White's Directory of Sheffield & 20 Miles Around 1862
Entries for the area of the Ancient Parish of Glossop.

GLOSSOP is a small market town and township, 14 miles E. from Manchester, 24 miles N.W. by N. from Sheffield, and 50 miles N.N.W. from Derby. The township contains 4,820 acres of land, and in 1851 had 5,467 inhabitants. Lord Edward George Fitzalan Howard is lord of the manor and owner. The Church (All Saints) at Old Glossop, is a vicarage, value £303. The Earl of Ellesmere, patron and impropriator; and the Rev. G. C. Jackson, incumbent. The Church, a neat structure, with nave, chancel, side aisles, tower, and spire with eight bells, was rebuilt except the tower and spire, in 1831. The Vicarage, a handsome Elizabethan mansion, is a little south of the church. Glossop Hall, a handsome stone mansion, recently erected on the site of the Old Hall, is pleasantly situated a little N.E. of Old Glossop. It is the seat and property of Lord Edward George Fitzalan Howard. Howard Town, or New Glossop, ¾ mile W. from Old Glossop, forms the centre of the largest portion of the inhabitants of the township, and a focus for most of the other townships. The market is held on Saturday, and fairs are held on the 6th of May, and on the first Wednesday after the 10th of October. Feast, first Sunday after 13th of September. A handsome Town Hall and Market House was erected in 1838. Behind: the Town Hall is a covered Market House, with shops for butchers, greengrocers, and other trades. The tower which crowns the Town Hall is provided with an excellent clock, and the whole enclosed by a low wall and palisading. The Temperance Hall, in Howard Town, was erected in 1850, and the Cemetery was formed about five years ago. The Roman Catholic Chapel, at the old village of Glossop, was erected in 1836, by the late Duke of Norfolk. The Rev. T. Fauvel is the priest. The Girls’ Catholic School, at Old Glossop, was built in 1844; and the Boys’, in Talbot street, was erected in 1852. The Independents, Wesleyans, Primitive and Reform Methodists have each places of worship. The Savings Bank is held in the Town Hall; Mr. C. J. Hadfield is the actuary. The Glossop County Court is held at the Town Hall, monthly; the district comprises - Betney Hill, Blackshaw, Brookfield, Brosscroft, Charlestown, Charlesworth, Chisworth, Chunall, Compstall Bridge, Cordingbrook, Crosscliff, Dinting, Freetown, Fattenhay, Gamesley, Glossop, Hadfield, Hayfield, Hole House, Howard Town, Hurst, Jerry Town, Littlemoor, Ludworth, Marple Bridge, Mellor, Mill Town, Moorsbottom Bridge, Padfield, Roworth, Rosegreen, Roughtown, Simmondley, Turnlee, Water Side, Whitfield, Woodseats, and Woolley Bridge; Joseph St. John Yates, Esq., judge; John Hibbert, registrar; and Joseph Oates, high bailiff. Gas Works, in Arundel street, were established by a company with a capital of £6,000, in shares of £10 each. James Gill is working manager. The Water Works were established in 1854. The Swineshaw Reservoir, about 1½ miles from Howard Town, is about five acres in extent; Mr. Charles John Hadfield, manager. The Grammar School, at Old Glossop, was erected by the late Duke of Norfolk, in 1852, at a cost of £2,000. The master’s residence forms the eastern end of the building, and the Girls’ and Infants’ Schoolrooms the western; Mr. Wm. Mitchell, master. Petty Sessions are held in the Town Hall, every Thursday fortnight. The attending magistrates are Geo. Andrews, John Chapman, Edmd. Potter, Wm. Sidebottom, Francis Sumner, and John Wood, Esqrs. Messrs W. and F. G. Bennett, are their clerks. The Police Station, in Back lane, was built in 1860-1. It contains eight cells ; Mr. Thos. Williams is chief-superintendent of police. The Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway intersects the parish, and has a Station at Dinting, whence a Branch Railway runs to Howard Town, where there is a convenient stone Station. The Reservoir Company was formed in 1837, when a capital of upwards of £6,000 was subscribed for the forming reservoirs to supply, in dry seasons, mills extending from Glossop to the river Tame, at Stockport. Only one reservoir has been constructed, at a cost of £10,000; it is situated between the hills, one mile S.E. from Glossop.
Post Office, at William Tomlinson’s, High street. Letters arrive at 7.0 a.m. and 5.0 p.m., and are despatched at 1.0 and 7..45 p.m. Money orders issued and paid from 9.0 a.m. till 6.0 p.m.
Post Office, at George Allsop’s, Old Glossop. Letters are despatched at 7.0 p.m. on Week days, and 6.0 p.m. on Sundays.
Howard Lord Edward George Fitzalan, Glossop Hall
Ashcroft John, letter carrier, Rose green
Band Bold, cab proprietor, High street
Barratt John, overlooker, High street
Beard Thomas, loom manager, Rose green
Beaver Hugh, merchant, Talbot House
Beeley Samuel, relieving officer, Norfolk st
Bennett Fras. Grey, solr., and coroner for High Peak Hundred; h Hall street
Blackwell Sml.,iron & brass fndr.,Chapel st
Boden James, rent collector, Hall street
Bowden George, union clerk, and regr. of births, deaths, & marriages, Castle hill
Collier Miss Betsy, Norfolk street
Daniel Charles, clerk, Glossop Estate office; h Pye grove
Dickinson. Rev. Miles (P.M.), Shrewsbury st
Ellis Thomas, miller, Corn Mill Bridge
Fauvel Rev. T. (Cath. priest), Old Glossop
Ford John, manager, High street
Foy Anthony, fishmonger, Chapel street
Gentlemen's Club House, Back lane
Gill Jas., mngr., Gas Works, Arundel st
Glossop Co-operative Cotton Manufacturing Company, Arundel street
Glossop Union Offices, Norfolk street
Glossop Estates Office (Lord E. G. F. Howard’s), Norfolk square; Francis Hawke, Esq., agent
Goldsmith John, herbalist, Littlemoor
Gothard William, gent., Littlemoor
Hadfield Miss E., Sheffield road
Haughton James, gardener, Simmondley ln
Hawke Francis, Esq., agent to Lord E. G. F. Howard, Norfolk sq.; h Norfolk st
Heys Geo., herbalist, & baths, Edward st
Higginbottom Mr. Joseph, Old Glossop
Howe Mr. Rowland, Hall street
Howe Misses Sarah and Jane, Hall street
Hyde Mr. James, Littlemoor
Ibbotson Thos. H., papermkr., Primrose Hs
Jackson Rev. Gilbert Charles, Vicarage
Jackson John, road surveyor, Norfolk st
Kershaw Miss Hannah, Sheffield road
Lawton Mr. John, Norfolk street
Lewis Charles, plasterer, Howard street
Maxwell Mr. Alexander, Dinting vale
May Thomas, basket maker, Littlemoor
Moody Matthew, bookkeeper, Dinting vale
Neal Thos., ale & porter agent, Norfolk st
Nuttall James, stone dealer, Sheffield road
Olerenshaw Jesse, plasterer, Drymount
O’Riley Rev. John (Cath. priest), Old Glossop
Robinson John, woollen mfr., Gnat Hole Mill
Robinson William, mill manager, High st
Shaw Edwin,soda water, &c.,manufacturer, High street
Sellers John, travelling draper, Norfolk st
Slater Thos., temperance house, Edward st
Street Walter, station master, Norfolk st
Swann John, assistant overseer, Norfolk street; h Cross Cliff
Taylor Samuel, inspector of Manchester Waterworks, Hall street
Telfer Rev. William (Ind.), Littlemoor
Thomason Wm., pipe mkr., Old Glossop
Tomlinson Geo., wood stewrd., Spire Hollins
Tomlinson William, gardener, Hall street
Townley Frederick, manager, Dinting vale
Turner William, vet. surgeon, Littlemoor
Wagstaff Mr. James, Cowbrook lane
Wagstaff Mrs. Mary, High street
Williams Thomas, supr. of police, Back In
Woffenden Mr. Thomas, Milltown
Wood James & Emma, master & matron, Workhouse, Old Glossop
Wood John, wheelwright, Charles street
Wood Samuel and Daniel, cotton spinners; houses High street
Wright John, inland rev. officer, Littlemr
Hotels, Inns, and Taverns.
Bridge Inn, Charles Knott, Market Street
Bull’s Head, John Porritt, Old Glossop
Commercial, Lydia Collier, Rose Green
Crown, Alice Hampson, Littlemoor
Globe Inn, John Cottrill (and horse and gig letter), High street
Grapes, John Howard, High street
Greyhound, George Newton, Old Glossop
Hare and Hounds, Charles Hatfield (and veterinary surgeon), Old Glossop
Howard Arms, James Beeley, High street
Junction Inn, James Owen, High street
Magnet Inn, Hugh Ollerenshaw, Dinting vl
Manor Inn, John Potts, High street
Market Tavern, Jph. Fielding, Market st
Norfolk Hotel, Commercial and Posting Hotel, Joseph Woodcock, High street
Plough, G. Miller, Dinting vale
Queen’s Arms, Thomas Higginbottom, Old Glossop
Rose and Crown, Joseph Collier, High st
Station Inn, Ann Higginbottom, Norfolk st
Surrey Arms, James Boulton, High street
Surrey Arms, Sml. Sidebottom, Littlemoor
Talbot, Nathan Darwent, Old Glossop
Viaduct, Samuel Wagstaff, Dinting vale
Catholic (Boys), Talbot st.; Hy. P. desLandes, mstr.
Catholic (Girls), Old Glossop, conducted by Sisters of charity
Catholic Convent, Old Glossop, Madame de Lomez, lady superioress
Cockayne Hannah, Rose grn
Dyas Elizabeth, Littlemoor
Ferrand Joseph Henry (and agent for the District Savings Bank, and for Edward Hagen and Co., oil and tallow manufacturers, London), Shrewsbury st.; h High street
Glossop Mary and Eliza, Norfolk street
Goodwin Wm., Milltown
Grammar, Old Glossop; William and Emma Mitchell, teachers
Hyde Sarah and Hannah, Littlemoor
Union, Old Glossop, Jane Banks
Architects & Surveyors.
Hadfield Charles John, Norfolk street
Wagstaff Thomas, High st
Bennett Wm. and Francis Grey (and clerks to magistrates), Norfolk square
Hibbert John (and regr. of County Court), High st
Ellison Thomas Michael, Norfolk street
Auctioneers and Appraisers.
Bailey William D., Cross st
Blackburn Thos., Drymount
Lee Richard, Bernard st
Lewis John, Norfolk street
Oates Jph. (and high bailiff to County Court, and inspector of weights and measures), High street
(See also Confectioners.)
James Daniel, High street
James Samuel, High street
Russell George, High street
Swindells Thomas, High st
Wilson George, High st
Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Company, Norfolk Hotel (draw on Smith, Payne & Smiths)
Savings Bank, High street, (open every Wed. from 11 to 1), Charles J. Hadfield, secretary
Atkinson John,Old Glossop
Booth John, High street
Bowden James, Chapel st
Bowden John S., Norfolk st
Boyer James, Norfolk st
Brooks John, Railway st
Bunting Joshua, Milltown
Cuthbert James, Surrey st
Elliott Joseph, Littlemoor
Fielding Thos., Bernard st
Flanagan Bernard, Chapel st
Hall Decima, Milltown
Hampson George & Sarah, Milltown
Howard Aaron, Littlemoor
Howard John, Bernard st
Jackson Matth., Norfolk st
Lee Richard, Bernard st
Mills Henry, Edward street
Platt Geo., Norfolk square
Roberts Wm., Edward st
Scholes George, High street
Siddall Joe, Milltown
Slater Henry, Old Glossop
Stafford John, High street
Sykes Edward, Market st
Sykes William, Norfolk sq
Walton James, Chapel st
Whiting Wm., Chapel st
Wilkinson Joseph, High st
Bennett James, Old Glossop; h Rose green
Brocklehurst Geo., High st
Dearnaley. Thos., High st
Hall Thomas, High street
Birmingham and Sheffield Warehouses.
Bradshaw Robert, High st
Bramall Richd., High st
Hurst William, High street
Booksellers, Printers, and Stationers.
Goodwin Wm, Milltown
Hurst William (and general dealer), High street
Irlam Jane, High street
Lister Lewis, Record Office
Nutter John, High street
Schofield Charles, Norfolk sq
Slinn James (and photographer), High street
Ward James, High street
Woodhead Daniel, High st
Boot and Shoe Makers.
Allsop George, Old Glossop
Bates Joseph, Littlemoor
Beard Samuel, High street
Bunting Joshua, Milltown
Clark William, High street
Clough John, Milltown
Dawson Anderson, Norfolk square, John Finglah, manager
Earl Edward, Rose green
Hadfield John, Norfolk st
Hadfield Samuel, High st
Hadfield Samuel, Milltown
Hall John, High street
Hardman James, High st
Hewitt Wm., Bernard st
Maher Thomas, High street
McCurdy John, High street
Nield Joseph, Collier st
Rathbone J., Littlemoor
Rathbone John,Shrewsbury street
Roberts Moses, High street
Rolley Peter, Littlemoor
Shephard Abm., Rose grn
Smith William, High street
Stafford John, High street
Swire John, High street
Wilson John, Edward st
Winterbottom Jas., Hall st
Wormald Joshua, Norfolk sq
Braziers & Tinners.
Darwent John, Norfolk St
Garlick John, High street
Greaves Brothers and Co. (Charles), High street
Lawton Caleb, Old Glossop
Lawton John, Littlemoor
Wright Wm., Norfolk sq
Booth John, High street
Ellis Thomas, Littlemoor
Entwistle John, Norfolk sq
Hayes Jonathan, Littlemoor
Robinson George, High st
Brush Makers.
Bradshaw Robert, High st
Holroyd Matth., Collier st
Webster John (brush and coopery dealer), High st
Marked * are Pork.
Batty James, Littlemoor
Bennett William, Rose grn
*Boulton James, High st
Bramhall Ths., Old Glossop
*Brocklehurst Ths., High st
Chadwick Joel, High street
Cooper James, High street
Fielding Robt., Railway st
France John, High street
Newton Geo., Old Glossop
Newton Thomas, High st
Patchett Abraham, High st
Patchett George, High st
Pickford James, Norfolk st
Platt George, Norfolk sq
Platt Thomas, Dinting vale
Schofield John, Hall street
Schofield Joseph, High st
Shaw Robert, Old Glossop
Siddall Joseph, High street
Tarbott Henry, High street
Thornley John, Littlemoor
Wagstaff John, High street
Wagstaff Thos., Littlemoor
Winterbottom Edwin, High street
Wooley Edward, High st
Woolley George, High st
Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers.
Ashworth John, Milltown
Crompton C., Chapel street
Dyas Edward, High street
Smith John B., Norfolk sq
Calico Printers.
Dalton T. and J., Hollingworth
Potter E. & Co.,Dinting vale
Chemists & Druggists.
Booth John, Stamp Office, High street
Fielding Geo., Old Glossop
Hardman Hy. Chas., High st
Kinder John, High street
Tomlinson Wm., High st
Wreaks Thomas P., High street; h Norfolk street
Clog & Patten Makers.
Arrowsmith John, High st
Hall John, High street
Holroyd Matth., Collier st
Lee George, High street
Marriott Jacob, High street
Swires John, High street
Swires Thomas, High street
Coal Merchants.
Armitage Thomas, Railway wharf; h High street
Berry Joshua, Edward st
Buckley Edmund, Railway wharf; h Norfolk street
Bullhouse Co., Railway whf., James Whitehead, agent
Fielding Thomas, Railway wharf; h Bernard street
Goodwin Mary, Old Glossop
Jowitt J. and J., Railway wharf; John Newton, agt
Howe James, Rose green
Braddock Robert, High st
Brocklehurst James, High st
Ferrand Joseph Henry, High street
Hancock James, High st
Hastington Joseph, High st
Russell George, High street
Swindells Thos., High st
Warhurst Thos., High st
Wilson George, High street
Corn & Flour Dealers.
(See Grocers.)
Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers.
Marked * Spinners only.
Bramhall Wm., Knott Mill
*Brocklehurst Joseph & Co., Cross Cliff
Buckley Frederick, Hurst
*Hadfield John, Cowbrook Mill
Hall John, High street
*Handforth John, Shepley Mill
Ratcliffe John H., Kinder Lea
Shepley James, Warth Mill
*Stafford Jph., Arundel st
Sumner Francis, Wren Nest Mills; h East View
*Sykes Thomas P. (& doubler), New Mills
*Wood John & Brothers, High street
Winterbottom John, Water Mill
Curriers, Leather Cutters, & Grindery Dlrs.
Hadfield John, Norfolk st
Mottram John S., High st
Shepley Saml., High st
Robinson George, High st
Earthenware, Glass, &c. Dealers.
Hayes Jonth., Little Moor
Shepley Saml., High st
Simcock Joshua, High st
Thornley John, Littlemoor
Beeley John, Cross Cliff
Bennett Samuel, Simmondley lane
Bowden Fras., Old Glossop
Cooper George, Dinting
Darwent Nathan, Old Glossop
Fielding Geo., Old Glossop
Fielding John, Hurst
Garlick Joseph, Dinting
Garside – Brownhill
Hadfield John, Norfolk st
Haigh William, Dinting
Hampson Jph., Sheffield rd
Holdbrook James, Hurst
Jackson – Blackshaw
Orrell - Sheffield road
Peace James, Mossey Lea
Pickford James, Norfolk st
Platt Benjamin, Dinting
Platt Thomas, Dinting
Shephard Robert, Whitfield Barn & High Jumble
Sheppard Js., Dinting Ashes
Siddall George, Heath
Storer Charles, Mossey Lea
Thorniley Noah, High Jumble
Waterhouse John, Dinting
Winterbottom Geo., Woodcock road
Woodcock Joseph, Norfolk Arms Hotel
Wyatt Joseph, Blackshaw
Fire and Life Offices.
Atlas, D. Woodhead, High street
Liverpool and London, T. P. Wreaks, High street
London Equitable, J. H. Ferrand, High street
Manchester, Fras. Hawke, Norfolk square
Pelican, Francis Hawke, Norfolk square
People’s Provident, J. Ashton, High street
Refuge Friend in Need, J. H. Ferrand, High street
Unity, J. H. Ferrand High st
West of England, J. H. Ferrand, High street
Bowden John, High street
Eversden Wm., Edward st
Hatfield Jph., Norfolk st
Howard Aaron, Littlemoor
Jackson Sarah, High st
Newton James, High st
Wing George,Norfolk street
Grocers, Corn, Flour, & Provision Dlrs.
Marked * are Drapers also.
*Ashton Saml., Surrey st
*Bancroft John, Talbot st
Band Henry, Mill Town
Barnes Betty, High street
*Beard Thomas, High street
Beeley John, High street
Bowden Jph., Old Glossop
Bowers John, High street
Bradshaw Robt., High street
Collier Charles, High street
Collier (Thomas) and Mellor (Joseph), High street
*Cresswell Geo., Old Glossop
Darwent Jph., Old Glossop
Ferrand Joseph H., High st
Fielding Geo., Old Glossop
*Hadfield John, Littlemoor
Hampson John, High street
Handford Thomas F., Norfolk square
Harrison Chas. S., High st
*Higginbottom Anthony, Littlemoor
Hobson H., Dinting vale
Jackson Thos., High st
Lawton James, High st
Newton Geo., Bernard st
Newton Thomas, High st
*Nutter John, High street
Ridgway - Dinting ter
Robinson Samuel, High st
Robinson Thomas, High st
Shallcross Jas., Edward st
Shaw Ann, High street
Sheppard Wm., High street
Siddall James, High street
Smith William, High street
Sykes Edward,High street; & tallow chandler, Railway street
Sykes William, Norfolk sq
Wagstaff Aaron, Rose green
Watson Thomas, High st
*Williamson Wm., High st
Winterbottom Joshua, Norfolk street
Winterbottom Robt., High st
Wood Charles, Market st
Wood (Eli) and James (Daniel), High street
*Woodcock Lot, Littlemoor
Wright Thomas J. (and tobacconist), High street
Hair Dressers.
Barber Owen, High street
Ellis William H., Norfolk st
Winterbottom Thomas, Norfolk street
Hat Mnfrs. & Dealers.
Georgeson Geo., High st
Woodhead Betty K.,High st
Hosiers, Millinery and Smallware Dealers.
Armatage John, High street
Armitage Thomas, High st
Atkinson Charles, High st
Batty James, Littlemoor
Broadbent John, Rose green
Clark William, High street
Georgeson Geo., High st
Hague Edward, High street
Hayden Margt., Bernard st
Hayden William, Littlemoor
Higginbottom Anthony, High street
Hall Joseph, Littlemoor
Housley Thos., High st
Lloyd Elizabeth and Eliza, High street
Sidebottom Peter, High st
Smith Sarah, Norfolk sq
Wood Martha, High street
Woodhead Betty K., High st
Wyatt Samuel, High street
Garlick John, High street
Greaves Brothers and Co. (Chas.), High street
Holroyd Math., Collier st
Mottram John S., High st
Shepley Samuel, High st
Wright William, Norfolk sq
Joiners & Builders.
Ashworth John, Milltown
Bowden William, Bernard st
Fielding John, Surrey st
Garside Cyrus, Shrewsbury street
Harrop George, Littlemoor
Jackson Sarah, High street
Platt J., Chapel street
Stubbs James, Surrey st
Wright Thomas, George st
Linen & Woollen Drprs.
Ashton John & Son (Joseph) and upholsterers, High st
Atkinson John, High street
Beard Thomas, High st
Bowden Joseph, High st
Flint Henry, High street
Hall John, High street
Jones Thomas, Norfolk sq
Mycock Joseph, High st
Murgatroyd James, High st
Robinson George, High st
Woffinden George, High st
Marked * are Straw Bonnet Makers.
Ashcroft Mary, Rose green
Bennett Ann, Talbot street
Bowden Cath., High street
Greaves Janet, High street
Harrop Sarah, High street
Sellars, Mary, Norfolk st
*Smith Ellen, High street
*Wright Ann, Rose green
Music Professors and Dealers.
Mason Joseph, Norfolk st
Shaw John & Son, High st
Chronicle (Sat.), Daniel Woodhead, High street
Record (Sat.), L. Lister, Record office
Painters, Plumbers, & Glaziers.
Anelay John, Littlemoor
Hague Peter, Market street and Bedlam
Isherwood John, Norfolk st
Robinson George, High st
Wagstaff Aaron, Rose green
Watson Thomas, High st
Pennington Levi, High st
Taylor Fredk., High st
Saddlers and Harness Makers.
Judson Randal, High street
Kelsall William, Norfolk st
Beard Samuel, High street
Beever James, Chapel st
Berry Joshua, Edward st
Bowden Geo., Old Glossop
Bowler George, Hall street
Bridge David, Rose green
Cook Saml. & Co., Milltown
Cooper Jas., Old Glossop
Darwent Jph., Old Glossop
Denton Eli, Milltown
Dudsberry Ths., Norfolk st
Dyson David, Littlemoor
Fielding Geo., Old Glossop
Fielding Wm.(& cab prpr.), Bernard street
Goodwin Mary, Old Glossop
Hampson Isaac, Littlemoor
Green John, Sheffield road
Hand Nanny, High street
Harrison Abel, Littlemoor
Harrop James, Surrey st
Higginbottom Ths., High st
Holden James, High street
Holdgate Joseph, Talbot st
Jackson Sarah, High street
Jackson Thos., High street
Linney John, Rose green
Lomas Samuel, Hall street
Marsden Ths., Old Glossop
Massey Daniel, Milltown
Mayhall David, Queen st
McCurdy James, Bernard st
Newton George, Bernard st
Newton Thomas, High st
Pedley William, High st
Pickford James, Norfolk st
Platt Thomas, Dinting vale
Schofield John, Hall street
Sellars Robt., Norfolk st
Shallcross Jas., Edward st
Shepherd Abm., Rose green
Smith Isaac, Milltown
Thorpe John, Littlemoor
Waterhouse Jno., Littlemoor
Willan Robert, Chapel st
Wilson George, High street
Winterbottom Jas., Hall st
Wood Mark, Littlemoor
Stone Masons and Builders.
Ardern Wm., Pikes House
Benton George, Milltown
Broadbent John, Rose green
Stafford Jno., Simmondley ln
Brierley Saml., Norfolk st
Howard Wm. W., Norfolk st
Hunt William, Cowbrook Cottage
Rhodes James, Milltown
Tailors and Drapers.
Bowden Fras., Old Glossop
Caukell John, Littlemoor
Dewsnap Luke, High street
Dewsnap Robert, High st
Froggatt Thos., Rose green
Hall John, High street
Hall John, High street
Handford Jabez, Littlemoor
Ingerson William, High st
Kelley James, High street
McMellon Wm., High st
McWillam John, Norfolk st
Newton Thomas, High st
Robinson Joseph (wool draper), Norfolk street
Smith George, High street
Waste and Marine Store Dealers.
Crossland Peter,Charles st.; h Surrey street
Dewsnap Jph., Norfolk st
Stafford Jph., Arundel st
Wilkinson Jph., High st
Watch& Clock Makers.
Fielding Elizabeth, High st
Goddard J., Corn Mill Bridge
Minshull John, High street
Railway Conveyance.
Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway, Station, Norfolk street; trains to Dinting for Manchester, Sheffield, & Hull, several times daily; W, Street, station master
Dewsnap John, to Stockport, Friday
Eversden John, to Manchester, Tues. and Fri.
Williamson Wm., High st., to Manchester & Oldham


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