Booth, Joseph, Market terrace
Wild, Elizabeth
Williamson, John, High st
Barton, M. M. & S., Market st.
Flint, M., Union rd
Mellor, Elizabeth, Market place
Bennett, John, Albion rd., Newtown
Broadhurst, T. & S., Hague bar
Jackson, Thomas, Market street
Jackson, Thomas, Whaley bridge
Proctor, Thomas, Old rd., Whaley Bridge
Bennett, C. E , & Co.,. Birch vale
Hadfield, J. J., Hayfield
Phethean, John, & Co., Ltd., Bate Mill, near New Mills
Wright, Howarth, & Co., Albion work, Newtown
Broom, Richard, Market st
Graft, A., Albion rd
Eaton, William, High street
Fox, James, Horwich end, Whaley bridge
Glegg, Henry, Union road
Hayes, Joseph, Buxton rd., Disley
Parsons, William, Market St
Rangley, E., Church st., Hayfield
Street, J. E., Market street
Turner, Thomas, Disley
Wood, Edward, Disley
Wood, G., Albion rd
Wood, T., High st
Wright, W., Market st., Whaley bridge
Hawthorn, John, & Co., Newtown
Longson, J,, & Son, Hyde Bank road
Yates, E., & Sons, Torr Top st
Furness (The) Vale Silica and Firebrick Co., Ltd., Furness Vale
Hall, Harley, & Co., Furness vale
Mason, Harry, Torr vale Silcock, Job., Disley Brick Works
Smith, E., Union road
Hudson, Joseph, Birch Vale
Ollerenshaw, Joseph, & Son, Hayfield
Redfern, A. I., High st
Scattergood & Warrington, Church rd.
Stafford, T. W., & Son, Market st
Beard, Richard, Birch Vale
Bell, A., High st
Bennett, J., Church st., Hayfield
Bowden, J. W., Disley
Bradbury, G., Market St., Whaley bridge
Bradbury, J., Church st., Hayfield
Brunt, David, Albion road, Newtown; family butcher
Drinkwater, John, Market St., Whaley bridge
Dyers, T., High st
George, William, Market street
Greenwood, T., Church st., Hayfield
Harrop, Mrs, Disley
Livesey & Son, High st
Morton, John, Whaley bridge
Moseley, J. T., Union road
Pearson, Joseph, Horwich end, Whaley bridge
Pearson, Mrs James, Buxton rd., Furness vale
Porritt, C., Low Leighton
Whitaker, Thos., Albion rd., Newtown
Whittaker, H., Disley
Marriott, Joseph, Albion rd., Newtown
Mottenshead, J. H., High st.
Robinson, J., Market street
Torkington, John, Church st., Hayfield
Walker, —, Springbank
Beard, E. A., Old rd., Whaley bridge
Joule, William, Old road Whaley Bridge
Sayers, John, Market st
Waring, Samuel, Albion rd., Newtown
Marsden, A., Union road, New Mills
Rhodes, J. T
Bennett, John, & Sons, Ltd., Birch Vale
Hayfield Printing Co., Ltd., Hayfield
Kinder Printing Co., Ltd., Hayfield
Rumley, Edward B., Walford Bridge Print works
Brayne, J. W., Albion rd.
Higginbottom, G. & E., Salam mill
Knowles, R. M., Disley
Livesley, Alfred, & Sons, High st., New Bridge; branches at Hayfield, Whaley Bridge, and Union road, New Mills
Bennett, M. E., Market st., Whaley Bridge
Bentham, Miss F., Buxton Old road, Disley
Berry, Mrs, Spring bank
Bowden, Sarah Ann, Albion road, Newtown
Bramwell, John J., Disley
Brennand, Herbert, Church st., Hayfield
Crabtree, M., Union road
Flemming:, A., Albion rd., Newtown
Green, Mrs, Market st., Hayfield
Hudson, John, Market St., Hayfield
Hughes, Joseph, Disley
Hulton, Ellen, High street
Leach, Florence, Bridge st
Lomax, George, Thornsett
Lomas, William, Newtown
Morten, Alfred, Horwich end, Whaley Bridge
Pascall, J.. Brixton rd., Furness vale
Pritchard, A., Station road
Rowbottom, J., Bridge street
Sidebottom, Mrs E., Market st.
Toovey, Clement, Market street
Wharmby, J. T., Market st.
Wharmby, M., Market pl.
Wilson, M. Robert, High street
Brunswick (The) Mill Co., Newtown
Lowe, W. S., Torr Vale mills
New Mills Spinning Co., Torr Mills
Platt, Edward, Ltd., Clough mills, Hayfield
Arnfield, J., Horwich end, Whaley bridge
Schofield, John, Albion road
Ashworth, Alice, Market st
Berry, Mrs. T., Albion rd.
Bowden, William, Buxton rd., Furness vale
Braddock, Mrs, Market st
Broadbury, J., Bridge st.
Cooper, Miss I. S., Church St., Hayfield
Hall, James, Furness vale
Hawkyard, E., Market st., Whaley bridge
Hickson, Joseph, Albion rd
Higginbottom, A. E., High street
Ingham Brothers, Union road
Lowe, John, Market st., Whaley bridge
Livesley, C. H., High street
Moss, Charles, Horwich End, Whaley bridge
Murray, M., Market st.
Parsons, W., Disley
Sheldon, John, Spring bank
Shepley, Eli, Union rd.
Simister, Emma, High street
Smith Mrs. C., Albion rd., Newtown
Turner, J. W., High street
Wainwright, Mary, Disley
Ward, P., Union road
Whittaker, James, Disley
Wilson, John, Old road, Whaley bridge
Wyatt, Mrs, Market st
Dalton, J. & E., & Co., Ltd., Albion Emery Works; railway and government contractors. Telegraphic address, “Dalton, New Mills”
Arnfield, J. & E., Globe Engineering Works, Hyde Bank road
Hawthorne, John, & Co., Newtown
Brassington, W., Union rd
Cooper, C., Torr Top st
Hill, J., Union rd
Hill, L., Union rd
Morton, A., Disley
Shaw, Alfred, High street
Southall, B., Disley
Stanway, John, Newtown
Wild, John T., Albion rd., Newtown
Plant, W. .Whaley bridge
Ridgway, W., Torr vale, Newtown
Sneith, W. M., High st
Arnfield, J., Bridge st
Ashby, Thomas Gladstone ter., Hayfield
Ashmore, Joseph, Whaley bridge
Baguley, J. C., Horwich end, Whaley bridge
Barnes, J., Old road, Whaley bridge
Beard, T., Disley
Bennett, J., Disley
Bowden, E., Station brow, Whaley bridge
Bowden, H., Disley
Bramhall, Mrs Alice, near Swan Hotel, Buxton road, Newtown
Byrne, Edward, Buxton road
Clayton, E. (Exors. of), Disley
Clayton, G., Torr Top st
Clayton, John, Hayfield road
Cooper, P. H., & Co., Market st., Whaley bridge
Co-operative Stores, Spring bank
Disley Industrial and Workingmens' Co-operative Society Ltd., Disley
Earlam, James, Horwich end, Whaley- bridge
Fox, Acton, Bridge Mount, Whaley bridge; also draper
Giblin, James, High st
Green, Charles, 26 Chapel St., Hayfield; also provision dealer
Green, Mrs, Hayfield
Hadfield, R., & Co., Little Hayfield
Hallam, S., Buxton road, Newtown
Hammond, J., Church rd
Handford, J., Chapel st., Hayfield
Hardman, B., Newtown
Hawley, Jesse, High street
Hayfield Co-operative Society, Hayfield
Higginbottom, John M., Buxton road, Newtown
Higginbotham, M., High st
Hill, Isaac, Thornsett
Hill, James, Little Hayfield
Hinder, J. M., Bridge st., Whaley bridge
Hirst, A., Birch Vale Post office
Hodgson, W., Church rd
Hodgson, William, Albion street
Huby, W. L., Church road
Hudson, W., Church road
Hunt, S., Disley
Hunter’s, Ltd., Market St.; also tea and provision merchants
Livesley, J. T., Union rd
Lomas, Dina, Eaves, Knoll rd., High Lea
Lomax, J. D., Market st
Longden, J., Buxton rd., Furness Vale
Marsh, Mrs, Torr Top street
Massey, Chas., Market St., Hayfield
Miller, T., & Co., Market street; and provision dealers
Moss, C., Horwlch End, Whaley bridge
Mosscrop, Arthur, Market St., Whaley bridge
New Mills Equitable Co-operative and Industrial Society, Ltd., Spring bank; also Thornsett, Newtown, and Chapel-en-le-Frith
Oldham, L., Low Leighton
Plant, Wm. A., Albion rd
Porritt, W., Market St., Hayfield
Pott, Wm., Market st
Potts, Joseph, Hall st., High lea
Potts, T. C., Buxton rd., Furness vale
Probert, Thos., Buxton rd., Disley
Pursglove, J., Market pl., Hayfield
Randles, H., Birch vale
Redfern, G. A., High street
Richardson, E., Chapel St., Hayfield
Richardson, G., Buxton rd., Newtown
Ridgway. W., Torr vale
Rowbottom, Joseph, Bridge St.
Russell, J., Buxton rd., Furness vale
Saville, Jas., Albion road, Newtown
Shepley, Thomas, Hall st.. High Lea; also yeast merchant
Sleigh, W. E., Whaley Bridge, and High street
Taylor, Edward, Disley; also provision merchant
Turner Bros., Disley
Walker, S., Disley
Warmby, Edward, Market st,
Waterhouse, W., Market st
Whaley Bridge Co-operative Society, Market St., Whaley bridge
Wood, John, Hague bar
Wyatt, John H., Birch vale
Wyatt, W. H., Birch Vale; also provision merchant
Chandley, J. W., Union rd
Chandley, M., High st
Chapel, Robt , Disley
Goddard, G. H., Disley
Sinister, John
Harrop, J., High st
Shepley, Eli, Union rd
Albert (The), Disley
Crown (The) Family and Commercial Hotel, Market street, Samuel Smith, proprietor
Dixon, Benjamin, Newtown
George (The) Hotel, Church St., Hayfield
Hare & Hound, Low Leighton
Jodrall Arms, Whaley bridge
North-Western (The), Albion rd., Newtown
Pack Horse Hotel, Hayfield; wines and spirits of finest proprietor
Queen’s Arms, Albion rd., Newton
Railway, Whaley bridge
Railway Hotel, Market street. Alfred Livesley
Ram’s (The) Head Hotel, Disley; first-class residential and quality, choice cigars, mild and bitter ales always in fine condition. J. B. Fielden, commercial hotel; finest situation in the county; extensive stabling and gardens adjoining hotel; billiards and bowling green. William Britten, proprietor
Royal (The) Family and commercial hotel, Hayfield
Station, Furness vale
Swan Hotel, Newtown
White (The) Hart Hotel, Whaley bridge
White Horse, Disley
White Horse, Horwich end, Whaley bridge
White Lion, Buxton rd., Disley
Higginbotham, J., Springbank
Warren, A., Albion rd., Newtown
Bee Hive Inn, Albion rd., Newtown. Joseph Wild, proprietor
Board Inn, Horwich end, Whaley bridge
Bridge Inn, Hayfield
Bridge Tavern, Bridge st
Bull’s Head, Church st., Hayfield
Commercial (The), Chapel st., Hayfield
Crescent (The), Market st
Cycamore, Birch vale
Dandy Cock (The), Disley
Dog and Partridge Inn, High st. J. Robinson
George, High street; good accommodation for commercial gentlemen and tourists; wines, spirits, ales, and stouts of the finest quality. J. Broomilow, proprietor
Grapes, High street. John Chatterton, proprietor
Grapes (The), Glossop rd., Little Hayfield
Grotto (The) Disley
Grouse, Birch vale
Grove, Buxton road; good accommodation for cyclists and tourists. J. W. Longden, proprietor
Jolly (The) Carter, Hague bar. Walter Gell, proprietor
Junction (The), Hayfield
Masons' Arms, High street. S. A. Pursglove, proprietor
Mouse Trap (The), Disley
Navigation (The), Whaley bridge
New (The), Glossop rd., little Hayfield
New (The) Inn, Horwich End, Whaley bridge
North (The) Western, Albion rd
Pack (The) Horse, Market st
Pine Apple, High st
Printer’s Arms, Thornsett
Railway, Chapel st., Hayfield
Rock Inn, Rock St Clair, Bennet
Rose and Crown, Thornsett
Royal Oak, Market st
St Albans Inn, Torr Top st
Seven (The) Stars, Horwich end, Whaley bridge
Shepherd’s Arms, Old rd., Whaley bridge
Soldier Dick, Buxton rd., Furness vale
Squirrel (The) Inn, Buxton rd., Newton. Benjamin Dixon, proprietor
Toll Bar, Hayfield
Vine (The) Inn, Hayfield road, Birch Vale. Henry Hallworth, proprietor
White Hart, Spring bank
Wood (The), Chapel st., Hayfield
Bagshaw, Joseph, Market street
Bennett, James E., Market st
Higginbottom, Edwin, Newtown
Livesley, J. T., Union road
Morton, J., Whaley bridge
Potts, James, Market st., Whaley bridge
Roberts, W. & E., Furness vale
Southern, Joseph, Market st., Whaley bridge
Stafford, T. W., & Son, Ironmongery Establishment, Market street
Swann, Joseph, Church st., Hayfield
Wyatt, John C., High st
Allen. James, Disley
Collier Bros., Horwich end, Whaley bridge
Hibbert, J., Union road
Hudson, John, & Sons, Low Leighton
Mason & Hadfield, Church road, Hayfield
Mason, Harry, Wirksmoor road, and Albion road, Newtown
Ollerenshaw, Joseph, & Son, Hayfield
Redfern, A. I., High st
Redfern, James B., High street
Scattergood and Warrington, Albion street
Sidebottom, J., Disley
Kirk, James, & Co., Disley station
Lockwood, Thomas, Newtown
Lowe, J., Sidings
Poole, Geo., Buxton road, New Mills (near Stockport)
Kinder, John Mellor, Market st., Whaley bridge; also drug stores
Moat, —., Whaley bridge
Arnfield, Jonathan, Market st.
Field, Ann, Spring bank
Shepley, Thomas, Hall st., High Lea
Wyatt, D., & Sons, Albion road, Newtown Corn and Flour Mills
Poole, George, Buxton rd, New mills (near Stockport)
Allen, J. W., Market st
Ashworth, Alice, Market st
Bennett, Sarah
Berry, Mrs M., Newtown
Bowden, Miss, Low Leighton
Braddock, T. K., Market st.
Chadwick & Laing, High st.
Chadwick. Agnes, High street
Daniel, Miss, Market street, Whaley bridge
Grundy, M., Market st
Ingham, B., Liverpool House, High street
Ingham, M. B., High st
Livesey, C. H., High st
Minshall, Mrs, Union rd
Murray, Mrs M., Market street
Pogsons, F. & S. J., Union road; also drapers
Rowbottom, J., Bridge street
Sharples, Miss, Union rd
Staley, Alfred, Albion rd., Newtown
Turner, Joseph, Market sq., Whaley bridge
Burgess, Joseph, Hyde Bank rd.
Rowbottom, J. C., Hayfield
Bates, Arthur, Union road; and music seller
Bell, T., Disley
Bottomley, A. L., High st
Leigh, Robt. W., Market pl
Lowe, Mrs R. A., Bridge end, Hayfield
Parker, Fred., Disley
Roberts, L., High st
Shawcross, Mrs, Market street
Thornley, F., Union road
Whainby, James, Newtown Post office
Wild, W., Old rd., Whaley bridge
Higginbottom, Jas., Hyde Bank rd
Alsop & Clayton, Market street
Alsop, C., Meal st
Barber, T., Market st
Howard, C. & J., Market st
Jackson, James, Disley
Smith, F. W., High st
Macham, W., Disley
Ravenscroft, G., Chapel st
Smith, F. W., Albion rd., Newtown
Smith, T. W., High street
Wild, Jessie, Torr Top street
Bowden, Sarah Ann, Albion rd., Newtown
Green, Thos., Market st
Large, W. H., Station rd., Hayfield
Shaw, Alfred. Market st., Hayfield
Bramwell, John, Newtown
Clark, W. S., Market st.
Jackson, W., Whaley bridge
Platt, Ralph, Disley
Arnfield, Mrs , Springbank
Ashby, Thos., 16 Chapel st., Hayfield
Braddock, Joseph, Meal st.
Crossley, Janet, High street
Hardman, B., Buxton rd., Newtown
Heath, Mrs., Station rd
Howard, Eliz., Albion rd., Newtown
Lomas, John, High street
Richardson, James, High street
Sayer, John, Market st
Wilson, Robert, High st
Chatterton, Thomas, Torr Top street; also plasterer and contractor
Johnson, W., High st
Jordan, B., High st
Jowett, C., Market street
Pollitt, J., Sumner Union road
Walker, A., Spring bank
Critchlow, H., High street
Gartside, Luke, Church St., Hayfield
Hyde, John, Albion rd., Newtown
Leigh, B. W., Market st
Lowe, Mrs R. A., Market street, Hayfield
Mason, L., Mount view, Hayfield
May, Annie, Disley
Palfreyman, John, Horwich end, Whaley bridge
Richardson, John, Market st., Whaley bridge
Rowley, T., Buxton rd., Furness vale
Walker, George, Market st
Booth, Walter, Market st.; and outfitter
Brocklehurst, J., Market street, Whaley bridge; ladies’ costumes In all the latest styles
Cooper, G., Whaley bridge
Ingham, James A., Union rd
Lowe, John, Market st., Whaley bridge
Schofield, F. J., Chapel st.. Hayfield
Sellars, Joseph, Market street
Wallace, W., High st
Hall, Samuel, Market st
Lee, J. & R., Union road
Platt, James, Disley
Chapel, Robert, Disley
Critchlow, H., High st
Fox, Acton, Bridge Mount, Whaley bridge; also grocer
Higginbottom, Fredk., Market street
Higginbottom, George, High st
Chadwick, E. H., Market street
France, R., Market street
Norman, A., Newtown
Ashby, T., & Son, Whaley bridge
Jackson, J. G., Market st
Lomas, Joel, Market st
Turner, John, Whaley bridge
Warburton, F., & Son, Disley
Wells, William, Market street
Broadhurst, John, Hallow st.
Ollerenshaw, Joseph, & Son, Hayfield
Swindell, John, Albion rd., Newtown
Williamson, S. L., & Son, Buxton rd., Newtown
Fodon, F., Disley
Measham, Harry, Disley
Arnfield, Mrs, Springbank; registry offices for servants
Bennett, J., Birch vale; stone merchant
Cheshire (The) Tanning Co., Disley; tanners
Drinkwater, Thos. Albion rd., Newtown; veterinary surgeon
Frost, Edward, Market pl.; dentist
Harrop, John, Newtown ropery; rope manufacturer
Hill, James, Beard mills; candle wick manufacturer
Johnston, Joseph, High st.; pawnbroker
Lee, J. & R., Union rd.; coppersmiths
Leigh, Robert W., Market st.; printer
Lowe, Mrs, Union road; apartments
Newtown Steam Laundry, Buxton rd., Newtown
Randles, James. Bridge st.; photographer
Rhodes, Joshua, Whaley bridge; mineral water manufacturer
Slack, John, & Sons, Hayfield; paper manufacturers
Smith, Mrs, High st.; woollen garments
Walker, Geo., Market st.; china and glass dealer
Wright, Howard, & Co , Albert works. Buxton rd.; dyers
Wyatt, Henry, Spring bank; architect
Wyatt, Hugh, High st.; auctioneer


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