Slater's Royal National Directory 1862
Entries for the Glossop area.


Glossop is a village, township and parish in the hundred of High Peak, 184 miles n.n.w. from London, 50 n.n.w. from Derby, 25 n.w. from Sheffield, and 13 s.e. from Manchester, situated a short distance from the main line of the Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway, with which it is connected by a branch of about a mile in length, terminating at Howard’s Town, where there is a handsome covered station. This village, which is populous, and of great manufacturing consequence, is situated on a rising bank, springing from one of the deepest valleys in the Peak. The country around is very pleasing and many of the views may be considered romantic; thriving plantations ornament the home scenery, and the lands in the low grounds are fertile, but the mountainous parts are covered with heath and abound with grouse; the land, however, is gradually becoming cultivated. In Glossop and its adjunct Howard’s Town (which latter has become far more populous and important than its parent village), are numerous establishments for spinning cotton, and the manufacture of various fabrics from that article; for calico printing; also, there is an extensive concern at Dinting Vale, and woollen goods are made to a limited extent; there are besides three paper mills in the neighbourhood. Coal is obtained from mines about three miles hence, and that article is regularly transmitted by the railway. Howard’s Town owes its rapid rise to the extensive manufacture of cotton. The chief establishments belong to Messrs. John Wood and Brothers and Mr. Francis Sumner, whose manufactories are on a scale exceeded by but few in the kingdom. The place, which is comparatively of modern date, now boasts a handsome town hall, a convenient market place, gas works and a commodious railway station. Lord Howard (son of the late Duke of Norfolk) is the owner of the place and lord of the manor, and holds courts leet at Easter and Michaelmas: at the latter period a constable and headborough used to be appointed for the government of the townships, but parochial constables have now superseded the authority of those officers. Glossop is within the jurisdiction of the Tutbury Court of Pleas; but, being also included in the eighth circuit of County Court towns, for the recovery of debts not exceeding £50, the ancient court has become inoperative; the new court is held monthly; and the magistrates for the division assemble in petty sessions once a fortnight. There are two newspapers published weekly on Saturday. Glossop is a polling station at the election of members to represent North Derbyshire. The Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway is carried over Dinting Vale by means of a viaduct of sixteen arches: the centre five are constructed of wooden planks, ingeniously bolted together to form the arch, and resting upon massive stone piers. This viaduct is justly reckoned among the “railway wonders,” and is indeed well worthy the inspection of the curious in these matters.
The parish church of All Saints' is an ancient edifice; the body has been rebuilt, and public worship was performed in it for the first time after the completion of the repairs in September, 1832. In 1856, the late Duke of Norfolk rebuilt the tower at his own expense, and gave two additional bells, making now a peal of eight; the living is a discharged vicarage in the presentation of Lord Fowley and others as trustees; the Rev. Gilbert Charles Jackson is the present incumbent. In the church was a monument by Bacon, to the memory of Joseph Hague, Esq. of Park Hall, near Hayfield, who bequeathed the interest of £1,000 towards clothing twenty-four poor men and women of this and some of the adjacent townships. This monument has been removed to Hayfield. Glossop Hall, the seat of the Right Hon. Lord Edward E. G. Howard, M.P. is near the town. The Roman Catholic chapel, built by the late Duke, is a neat edifice of the Tuscan order, capable of seating six hundred persons. Lord Howard also gave £5,000 towards the erection of the new Roman Catholic chapel at Hadfield, and also a convent for sisters of charity. The late Duke also built extensive school premises, as a Protestant grammar school for boys and girls, with residence for the master; they are substantial and neat buildings in the church yard -he endowed them with £4,000.
On Wednesday, the 30th July, 1834, the neighbourhood of Glossop was visited by a tremendous tempest: the village appeared, at one time, to be enveloped in a continuous blaze of lightning, while the thunder, pealing among the hills, was unusually loud and terrific, and the rain and hail poured down in such quantities as to cause an overwhelming flood, which swept down the valley with impetuous force, carrying devastation, and striking with dismay the inhabitants. Several mills received great injury, and two young women and a child, belonging to one of these works, perished in the flood. Extensive damage was done to the fields, gardens, fences, roads, and bridges, of which last, four were entirely destroyed. A fair for cattle and various commodities is held on the 6th of May. The parish of Glossop contained, in 1851, 28,625 inhabitants, of which the township numbered 5,467.

WHITFIELD is a village, about one mile from Glossop - to which parish it formerly belonged, but in 1844 was constituted a parish under Sir Robert Peel’s act, and now includes Hadfield, part of Padfield, Dinting and Chunal. In 1846 a new church was consecrated for the district, and dedicated to St. James; the living is in the gift of the crown and the Bishop of the diocese alternately: the Rev. John Teague is the present incumbent. A charity school was founded at Whitfield, by the late Mr. Joseph Hague. The population of the new district parish is estimated at 8,000 persons.

Charlesworth, erected into a district parish under the same act that conferred a similar distinction upon Whitfield, &c , was previously a hamlet, in the parish of Glossop, situated three miles from that town. The new church is dedicated to St. John, and the patrons of the living are the same as those of Whitfield; the Rev. Goodwin Purcell is the present incumbent. The population of the new parish is about 3,500.

Post Office, High Street, Glossop, William Tomlinson, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Manchester) every morning at seven and afternoon at five; and are despatched every day at one, and evening at a quarter before eight.
Money Order Office open from nine in the morning till six in the evening.

Post Office, Hadfield, William Garlick, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Manchester) every morning at ten minutes past seven, and afternoon at five; and are despatched every day at one and evening at a quarter before eight,
Money Order Office open from nine in the morning till six in the evening.

Gentry and Clergy.
Atkin Rev. Thomas, Little moor
Beaver Hugh, Esq. Talbot House
Bramhall William, Esq. Glossop
Buckley Mr. Edward, Dinting Vale
Buckley Frederic, Esq. Holly bank
Dalton Thomas, Esq. Hollygrove, near Hadfield
Dearnley Mrs. Sarah, Whitfield
Drake Rev. George, Charlesworth
Fauvel Rev. Theodore, Royal House
Greaves Mrs. Jane, Hadfield
Hadfield Mrs. -, Lees Hall
Hall Mrs. Mary, Padfield
Hampson Mr. James, Royal Oak
Hawke Frances, Esq. (agent to Lord Howard), Norfolk st
Hotter Rev J. B. A., Glossop
Howard the Right Hon. Lord Edward George F. M.P., Glossop Hall
lbbotson Thomas Hamer, Esq., Primrose House
Jackson Rev. Gilbert Charles, B.C.L., Glossop
Kershaw Miss Hannah, Whitfield
Kershaw Mr. John, Whitfield
Lee Mrs, Jane, Padfield
Neale Mrs. Elizabeth, Norfolk st
0'Donnell Rev. Bryan, Hadfield
0'Riely Rev. -, Glossop
Potter Edmd. Esq. J.P., Dinting Lodge
Purcell Rev. Goodwin, Charlesworth
Rhodes Thomas, Esq. Hollingworth, near Hadfield
Rusby Mrs. Mary, Padfield
Shepley Miss Jane, Glossop
Shepley John, Esq., Brookfield
Shepley William, Esq., Brookfield
Sidebottom James, Esq, Waterside, Hadfield
Sidebottom John, Esq., Hollingworth, near Hadfield
Sidebottom William, Esq., Etherow House, Hadfield
Sumner Francis, Esq. J.P., High st
Taylor Samuel, Esq., Glossop
Teague Rev. John, B.A., Whitfield
Townley Mr. Frederick, Dinting Vale
Wagstaffe Mrs. -, High st
Wagstaffe James, Esq. Cow brook
Winterbottom John Newton, Esq., Moor side, Glossop
Wood Daniel. Esq., High st
Wood John, Esq. J.P., Whitfield, House
Wood Samuel, Esq., High st

Academies and Schools.
British School, Charlesworth - William Gee, master
Glossop Mary Elizabeth, Rose Green Cottage
Grammar School, Glossop - Wm. Mitchell, master, - Mitchell, mistress
Hague’s Charity School, Whitfield - John Bardsley, master
Methodist School, Shrewsbury st - Enoch Stubbs, master
National School, Charlesworth - Sarah Booth, mistress
National School, Whitfield - Joseph Eckersley, master; Ann Eckersley, mistress
Roman Catholic Schools: Glossop - taught by the Sisters of Charity; Hadfield - ; Whitfield - William Hymers, master

Ale and Porter Dealers.
Marrian Thomas (of Sheffield), High st - Thomas Wagstaffe, agent
Smith, Redfern & Co. Norfolk st - Thomas Neale, agent
Sykes William, Norfolk square

Bennett Francis Grey (and clerk to the magistrates), Henry st
Ellison Thomas Michael, Norfolk st

Blackburn Thomas Moorhouse, Bernard street
Lewis John, Norfolk st
Oates Joseph, High st
Wilkinson Joseph, Wren nest
Wogan Edward, Hadfield

Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Company (Branch), Howard’s Town - open on Wednesdays & Saturdays from 11 till 1 - (draw on Smith, Payne and Smiths, London) - Samuel B. Tomlins, manager
Glossop Dale Savings Bank, High st - open on Mondays from 11 till 1 - Charles John Hadfield, actuary

Beard Betty, Charlesworth
Bennett James, Rose green
Bennett Joseph, Charlesworth
Hadfield Charles, Glossop
Kidd Aquilla, Hadfield
Pickford Samuel, High st
Woolley George, Victoria bridge

Taylor Joe, Chunal Bleach works ; Exchange, Manchester, Tuesday

Booksellers and Stationers.
Goodwin William, High st
Hurst William, High st
Irlam Jane, High st J
Nutter John, High st
Schofield Charles, Norfolk square
Slinn James, High st
Ward James (stationer), High st
Woodhead Daniel, High st

Boot and Shoe makers.
Alsop George, Glossop
Bates James, Whitfield
Beard Samuel, High st
Clark John, Whitfield
Clark William, High st.
Clough John, Glossop
Crowther John, Dinting Vale
Dutton John, Hadfield
Garside William, Charlesworth
Hadfield Abner, Glossop
Hadfield John, Whitfield
Hadfield John, Victoria st
Hadfield Samuel, High st
Hadfield Samuel, jun. High st.
Hadfield Thomas, Whitfield
Hall John, High st
Hardman James, High st
Harrop George, Whitfield
Hewitt William, Bernard st
Hinchliffe William, Hadfield
Jackson David, Charlesworth
Jackson John, Charlesworth
Lowe Moses, Whitfield
M'Curdy John, High st
Neild Joseph, Whitfield
Radcliffe Jonathan, Hadfield
Roberts Moses, High st
Shephard Abraham, Glossop
Shepley Thomas, Charlesworth
Smith William, High st
Stafford John, High st
Watts Daniel, Glossop
Wormald Joshua, Norfolk square

Braziers and Tinmen.
Darwent John, Victoria st
Edleston Elijah, High st,
Greaves Brothers & Co. (gas-fitters), High st
Lawton Caleb, Glossop and Hadfield
Lawton John, Whitfield

Brick and Tile Makers.
Aitken William, Hadfield
Patchett John, Whitfield

Brush Makers.
Bradshaw Robert (and toy dealer), High st
Holroyd Mathew, High st
Webster John, High st

Beeley John, High st
Bennett William, High st
Booth Thomas, Charlesworth
Boulton James (pork), High st
Bramhall Thomas, Glossop
Brocklehurst Thos. (pork), High st.
Chadwick Joel, High st
Cooper James, High st
Dewsnap John, Hadfield
Fielding Thomas, Railway st
Goddard Samuel, Charlesworth
Hadfield John, Whitfield
Newton Richard, Hadfield
Newton Thomas (pork), High st.
Patchett George, High st.
Pickford James, Norfolk st.
Platt George, Norfolk square
Rogers Jonathan, High st
Schofield John, High st
Schofield Joseph, High st
Shaw Robert, Glossop
Siddall Joe, High st
Sykes John, Woolley Bridge
Tarbatt Henry, High st
Wagstaffe Benjamin, Dinting Vale
Wagstaffe John, High st
Winterbottom Edwin, High st
Winterbottom Robt. Lwr. Whitfield
Woolley George, High st

Cabinet Makers.
See Joiners and Cabinet Makers

Calico Printers.
Dalton John, Hollingworth Mill Print Works, near Hadfield
Potter Edmund & Co. Dinting Vale

Clog and Patten Makers.
Arrowsmith James, High st
Bell James, Hadfield
Brook John, High st
Green Robert, High st
Lees Joshua, High st
Marriott Matthew, High st
Shufflebotham Joseph, Hadfield
Swires Thomas, High st

Coal Merchants.
Armitage Thomas, Railway st. and Hadfield
Barber William, Railway st
Braddock John, Hadfield
Buckley John, Hadfield
Dunkirk Coal Co, Railway st
Fielding Thomas, Railway st
Hinchcliffe Zachariah & John, Hadfield
Jowett J. & J. (collieries), Dinting and Chisworth
Newton William, Whitfield
Sheppard Thomas, Hadfield

Braddock Robert, High st
Brocklehurst James, High s
James Daniel, High st
Robinson Joseph, Hadfield
Swindells Thomas, High st

Holroyd Timothy, Padfield
Ollerenshaw Hugh & Sons (and slaters & plasterers), Dinting Vale

Corn dealers.
Ashton Hannah, Charlesworth
Band Henry, High st.
Band James, Woolley Bridge
Barker William, Hadfield
Barnes Betty, High st
Beeley John, High st
Bowers John, High st
Bradbury William, Hadfield
Bradshaw James, Hadfield
Broadbent Joseph & Co. Hadfield
Brocklehurst Thomas, High st
Buckley John, Charlestown
Chatterton Thomas, Hadfield
Collier & Mellor, High st
Collier Charles, High st, & Hadfield
Cook Samuel & Co. High st
Darwent Joseph, Glossop
Denton Eli, Whitfield
Fielding Aaron, High st
Goldsmith George, Whitfield
Goodwin Ebenezer, Charlesworth
Hadfield John, Cow Brook Mill
Hampson Anne, Woolley Bridge
Hampson John, High st
Handford Brothers, High st
Handford Edward (and miller), Bridge Mill
Harrison Charles, High st
Higginbottom Anthony, Whitfield
Higginbottom Thomas, High st
Jackson Thomas High St
James Daniel, High st
James Samuel, High st
Linney John, High st
Massey Daniel, High st
Massey George, Padfield
Newton George, Henry st
Newton Thomas. High st
Platt John, Dinting Vale
Priest Thomas, Lower Whitfield
Priestnall Hannah, Whitfield
Robinson Samuel, High st
Shaw Ann, High st
Sheppard William, High st
Siddall James, High st
Smith Isaac, High st
Smith William, High st
Sykes William, Norfolk square
Thornley Robert, Lower Whitfield
Wagstaffe Aaron, High st
Warhurst Thomas Hadfield
Willan Robert, High st
Williamson William, High st
Wilson George, High st
Winterbottom Robert, High st
Wood Charles, Market st
Wood Mark, Whitfield

Cotton Banding makers.
Booth John & George, Holehouse
Hall John, Howard's Town
Jackson Levi, Primrose vale
Ratcliffe John H, Chisworth
Rowbottom James, Chisworth
Rowbottom Samuel, Chisworth
Stafford Joseph & Co. Arundel st

Cotton Spinners
Marked thus * are Manufacturers of Cotton Goods.
*Bramhall & Wood, Glossop; and Exchange, Manchester, Tuesday and Friday
Broadbent Abraham, (and doubler), Padfield
Buckley Frederic, Hurst Mill ; & Exchange, Manchester, Tuesday and Friday
Duckworth William, Holehouse Mill, Chisworth; and Exchange, Manchester, Tuesday Fisher Brothers (and doublers), Padfield Mill; and 12 Pillar, Exchange, Manchester, Tuesday and Friday
Gilliat Robert, Charlesworth
Hadfield John, Cow Brook Mill; and Exchange, Manchester
Hall John (cotton roving spinner), High street
Handforth John, Shepley Mill, Chapel street
*Lees Henry, Woolley Bridge
*Platt Thomas and Edward (and doublers), Hadfield Lodge & Padfield Mills ; & Exchange,
Manchester, Tuesday & Friday
Ratcliffe John Harrison, Kinderlee Mill, Chisworth
*Rhodes Thomas, Mersey & Arrowcroft Mills, near Hadfield ; Exchange, Manchester, Tuesday and Friday
*Shepley James, Glossop
*Shepley John & William, Brookfield, & 68a Mosley street, Manchester
*Sidebottom J. & W. & Co. Waterside, Hadfield
*Sidebottom Ralph, Mill brook, near Hadfield
Sidebottom T. H, & Brother, Bridge Mill, Waterside, near Hadfield
*Sumner Francis, Wren Nest Mill
Sykes John (doubler),Bridgefield Mill; Exchange, Manchester, Tuesday and Friday
Sykes Thomas Pattison (& doubler), New Mill, Glossop; Exchange, Manchester, Tuesday & Friday
Taylor Joe, Chunal Bleach Works ; Exchange, Manchester, Tuesday
*Winterbottom John Newton Glossop ; Exchange, Manchester, Tuesday
*Wood John and Brothers, Howard’s Town Mills; warehouse. 85, Fountain street, Manchester

Curriers & Leather Sellers.
Mottram John S. High st
Shepley Samuel; High st

Dress Makers.
See Milliners and Dress Makers.

Band James, Woolley Bridge
Booth John (& seedsman), High st
Fielding George, Glossop
Hardman Henry Charles, High st
Kinder John, High st
Norminton John, Hadfield
Tomlinson William, High st
Wreaks Thomas Peacock, High st

Fire, &c. Office Agents.
Atlas, Daniel Woodhead, High st
Liverpool and London, Thomas P. Wreaks, High st
Manchester (fire), Francis Hawke, Norfolk street
Pelican (life), Francis Hawke, Norfolk street
Scottish Amicable (life), Charles John Hadfield, Norfolk st
Union, Joseph Ashton, High st

Furniture Brokers.
Booth John, High st
Bramhall Richard, High st
Ellis Thomas Whitfield
Heys John, Whitfield
Mason Joseph,Hadfield
Pennington Levi, High st

Grocers and sealers in Sundries.
(See also Tea Dealers)
Ashton Robert, Charlesworth
Band Henry, High st
Band James, Woolley Bridge
Barker William, Hadfield
Barnes Betty. High st
Beever James, Chapel st
Beeley John, High st
Berry Joshua, Edward st
Booth Martha, Charlesworth
Booth Ralph, Chisworth
Bowdon George, Glossop
Bowdon Joseph, Glossop
Bower John, High st
Bowdon John Smith, Norfolk st
Bradbury George, Whitfield
Bradbury John, Brookfield
Bradbury William, Hadfield
Bradshaw James, Hadfield
Bridge David, Rose green
Broadbent Joseph & Co., Hadfield
Brocklehurst Thomas, High St
Brown Robert, Hadfield
Buckley John, Charlestown
Buckley Philip, Hadfield
Butterworth Peter, Charlesworth
Chatterton Thomas, Hadfield
Collier & Mellor, High st
Collier Charles, High st & Hadfield
Cook Samuel & Co. High st
Cooper James, Glossop
Cooper Moses, Charlesworth
Cox James, Hadfield
Cresswell George, Glossop
Darwent Joseph, Glossop
Denton Eli, Whitfield
Doxon Christopher, Whitfield
Dyson David, Whitfield
Flint Joshua, Whitfield
Fielding Aaron, High st
Fielding George, Glossop
Goldsmith George, Whitfield
Goodwin Ebenezer, Charlesworth
Hadfield John, Whitfield
Hampson Abner, Whitfield
Hampson Ann, Woolley Bridge
Hampson Isaac, Whitfield
Hampson Jabez, Whitfield
Hampson John, High st
Hand Nanny, High st
Handford Brothers, High st
Harrison Abel, Whitfield
Harrison Charles Smith, High st
Harrison Thomas, Hadfield
Harrison Wright, Charlesworth
Higginbottom Anthony, Whitfield
Higginbottom John, Charlesworth
Hobson Harriet, Dinting Vale
Jackson Thomas High st
James Daniel. High st
James Samuel, High st
Kenyon. John, Woolley Bridge
Lawton James, High st
Lee Richard, Whitfield
Lingard Samuel, Bernard st
Linney John, Rose green
Marsden Thomas, Glossop
Marshall Robert, Hadfield
Massey Daniel, High st
Massey George, Padfield
Mather Peter, Dinting Viaduct
Moss Arthur, Charlesworth
Newton George, Henry st
Newton Thomas, High st
Nield Dan, Whitfield
Nightingale James, Norfolk st
Norminton John, Hadfield
Nutter John, High st
Oldham Joseph, Lower Whitfield
Platt John, Woolley Bridge
Platt John, Dinting Vale
Priest Thomas, Whitfield
Priest Thomas, Lower Whitfield
Priestnall Hannah, Whitfield
Ridgway John, Woolley Bridge
Roberts Samuel, High st
Robinson Cornelius, Padfield
Robinson Samuel, Victoria st, and High street
Robinson Thomas, High st
Schofield John, Rose green
Shallcross James, Edward st
Shaw Ann, High st
Sheppard William, High st
Siddall James, High st
Siddall John, Hadfield
Siddall Joseph, Hadfield
Smith Isaac, High st
Smith William, High st
Smithies Henry, Charlesworth
Sykes Aaron, Woolley Bridge
Sykes Edward, High st
Sykes William, Norfolk square
Thornley Robert, Whitfield
Wagstaffe Aaron, High st
Wain William, Hadfield
Walker Robert, High st
Warhurst Thomas, Hadfield
Waterhouse John, Whitfield
Williamson William High st
Wilson George, High st
Winterbottom James, Rose green
Winterbottom Joshua, Norfolk st
Winterbottom Robert, High St
Wood Charles, Market st
Wood Enoch, Padfield
Wood Mark, Whitfield
Wood Thomas, Whitfield
Woodcock Paul, Whitfield

Hair Dressers.
Barber Owen, High st
Ellis Wm. Henry, Norfolk st
Moss Joseph, High st
Slinn John, High st
Winterbottom Thomas, Victoria st

Hatters and Cap Makers.
Bramhall Jesse, Hadfield
Georgeson George, High st
Walker James, High st

Iron and Brass Founders.
Blackwell Samuel, George st
Booth James & Brothers (and machine makers) Littlefield, Charlesworth

Eddleston Elijah, High st
Greaves Bros, & Co. High st
Mottram John S. (& leather seller) High street
Shepley Samuel, High st

Joiners & Cabinet Makers.
Ashworth John, Glossop
Blackwell Chas. Railway street
Bowden Wm. (and timber dealer), Bernard st
Crompton Charles, Chapel st
Dyas Edward, High st
Garside Charles, Shrewsbury st
Hampson Isaac, Whitfield
Harrison Edward, High st
Harrop Samuel, Hadfield
Jackson William, High st
Platt John, Chapel st
Smith John Bower, Henry st
Warhurst James, Hadfield
Wright Thomas, George st

Linen Drapers.
Ashton Joseph, High st
Atkinson John, High st
Beard Thomas, High st
Bowden Joseph, High st
Bower John, High st
Bradbury William, Hadfield
Bridge David, High st
Cox James, Hadfield
Cresswell George, Glossop
Crossley John, Hadfield
Flint Henry, High st
Goldsmith George, Whitfield
Hadfield John, Whitfield
Howarth James, Hadfield
Howe Sarah, Glossop
Longson Elizabeth, High st
Massey George, Padfield
Murgatroyd James, High st
Mycock Joseph, Norfolk square
Robinson Joseph, Norfolk st
Sellers John (travelling), Norfolk st
Sidebottom Peter, High st
Woffenden George, High st
Woodcock Paul, Whitfield
Wormald Joshua, Norfolk square

Milliners & Dress Makers.
Ashcroft Mary, High st
Barratt Jane, High st
Chadwick Harriet, High st
Dewsnap Deborah, High st
Georgeson Anne J., High st
Greave Janet, High st
Greaves Mary, Norfolk st
Harrop Sarah, High st
Higginbottom Martha Ann, Whitfield and High st
Lloyd Elizabeth & Eliza, High st
Marsden Ann, Glossop
Marshall Hannah Lower Whitfield
Sellers Mary, Norfolk st
Smith Ellen, High st
Warhurst E. M., Glossop
Wood Martha, High st

Music Sellers.
Mason Joseph, Norfolk st
Shaw John & Son, High st

Glossop Dale Chronicle and North Derbyshire Reporter (Saturday) - Daniel Woodhead, High street
Recorder (Saturday) - Lewis Lister, Arundel st

Painters, Plumbers, and Glaziers.
Marked thus * are also Paper Hangers.
Anelay John, Whitfield
Bowden James, High st
Elmer Samuel, Arundel st
Hague James, Woolley Bridge
Higginbottom Joseph, Glossop
Lay James, Lower Whitfield
*Robinson George, High st
*Wagstaffe Aaron, High st
Watson Thomas, High st

Paper Makers.
Ibbotson Thomas Hamer, Turn Lee Mills
Middleton Christopher Greaves, Charlestown Mill
Rumney Robert (fancy), Primrose Mill

Pennington Levi, High st
Taylor Frederick, High st

Printers - Letterpress.
Lister Lewis, Arundel st
Schofield Charles, Norfolk square
Woodhead Daniel, High st

Judson Randle, High st
Kelsall William, Victoria st

Smallware Dealers,
Hague Edward, High st
Housley Thomas, High st

Soda Water & Ginger Beer Manufacturers.
Bates John, Whitfield
Shaw Edwin (and British cordial), High street

Stone Merchants.
Buckley Wm., Whitfield
Ford William, Whitfield
Hampson Thomas, Whitfield
Miller William, Whitfield
Nuttall John, Glossop

Straw Bonnet Makers.
Harrison Mary, Glossop
Higginbottom Martha Anne, High st
Lloyd Elizabeth & Eliza, Henry st

Brierley Samuel, Norfolk st
Cosgrave John, M.D., Norfolk st
Howard Wm. Wardle, Norfolk st
Hunt Wm. M.D. Cow Brook Cottage
Rhodes James, High st
Sidebottom Edward, Hadfield

Hadfield Charles John (land), Norfolk street
Jackson Jno. (road), Norfolk st

Marked thus * are also Drapery.
Barber Joseph, Arundel st
Bardsley Thomas, Charlesworth
Caukill George, Hadfield
Cheetham Charles, High st
Clarke John, Henry st
Cooper Moses, Charlesworth
*Dewsnap Robert, High st
Dickson Thomas, Charlesworth
*Hall James, Howard Town
*Hall John, High st
*Hall John, High st
Hall Robert, Glossop
*Handforth Jabez, Whitfield
*Kelly John, High st
*Longson Robert, Norfolk square
*M‘Mellon William, High st
*M‘Williams John, Norfolk st
Newton Thomas, High st
Shaw John, Charlesworth
Wood Thomas, Hadfield
Wood William, Woolley Bridge

Taverns & Public Houses.
Albion, Thos, Warhurst, Whitfield
Anchor Joseph Garlick, Hadfield
Beehive, Wm. Miller, Whitfield
Bridge Inn, Chas. Knott, Market St
Bull’s Head, John Porritt, Glossop
Bull’s Head, Joseph Booth,Charlesworth
Commercial, John Tweed, Hadfield
Commercial, John Shaw, Charlestown
Commercial, John Woodhouse, Chisworth
Commercial, Lydia Collier, Rose green
Crown, George Hampson, Lower Whitfield
Drovers’ Inn, Jas. Walton, Charlestown
George and Dragon, Martha Booth, Charlesworth
Globe, John Cottrill, High st
Grey Mare, Betty Beard, Charlesworth
Greyhound, Geo. Newton, Glossop
Hare & Hounds, Charles Hadfield, Glossop
Horseshoe, Peter Wild, Charlesworth
Howard Arms, James Beeley, High street
Junction, James Owen, High st
Magnet, Hugh Ollerenshaw, Charlesworth road
Manor Inn, John Pott, High st
Market Hotel, Joseph Fielding, Market street
Norfolk Arms, Joseph Woodcock, Norfolk square
Palatine, John Bond, Hadfield
Plough, George Miller, Dinting Vale
Queen’s Arms,Thos. Higginbottom, Glossop
Queen’s Arms, John Rowbottom, Chisworth
Rose & Crown, Jos. Collier, High st
Rovers’ Inn, James Walton, Charlestown
Spinners’ Arms, Edwin Wogan, Hadfield
Spread Eagle, Samuel Garratt, Woolley Bridge
Station Inn, Ann Higginbottom, Norfolk street
Surrey Arms, James Boulton, High St
Surrey Arms, Samuel Sidebottom, Lower Whitfield
Talbot, Nathan Darwent, Glossop
Temple, Wm. Fielding, Padfield
Viaduct Inn, Samuel Wagstaffe, Dinting Vale
Woolley Bridge Inn, John Harrison, Woolley Bridge

Retailers of Beer.
Archer Elizabeth, Hadfield
Atkinson John, Glossop
Band John, High st
Barlow Mary, Waterside
Beard John, High st
Bowden James, Chapel st
Bradbury George, Whitfield
Bradbury Mary, Charlesworth
Brooks John, Railway st
Brown Richard, Bernard st
Cooper Joseph, Chapel st
Cuthbert John, Surrey st
Dewsnap Luke, Chapel st
Fielding Thomas, Bernard st
Fielding Wm., Bernard st
Hadfleld Ellen, Glossop
Hampson George, High st
Harrop Thomas, High st
Howard Aaron, Whitfield
Howard John, High St
Jackson Matthew, Norfolk st.
Mills Henry, Arundel st
Nightingale James, Norfolk st
Prince Wm. Lower Whitfield
Roberts Samuel, Dinting Vale
Roberts William, Edward st
Rowbottom James, Chisworth
Rowbottom Mary, Charlesworth
Scholes George, High st
Shepley Thomas, Charlesworth
Siddall John, Hadfield
Sidebottom Saml. Lower Whitfield
Slater Henry Lancaster, Glossop
Smith Howarth, Brookfield
Sykes Joshua, Hadfield
Sykes William, Norfolk square
Taylor John, Whitfield
Wadsworth Len, Hadfield
Whiting William, Chapel st
Wilkinson Joseph, High st

Tea Dealers.
Beard Thomas, High St
Booth John, High st
Fuller John, Charlestown
Green John, Glossop
Harrod James, Surrey st
Haydon Margaret, High st
M'Curdy James, Bernard st
Woodcock Lot, High st

Waste Dealers.
Booth John & George, Charlesworth
Crossland Peter, Surrey st
Dewsnap Joseph, Littlemoor
Hall John, Howard Town
Thorneley John (& marine stores), Edward st

Watch & Clock Makers.
Fielding Elizabeth, High st
Goddard John, High st
Minshull John, High st

Beard Betty, Charlesworth
Wood John, Charlesworth

Woollen Manufacturers.
Robinson Joseph (Executors of), Gnat Hole Mill, Glossop

Armitage Thomas, coal dealer and hosier, High street
Band Bold, horse keeper, High st
Baths (Turkish), Whitfield...........George Mood, proprietor
Bennett Joseph, wool carder, Turn Lee
Bowdon George, Registrar of births, deaths and marriages, Glossop
Bradshaw Robert, basket maker, High st
Edleston Elijah, basket maker, High st
Farrand J. H. estate agent, High st
Fawley Joseph, nail maker, Glossop
Foy Anthony, fishmonger, High st
Garside James, timber dealer and saw mills, Shrewsbury st
Goldsmith John, herbalist, Whitfield
Hadfield John, earthenware dealer, Victoria st
Handford Edward, miller, Bridge Mill
Heys George, herbalist, Arundel st
Housley Thos. smallware dealr. High st
Jowett Jonthn. coal proprietor, Chisworth
Ledrey M. herbalist, Littlemoor
Lee James, bobbin turner, Padfield
Lyne Wm. picker maker Simmondley
Oates Joseph, high bailiff and inspector of weights and measures, High st
Shepley Margaret, tanner, Charlesworth
Simcock Joshua, glass and earthenware, dealer, High st
Slater Thomas, temperance house keeper, Edward st
Sykes Edward, tallow chandler, High st
Slinn James, photographer, High st
Taylor Samuel, inspector of water works, Glossop
Turner William, veterinary surgeon, Whitfield
Wilkinson Joseph, general agent, High st
Williamson William, carrier, High st
Wright Thomas Jas. tobacconist, High st

Places of Worship and their Ministers.
All Saints’ Church, Glossop - Rev. Gilbert Charles Jackson, B.C.L. vicar; Rev. J. Plotter, B.A. Curate
St. James' Church, Whitfield – Rev. John Teague, incumbent
St. John's Church, Charlesworth – Rev. Goodwin Purcell, incumbent
Church Meeting Room, Hadfield – Rev. - Freeman
Baptist Chapell - Rev. George Drake
Independent Chapel, Charlesworth
Independent Chapel, Whitfield – Rev. Thomas Aitken
Methodist (Primitive) Chapels, Christopher st, Hadfield & Charlesworth
Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapels, Howard st, Chisworth st, High street, Glossop, Rose Green and Padfield
Roman Catholic Chapel, Glossop Rev. Theodore Fauvel, priest
Roman Catholic Chapel, Hadfield - Rev. Bryan O’Donnell, priest
Sisters of Charity Convent, Glossop
Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Whitfield

Poor law Union.
Workhouse, Glossop.
Governor - James Wood
Matron - Emma Wood
Surgeon - William Wardle Howard
Chaplain - Rev. Goodwin Purcell
Clerk to the Board of Guardians - Geo. Bowden
Relieving Officer - Samuel Beeley
Schoolmistress - Sarah H. Barlow

County Court.
Town Hall, High street
Judge - Joseph St. John Yates, Esq, Wellbank, Sandbach
Registrar - John Hibbert, Hyde
High Bailiff - Joseph Oates, High st
Bailiffs - Edmund Arrundale & Thos. Slater

Coroner’s Office, Henry street - Henry Grey Bennett, coroner
Court House, High st
Gas Works, Arundel st. - Geo Tomlinson, manager, Peter Sidebottom, collector Gentlemen’s Club, High street...Mr. Robert Lees, secretary
Lord Howard’s Estate Offices, Henry st, Francis Hawke, Esq. Agent
Market Hall. High st...Jordan Bradbury, toll collector
Police Office, High 8treet...Thomas Williams, superintendent
Stamp Office, High street..John Booth, sub-distributer
Temperance Hall, Edward st
Weights and Measures Office, High St.. Joseph Oates, inspector

Conveyance by Railway on the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Line.
Station. Howard’s Town - Henry William Brain, station master; and Hadfield - James Pickford, stationmaster

To All Parts of the Kingdom, by the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway
To Stockport John Dewsnap and James Higginbottom, from Charlesworth, Friday


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