The Post Office Derbyshire Directory 1855
Entries for the area of the Ancient Parish of Glossop.

GLOSSOP, or Glossop Dale, is a township, market and Union town, parish and railway station, 200½ miles from London, 64¾ from Ashbourne, 27¼ from Ashton, 20 from Barnsley, 97 from Birmingham, 74¾ from Burton, 48¾ from Chesterfield, 73¼ from Derby, 57 from Doncaster, 102½ from Leicester, 43¾ from Leek, 44 from Liverpool, 129¾ from Lincoln, 13 from Manchester, 29¾ from Macclesfield, 88¾ from Nottingham, 28¼ from Sheffield, 66¼ from Stafford, 10½ from Staleybridge, 18 from Stockport, 61¾ from Uttoxeter, and 80¾ from Wolverhampton. It is in High Peak Hundred, Lichfield bishopric, North Derbyshire. The living is a vicarage in the gift of the Earl of Ellesmere.; the Rev. Alexander Thomas Grist Manson, D.C.L., is vicar, and chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Norfolk. The church, dedicated to All Saints, is situated at Old Glossop; the body was rebuilt about 1836; his Grace, in 1855, added a handsome stone tower and spire to contain 6 bells. The principal seat in the neighbourhood is that of Glossop Hall, the occasional residence of his Grace. In the immediate vicinity of the church is a large and handsome Grammar school, built and endowed by the present Duke, with residence for the master. The principal market day 19 Saturday. Fairs are held on the 6th May, also the first Wednesday after the 10th day of October, for the sale of horses, cattle, &c. The magistrates meet once a fortnight in the Town-hall, which, with the Market-house (considerably enlarged in 1854), form a handsome pile of building. The Roman Catholics have a handsome church in the Tuscan order, which will accommodate about 600 persons. In 1854 they erected a spacious and handsome school for boys, at which nearly 100 are receiving instruction. The Associated Methodists, the Primitive Methodists, and the Wesleyans have each a chapel. The Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway is carried across Dinting Vale by means of a lofty viaduct of 16 arches, constructed of timber and stone, about 1 mile west from Howard Town, and forms a very pleasing object in its vicinity. The cotton manufactories, also calico printing establishments, are now numerous, and on an extensive scale; the former, built in 1855, the property of Messrs. Woods, also that of Mr. Sumner's, will rank amongst the largest and handsomest of the kind in the kingdom. There are charities of £42 annual value, distributed in money and clothing to the poor inhabitants. The land is partly moor and pasturage, the Duke of Norfolk is lord of the manor. The population of the township, in 1851, was 5,467, and of the parish 28,625, with 49,960 acres, being one of the largest parishes in England.
The parish contains the hamlets of Hadfield, Padfield, Whitfield, Charlesworth, Simmondly, Dinting, Chunall or Chunat, Ludworth, and Chisworth.
Howard Town is a new town, with 1,649 inhabitants in 1851.
Charlesworth is a township and ecclesiastical district, distant 3 miles south-west of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, and Union and parish of Glossop, and contains 1,450 acres; the population, in 1851, was 1,714, and in the ecclesiastical district, 2,945. It is 2 miles from Mottram station, which is the nearest to Manchester. Here is a Dissenting chapel. The population are employed in the cotton mills, candlewick factories, and machine works.
Chisworth is a township, distant 4 miles south-west from Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, parish and Union of Glossop, containing 844 acres and 555 people. Here are some cotton mills.
Chunall, or Chunat, is a township, distant 2 miles south of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, parish and Union of Glossop. The population, in 1851, was 113; acreage, 885.
Dinting is a township, distant 1 mile west of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, Union of Glossop. The population, in 1851, was 670, with 586 acres. Here is a railway station, 11¾ miles from Manchester. Messrs. Potter have calico printing works.
Hadfield is a township and large village on the borders of Yorkshire, distant 2 miles west-north-west of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, Union of Glossop, The township contains 357 acres; the population, in 1851, was 1,989. It is 1 mile from the Dinting station on the Manchester and Sheffield railway. This, like the other places around Glossop, has several cotton mills, in which the population are employed.
Ludworth is a township, distant 5 miles south-west of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, Union and parish of Glossop, with a population of 1,578. The Primitive Methodists and Independents have each a chapel; ministers various.
At Marple Bridge, the Roman Catholics have a room for Divine service, attended by the Rev. Bryan O’Donnel, of New Mills.
Padfield is a township, distant 1½ miles north-west of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, parish and Union of Glossop. The population, in 1851, was 2,051; the hamlet contains 643 acres. The population are employed in the cloth, thread, and cotton yarn works and paper mills.
Simmondley is a township near the Manchester and Sheffield railway, distant 2 miles south-west of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, and parish and Union of Glossop; it contains 989 acres; the population, in 1851, was 676.
Whitfield is a township and ecclesiastical district, constituted under Sir Robert Peel's Act of 1844, distant 1 mile south of Glossop, in the Hundred of High Peak, parish and Union of Glossop, diocese of Lichfield, The living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the Crown ; the Rev. John Teague, B.A., is the incumbent. The church, dedicated to St, James, is a very handsome building, recently erected, in the early English style, with lofty spire, nave, aisles, transept, and chancel. There are two Dissenting chapels, viz., Presbyterian and Methodist, and a Free school for boys and girls, endowed by Joseph Hague, Esq. The population, in 1851, was 4,774, with 1,577 acres; and the ecclesiastical district has a population of 10,413. The Duke of Norfolk is lord of the manor. The parsonage-house and National school are both handsome stone buildings, contiguous to the church. A fair is held annually on the 6th May for the sale of cattle. Here are cotton and paper mills, and stone quarries.
Plainstead and Charlestown are places here.

Norfolk Duke of, K.G., P.C. Glossop hall
Bennett William, esq. High street
Brooks John, esq. Bank ter. Littlemoor
Ellison Miss Catherine
Ellison Thomas Michael, esq. Norfolk st
Fauvel Rev. Theodore [Catholic priest]
Hadfield Mrs. Charles John, Holly-mount, Norfolk street
Hawke Mr. Francis, Hawkshead
Howe Miss Eliza, Hall street
Howe Misses, Hall street
Howe Mr. Rowland, Hall street
Manson Rev. Alexander Thomas Grist, D.C.L. [vicar], Vicarage
Marshall William, esq. Ashton-under-Lyne, & High street
Shepley Mr. Robert
Tomlinson Mr. George, Spire Hollin
Wagstaffe Mr. James, Cowbrook
Allsop George, postmaster, & boot & shoe maker
Armitage Thomas, coal merchant, Victoria street
Arrowsmith James, clog & patten maker, High street
Ashcroft John, letter carrier, Hall street
Ashcroft Mary (Mrs.), milliner, Hall street
Ashton John & Son, linen & woollen drapers, High street
Ashworth John, joiner, Rose green
Atkinson John, beer retailer
Atkinson John, draper, High street
Ball John, land surveyor, High street
Band Betty, beer retailer, High street
Band Henry, grocer & corn dealer, High street
Barber Owen, hairdresser, Railway street
Barlow William, boot & shoe maker, High street
Barnes Betty (Mrs.), shopkeeper, High street
Bate Eliza (Miss), milliner, High street
Bates Henry, woollen cloth cleaner, Norfolk street
Beard Thomas, shopkeeper, High street
Beeley James, hosier & smallware dealer, High street
Beeley John, farmer, Cross cliff
Beeley John, grocer & corn dealer, High street
Beeley Samuel, shopkeeper, Edward street
Bennett James, blacksmith, Rose green
Bennett William, solicitor & clerk to the magistrates, Henry street
Booth James, second master of Grammar school
Booth John, chemist & druggist, grocer & seedsman, High St
Booth John, clog & patten maker, High street
Bowden George, shopkeeper
Bowden James, beer retailer, Chapel street
Bowden Joseph, shopkeeper
Bowden Joseph, smallware dealer, Norfolk street
Bowden Samuel, farmer & dairyman, Heath
Bowden William, joiner & builder, Bernard street
Bowers William, grocer & corn dealer, High street
Brain Henry William, station master of Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire railway
Braddock Robert, shopkeeper, High street
Braddock William, shopkeeper. High street
Bradley Thomas, agent to the Soho brewery, Sheffield, Norfolk street
Bradshaw Robert, brush manufacturer, High street
Bramhall Thomas, butcher
Bramhall William, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Knott's mill
Bramwell James, grocer & com dealer, High street
Bramwell John, grocer & com dealer, High street
Bramwell John, shopkeeper
Branwood Margaret (Mrs.), dressmaker, Arundel street
Bridge David, shopkeeper, High street
Bridge John, cotton dresser, Norfolk street
Broclehurst Thomas, shopkeeper & pork butcher, Chapel st
Brook John, woollen draper, High street
Brooks & Marshall, solicitors, High street
Brooks John, beer retailer, Market street
Brooks John, solicitor, perpetual commissioner & commissioner for taking affidavits in all the courts, & agent to the Yorkshire fire & life office, High street
Chadwick Joel, butcher, High street
Chatterton John, grocer, beer retailer & furniture dealer, High street
Clark John, boot & shoe maker, High street
Clark William, boot & shoe maker, Edward street
Clift Samuel, farmer & drysalter, Lane head
Collier Lydia (Miss), Commercial inn, Rose green
Collier Thomas, tea dealer, Victoria house, High street
Cook Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Mill town
Cooper James, shopkeeper & farmer
Cooper Sarah (Mrs.), dressmaker, High street
Cresswell George, shopkeeper
Crompton Eliza (Miss), milliner & dressmaker, Norfolk at
Crook Ambrose, baker & confectioner, High street
Darwent Joseph, shopkeeper
Darwent Nathan, 'Talbot,' Hall street
Davies Frances (Mrs.), seminary, Norfolk street
Dawson Henry, primer, Hall street
Dewsnap Joshua, beer retailer, High street
Dewsnap Robert, tailor, High street
Doodson George, shopkeeper & beer retailer, Chapel street
Duke of Norfolk's Estate Office (Michael Ellison, esq. agent), Henry street, Norfolk square
Dyas Edward, cabinet maker, High street
Dyas Elizabeth (Mrs.), smallware dealer, High street
Earp William, hairdresser, perfumer & heild netter, High st
Edleston Elijah, tinman & brazier, High street
Ellis John, haircutter & perfumer, Norfolk st
Ellis Thomas, furniture, broker, George st
Ellis Thomas, joiner, Arundel street
Ellison Thomas Michael, solicitor & deputy coroner for High & Low Peak, Norfolk street
Fernley William, carpenter, High street
Fielding Aaron, confectioner & baker, High street
Fielding Christopher, eating house, Market street
Fielding Elizabeth (Mrs.), watch & clock maker, High st
Fielding George, shopkeeper
Fielding John, joiner & builder, Surrey street
Fielding Samuel, beer retailer, Railway street
Fielding Thomas, pork butcher & beer retailer, Bernard st
Fielding William, cab proprietor, Bernard street
Flint Henry, draper, High street
Foy Anthony, fishmonger, High street
France John, butcher, High street
Frogatt Thomas, tailor, Rose green
Garside Thomas, farmer, Brown hill
Georgeson George, hatter & capmaker, High street
Goddard John, clock & watch maker, Hall street
Goddard James, farmer & dairyman, Blackshaw
Gooddison John, farmer & dairyman, Blackshaw
Goodwin John, coal & earthenware dealer
Goodwin William, tea & provision dealer, High street
Grayson Benjamin, carpenter & joiner, Norfolk street
Greaves Benjamin, ironmonger, High street
Greaves Jennet (Miss), milliner & dressmaker, High street
Green Hugh, beer retailer, High street
Green James, shopkeeper, Cowbrook
Hadfield Charles, 'Hare & Hounds,' Hall street
Hadfield Charles John, Surveyor to the Duke of Norfolk & manager of the Glossop waterworks, Duke’s office, Henry street, Norfolk square
Hadfield Ellen (Mrs.), beer retailer
Hadfield J. A. agent to Marrians ale & porter stores, Royd's brewery, Sheffield, High street
Hadfield John, bookkeeper, Norfolk street
Hadfield John, cotton spinner, Cowbrook mill
Hadfield Joseph, greengrocer, Norfolk street
Hadfield Samuel, boot & shoe maker, High street
Hall John & Co. engineers & general machinists, High street
Hall James, tailor & woollendraper
Hall John, boot & shoe maker, High street
Hall John, tailor & draper, High street
Hall John, tailor & draper, Taylor's square, High street
Hall Robert, tailor
Hambleton George, bobbin manufacturer, Arundel street
Hampson George & Sarah, beer retailers, High street
Hampson Ann (Miss), beer retailer, Mill town
Hampson Ann (Mrs.), bonnet maker, High street
Hampson John, grocer & corn dealer, High street
Hampson Joseph, 'Royal Oak,' & farmer, Woodcock road
Hand Nanny (Mrs.), shopkeeper, High street
Handford Edward, grocer & corn dealer, High street
Handford Edward, miller & factor, High street
Handford Joseph, draper & grocer, High street
Hardman James, boot & shoe maker, High street
Harrison Edward, joiner, High street
Harrison Levi, draper, Norfolk square
Harrop George, joiner
Harrop Sarah (Mrs.), milliner & dressmaker, High street
Harrop Thomas, beer retailer, High street
Hatton William, superintending constable, Police office
Hawke Francis, managing clerk to the Duke of Norfolk, secretary to Savings bank, & agent to Manchester fire & Pelican life offices, Duke's office, Henry street, Norfolk sq
Heap Richard, shopkeeper, Bernard street
Hegginbottom Joseph, painter, plumber, glazier & gasfitter, Victoria street
Hegginbottom Wm. plumber & tinplate worker, Victoria st
Higginbottom John, Station inn & railway hotel, Norfolk st
Higginbottom Thomas,‘Queen’s Arms'
Higginbottom William, tinplate worker
Hollowood Charles, boot & shoe maker, Norfolk street
Holroyd Matthew, brush manufacturer, High street
Hossey Charles, boot & shoe maker, High street
Howard John, beer retailer, High street
Howard William Warley, surgeon, Norfolk street
Howarth James, draper, High street
Howe Sarah (Miss), linendraper
Hunt William, surgeon, Cowbrook cottage
Hurst Moses, grocer & beer retailer, Edward street
Irlam John, grocer, bookseller & circulating library. High st
Isherwood John, plumber, painter & glazier, Norfolk street
Isherwood Mary Ann (Miss), milliner & dressmaker, Norfolk street
Jackson Matthew, beer retailer, Norfolk street
Jackson Thomas, grocer & corn dealer, High street
Jackson William, surgeon, High street
Judson Randle, saddler & harness maker, High street
Kelly John, tailor & draper, High street
Kelsall William, saddler & harness maker, Victoria street
Kershaw John, cotton spinner & farmer, Hurst mills
Kinder John, pharmaceutical chemist, High street
Knott Charles, Bridge inn, Market street
Lawton Caleb, tinplate worker
Lawton James, corndealer, High street
Lawton John, Ironmonger & tinplate worker, High street
Lawton William, grocer & corn dealer, High street
Leighton Randle, blacksmith, High street
Lewis John, auctioneer & appraiser, Arundel street
Linney John, shopkeeper, Hall street
Lister Lewis, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder & printer, Henry street
Littler Alfred John, head master of Grammar school
Littler Thomas, plumber, painter & glazier, Norfolk street
Lloyd Elizabeth & Eliza, milliners & dressmakers, High st
Lodge Alice (Mrs.), dressmaker, Norfolk street
Lomas David, smallware dealer, High street
Longden John, butcher, Hall street
Longson Robert, tailor, woollen & linen draper, Norfolk sq
Longton Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, High street
Macdonald Robert, chemist & druggist, & agent to the Mutual life office, High street
McMellon William, tailor & draper, High street
McWilliam John, tailor & draper, Norfolk street
Maloney Mrs. shopkeeper. Chapel street
Marsden Thomas, shopkeeper
Mason Jsph. pianoforte repository, & music seller, Norfolk st
Massey Daniel, grocer & com dealer, High street
Minshull John, clock & watch maker, High street
Moore William, stonemason, Norfolk street
Moors Elizabeth (Miss), dress & bonnet maker, High street
Mottram John Shepley, ironmonger &c. High street
Nall Ellen (Mrs.), milliner & dressmaker, Norfolk street
Nall Joseph, stonemason, Norfolk street
Neale Thomas, jun. ale & porter agent, Norfolk street
Neale Thomas, sen. surveyor of the Glossop & Marple, Chapel & Enterclough turnpike roads, High street
Newton George, grocer, Henry street
Newton Henry, tailor & draper, Henry street
Newton James, jun. confectioner, High street
Newton James, sen. shopkeeper, High street
Newton Mary (Mrs.), 'Greyhound'
Newton Thomas, grocer, butcher & corn dealer, High street
Newton Thomas, tailor, High street
Nutter John, grocer & bookseller, High street
Oates Joseph, postmaster, high bailiff to County court, & inspector of weights & measures of Glossop market, High street
Oates William, auctioneer & appraiser, agent to London Assurance tire & life office & under bailiff of County court, Norfolk street
Ollerenshaw Samuel, shopkeeper, High street
Ollerenshaw William, tailor, High street
Overend Thomas, baker, High street
Patchett George, butcher, Chapel street
Peace James, farmer, Mosey ley
Pennington Levi, pawnbroker, High street
Pickford James, 'Bull's Head,' & farmer
Platt George, butcher, High street
Platt John, joiner & cabinet maker, Chapel street
Pott John, Manor inn, & butcher, High street
Pye George, gamekeeper, Heath
Rhodes James, surgeon, High street
Richards John, linendraper, High street
Roberts Samuel, grocer, High street
Roberts William, grocer & beer retailer, High street
Robinson George, furniture dealer & paperhanger
Robinson Jane (Mrs.), grocer & corn dealer, Bernard street
Robinson Joseph, woollen & linen draper, Norfolk street
Robinson Samuel, grocer, Victoria street
Robinson William, manager of Sumner's cotton manufactory, Wren nest mills, High street
Rogers Jonathan, butcher & shopkeeper, High street
Schofield Charles, printer, bookbinder & stationer, High st
Schofield James, butcher, High street
Schofield James, shopkeeper, Woodcock road
Schofield John, butcher & shopkeeper, Hall street
Schofield Joseph, butcher, High street
Scholes George, beer retailer, High street
Sellars Robert, shopkeeper, Norfolk street
Shallcross James, shopkeeper, Edward street
Shaw John & Son, musicsellers, inventors, patentees, manufacturers & importers of musical instruments, High street
Shaw Ann (Mrs.), grocer & corn dealer, High street
Shaw Robert, butcher
Shephard Abraham, shopkeeper, High street
Shepley Robert & James, cotton spinners & manufacturers
Shepley Samuel, currier & ironmonger, Norfolk street
Shepperd Charles, butcher, High street
Sheppard Robert, grocer & farmer, Norfolk st. & Whitfield
Siddall George, farmer & milk seller, Heath
Siddall George, manager of goods department. Railway station
Siddall Joseph, butcher, High street
Sincock Joshua, earthenware dealer
Slater John, shoemaker, Edward street
Slater Thomas, Temperance coffee house, Edward street
Slinn James, stationer, bookseller & bookbinder, High st
Smith Ellen (Miss), dress & bonnet maker, High street
Smith George, tailor, High street
Smith John Bower, cabinet maker & upholsterer, Henry st
Smith Sarah (Mrs.), berlin & fancy repository, Henry st
Smith William, boot & shoe maker, High street
Smith William, grocer & corndealer, High street
Stafford John, boot & shoe maker, High street
Stafford Michael Joseph, master of Catholic schools
Strawe James, yeast dealer & general agent, Station street
Sumner Francis, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Wren nest mills, High street
Swain Josiah, brass & iron founder, George street, High st
Swindells Thomas, confectioner & baker, High street
Swires Thomas, clog & patten maker, High street
Sykes Edward, grocer, High street
Sykes John, shopkeeper. High street
Sykes William, grocer, Norfolk square
Taylor Samuel, contractor, & manager of the Manchester water works, Hall street
Thomas & Watson, painters, gilders & paperhangers, Henry street & High street
Thornley John, rag & cotton waste dealer, Edward street
Thorpe George, carpenter, Norfolk street
Tomlinson George, bailiff, the Hall
Tomlinson George, wood steward & manager of the Glossop gas works, Duke’s office, Henry street, Norfolk square
Tomlinson William, chemist & druggist, High street
Tomlinson William, gardener, the Hall
Tudsbery Hannah (Mrs.), tea, coffee & refreshment rooms, Norfolk street
Wagstaff Aaron, painter, paperhanger & grocer, High st
Wagstaffe Mary & Jane (Misses), dress & bonnet makers, High street
Wagstaffe John, butcher, High street
Wagstaffe Samuel, beer retailer, Norfolk square
Wagstaffe Thomas, butcher, High street
Wagstaffe Thomas, 'Howard Arms,' High street
Walker James, hat manufacturer, High street
Wallis Samuel, Norfolk Arms hotel, commercial & posting house, High street
Wilcock Thomas, clog & shoe maker, High street
Wilkinson Joseph, manager, Norfolk street
Williams Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner, High street
Williamson Betty (Mrs.), shopkeeper, High street
Wilson Joseph, shopkeeper, High street
Winterbottom Edward, butcher, High street
Winterbottom Harriett (Mrs.), mistress of infant school
Winterbottom James, shopkeeper. Hall street
Winterbottom John, cotton manufacturer
Winterbottom Joshua, master of infant school
Winterbottom Robert, parish clerk
Winterbottom Thomas, hairdresser & market weighing machine maker, Victoria street
Woffenden George, draper, Bernard street
Woffenden Sarah Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, High street
Wogan Edward, beer retailer, Chapel street
Wolfendew Thomas, clothier, Milltown
Wood John & Brothers, cotton spinners & manufacturers, Howard town mills
Wood Charles, grocer & corndealer, High street
Wood Helen (Mrs.), farmer & milk seller, Blackshaw
Wood Robert, tailor & draper, High street
Woodcock Joseph, Globe inn, High street
Woodcock Mary Ann (Miss), dressmaker, High street
Woodhead Daniel,stationer, bookseller, printer, bookbinder, newsagent, & agent to the Atlas fire & life office, High st
Woolley George, butcher, High street
Wormald Joshua, boot & shoemaker, Norfolk square
Wreaks Thomas Peacock, chemist & druggist, & agent to the Liverpool & London fire & life office, High street
Wright Thomas, carpenter, George street
Wyatt Joseph, farmer & milk seller, Blackshaw
Yates Sarah Ann (Mrs.), dressmaker, Arundel street
Post Office.—Joseph Oates, postmaster. Letters arrive by mail cart from Manchester, ½ past 8 a.m.; dispatched ½ past 1 p.m. by rail to Manchester; arrive 5 p.m. by rail from Manchester; dispatched 7p.m. by mail cart through Manchester to London. Also a bag from Ashton; arrives ½ past 8 a.m.; dispatched ½ past 5 p.m.
Manchester & Liverpool Sub-District Banking Company, Howard town (Samuel Bolton Tomlins, esq. manager); draw on Messrs. Smith, Payne & Smith, London. Hours of attendance from 11 to 1 on Saturdays
Insurance Agents:-
Atlas, D. Woodhead, High street
Liverpool & London, T. P. Wreaks, High street
London Fire & Life, W. Oates, Norfolk street
London Union, J. Ashton, High street
Manchester Fire, F. Hawke, Henry street
Mutual Life, Robert Macdonald, High street
Pelican Life, F. Hawke, Henry street
Peoples' Provident, J. Ashton, High street
Yorkshire Fire & Life, J. Brooks
County Court, Glossop district comprises the following townships and places:—Glossop, Rose green, Howard town, Hadfield, Woolley bridge, Brookfield, Longdendale, Waterside, Whitfield, Littlemoor, Freetown, Green vale, Wren Nest, Charlestown, Chunal, Simmondley, Charlesworth, Gamesley, Dinting, Dinting vale, Chisworth, Ludworth, Marple bridge, Compstall road, Longhurst lane, Mellor, Mellor more end, Hayfield, Little Hayfield, Great Hamlet, Phoside, Kinder & Rowarth. Office for entering plaints against parties resident in this district is at Howard town, Glossop. John Brooks, clerk of the court; Joseph St. John Yates, esq. judge; private residence, Wellbank, Sandbach; Joseph Oates, bailiff, Ashton-under-Lyne. All plaints must be entered at the office of the clerk of the Court, in time to enable the summonses to be served ten clear days before the Court day
Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway, Henry William Brain, station master; George Siddall, manager of goods department
An Omnibus leaves the Spring Gardens tavern, Hadfield, at 9 a.m. every Friday for Stockport, & returns from the 'Harding Arms' at 4 p.m.
Carrier to Stockport—John Hudson, daily

Ashton Abraham, shopkeeper
Ashton John, farmer
Booth John & Co. cotton waste dealers
Booth Ralph, shopkeeper
Cooper Joseph & Joe, cotton spinners, Chew wood mill
Cooper George, beer retailer
Cooper Joseph, cotton spinner, Hole house mill
Cooper Moses, boot & shoe maker
Harrison James, shopkeeper
Harrison Ratcliffe John, bandmaker
Harrison Wright, shopkeeper
Jackson James,farmer
Rowbottom David, farmer
Rowbottom John, 'Queen's Arms'
Rowbottom Samuel, farmer
Shepley John, farmer
Sidebottom John, farmer
Stanney John, farmer
Stanney William, farmer
Thorneley Daniel, farmer
Thorneley Samuel, farmer
Wood John, cotton spinner
Woodhouse John, Commercial inn

Potter Edmund, esq. Dinting lodge
Bennett Samuel, Plough inn
Buckley Edward, manager of Potter's print works
Ferrand Joseph Henry, shopkeeper
Garlick Joseph, farmer
Hague William, farmer
Hoyland James, nailmaker
Mather Peter, shopkeeper
Orme William, watchmaker
Platt John, carrier
Platt Thomas, jun. Butcher
Platt Thomas, sen. Shopkeeper
Potter Edmund & Co. calico printers, & at 14 Morley street, Manchester
Rhodes George, Junction inn, & veterinary surgeon
Rhodes John, Viaduct inn, & veterinary surgeon
Rowbottom John, jun. New inn
Rowbottom John, sen. beer retailer
Rowbottom Moses, farmer
Shorrock Arthur, grocer & tailor
Swindells George, beer retailer
Walker James, grocer & corn dealer

Marsden Rev. George
Bell James, clogger
Bond John, Palatine inn
Bradbury William, grocer & draper
Bradbury William, shopkeeper
Bradshaw James, shopkeeper
Brown Robert, grocer & corn dealer
Cox James, grocer & draper
Crowther Saville, beer retailer
Dewsnap John, butcher
Garlick Joseph, Anchor inn
Garlick Joseph, postmaster
Gooder David, boot & shoe maker
Hadfield John & Co. manufacturers of & dealers in patent bricks, drain, floor & other tiles, sanitary pipes, chimney pots, blue slate, cement &c. & agents to the Deposit & General life assurance company, & at Glossop
Harris John, tailor
Harrison John, beer retailer
Harwood William, 'Spinners' Arms'
Howarth James, linendraper
Kidd Aquila, beer retailer & blacksmith
Lee James, skewer & bobbin manufacturer
Lees Henry, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Woolley bridge
Longbottom Ralph, draper
Marshall Robert, grocer & draper
Mason Joseph, furniture broker
Newton Richard, butcher
Normanton John, druggist & grocer
Pickford James, station master
Platt William, Thomas & Edward, cotton spinners, doublers & manufacturers, Hadfield lodge
Shepley Samuel, cotton spinners & manufacturers, Brookfield mills
Shufflebotham Joseph, clogger
Sugden James, butcher
Sykes Edward, grocer
Sykes John, ‘Spread Eagle,' Woolley bridge
Sykes Mary (Mrs.), grocer, Woolley bridge
Turner Edward, beer retailer
Tweed John, Commercial inn
Wadsworth Len, beer retailer
Warhurst James, joiner
Warhurst Thomas, shopkeeper
Whiting William,beer retailer & mason
Woodcock Joseph, shopkeeper
Letters received through Stockport

Andrew George, calico printer
Bardsley Henry, cotton waste dealer
Baxter Maria (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Marple bridge
Beard John, shoemaker
Beard Wm. shoemaker, Marple bridge
Beardwood Thomas, clog & shoe maker
Bearsley Joseph, blacksmith, Marple bdg
Bennett James, beer retailer
Bradley George, farmer
Chadwick Henry, shopkeeper
Cooper Betty (Mrs.), farmer
Cooper John, Rock tavern
Cooper John, shopkeeper
Dane Sarah (Mrs.), Shuttle inn
Davis Ann (Miss), dressmaker
Dawson James, farmer
Fernaley Robert, farmer
Fox Robert, Railway inn, Marple bdg
Gee Daniel, saddler, Marple bridge
Gibbons Isaac, tailor, Marple bridge
Gibson, Sherwin & Co. grocers
Gibson Harriett (Miss), milliner & dressmaker
Goddard Mary (Miss), dressmaker, Marple bridge
Hall John, farmer
Hamilton Martha (Mrs.), farmer
Harder Robert, butcher, Marple bridge
Harrison David, shoemaker
Harrison Moses, farmer
Hibbert Emanuel,miller, Marple bridge
Higgenbottom James, shopkeeper
Higgenbottom William, beer retailer
Holding Samuel, beer retailer
Hooton Francis, shopkeeper
Howard John, farmer
Hudson John, carrier & farmer
Hyde Charles, ‘Norfolk Arms,’Marple bridge
Hyde Edward, schoolmaster, Marple bdg
Hyde William, farmer
Jowett Jonathan, coal merchant
Kirk John,beer retailer & corn merchant
Lawton Jonas, cabinet ma. Marple brdge
Lee Robert, tinplate worker
Lidster Mary (Miss), schoolmistress
Longley Joshua, tailor
Longley Lear (Mrs.), dressmaker, Marple bridge
Longley William, tailor, Marple bridge
Matley Samuel, beer retailer
Middleton Richard, plumber & glazier
Oliver Abel, tailor
Oliver Samuel, shopkeeper
Platt James, farmer
Platt Joshua, farmer & shopkeeper
Platt Ralph, beer retailer & shopkeeper
Rowbottom William, shopkeeper
Shaw William, shoemaker
Shawcross Esther (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Thorneley Elizabeth (Mrs.), dressmaker, Marple bridge
Tomlinson William, druggist, Marple bridge
Tymm Joseph, beer retailer
Warhurst Caleb, Spring Garden tavern
Warhurst Horatio, shopkeeper
Wild John, farmer
Wood Ralph & James, farmers & bleachers
Wood Mary (Mrs.), farmer
Wood Ralph, farmer
Wood Samuel, tailor
Woolley William, butcher
Wright John, ‘ Horse Shoe,' Marple bridge

Rusby Mrs. Padfield down
Barber John, farmer
Barlow Mary ( Mrs.), beer retailer
Broadbent Abraham, cotton yarn, double & warp manufacturer
Buckley Philip, shopkeeper
Chatterton John, shopkeeper
Crossland John, farmer, Deep Clough
Crossland Samuel, baker
Ellis Samuel, butcher
Eastham George, shopkeeper & horn dealer
Endry John, Railway Company inn, Woodhead
Fielding William, 'Peel’s Arms'
Hyde Robert John, farmer
Jackson Solomon, shoemaker & farmer
Lees Samuel, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Brook mill
Massey George, shopkeeper
Padfield Mill Company, cloth & thread manufacturers; warehouse, 3 Police street, Manchester
Roberts Joshua, farmer
Robertson Cornelius, shopkeeper
Siddell John, beer retailer & shopkeeper
Siddell John, farmer
Siddell Joseph, shopkeeper
Sidebottom John, William & James, cotton spinners & manufacturers, Waterside; warehouse, 7 Cleveland buildings, Manchester
Stubbs Joseph, farmer
Turner John, farmer, Torside
Turner Thomas, farmer, Torside

Atkin Rev. Thomas [Independent chapel]
Dearnaley Mrs. Sarah
Goddard Mr. William, Littlemoor
Hayworth Rev. Abraham [curate]
Teague Rev. John, B.A. [incumbent]
Wagstaff Mr. Robert
Archer William & Co. brewers
Bagshaw Joseph, grocer & butcher, Charles town
Bardsley John, master of Hague's charity school
Bardsley Rebecca (Mrs.), mistress of Hague's charity school
Bates Joseph, boot & shoe maker
Beeley John, farmer
Bennett Joseph, joiner
Bradbury George, beer retailer & grocer
Braddock Thomas, shopkeeper
Bramhall Jonathan, farmer, Chunal
Broadhurst Joseph, sen. Grocer
Brooks John, butcher
Clayton William, beer retailer & farmer
Dawson Elizabeth (Miss), milliner & dressmaker
Cooper Thomas, sawyer & farmer
Dewsnap Joseph, candlewick maker, Charles town
Dewsnap Joshua, beer retailer
Doodson Sarah Ann (Mrs.), milliner & dressmaker
Doxon Christopher, shopkeeper
Dyson David, butcher & shopkeeper
Flint Joshua, grocer, Little moor
Ford William & Son, quarry owners
France John, butcher
Garlick Thomas, Junction inn
Garside John, farmer
Garside Thomas, farmer
Hadfield John, boot & shoe maker & earthenware dealer
Hadfield John, grocer & linendraper, Little moor
Hadfield Joseph Rose, parish clerk
Hale Henry, farmer, Chunal
Hamilton John, boot, shoe & clog maker, Little moor
Hampson George, 'Crown'
Hampson Isaac, grocer, Little moor
Hampson John, farmer
Harrop George, carpenter
Harvey Simpson, farmer, Chunal
Hayes Jonathan,furniture broker,Little moor
Hibbert George, pork butcher
Higginbottom Anthony, grocer & draper
Higginbottom Charles, grocer
Higginbottom John, farmer, Chunal
Hollingworth Joseph, Albion inn, & butcher
Hollingworth Thomas, butcher
Howard Aaron, beer retailer & greengrocer
Howard John, beer retailer
Ibbotson Thomas Hamr, paper & paste board maker
Kershaw John,cotton spinner, Hurst mill
Kershaw Samuel, paper merchant
Lawton John, iron, zinc & tinplate wkr
Lawton William, shopkeeper
Longsdon Thomas, stonemason
Maltby Jacob, grocer
Middleton Christopher Greaves, paper-maker, Charles town
Neild Dan, butcher & farmer
Neild James, farmer, Chunal
Neild John, farmer, Chunal
Neild Joseph, boot & shoe maker
Newton Jane (Miss). Dressmaker
Pickford Samuel, ‘Horse Shoe,’ & frmr. Chunal
Priestnall Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Richardson Ann (Miss), dressmaker
Robinson Ann (Mrs.), mistress of National school
Robinson John, woollen cloth manufacturer
Robinson Samuel, plasterer & farmer
Rowbottom Abraham, farmer & beer retailer, Chunal
Salkeld Margaret (Mrs.), ‘Drovers Arms,' Charles town
Shaw John, 'Beehive'
Sheppard Robert, farmer
Shaw John, Commercial inn, Charles town
Smithies Henry, shopkeeper
Sykes Jerry, shopkeeper
Thornley James, shoe & clog maker
Thornley Robert, butcher
Thornley Robert, shopkeeper
Warhurst Timothy joiner& timber merchant
Waterhouse John, grocer & shopkeeper
Waterhouse Ruth (Miss), dressmaker
Wilcock Thomas, clogmaker
Winterbottom - , boot & shoe maker
Woodcock Joseph. ‘Globe’
Woodcock Paul, shopkeeper
Wright Bowden, farmer, Plainstead

CHARLESWORTH is a township and ecclesiastical district, distant 1 mile from Dinting station, 200½ from London, 3 from Glossop, 13 from Manchester, 28¼ from Sheffield, 73¼ from Derby, 10½ from Staleybridge, 18 from Stockport, 97 from Birmingham, 44 from Liverpool, 80¾ from Wolverhampton, 27¼ from Ashton, and 66¼ from Stafford, in the Hundred of High Peak, parish of Glossop, Hayfield Union, with a population of 1,714 in 1851, in the township, and 2,945 in the ecclesiastical district. A new church, dedicated to St. John, a handsome building in the early English style, was consecrated in 1849, at a cost of £2,700, raised by subscription. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the Crown and Bishop of the diocese alternately; the Rev. Goodwin Purcell is the present incumbent. The Duke of Norfolk is lord of the manor. The Messrs. Booth have extensive premises, where they carry on the trade of brass and iron founders, also machine makers, which give employment to a number of hands. There is a cotton mill. A National school, in connection with the Church, has recently been erected by voluntary contributions, under almost overwhelming difficulties with which the Rev. William Purcell had to contend. Here are chapels for the Independents, Baptists, Wesleyans, and Primitive Methodists.
Simmondly is a township, with a population of 676; Chisworth, a township, with a population of 555.
Bateman Rev. Charles
Purcell Rev. Goodwin [incumbent]
Ashton Robert, shopkeeper
Bancroft Nancy (Miss), mistress of National school
Beard Joseph, 'Grey Mare', blacksmith & wheelwright
Beard Samuel, boot & shoe maker
Bennett Joseph, 'Horse Shoe' & blacksmith
Booth James & Brothers, machine makers, & brass & iron founders
Booth Thomas, butcher
Booth & Co. druggists & seedsmen
Booth Martha (Mrs.), 'George & Dragon' & shopkeeper
Bradbury Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer & shopkeeper
Butterworth Peter, shopkeeper
Dickson Thomas, tailor
Garside William, shoemaker
Goddard Samuel, butcher & earthenware dealer
Goodwin Mary & Elizabeth Sarah, milliners & dressmakers
Goodwin Thomas, grocer
Goodwin Thomas, tailor
Hall John, grocer
Hall Thomas, blacksmith
Higginbottom James, 'Bull's Head'
Jubb Charles, shopkeeper
Moss Arthur, linendraper & postmaster
Rowbottom Joseph, parish clerk
Rowbottom Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer
Shaw John, tailor
Shepley Margaret (Mrs.), tanner
Shepley Thos. beer retailer & shoemaker
Waller William & Brothers, cotton spinners
Wilson Thomas, master of National school
Post Office - Arthur Moss, postmaster. Letters are received through Glossop; arrive at 10 a.m. & dispatched at 5 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Glossop.

HAYFIELD is a township and chapelry consisting of the hamlets of Great Hamlet, Phoeside, and Kinder, distant 5 miles south of Glossop station, 4 north of Chapel-en-le-Frith, 11 south-east of Stockport, in GIossop parish, Hundred of High Peak, Hayfield Union, Lichfield bishopric, North Derbyshire. The living is in the gift of the resident freeholders; the Rev. Samuel Wass, M.A., is the incumbent. The church, dedicated to St. Matthew, was rebuilt in 1819, and has a tower containing 6 bells. There is a Methodist chapel, and a Free school supported by legacies. The population, in 1851, was 1,757 ; the parish contains about 7,300 acres. The lord of the manor is the Duke of Devonshire. There are cotton and paper mills, and calico print works. The Stockport and Whaley Bridge railway, now in course of formation, is within 3 miles.
Matley Moor, Park Hall, Long Lee, Birch Vale, Highgate, Lower Cliffe, Bridge End, Shade Hill, Sprey House, Heys, Coate Lane, Upper House, Hill House, and Clough Head.

Clark William, esq
Russell Rev. Frederick William, M.A. Great Hamlet
Wass Rev. Samuel, M.A. [incumbent], Great Hamlet
White John, esq. Park hall
Ashton John, farmer, Matley moor
Ashton William, farmer, Long lee
Bennett Joseph, calico printer,
Bennett Mary (Mrs.), farmer, Highgate farm
Bowden John & Benjamin, cotton band manufacturers
Bowden Joseph, New inn
Bradbury Joseph, farmer, Lower cliffe
Bradbury Robert, shopkeeper
Brockland James, blacksmith
Cole William, gamekeeper
Gee William, 'Bull's Head'
Hall John, 'Grouse'
Hallam George, tailor
Hibbert Alcock, cotton manufacturer
Howard Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Hurst John, farmer & beer retailer
Hyde William, blacksmith
Harriot John, farmer, Bridge end
Marriot Robert, jun. farmer, Bridge end
Marriot Thomas, farmer, Shade hill
Mason Joel, joiner & cabinet maker
Monteith John & Co. calico printers
Rangeley Isaac, 'Pack Horse' & joiner
Richardson William, colour maker
Rowbottom William, grocer & draper
Slack Robert & Brothers, paper manufacturers
Stafford Robert, grocer
Taylor Peter, tinman & brazier
Taylor William, farmer, Sprey house
Turner George, cooper
Turner Joseph, shoemaker & beer retailer
Turner Thomas, farmer, Heys
Turner William, butcher
Walker John, shopkeeper
Walker William, shoemaker
Warrington George, mason
Warrington James, mason
Warrington John, beer retailer
Waterhouse William, tailor
Wheatcroft Joshua, grocer
Wielding William, butcher
Wild Thomas, parish clerk
Wilson Benjamin, farmer, Coate lane
Woodcock Joseph, shopkeeper

Bennett Edward, farmer
Bennett James, farmer
Bradbury Joseph, farmer
Gee Frank, farmer
Gee John, farmer
Hall Michael, farmer
Honocks & Norris, calico printers
Marriott John, farmer
Marriott John, jun. farmer, Upper house
Marriott Joshua, farmer
Marriott Samuel, farmer, Hill house
Wilcoxon John, farmer

Arnfield Joseph, cotton manufacturer
Barber John, farmer & carrier
Bennett George, shoemaker
Eyre George, cloth manufacturer
Eyre Thomas, butcher
Fieldsden John, slater
Gooddard John, farmer & mason
Hadfield Samuel, shoemaker
Hampson Samuel, wheelwright
Handford John, beer retailer
Howard William, woollen cloth manufr
Lyme David, painter Morton John, farmer
Porritt Ralph, blacksmith
Quarmby Rachel (Mrs.), 'George,' & postmistress
Rangeley Caleb, waste dealer & shopkeeper
Rangeley Jonah, joiner
Redform Henry, shopkeeper
Simpson John, farmer, Clough head
Walker James, shoemaker
Wardle Thomas, farmer
Waterhouse John, blacksmith
Post Office. - Mrs. Rachael Quarmby, postmistress. Letters are received through Stockport; arrive 9 a.m.; dispatched ½ past 5 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Stockport
Carrier - John Barber, to Manchester on Tuesday, returns same day; to Stockport on Friday, returns same day.

CHINLEY is a township distant 7 miles south of Glossop, 2 north of Chapel-en-le-Frith, 8 north of Buxton, and 168 from London by road, in Glossop parish, High Peak Hundred, Chapel-en-le-Frith Union and County court, Lichfield bishopric, North Derbyshire; the population, in 1851, was 1,138, in the three townships of Chinley, Bugsworth, and Brownside, with 3,605 acres. There is a paper mill and wadding and candlewick manufactory, but few shops. The three townships are united for poor rates, but separate for the repair of the highways.
Bugsworth is a township 1 mile south-west, near the Peak Forest railway. Here is a cotton factory.
Brownside is a township.
Ashton Clough is 1 mile south-east, on the Glossop road.
Chapel Milton is 2 miles south-east. The Independents have a chapel here.
Daisy Brook, Upper Fold, Hough, Coate, East Meats, Andrews, Clough Top, Dolly, Green Bottom, Green Head, Moseley House, Whitehall, Forelands Ends, Nase, All Hill, Breck Head, Bason, New Smithy, Slacks, Courses, Shire Oaks. Cellar House, Cole Hill, Laneside, Higher Crossings, Holt, White Knowl.
Barber Josiah, 'Cross Keys' Chapel Milton
Barnes Joseph, farmer, Daisy brook, Bugsworth
Barnes Phil. Farmer, Up. Fold, Brownside
Bennett Joseph 'Bull's Head' Bugsworth
Bennett Joseph, farmer, Ashton plough
Bradburn Samuel, farmer, Upper Fold
Broadhurst Ann (Mrs),farmer, Coate farm
Braddock Joseph & John, farmers, Hough farm
Brocklehurst John, farmer, East Meats
Cooper Thomas, farmer, Andrew's farm
Cresswell Robert, farmer, Bugsworth
Drinkwater Henry, farmer, Clough top
Drinkwater Joseph, shoemaker, Dolly
Drinkwater Thos. Farmer, Green bottom
Drinkwater Wm. farmer, Green head
Garside Elijah, cattle dealer, Chinley
Goddard James, farmer, Moseley house
Gooddard James, farmer, Whitehall
Gooddard Saml. shoemaker, Lower lane
Gooddard Thos. mason, Forelands ends
Gregory Stephen, farmer, Nase farm
Gregory Stephen, farmer, All hill
Hadfield George, shopkeeper, Bugsworth
Hadfield James, farmer, Breck head
Hamer Edward, 'Paper Makers' Arms,' Whitehall
Hartle Joseph, farmer, Bugsworth hall
Hodgson Daniel, Navigation inn, Bugsworth
Hollingshead Geo. Shopkeeper, Whitehall
Huges Joseph & Sons, paper manufacturers, Chinley
Jackson William, 'Red Cow' & shopkeeper, Whitehall
Kinder James, farmer, Shire Oakes
Kinnerson Oswald, tailor, Bason
Kirk George, blacksmith, New Smithy
Lingard Joseph, candlewick & wadding manufacturer
Lingard Joshua, farmer, Slack's farm
Lomas John, farmer, Courses
Lomas William, farmer, Shire Oakes
Middleton John, plumber & glazier, Breck end
Moon James, draper, Whitehall
Porritt Samuel, farmer, Cellar house
Porritt William, farmer, Cole hill
Potts & Taylor, cotton manufacturers, Bugsworth
Potts John, agent to Canal company, Bugsworth
Riley William, candlewick, wadding, &c. manufacturer, Bridgholme green
Simpson John, shopkeeper, Bugsworth
Simpson Joseph, 'Crown & Mitre' & farmer, New Smithy
Trueman John, farmer, Laneside
Walker Zachariah, shoemaker, Higher Crossings
Whitehead John, farmer, Holt farm
Whitehead Samuel, farmer, Whitehall
Yates William, farmer, White Knowl
Letters are received through Chapel- en-le-Frith, which is also the nearest money order office

MELLOR is a township, chapelry, and ecclesiastical district, 5 miles south of Mottram station, 8 south-east of Glossop, 7 north-east of Stockport, 9 west of Chapel-en-le- Frith, and 173 from London by road, and 189½ by railway through Stockport, in Glossop parish, Hundred of High Peak, Hayfield Union, North Derbyshire, on the rivers Goyt and Etherow. The living is a perpetual curacy, value £122 ; the Rev. Matthew Freeman is the incumbent; the Rev. Thomas Matthew Freeman, curate. The church is dedicated to St. Thomas. The Dissenting chapels are those of the Primitive Methodists and Association Methodists, and there is a Free school for boys and girls. The population, in 1851, was 1,777 in the township and 3,355 in the ecclesiastical district; the township contains 2,500 acres. The lord of the manor is the Duke of Devonshire. There are cotton mills. Cotton spinning and bleaching are carried on here.
Hill Top, Lower Hall, Worthings, Shaw, Towns Cliffe, Brook Bottom, Whetmorehurst, and Dove Bank Mills, are places here.
Arkwright Peter, esq. Bottoms hall
Arnfield Mr. James, Longshaw Clough
Freeman Rev. Matthew [incumbent]
Freeman Rev. Thos. Matthew [curate]
Hudson Mr. George
Moult Mr. John, Hall
Moult Mr. Thomas, Hall
Turner William, esq
Arnfield John, 'Hare & Hounds'
Arnfield John, shopkeeper
Atkinson Christopher, inspector of the Manchester & Lincolnshire railway
Bagshaw George, boot & shoe maker
Barker William, shoemaker
Beard Samuel, farmer, Hill top
Bell Wm. Hen. master of National schl
Bowden James, carrier
Bowden James, hatter
Bower John, shopkeeper
Bradbury James, farmer
Bradbury James, butcher
Bradbury James, furniture dealer
Bradbury Samuel, 'Sportsman's Arms'.
Brierly James & Samuel, cotton spinners
Brierly Henry, shopkeeper
Broom Robert, farmer
Broom John, farmer & rate collector
Burton & Fullerton, cotton spinners
Clayton John & Co. cotton spinners
Collier John, farmer
Cooper Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Hall George, farmer, Lower hall
Hall John, carrier & farmer
Hambleton John, 'Royal Oak' & frmr
Handford Joseph, farmer, Worthings
Harrop Thomas, band & rope maker
Hickingbotham Wm. Odd Fellows' inn
Johnson Jacob, farmer, Shaw farm
Johnson John, carpenter & wheelwright
Jowett Jonathan, cpal merchant
King Thomas, farmer
Lee James, farmer, Town's cliffe
Leighton John, blacksmith
Longson Jas. Church inn, & wheelwrt
Middleton Robert, plumber & glazier
Moss Joseph, farmer
Moult William, farmer
Oldenshaw David, farmer
Oldham Samuel, 'Devonshire Arms'
Pickford Joseph, farmer, Brook bottom
Ratcliffe Saml. & Jsph. cotton spinners
Ratcliffe Mary (Miss), farmer & shpkpr
Richardson Mary (Mrs.), farmer
Richardson Solomon, tailor
Rose Joshua, Sportsman's inn, & frmr
Sayers Thomas, shopkeeper
Slack Thomas, farmer
Stafford Jesse, bobbin turner
Stanney Hannah, carrier
Stanney Hugh, 'Duke of Sussex'
Storer Joshua, farmer & beer retailer
Swan Joseph, farmer, Whetmore hurst
Thornley Sarah (Miss), shopkeeper
Tomlinson Helen (Mrs.), farmer
Tomlinson John, surgeon
Turner Aaron, beer retailer & butcher
Walker James, farmer
Waller Thomas, postmaster & shopkpr
Waller Thomas, jun. cotton spinner & manufacturer, Dove bank mills
Waterhouse John, shopkeeper
Wood James & Ralph, cotton bleachers
Post Office - Thomas Waller, postmaster. Letters are received through the Stockport office; arrive ¼ past 10a.m.; dispatched ¼ past 4 p.m. The nearest money order office is at New Mills
John Hall, to Manchester, on Tuesday, returns same day; to Stockport, on Friday, returns same day
James Bowden & Hannah Stanney, to Manchester & Stockport

NEW MILLS is an ecclesiastical chapelry and township, including the hamlets of Beard, Ollerset,
Thornset and Whitle. New Mills is a large village situated on the river Goyt, 7 miles south-west of Glossop, 8 south-east of Stockport 170 from London by road, and 191½ by railway through Stockport, in the Hundred of High Peak, Hayfield Union, North Derbyshire. The living is a perpetual curacy, value £150; vicar of Glossop, patron; the Rev. John Rigg, M.A., is the incumbent.
The church of St. George is a fine building, situated in Beard, and has a spire. There is a National school; also a very handsome Catholic chapel recently erected; the style of architecture is early English, and it has a spire; the Rev, Bryan O’Donnell is the priest. There is a Wesleyan Methodist chapel, one for the Association Methodists, one for the Independents, and also one for the Primitive Methodists. The original name of New Mills was Bowden Middle Cale, situated on the river Goyt; it formerly comprised seven hamlets; it has been divided, three of the hamlets being attached to Hayfield, and the remaining four now form the township, A new mill was built upon the Kinder in the hamlet of Ollerset, and the name New Mills was in consequence conferred on the four hamlets. Here are an iron and brass foundry. Here are many calico printing works and cotton, band manufactories. The hamlet contains 313 inhabitants, and the township 4,366, with 4,809 acres.
The hamlet of Beard is south of New Mills, with a population of 313,
That of Ollerset is east from New Mills, with a population of 493.
Thornset is north-east of New Mills.
Whitle is north-east of New Mills. A branch railway is now in course of formation from Stockport to Whaley Bridge, which will pass near New Mills. The population is 2,691.
High Lee, Lady Shaw Bottom, Low Leighton, Watford, Haigh Bar, Birch Yale and Furness.
Abercrombie Rev. Richard
Barnes Mrs, Mary
Bennett Joseph, esq. High Lee hall
Bower Mr. Ralph
Bennett Mr. Richard
Bridge Mrs. Felicia, Ladyshaw bottom
Carr Mr. Thomas, Beard
Cattle Rev. Henry [Wesleyan]
Drinkwater Mr. John, Thornset
Frost Mrs. George, Low Leighton
Hawksley Rev. Robert J.T. [Wesleyan]
Ingham James, esq, Watford villa
Jackson Rev. Chas. [Prim. Methodist]
O'Donnell Rev. Bryan [Catholic]
Rigg Rev, John, M.A. [Incumbent]
Simon Rev. Samuel
Thorpe Mr. James, sen. Haigh bar
Yates Mrs. Sarah
Allen John, 'Dog & Partridge' & coach office
Alsop Joseph, painter
Ardern Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Arnfield John, shopkeeper
Arnfield Thomas, farmer
Arnfield Thos, linen & woollen draper, grocer & corn dealer
Ashworth Hannah (Miss), milliner & dressmaker
Barton Richard & Co. calico printers
Bates John, 'Grapes'
Beard John, shopkeeper
Beard John, jun. Shopkeeper
Beard Samuel, farmer, Thornset
Bennett Jsph. calico printer, Birch vale
Bennett Thomas, farmer, Thornset
Berrey James, grocer & corn dealer
Bradbury Charles, iron & brass founder
Brayne Richard, 'Crown'
Bridge Charles, shopkeeper
Bridge John Gregory, grocer & corn dlr
Broadhurst Samuel, 'Hare & Hounds'
Brocklehurst Jsph. coal merchant, Beard
Broom Abraham, butcher
Broom Sarah (Mrs.), farmer
Brown Samuel, shoemaker
Burton Benjamin, tailor
Buchan Robert & Co* calico printers, Furness
Chadwick Thomas, shopkeeper & cotton band manufacturer
Clayton Ralph, shoemaker
Coates John, butcher
Collier Robert, postmaster, printer, stationer & bookbinder
Cooper Samuel, pork butcher
Crowther Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Crowther John, blacking manufacturer
Dewsnap Mary (Miss), farmer, Ollerset
Drinkwater Thomas, farmer, Beard
Fox Francis, master of National school
France Robt. Farmer & shopkpr, Thornset
Gill James, watchmaker
Goddard Heskey, pork butcher
Green Maria (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Gregory George, shoemaker
Hadfield Wm. linen & woollen draper
Hall Levi & Co. coal merchants, Ollerset
Hall Samuel, tinplate worker
Harrison Thos. 'Printers' Arms,' Thornset
Heap Joshua, grocer & corn dealer
Heathcoat Edwd, shoemaker, Thornset
Hibbert Caroline (Miss), druggist & dealer in seeds
Hibbert Charles, shopkeeper
Hibbert James, tailor
Hibbert John, 'Masons' Arms'
Hibbert Robert, candlewick manufactr
Higginbottom Ann (Miss), ladies' day school
Higginbottom James, blacksmith
Higginbottom John, 'Bull's Head'
Higginbottom Robert, farmer, Thornset
Higginbottom Saml, farmer, Thornset
Higginbottom William, tailor
Howard Jonathan, shopkeeper
Ingham Jas. & Son, linen & woollen drprs
Ingham Jas. calico prntr. Watford brdg
Jackson John, currier
Jackson Thomas Richard, surgeon
Johnson John, stationer, cotton waste & hardware dealer
Jolliffe Sarah (Mrs.), farmer, Ollerset
Joul Joseph, 'Green Man,' & farmer
Kimer Ann (Miss), milliner & dressmkr
Kimer Thomas, grocer & corn dealer
Knight Mary (Mrs.), 'George'
Lee James, beer retailer
Livesley Charles, farmer, Ollerset
Livesley John, shoemaker
Marshall John, 'White Hart'
Mason Henry, marine store dealer
McRae George, tinplate worker
Middleton James, farmer, Thornset
Mosley John Michael, surgeon, Thornset
Moult James, beer retailer
Mullaney John, ironmonger
Neild Mary (Mrs.), Little Mill inn, & farmer, Thornset
Newton Thomas, wheelwright, Thornset
O’Hara Thomas, tailor & draper
Pearson George, saddler
Pearson Joseph, blacksmith
Pearson Joseph, farmer, Beard
Pearson William, farmer
Porter Wm. grocer & earthenware dealr
Potts Thomas, beer retailer
Poyser Elizabeth (Mrs.), stationer & hardware dealer
Purssglove John, cabinet maker
Purssglove Margrt.(Mrs.), drpr. & milinr
Randell Wm. shoemaker & shopkeeper
Ratcliffe Robert, solicitor, Bridge st
Ready Saml. Wellington, engrvng. Mastr
Reece Peter, 'Hare & Hounds' Thornset
Shepley George, cotton waste spinner, & candlewick manufacturer
Sidebottom Elizabeth (Mrs.), butcher
Sidebottom Fanny (Mrs.), Cock inn
Sidebottom William, druggist, grocer, linendraper, seedsman, & agent to the General Life & fire insurance company
Simister Robert, linendraper
Simister William, grocer
Simpson Joseph, engraving master
Smale William, baker & shopkeeper
Stafford Chas. 'Pack Horse' & stonemason
Stafford Hannah (Miss), milliner
Stafford John, cotton band manufacturer
Stafford Joseph, cotton spinner & band manufacturer
Stafford Joseph, farmer, Beard
Sugden Robert Bates, clogger
Swann Joseph, smallware dealer
Swann Samuel, farmer
Taylor James, shoemaker
Taylor John, frmr. & land surveyor, Beard
Thornley Mariana (Mrs.), candlewick manufacturer
Thorpe James, jun. Farmer
Turner Robt. Anderton, bleacher, Thornset
Ward Joseph, farmer, Thornset
Warmby George, cotton waste spinner, & candlewick manufacturer
Warren Joseph, ironmonger
Warren Peter, shopkeeper
Waterhouse Joseph, shpkpr. & parish clk
Whitcomb Richard, tailor
Wild Benjamin, farmer, Thornset
Wild Samuel, bleacher
Wild Samuel, shopkeeper, Thornset
Wild William, farmer, Thornset
Woolley George, farmer, Thornset
Wright Joseph, plumber & glazier
Wyatt Joseph, blacksmith
Wyatt William, cotton band
Wyatt William, grocer
Yates Charles, calico printer
Post Office. - Robert Collier, postmaster. Letters are received through the Stockport office; arrive ½ past 8 a.m.; dispatched 6 p.m. Money orders are granted & paid at this office
Insurance Agents:-
General Life & Fire, William Sidebottom
London General Industrial Life, Robert Collier
Manchester Fire, Robert Collier
Star, Robert Collier
Coach to Manchester, from the 'Dog & Partridge' every morning at ½ past 8, returns the same day Conveyance by water to Manchester, daily; Canal Company’s office, Wirks moor


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