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Our search into our family's history started in the Autumn of 1994 but stalled to an extent between 2005 and 2016 because of various other calls on my time. Back in 1996 I created a set of web pages - one for each of our family names plus some containing information we had found (mainly from Glossop) which might have been useful to other researchers. Over the years I have created a family history database (using the Brothers Keeper program) which contains details of more than 11,000 people who all link to my family in some way, shape or form. Returning to research in 2016 I have been able to easily access far more information than was possible in the early days and have discovered errors in those early pages which should not really be published as they only serve to confuse. Those old pages have, therefore, been deleted and have been replaced by a set of pages generated by the Ged2www program. I have used the parameters within the program to remove, as far as possible, details of people who are still living but in the knowledge that the parameters are a little crude so some people thus identified will be deceased. If I have displayed details of living people that upset anyone please get in touch so that I can delete them.

Early Days, Mottram in Cheshire

The earliest reference we have found so far is on 11th February 1678 when a William HADFIELD married Margaret FULLILOVE (also spelt Fullalove and Fulloflove). Subsequent Williams married Ann RATCLIFFE/RADCLIFFE and Betty PLATT

The move to Whitfield in Glossop, Derbyshire

The William of the next generation married Martha GOODISON who came from Whitfield and they eventually settled there. Just for a change, they called their first two sons John (the first died in infancy).

John must have been a character. A bachelor until he was nearly 42 he married four wives, outliving them all, and had ten children. The first was John HYDE, already born when John married his mother Sarah. His second wife was Mary GEE whose family was from Ludworth but (probably) previously from the Hyde and Gee Cross area in Cheshire. She had been married previously, to Joshua ROWBOTHAM and had the BOTHAM family in her ancestry. After marrying another (unrelated we think) GEE and a lady called Sarah PERKIN, John died in 1863, aged 85.

John's son, Isaac, married Sarah WOOD whose mother was a daughter of the ancient Whitfield family of FIELDING (also variously spelt Fielden, Fieldsend, Feelsend). One of Sarah's grandmothers was Ann, the daughter of Robert LOMAS. John, the son of Isaac and Sarah HADFIELD married Eliza, a descendant of the ROBINSON family, the famous woollen millers of Gnat Hole, with links to the names BRAMHALL (including variations Bramall and Bramwell), OATES AND MELLOR.
That John Hadfield was the one who started the wire bedstead and furniture business in Derby Street, Whitfield. A set of publicity photos, taken in 1908, can be seen Here.

The son of John & Eliza, my grandfather, married anothe PLATT. Marriage with the PLATTs links us to the notorious John HATFIELD of Belle of Buttermere infamy, born John HADFIELD of Crowdenbrook (which takes us full circle to Longdendale). Another link from the PLATTs is to the SYDDALL family (including various spellings with "i" and "y" interchangeable, one or two "d"s and one or two "l"s) and from there to the GARLICKs .

My ROBINSON links have resulted in a peripheral interest in the names COLLIER & VAUDREY.

For over 100 years, my forbears were associated with the church of St James in Whitfield - there is a family tomb in the graveyard (John d 1865 the first occupant), my parents were married there in 1948 and the Mayoral Sunday service was held there when my mother's father became Mayor of Glossop in 1962.

The Worcester and Derby Connection

My maternal grandfather was Ernest John FARMER who, with his wife Gertrude SANDERS , moved to Glossop from Worcester in the 1920s. Gertrude's mother's maiden name was SIMPSON , her ancestors having moved to Worcester from Derby (what a coincidence). Ernest's mother was Emma KENDRICK, a name linked with HARTLAND, GARDINER, LAWRENCE, BURTON, ALLEN, GOODMAN, SHOUTER, SMYTH, CALE, POOLE, WEBB, KINGS, STILLINGS, GODSALL, GAINSFORD, MADDOX and HAYNES.

Other Linked Glossop Families

In May 1997 I was contacted by Harvey Simpson of British Columbia, Canada, who descends from the same Bramhall line as myself. He not only contacted me but sent me details of over 500 people which he has given me permission to publish at this site (and for which I am extremely grateful). This has resulted, in addition to extra BRAMHALL data, records for the surnames BRAMHALL & SIMPSON; THORNLEY/THORNILEY ; BRADBURY and HARRISON.

Jill's Family in Yorkshire

Jill's forebears came mainly from the Leeds and Dewsbury areas of Yorkshire. The families we know most about are the MAYMANs and RICHARDSONs. We also have some details on the GIBSON & LISTER and POLLITT, FRYER & WRIGHT families.

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